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In today’s video we are going to be talking about food glorious food i don’t know where that came from guys i am so excited because today we’re basically covering my favorite hobby which is eating oh my gosh onions and i have had a heart heart and the onions work oh look at that to.

Be honest it’s been my favorite hobby for as long as i remember and that’s why i want to take you on this journey with me oh by the way we’re talking specifically about intuitive eating want to come on the journey let’s eat real talk so the reason why i’ve decided to do this vlog is i saw something on.

Instagram the other day it was a quote and i’m not quoting it because i can’t remember it exactly but it was something like don’t feel guilt over the food you eat i read it and i was like and then i looked underneath and there were thousands upon thousands of comments from girls.

Basically saying thank you for this i really needed this i feel guilt all the time we need to kind of address this and i feel i have a responsibility to talk about this because i can’t remember the last time i ever felt guilt for eating something all i’ve ever felt is like.

Pure satisfaction and enjoyment i want to try and share that with you girls i want to try and show you my life show you the way i live my life the way i eat the way i love food and the fact that you can eat what you want and still live a really healthy and happy lifestyle.

Mentally and physically and get results so that’s what this is all about today alex and i were literally sat on the sofa last night downing our chickpea burgers while we watched what was it salt angelina jolie anyway that’s besides the point by epic film and he was like it’s kind of unfair that you say to the girls.

This is how you eat you’re an intuitive eater but you haven’t necessarily explained what that means to you and how you eat throughout the day so i want to show you a little bit more of that and then i’m hoping that it can either help you get started perhaps you can give it a go or if it doesn’t work for your body.

That’s absolutely fine but the key to this is listening to your body and in my case i want to intuitively eat so i’m going to get lunch now i’m hungry oh look at that oh my gosh that is a work of art right there.

you are so like your mummy you saw the food and he was like i’m in there how jealous are you on a scale of one to ten right now solid 10. do you want some oh yeah so good the chutney is just mine i know right.

No not you look at him so up until a few years ago i didn’t actually know what intuitive eating was i thought it might be like one of their new phases or one of them news buzzwords news buzzwords you know what i mean and then i looked it up and i was like i’m an intuitive eater well i guess it’s.

Different to each person but for me it’s honoring what your body wants as a physio i strongly believe that your body is the most intelligent machine on the planet if your body is telling you that it needs food you need to honor that because ultimately your body is a machine and it needs.

Fuel so for me it’s not just about listening to my body it’s the pure enjoyment of eating so when i’m hungry i’m gonna eat and when i’m no longer hungry i stop but what i found is i eat little and often throughout the day and then that keeps my energy levels nice and high i also don’t believe in restriction guys and i.

Don’t have cheat days it’s something i get asked a lot how often do you have cheat days what do you have on your cheat days for me that would be a nightmare the thought of like being restricted on something and being told i can’t do it i will then want that even more.

Do i eat healthy all the time how no but i would say 80 of the time i do and that’s because i love the feeling of eating healthy foods i love the way it makes me feel i love the energy that it gives me even my skin even my hair i feel like it gives me a glow and that helps with confidence as well.

But that doesn’t mean i don’t have my ice cream my sweets my chocolate to be honest more sweets and ice cream i don’t believe you have to have major restrictions in place to live a healthy and happy lifestyle and achieve your goals speaking of goals the garden is nearly done are we able to like we’re nearly done with the garden.

Guys i’m literally so happy my yoga mat is out because i was doing stretches this morning so that’s going to be a rug probably at a coffee table just finished up about three hours whatever filming and that’s for the app by the way and i’m going live again in two hours really.

Okay i’m prepping dinner just because i feel like with intuitive eating and the way that i like to eat i eat a lot and little well probably not that little actually but i eat often one of my biggest fears is not having food in the house my sister is exactly the same like we.

Have to have a full fridge full franchise so hard to say we have to have a full fridge otherwise it stresses me i’m sure a lot of you can relate to this i don’t have much time so i either try and cook meals that are really quick what is wrong with me i really need to eat this happens all the time by the way.

One of the signs and signals that you are hungry is that you start like hitting yourself in the face and just being so clumsy alex will vouch for this like i cut myself so often and it’s normally on tins and it’s when i’m like really hungry and i come into alex and i’m like i’ve.

Got another cut anyway what was i saying oh prepping making sure that i have food in the fridge and that’s like not only just for snacks but for meals as well so what i tend to do is cook like i have a family of ten so i know that that will last a couple of days so the chickpea burgers i had.

Earlier were last night’s dinner and now i’m making tonight’s dinner which is gonna be a bean tuna anti-inflammatory that was what i was looking for a bean tuna anti-inflammatory pasta dish so i’m gonna be putting the pasta on in a sec i’m just gonna chop while i talk do you.

Know what i would love to learn actually how to i think it’s called julienne when you can cut really fast you know on the shows and they’re like yeah i can’t do that what to eat my priority to be honest is just that the food needs to be delicious like when i have my injury which some of you already.

Know about a couple of years ago i like royally effed up my knee in every way possible and at that time i like went crazy on researching anti-inflammatory healing foods because i was on crutches for months like it was bad guys what it showed me was that an anti-inflammatory diet is pretty much a.

Mediterranean diet which i was already eating which was great but it just meant that i then researched further i introduced those foods as much as possible i played around in the kitchen and tried to make the food like delicious and fun when i speak to some of my friends about this they’re like.

You enjoy being in the kitchen what is wrong with you the good news is guys you don’t have to worry about like playing around in the kitchen because basically that sounded really weird but experimenting because i do all of that for you and all of it will be going on the app which is great there’ll be tons.

Of new recipes there and it’s also in my cookbook the name of the game is to make it fast make it easy easy minimal ingredients and honestly more than anything delicious a lot of people say to me oh have you tried this like it’s a new superfood or it’s really good for you et cetera et cetera.

Honestly if i don’t like it i’m not gonna have it i’m not gonna force myself to have it what is it called green tea matcha matcha is a prime example molly if you are watching this one of my best friends is like i will make you fall in love with matcha i just really don’t like it and we went to japan together and she was like this is the home of.

Matcha you’re gonna fall in love with it you’ll have some of the best matcher in the world and i tried it again and i was like sorry i’m sticking to peppermint all right guys i’ve got to put the pasta on and then i’m going live in a couple of hours so i’ll see you up in the studio.

And you’ll see a little bit behind the scenes which is super cool come on come on come on come on behind the scenes before tonight’s live teddy is very ready as am i guys i’m tired i am really feeling it today it’s like coming up to 8 30. we’re just about to go live and obviously this is later we’ve done a.

Couple of weeks now with it being really late because it works for you guys so i’m trying to find a way for it to work for me but i’m going to draw this to a close now i really hope you enjoyed this vlog everyone’s waiting we’re going live literally in four minutes time so it might be some of you guys just one.

Thing to end on i know intuitive eating might not be that natural that easy for a lot of people and i just want to say it takes time listening to your body listening to your body’s cues might not feel that natural but it does get easier so if you’re wanting to implement intuitive eating into your.

Daily routine which i strongly recommend don’t be hard on yourself take it easy on yourself know that this is a journey to health and happiness there is no quick fix whatsoever and as i said before guys everyone is completely different this works for me that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work.

For you but give it a shot also just while i have you guys here one million giveaway ah oh my gosh i’m gonna be talking about it in the live right now but the giveaway is officially open we are giving away 3 000 pounds worth of fitness and health.

Goodies that’s four thousand dollars so make sure you comment down below with where you are from in the world and how long you have been subscribed to my channel and there are going to be 10 lucky winners where you’re from in the world how long you’ve been subscribed to my channel that’s literally all you got to.

Put there the winner will be announced oh just check out the description box bye guys lunch prep game strong oh yeah we’ve had the music pumping it’s been an emotional day check out those eyes i was wrong.

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