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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel. Today we’ve got an awesome workout, it’s a HIIT workout, you need nothing but YOU, yourself and yourself. So, if you’re new to my channel, Hello I’m Tracy, make sure to subscribe to my channel becuase i put out new videos every single week and guess what, we are in day 4 of our 14 day Fit and Fabolous Fall Fitness Challenge. Now if you are NOT already a member of that challenge, what are you waiting for girlfriend? Click on that link down below. All you have to do is enter in your name and your email and guess what, it’s like having.

ME as your personal trainor for a fill two weeks and the cost ZERO dollars. So click on the link down below make sure that you sign up today because we are already in day 4 and I wamt to make sure you get all of these awesome workouts delivered write to your email. But in the meantime, let’s workout. Ok so lets get started with running in place. now fi you dont want to run you can just march in place if you want to keep a low impact completely fine, but remember we’ve got a deal here, you’ve got to do something, that’s how you have a Fit and Fabulous Fall, am I right?.

Go into a squat here, lift leg up, squat and lift it. So here becuase we are doing a side leg and lift were getting your obliques and you rbooty working here. So win win, right? small waist a nice booty. You can’t beat that. Ok so front punching jacks. Really light and easy on your feet. Now if you didn’t want to jump this, you could totally do this just stepping to the side,.

That would be completely fine. So it’s really your call. Keep on breathing Okay good, other side and left it, squate down, lift it and squeeze really, focus on that contraction as you lift the leg. Really important here. Good feel that squeeze, gotta work those muscles Alright, tricept jumping jacks. so all we’re doing is have the back of your hands facing behind you so I tend to do these fast if i’m going to fast, you can do it at your.

Own speed Remember, its important that you move Good, keep on breathing and again you can just to stepping out here if you didn’t want to do the bouncing. alright diagonally punching up so my hips are still here and i’m punching up like i’m trying punch up at the ceiling. That is going to keep that heart rate up. You can really punch whenever i punch i think grr, if there’s something thats frustrating Let me tell ya, this week there has been a few so, I am punching that away.

And I encourage you to as well you Alright, twisting, keep on twisting that’s it whew, breath excellent Good this is working the obliques and it’s keeping the heart rate up your arms you can really do whatever you want here It’s totally your call Ok good, last one here, squat kick forward, squat down let’s add a little punch for it. Had alot going on this week, punch it.

Sometimes you really have to make it count. breath, kick it, YES That’s it, lift it, youve got it good awesome work. you did amazing so i hope that you loved that workout and that you’ve felt it. and like I said, if you are not already a part of My Fit and Fabulous Fall Fitness Challenge, you’ve got to be a part of this. I’ts completely free and it’s super awsome And I want you to be a part of it. So click on the link down below and join the challenge today because we are already in.

Day 4 and i would hate for you to miss out on this amazing opportunity to create your most fit and fabulous, smoking hot body all year long. Alright, I will see you there, Bye
Tracy Campoli

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