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HARDEST FULL ABS EXERCISES πŸ”₯ Belly Fat Burn & Tone | 7 min Workout


Just look at these results! You can achieve this, too. If you’re wanting to get in the best shape of your life, feel more body confident, get a better structure, feel more energized and just live a healthy and happy lifestyle that lasts, listen up. Over 100,000 women around the world have transformed their bodies, their lives,.

Their energy levels, their overall wellness and happiness with this one method. I have created the LEAN method which has got these incredible results. If you’re low on motivation, if you’re struggling to get results, if you’re struggling with energy structure, you’re intimidated by the gym, I’m going to help you get results that last on the LEAN app.

No more not feeling motivated. No more not getting results at the gym or at home. No more not knowing what to do. All you have to do is press play and all the hard work is done for you. Everything in the Lean method is planned out for you and it is evidence-based to get you the best results that we know you deserve. We have a combination of different styles of training.

That include progressive overload. They get harder as you work your way through that guide and as you get fitter. We have HIIT training, which is basically fat burn training. It is going to help you feel amazing and also if you’re looking to lose weight, it is going to help you on that journey. We also have Pilates, which is all about toning, strengthening and building that lean physique.

We also have our Strength Studio. This is where you’re going to be lifting those heavier weights and building lean muscle. All of these workouts are done in a fun way. We mix it up. We’ve got boxing on there, cheerleading, dance, there is so much available, but I just want to emphasize to you guys, this is in a structured guide.

Now, this method isn’t just across one guide. We have lots of guides available for you to achieve the results that you personally want and a structured meal plan as well. Now, based on your height, your weight, your size, your activity levels, that will determine the personalized meal plan that you are given by our sports nutritionist. All of this is available on the Lean app.

The community support, the habit tracker to keep you on top of your goals, the journal to keep you on top of your goals and more. And here’s the best part. We have the biggest sale of the year. 40% off. We haven’t been this big this year, so if you know you want to join, you have 7 days. That’s it.

Once this sale is gone, it’s gone, okay? So please, please, please make sure you are signing up on this 40% off. It’s on the annual memberships and the quarterly memberships if you know you want to transform your life and achieve these results. We are the #1 ranked fitness and health app in the App Store for women with over 1000 reviews.

Saying that we’ve changed their lives. So guys, if that wasn’t enough for you, I don’t know what is. 40% off. Please check out the description box, get involved and yeah, come on over and join the community. (timer beeping) Okay, starting off on your back. I want those legs up to the sky.

Reaching for your toes, 45 seconds. Breath out as you reach, breath in as you lower. This is going to burn, you guys. We’ve got this. Halfway. Come on, keep breathing, keep pushing. You want to be looking forward towards your thighs to protect your neck. (timer beeping).

Amazing. From here, reaching to the ankles. Then reach those arms out. Try and keep that lower back flat in the mat. Keep your core tight, your belly button back towards your spine. Breathe. (timer beeping) Amazing.

Next up, dead bugs. Double leg tabletop. Your arms are up. The opposite arm to leg is dropping back. Try and keep those legs at 90 degrees if you can. Your lower back is flat on the mat and you are breathing. You’re already coming up to halfway. If your neck’s sore, lower your head down, but don’t stop, guys, you can do it.

(timer beeping) Amazing. 15 seconds break. Section one complete. We’re now moving into our waist, okay? First exercise, one of my favorites. Reach to the left, right, through, through. This really burns. (timer beeping) Let’s go.

Okay, lead with the other side now. So if you were going to the left first, now go to the right first. Come on, nice and high. Push, push, push. 10 seconds left, guys. (timer beeping) Amazing. Okay, this is a new favorite of mine.

You come up, rotate, forward side and back down again. Halfway, we’re going to swap sides. Three, two, one and changing sides. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, we’re going to place our hands together. Come all the way up.

Rotate at the top. Amazing, making sure you’re getting that full rotation at the top to hit into those obliques. Nearly there, 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Amazing, 15 seconds rest. Then we’re going into our last section which is more into the lower abs. Just breathe.

Have a moment. (timer beeping) Okay, hands in a diamond shape, underneath the lower back, legs up to 90 degrees. Fluter those legs down and back up again. Come on, we can do it. Push, push, push. Don’t let your lower back leave the mat, okay?.

Come on, keep breathing. (timer beeping) Okay, I’m going to let you have a split second. All right, let’s go. Reverse crunch. Straighten. Open, close. This is amazing for full abs into the lower abs.

Really pipe up to the sky. You just got one left after this, guys. It’s not worth giving up. Keep pushing. I’m just coming down the mat a little bit. (timer beeping) Okay, hover those legs. Keep them there. Hold. We can do this.

Rib cage down, breathe. Focus in five, in four, in three, two, one. Heels out. Heels in, I should say, toes out. Little taps, let’s go. Hoping you can see behind the water bottle. 20 seconds.

Come on, nearly there, nearly there. In three and two, little lift ups. 10 seconds, then we’re done. Don’t give up, come up. Pull that core in tight. Breathe. (timer beeping) Hold for luck. Three, two, one.

We made it. My God, that was killer.
Lilly Sabri

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