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GET LOWER ABS RESULTS (no equipment) | 5 minute Workout


Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas. Today’s home workout is a 5 minute intense lower abs workout. This workout is going to help you get lower ab results. And have you feeling the most incredible burn, here. This was actually voted as one of the favorite short workouts by the LEAN App. I wanted to share the workout here with you. You are going to love it. Just five minutes on the clock. No equipment needed.

Just look at these abs workout results. Please make sure you are tagging me on TikTok, so I can check out how you are going. You are amazing. Quick Teddy check. He’s had a haircut. I don’t know how I feel about this, but I still love you. We’re going to start off down on our back with our hands underneath our back. We’re going to tuck in,lift the legs up, lower down and come back in again.

Control that movement. Pull that core in nice and tight, rib cage down and breathe. (workout timer beeping) Okay, now we’re going to revise. Good, keep that lower backengaged with the floor okay? Keep that core nice and tight. (workout timer beeping) Okay, reverse crunchcoming up and straighten.

Good, really thinking aboutthe stomach muscles guys. We’re half way, push it, push it. Oh my core! (workout timer beeping) Okay next stop, same movement, but rotate at the top. Beginners, if it’s too much,just come to here okay? Small rotation and here. Halfway.

(workout timer beeping) Okay leave those legs down for me. Arms up and over thehead, roll all the way up. Touch to the toes and back down again. This is working all of the core. If you’re feeling alittle bit stronger now, try and keep thosefingertips by the temples. (workout timer beeping) Okay keep your right leg on the floor.

The left knee is bent. We’re going to crunchup and straighten out. 10 seconds left you guys. Then we go straight onto the other side. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, changing sides, come on. Really focusing on that core. Okay this next move is so killer. Lift those legs up to the sky.

Reach to the feet, lower downas far as you feel you can and back again, if youwant to bend the knees, straighten and back. It doesn’t matter howlow you’re going okay? If you’re super low doers like me and you overarch as you go low, just come a little bit higher. (workout timer beeping) Okay place those handsnow in that diamond shape,.

We’re going to go withthe figure of eight, you swoop round in that figureof eight and back down again. Keep that rib cage down. Okay changing direction you guys. (workout timer beeping) For the last 10 seconds, we’regoing to do a little hold. We’re not going to hold at the bottom. We’re going to take our legsto the left, then the right. Come on, you can do it,two more in each direction.

One more in direction. (workout timer beeping) And we made it. You finished your workout!

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