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GET SHREDDED ABS in 7 Days (flat belly challenge) | 10 minute Workout


Today’s home workout is a ten-minute shredded abs, no equipment needed workout. I can guarantee you’re going to feel an epic burn, through your stomach area. You can get epic results, like these ladies just here. If you do this workout. This is part of the 7 day toned stomach and abs guide. But, you can totally do this on its own. No equipment needed. I’m Lilly, and I give you daily workout video s, so you’re going to want to click subscribe. Also, smash the thumbs up button. Starting on our forearms. Your core is tight. From there, cycle the legs out. Keep looking forwards. Breathe, you’ve got this.

Halfway, change directions. Come down onto the mat. Bend the knees. Come all the way up. Rotate at the top, and come back down again. Pulling your core in really tight. Breathe. Great work. We’re doing bicycles now. But we are doing it differently. Come across, lift and lower, then change to the other side. Great work. Teddy is right in the way! We’re going to even you out now. Side reaches. Targeting the obliques. Reach side to side. Crunch into the side of the body and keep looking forwards.

Hands in a diamond shape, underneath the lower back. Support the lower back. Lift the legs up. We’re going to go into a reverse crunch. From there, straighten, open and close. Nearly there, keep pushing! Great work. Legs down and across the mat. Come up and clap, then come up and rotate. My core is on fire! Double leg table top. Interlock the fingers behind the back of your head. Tap your foot down, then come back up.

Keep your elbows wide and your lower back flat. Core engaged. Keep going. You want your belly button, back towards your spine. Finish it off, all the way! Legs wide. We are going with a star sit up. Lift your leg, as you reach towards your foot. Let’s go. This puppy is ridiculous! Up into sitting. Rowing to the side. Then changing direction. Last one, you can do it!.

Last exercise, push for me. I told you it would burn! Please don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. You don’t want to miss out. I upload daily workout videos. And they get epic results. See you tomorrow for another one.
Lilly Sabri

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