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Hey lovely ones welcome back to my channel is Lily Safra here Tata physiotherapist and specialist Palacios instructor and today as part of the workout Wednesday series I’m going to be showing you my routine to getting lean and toned shoulders now this is due to request it’s actually believe or not my second most requested workout on YouTube.

For those of you who are new to my channel basically every single Wednesday a different real-time workout is posting and these are based on requests and make sure that you comment down below what you want to see make sure you subscribe below if you haven’t already so don’t forget to get that hourglass shape you have to work on the shoulders as much as.

You do the bar okay that’s gonna help give you that illusion of the x-frame building the shoulders building the hips and booty pulling in the stomach muscles okay ten minutes of your time you’ve got this together it’s gonna burn hope you’re ready as you can see I’ve grabbed two weights if you don’t have weights absolutely fine grab wherever you’ve got.

Fill bottles of water grab bags of sugar these are 2.5 kg each they’re not that heavy at all but we’re gonna go for 20 reps of each exercise and trust me you’re gonna fill the bag by the end of it wrap the weights that are right for your body so if you are down on your knees guys than what you’ve shown the distance apart I’m I need to tuck the.

Tailbone under squeeze the butt pull the stomach muscles in face the palms downwards lift the arms up to 90 degrees only take them out to the side back in and down we’re just gonna do ten of those because this is just the warmup pull that core in out squeeze the shoulder blades together and down two down keep breathing squeeze those.

Shoulder blades together three down squeeze now you’re struggling with the weight drop the weights that’s fine it’s just the warm-up for again squeeze shoulder blades pull that core in and work your way down halfway 5 you’ll see that my stomach muscles are contracting this is no contraction this is contraction ok keep the eye gaze.

Forward keep the chin slightly towards the chest work those shoulders four together good we’ve got this or what those arms burning by the end three to go now what you’ll see a lot when people lift when it’s a little bit too heavy and they’re standing as this okay try to avoid that I want to really stabilize the core and work from the rotator cuff.

So this shoulder muscles rotator cuff four muscles in the shoulder prevent dislocation of the shoulder joints and help with that ball and socket joint movement okay right so the shoulder should be feeling a little bit full turn the palms upwards we’re gonna go for bicep curls we’re starting the workout now we’re coming halfway up only over.

Zoomed by the side of the body slowly back down again let’s go only halfway three good four overs in tight by the side of the body five amazing pull that core in six good set when we’re not coming all the way up any halfway and get nine now while you’re doing this squeeze those shoulder blades together ten keep the chest proud and open tend.

To go nine perfect eight toning off wake them up seven just the star six twenty reps of each exercise five good four amazing three nearly there two last one and one hold halfway come all the way up and all the way down keep those elbows in by the side of the body slow and controlled on the way down to get the ring we’ve got this together.

Guys for good stomach muscles in no arching of the lower back five perfect feel those biceps working six run of the arms seven good chest open collarbones open and it’s amazing guys nine will start feeling the burn in those biceps try quite soon ten good load more weight on if you can’t go over a little bit.

Heavier dumbbell good eight to go nice eight amazing seven really good thinking about four shoulder blades are together six perfect fine now your ribcage may want to flare don’t let it soften it for good nearly there three perfect – lovely last one slowly lower down to account of six five eccentric reload that muscle.

Four three two going straight back up now we’re coming into double use we’re coming round squeezing the shoulder blades together and good twenty of these that’s two as you come around to the back and feel that the upper back engages squeeze those shoulder blades together work that back all of these muscles are interconnected keep.

Breathing that’s five amazing six good seven we’re going all the way to 20 it’s perfect come on guys keep pushing nine squeeze those shoulders legs at the back ten make a few clicks and clunks eleven nearly there twelve but eight to go we can do it don’t forget to squeeze the butt while.

You’re here guys all of those stabilizing core muscles and glutes 5 left now come on just five left 5 perfect for to go for amazing come on keep my 3 all the way round and to the shoulders – good one left one perfect no-brainer guy we’re now coming up with the palms facing downwards into the side of the body pass facing.

Downwards and left 20 let’s go good don’t forget to breathe rotate at the bottom three four perfect to 90 degrees only 5 amazing keep working those shoulders six come on we can do seven amazing eight nine pour that core in good ten keep those shoulders away from the ears we can don’t let them lift up like so okay.

Shoulders away from the ears work through the shoulder complex 11 got nine to go after this work that rotator cuff twelve should be feeling those arms now we can do it 13 good try not to swing through the hips like that it’s 40 and keep nice and stable really good guys 50 perfect five to go sixteen come on no breaks 17 nearly there now 18 I am.

Feeling it don’t know about you 19 no break after this is is a continuous way I have 20 hold them up face them in I’m gonna rotate side to side twenty three four five ninety degrees six seven ain’t nearly there nine ten ten of you’re struggling drop awake hope side to side last six last five last four three two straight into external.

Rotation bring the arms into the side of the body we’re gonna open out and close let’s go good – you want that Elvis to stay close to the body three four good five squeeze those shoulder blades open out in the chest six seven perfect H what I don’t want to see is those arms coming out here and can’t keep them in nice and.

Close to the side of the body ten to go nine good it’s nearly there seven six five four good breathe three shoulders away from the ears shoulder blade squeeze to hold out hold them out hold them out hold them out good bring them up like so one arm at a time let’s go raise and lower raise and lower three trying to avoid temptation of those ribs.

Flaring and the lower back arching five six amazing seven eight work that upper back nine good ten halfway last ten keep looking forward keep that chin towards the chest eye gaze forward eight to go good seven nearly there six keep those arms up high five nearly there for good three two and one straight into triceps bring the arms in to meet the dumbbells.

From there you’re going to open back and back into the center squeezing the shoulder blades as you lift up straightening out see here isn’t gonna work the triceps on those arms hi squeeze the shoulder blades let’s go Wow good to into the chest three full come on really where those triceps five this is going to give you.

That shape at the back of the arms prevent those been going give you really nice shape in your dresses ladies coming up to half way keep breathing we can do it nearly there carving up to half way really lift those arms behind half way 10 tend to go 10 good come on nine my arms are feeling it eight oh come on seven really good six amazing.

Five don’t give up for that counts for me two three come on – one left one left Oh straight into next on to shape those arms up there next one is a tricep lift okay interlock the fingers hold the weights behind you you’ve got a kettlebell grab that instead all the way down straighten out and back again.

Let’s go one and down – come on guys we’ve got this three all the way all the way together for and make you say five come on really pitched six dig deep my arms are feeling it seven come on it’s let’s tone up these arms nine coming up – halfway ten a half way tend to go focus ten keep breathing nine amazing eight come on feel that.

Burn seven good six we knew that five oh my gosh my arms and your two left after this full come on there are really two to go – now hold at the top hold on hold slowly lower down trickly load those tries will mop it up and lower town oh my gosh my arms Oh heavy right now okay to let grab your.

Dumbbells again okay we’re gonna take the arms up turn the palms downwards come out to 45 degrees okay from here we’re gonna work the rotator cuff squeeze the shoulder blades together we’re gonna turn the palms up and down let’s go one two three three four five keep breathing six seven you can do it eight nine and ten now moving back to 90.

Let’s go this is the hard bit ten nine eight we can do it seven six five keep pushing four three two hold them up hold them up hold them up a little bit higher pluck them out let’s go 20 19 18 just a few inches 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 you can do it 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 now break straight back to 45 let’s go 1 2 my arms are killing 3 4 5 maybe they’re 6 7 pull.

That chlorine work those shoulders 8 9 now hold for the last 10 seconds 9 my shoulders are shaking 8 breathe 7 6 gonna be there 5 4 3 2 & 1 oh my gosh my arms are on fire guys you made it I’m so proud of you okay make sure you go back to the beginning if you want another round load a little bit more weight on even if it’s only 5 kg on.

Each arm then we’re going to stretch you out afterwards so come back to this point to stretch I’m so proud of you we’re now just going to do a few shoulder stretches to me not to Seoul tomorrow and next stretches and then make sure okay first one taking the arm out in front placing the other hand on top just working into the wrist.

Flexors okay holding there making sure including the funds the fun making sure you’re including the farmer and all the fingers and reversed coming into the wrist extensors which come from here so anyone who’s ever suffered from tennis elbow really really good stretch here good changing yoga other hand holding breathing and reverse wrist extensors.

You should feel that this area but also all the way up here three two and one amazing shake those arms out we’re coming across the body holding with the opposite arm and getting a nice stretcher through the posterior capsule off the shoulder holding that three two and one shake them up and change over you want a minimum of the ten second.

Hold guys it become twenty seconds breathe into it I’m so proud of you you’ve got some beautiful arms off the back of this there re times a week is how often I do this guys but obviously trying to incorporate it into your normal workout routine coming across the back and then trying to feed that hand a little bit lower down feeling a deep.

Stretch there good five breathing four three two shake them out changing arms let’s go good again breathing into it feeling a deep stretch there if you want to increase it down the side of the body lean the body over a bit as well four three two and back into neutral amazing now taking the chin down towards the chest and in a half.

Circle here goes to shoulder breath in and on the breath out you’re gonna reverse deep breath in in one direction and breath out reverse loves to you guys interlock the fingers reach the arms full open out in the upper battle let those shoulder blades drift apart really nice upper back stretch and reverse taking the arms.

Behind you lift the arms up take the chin down towards the chest breathe it out four three two and one amazing that is another fat Wednesday complete you Mack salute you smashed it I’m so proud of you make sure you please write any comments below that you have on what else you want to see how you got on with this.

Workout because hearing from you guys is what gives me ideas for what to feel next week but other than that I will see you in a week’s time make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already tell your friends get involved let’s get lean I’m so proud of you as easy
Lilly Sabri

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