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HOT GIRL SUMMER LEGS in 7 Days | 15 minute Home Workout


This is your Hot Girl Summer lean legs home workout. 15 minute lose leg and thigh fat home workout Summer is here, you are hot, and this workout is just for you. I want you to do this workout for seven days up until the LEAN app launch. Yes. It is literally one week away, and I can’t quite believe it. No equipment needed for this. You are going to feel an incredible burn just 15 minutes and trust me, your legs are going to be on fire. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here.

Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories, Tik Tok videos, or you can do a full YouTube video if you want to for a chance to be featured just here. And honestly, thank you so much. I know how much work goes into those videos. And I salute you. You are incredible. We are one week out from launching the app. One years worth of work and we’re now one week away.

I can’t put into words how I am feeling. Wow, I hope you’re as excited as me. This app is going to change your life. From the moment you open it, I want you to have the biggest smile on your face. I know that’s going to happen. Every single day, that app is going to burst with energy. All of my energy, my heart and my soul, has been put into that app. Not only is it going to help you achieve your goals, it’s also going to help you feel amazing and like the incredible woman that you are because you deserve that.

There are personalized meal plans. There are personalized workout guides to help you achieve your goals. A habit tracker, a journal section, a physio section, a nutrition section, a recipe library. That isn’t even it, there’s so much more. And I just, I can’t quite believe it’s coming one week out. Check out the description box, all of the details in there. I don’t want you missing out. I hope you love it as much as I do.

And honestly, I strongly, strongly, strongly believe it’s going to change your life. So one week, set your alarms, don’t miss out, and let’s burn those legs. Find that beat. Hover the leg, up, crunch. Yes.

30 seconds left. 40 seconds each exercise. Feel that beat, enjoy the song. I bloody love this song. Amazing work. Hover it up, circles. Good work, you guys. Change directions. Feel that burn in the outer leg.

You got this, 20 seconds. Woo. That leg is heavy. Oh my gosh, my leg is on fire. Three, two, one. Down you come. Bring those legs in.

Open, straighten, touch the feet, touch the knees. Amazing work. Lower down that underneath leg, bring that leg forward, arch up and over. And back. Go back into neutral, flex the foot, lift and lower. Lift. Lower. Woo, what a song.

Nearly there, come on. Ten seconds. Oh my gosh. This leg is on fire. Amazing work. We are turning onto the other side. Swing those legs around, starting off up high. Good work. So we draw in one, two, lift, lower.

Ten seconds,. Amazing work, those circles now. Come on. Keep feeling that burn. Keep pushing. Okay, and change direction. Ten seconds, come on. Amazing work, down we come, lift those legs up. Open, straighten, feet, knees.

Go at your own pace. This is a pretty fast beat. 15 seconds left, come on. Amazing, straighten out that underneath leg. Okay, we’re going to arch forward, and back. Come on, you’re nearly there, keep pushing. You got this. Amazing work, flex that foot, find that beat. Lift.

Lower. We’re not going high. You’re turning that booty on. Amazing work. Mind body connection, keep going. Good, squeeze that booty, pull that core in tight. Three. Amazing, onto your back now. All right, we’re going to start off with some hamstrings.

Take those feet away from the back. Dig those heels in, peel your way up, squeeze the booty. From there, work these muscles at the back of the thighs, and hold. If you can, lift those arms up. Good, hold and squeeze. You can do it, ten seconds. Good, now we’re going to pump up.

Let’s go, up, up, up. Really squeezed the butt, working into your hamstrings. That beat’s a bit fast now, keep moving. Yes. Amazing work. Now just when you thought that was enough on the hamstrings, move that foot in, hover of the leg, if you can, straighten it, let’s go. Lower, lift. Nearly there, come on.

20 seconds, that’s all. Amazing work. Dig that other heel in, shift the body weight over, pull that core in really nice and tight, hover that leg. Find that beat, let’s go. Lift, lower. I know this band, don’t stop, come on. Way over halfway now. Way over halfway, 10 seconds left, that’s all.

Woo. Amazing work. From there, take the feet shoulder distance apart. Touch those inner thighs together. Squeeze them from here. Lower, lift, lower, lift. Keep squeezing those inner thighs. Woo. It burns.

Keep squeezing those inner thighs. Amazing, lower down from there. Peel your way up onto your knees. We have some drop backs, shoulder distance apart. And up, two, three, four, and lower. And up. Nearly there, come on, nearly there. We are going to hold, pull that core in nice and tight and work those quads, okay?.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay. 30 seconds, come on, feel that burn, core tight. We’re nearly halfway. All right, we’re halfway, lower it. Lower it. And hold, and hold. 15 seconds. Ten seconds, come on, a little bit lower, squeeze that booty, work those quads.

Okay, down onto the mat again. We’re now going to take the upper leg over the underneath one, all the way down. Lift, and lower. Good, flex that underneath foot. Go as high as you can, work that inner thigh. Nearly there, keep going. Good, now you hold. You hold strong.

Come on, as high as you can, work that inner thigh. Higher. Three, two, one, change sides. Good work. Hook that upper leg on top. Now hold. Hold high, hold high. Good, now we lift and lower.

Lift, lower, last exercise, come on, make it worthwhile. Nearly there, come on. Three, two, one. And we are done. You smashed it, familia. Don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also click subscribe for more workout videos like this.

We upload every single week, multiple home workout videos a week. Drop a comment down below. Let us know how you’re getting on. Honestly, reading your comments and like, the back and forth with how supportive you are of each other, it fills my heart. You are amazing. That’s one of my favorite things to do, to read that section and see how you support each other.

It’s just, it’s amazing. I love you so much. I’m really excited for the app, in case you can’t tell, I’m like, ah. One week out and yeah, just thank you for all your support, especially over the last year. I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you and see you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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