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HARDEST 11 LINE ABS πŸ”₯ Ab Tone & Belly Fat Burn | 8 min Workout


Do you want to lose weight and tone up? I have a free 7 day guide for you, starting today, with this intense 8 minute 11 line abs. During this guide, we are going to be working every muscle group from head to toe. If you’re a beginner, I want you to complete this section here up to 15 minutes a day. And if you’re advanced,.

You want to be doing all of these workouts up to 45 minutes a day, averaging 30 minutes. This is going to be intense. To download this free guide, you literally go into the description box. Don’t forget to subscribe to not miss any of these workouts this week. Okay, it’s time to burn these abs. (timer beeping).

Okay, we are starting off in a side plank position, dip the hip down, and then crunch in. Thank you, Teddy. We have 40 seconds on each exercise, five second rest. Come on, guys, push through. (timer beeps) Amazing, from there coming up onto all fours, tuck those toes under, crunch across. (timer beeps).

Pull your core in nice and tight guys. (timer beeps) Amazing, straight onto that other side for the side plank. All right, let’s go, hold it. Good dip and crunch. (timer beeps) Amazing work, onto your back now. Coming all the way down, hands together, up and rotate.

(timer beeps) Amazing, bend those knees up now. We’re going to reach to the left, to the right. Amazing work guys. Let’s go. Come on, it’s just 11 exercises. We can do this. You want to be nice and high in that crunch, then side crunch.

We’re not just sliding across the floor, okay. Super high then side crunch. (timer beeps) Amazing, straighten out your right leg. The left knee is bent. You’re going to crunch across then come up. If you can’t get the whole way up, please don’t worry. Just go as high as you can. 15 seconds, come on.

(timer beeps) Amazing, stretch those abs out. Bend the right leg. Straight left leg, let’s go. Really rotate at the top to hit into that waist. The oblique muscles. Halfway. Keep pushing guys. Keep pushing.

(timer beeps) Amazing, oh my gosh, they’re on fire. Place your hands underneath your back in a diamond shape, okay. Come up, rotate and straighten those legs out. Alternate the direction that you are rotating in. Good work guys. (timer beeps) Thank you for making that so easy for Mommy.

Come to hand the mat now guys, (timer beeps) lift those legs up and we have our bicycles. Really rotate the opposite elbow to knee. If that’s too much, drop the legs down and rotate across. Come on, we can do this. Ah that burn. All the way across. (timer beeps).

Amazing, okay. One of the hardest moves in my opinion. Your hands are underneath your lower back again. Lift those legs up, okay. Bring them into the chest. Straighten out. Okay, move to the left. Up to the right, up.

The higher your legs are the easier it is, okay. The lower they are, the harder it is. Pick the level that suits you. Doesn’t matter where you’re at as long as you’re giving me everything. And remember beginners to follow that guide, 15 minutes a day. Advanced, you want to be pushing yourselves. 30 to 45 minutes a day.

On the free guide. (timer beeps) Amazing work, okay, full roll up. Come into a plank for me. All right, we’re going to hold in a plank position. Pull that core in nice and tight. No overarching, tuck that tailbone under. Okay, from there hip dip side to side. (timer beeps) Amazing, we are done you guys.

My core is dying. I hope you enjoyed that.
Lilly Sabri

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