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HARDEST LOWER ABS 🔥 Belly Fat Burn & Lean Ab Tone | 5 min Workout


If you struggle to target your lower abs area, this intense workout is for you. It’s just 5 minutes long. I want you to do it for 14 days. You are going to get the most incredible results. Let me know how you get on, in the comments down below. Now, before we get started this cute little number is Gymshark.

I upload two brand new workouts every single week, you do not want to miss out on these. Hit that subscribe button. Hit the bell icon to get a notification of every single time one goes live. All right guys, let’s do this. (countdown timer beeping) Okay guys, we are starting off in a plank position.

Nice and strong. Tuck that tailbone under. From there, tap the knees down and back up again. Try and keep your core really, really strong. Belly button back towards the spine. Amazing work. Breathe. Enjoy the music.

(countdown timer beeping) Incredible. From there, left knee, then right knee. You want that belly button back towards the spine. Pull that pelvic floor up and in. Amazing work. 20 seconds left. You don’t want to overarch the back. No sexy overarching.

Tuck that tailbone under. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing, interlock the fingers now. We’re going to seesaw, backwards and forwards, taking the chin in front of the hands, then behind, really pulling that core in tight. Come on, you’re nearly there. Just 10 seconds left.

Breathe you guys. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Down onto your back now. We’re going with the full roll up. One of my favorites for working the full core into those lower abs. Control that movement. Slow on the way down.

(countdown timer beeping) Incredible work. Lie way down those, place those hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back, reverse crunch. Pike up, straighten out. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work. Keep those legs straight for me.

Lift and lower. Just a few inches. Going to move down the mat a bit. (softy chuckling) Amazing work. Really pull that in guys. Breathe. Remember, belly button back towards your spine. (countdown timer beeping).

Straight into scissors. We’re going to pull that left knee into the chest. One, two, change sides. You’re nearly there, guys, nearly there. Focus and breath. (countdown timer beeping) Sticking with this single leg, your hands are back underneath in that diamond shape.

Single leg, pike up. Change legs at the bottom. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work. Keep those legs up to the sky, open an close as you lower. And back up again. Come one, nearly there. (countdown timer beeping).

Amazing. Straight into a set of hundreds. Bring those legs up, pump those arms up and down, nice and fast. Support the head if your neck is sore. 15 seconds left. Can you straighten those legs out? Anyone super advanced,.

Can you pump? Nearly there, come on. (countdown timer beeping) Yay. We made it.
Lilly Sabri

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