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GET DEFINED 11 LINE ABS πŸ”₯ Belly Fat Burn & Toned Abs | 11 min Workout


This is your sexy 11 lineabs 11 minute workout. Now, if you are lovingmy YouTube workouts, but you are wanting better results, you want to get in thebest shape of your life, right now, starting today,we have 50% off the LEAN App, longer workouts, full length guides, they are structured to get youthe most incredible results. These workouts here onYouTube are a little teaser of what we have available on the LEAN App.

The workouts are up to an hour in length, but of course, we haveshorter ones as well to fit around your day. And they’re in structured guides which progressively getharder as you get fitter. Three different styles of training, Pilates, HIIT, and weights, all from home, and a personalized meal plan. There’s absolutely everything there.

50% off, starts today and it ends soon. So please don’t miss out. The link is down below. You do not want to miss this. This app is going to change your life. Okay, no equipment neededfor this 11 minute workout. Let’s give it a go and let me know how you geton in the comments down below. Okay guys, we arestarting off down in line.

I want you to imprint, that’s fine. Lower back, flatten themat, left, right center. You have 50 seconds on eachexercise, 10 seconds rest. So I really want you to push through until you get that rest, you can do this. Okay, now leading, right, left, center. (clock beeping) Amazing work. Next up, we are reallyisolating into those obliques.

Both legs are up. From here, crunch up,straighten out the right leg, and you’re going to come across the body and back into the center. Good, keep breathing. Breath out with each rotation,breath in back into neutral. Five more seconds here. Amazing, straight ontothe other side, you guys. Come on, we can do this.

Five seconds. (clock beeping) Amazing, knee into your chest. We go with another variation. Okay, both legs up. You’re going to go for one,two, three, four, five. Lift, lower. Good luck. It is slow, it is controlled.

Three, four, five, lift, lower. Keep going at your own pace. Really rotating across your body here. Making sure that you aregetting that twist movements and you are controlling it. (clock beeping) Amazing, again, knee into your chest, your core should be awake,mine most definitely is. You’re now going to take yourright leg across your body,.

Hug onto your left side ofyour, right side of your waist, I should say, crunch up and lower. Good, use that breathout for each movement. Nearly there. Three, two, okay, straight change ontothat other side, nice and fast. (clock beeping) Amazing, from here, yourlegs are long across the mat,.

Your hands are together. From here, you’re goingto go into a full roll up, as you hit the top, rotate and then slow andcontrol back down again. As you come up, one vertebrae at a time, one part of your spine lowersat a time as you go back down. (clock beeping) Amazing work, from here,double leg tabletop, 90 degrees at the knees and the hips.

You’re going to tap that toe down. Then straighten it out. Let’s go. Supporting the head withyour hands, alternating legs, and I want you to keep looking forward. Keep your lower back flat in the mat. Belly button back towards the spine. Breathe, do not give up. When you are straightening out your leg,.

Make sure that your lower backisn’t leaving the mat, okay. If it is, straightenout a little bit higher. (clock beeping) Okay, is anyone else’s core dying? Oh my gosh. Okay, single leg stretch,drawing the knee into the chest. Straighten the other leg out. That’s one, two, change. If your neck’s sore, lower it down.

Good, you’re already halfway. If your head’s up, look forward. Chin to chest, try andcome higher in that crunch. That’s where the magic happens. Come on. (clock beeping) Incredible work, oh my gosh. Pilates hundreds, up next. There’s a few different levels here.

Beginners, I want you to stay down with the legs and pump. Intermediate, you are here. Advanced, straighten those legs out. Good work. Come on, you’re approaching halfway. When you are halfway, try and take it upper level. Three,.

Two., okay, try and go upperlevel now, you can do it. Keep looking forward. Chin to chest, if the neck’ssore, lower the head down. 10 seconds. (clock beeping) Amazing, from here, upinto sitting for me. Okay, we’re going to hoverboat legs into a boat position. So roll back to where youfeel your core kicking in. Relax those shoulders,lift both legs up, okay.

Now this is where itgets a little bit nasty. One leg straightens, the other one double. Wow, Lilly Sabri, what were you thinking when you put thisexercise in this workout? Oh my gosh. We can do this. We’ve committed now, we’re not giving up. Last, just over 10 seconds. (clock beeping).

Yes, okay, coming onto your side now for a beautiful little side plank to finish up with. We’re coming onto our forearm. We are going to straighten both legs out and hover to start off with. Now, if you want to make this harder, come as I am, one footon top of the other. Easier, one in front.

Easier, still you are here. Hold, hold. Three, two, one, rotate down, up, straighten, bent. Come on, really drivethose hips up to the sky, don’t let them drop down. You are so nearly there, come on.

(clock beeping) Okay, we’re going on to theother side, then we are done. Oh my gosh, wow. I’ve really felt this. Grab your burner. Okay, let’s go, you guys. Nice stronghold to start off with. Good work. Drive those hips up tothe sky, hold them strong.

Okay, let’s go, rotate, up. Woo, straighten, up, and bend. It happens to all of us, guys. We are nearly there. Come on, last exercise, keep digging deep. Feel that burn. (clock beeping) Yes, oh my gosh. Wow, I love that.

Guys, I really, reallyhope you enjoyed it. Please make sure yousubscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already. You have a minimum of 2 newworkouts every single week, so it’s worth hittingthat subscribe button and the bell icon. All right, I love you. Well done, you smashed it.

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