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Hormone Balancing Workout: 5 Minute | Over 40


The biggest mistake that i see women in their 40s making is thinking that they can work out in the same way that they did in their 20s hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today’s five minute workout is one that is going to help you keep happy and healthy hormones so if you’re anything like me.

You are concerned with aging right it’s a fact of life but it’s something that’s going to happen and it’s really important that we recognize that the way that we were able to work out in our 20s and even our 30s is not what’s going to work for us to create the best results as you move into.

Your 40s your 50s your 60s and beyond so this is a tabata style sequence it’s about a five minute sequence that i pulled from my fitness membership and community total body transformation and what i love about working in this tabata style is that it really helps your hormones stay in balance you’re going to be doing 20 second intervals of some.

Intense work and then you have a 10 second break and that’s really important because recovery is essential and a tabata style workout has a little bit of that recovery built right in and so all of my ladies inside total body transformation love these kinds of workouts and i know that you will too so grab your sneakers.

Don’t worry about the timer because i’ve got you covered and i will see you on the other side we’re going to do jack legs bring the arms overhead low impact looks like this okay and i’m telling you guys don’t think you’re cheating if you got to do things.

Or modify because you’re not i promise you i’m good keep breathing here all right take a quick little breather how much fun is this 20 seconds like the most fun we get so much done let’s do it again.

Breathe really pump it up i’m giving the gardeners a great show here hey guys i’m on the second floor they can see me clearly there’s a window right in front of me it’s all right showing people what a healthy habit looks like whoa breathe okay.

Next up we’re gonna go into high knee claps the lower impact version will just look like this higher you’re gonna add a bounce okay totally up to you let’s do it really get those knees up so now i usually work out first thing in the.

Morning kind of interesting i really seem to be able to get those knees up much higher than when it’s 6 a.m just a little inner thought here yesterday i was practicing this and i was like feeling it i was like i can’t get my.

Knees out but today they are getting up there are you ready let’s do it again boom breathe smiles all around get those knees up have fun before you know you’re halfway through right.

Come on yes yes awesome and good ten second breath crisscross jacks so we’re gonna crisscross our arms across our chest crisscross our feet if you’re not doing impact it’s going to.

Look like this if you want to add impact add a little help it’s still light and easy though okay crucial breathing good are you feeling it are you awake.

Are you sweating or are you smiling follow the thing step breathing yes honey we are breathing good we’re gonna do it again everything two times let’s go come on yes.

keep going good criss-cross feet try to turn on those inner thighs to squeeze those legs together okay good ten second rest next one you’ll be happy there is no modification because it already has low impact we’re going to do.

A knee drive i suppose we can make it higher impact you want to hop it but i never want to help this one get that knee up so you see i’m just kind of holding onto my hands here today reaching for that hip good.

Do you with as much speed as i got good keep breathing good okay they’re not 30 second rest 10 seconds just 10 seconds keep on going here breathe.

And let’s do it go good feels good to be on the ground right use your strength use your energy show me what you got yes come on come on good oh we love hearing that bell.

We have to do the other side of course so catch your breath our hormones are like yes thank you for these bursts and the recovery that’s the key and why this works so well for all of us.

To really get fit get strong work on endurance too but keep those hormones happy not burnt out good mamma mia use that recovery it’s beautiful it is.

Yours right think a happy thought let’s do it again come on come on good breathing you have to test you feel how your lungs wake right up right.

Let’s go let’s go good wasn’t that so fun i mean these kinds of workouts i told you they go by really really fast and that’s why all my ladies inside of tbt just love them so much and i love them too so if you’re curious about what tbt is definitely check out.

The link down below here in the description box it’ll give you all the details and we’d love to have you as a part of our community so if you want to keep feeling good and you’d like to work out a little bit more with me check out this video which is a five minute arm workout for ladies over 40. i know you’ll love it and i will see you over.

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Tracy Campoli

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