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GET ABS & LOSE BELLY FAT πŸ”₯ Best of Abs 2022 | 8 min Workout


2023 is just around thecorner, and if you, like me, have fallen off track with yourexercise, with your health, please do not worry. As of today, enrollment opens for our brand new LEANTransformation Method. This is an 8 week programthat is going to get you in the best shape of your life. You are going to burn fat,you are going to tone, you are going to strengthen, andyou are going to basically shred.

Into that beautiful physique,and you’re going to feel amazing, which is the most important thing. The LEAN Transformation Methodis a science-based method including fat burn HIITsessions and cardio, Pilates, weights training and active recovery with a physiotherapist, myself. It progressively gets harder as you work your way through phase one and phase two of this method.

It is 8 weeks long in total. You are going to get fitter. You are going to get stronger. You are going to see amazingdifferences in your body and your mental health, yourenergy, and your confidence. As a special New Year offer, we have up to 50% off the LEAN App. That works out at Β£3.30 a month. That’s the price of a Starbuckscoffee for an entire month.

You do not want to miss out. Check out the link downbelow to get involved. It’s going to change your life. We start the challenge onMonday, the 9th of January. Guys, I will see you there. I cannot wait for this. Now let’s get started with this workout. (timer beeping) Okay, we’re starting off in sitting.

You’re going to rollback to where you feel your core kicking in. Hands behind you, legs up,straighten one leg out, followed by the other. Use your breathing control. Breath out as you straighten. Breath in as you come back in. Good work. 50 seconds each exercise.

You can do this. I’m going to burn your core like crazy. Don’t give up guys. 15 seconds left. Amazing work. (timer beeping) Amazing work. 10 seconds rest. You’re going to rollback, slow and controlled.

Amazing work.(timer beeping) Now take those legs niceand wide as you come up into a full sit up, rotate at the top. Good work. You’re halfway. Pace yourself with this exercise. Amazing. (timer beeping) Amazing.

Next up is a set of Pilates hundreds. Both legs are up in the air at 90 degrees. (timer beeping)Bring that upper body up. Pump those arms up and down. Beginners come here. Intermediate, you are here. And advanced, legs out. If you’re really wantingto challenge yourself, little mini ab crunches,.

But beginners, remember you’re here, okay? Breathe. Don’t give up. Halfway. Pick the level that suits your body. You are killing it. Nearly there. Come on, 10 seconds. (timer beeping) Amazing work.

Left knee bent. Right leg straight. You’re going to come across, straighten, then reach for the foot, okay?(timer beeping) Let’s go. Again, pace yourself with this movement. Belly button back towardsthe spine and breathe. Five seconds left, then we change sides. One more rep.

Okay, straight changeonto that other side. (timer beeping) Incredible. Plant those feet down. We now have a side crunch, side crunch, center, center.(timer beeping) Woo. All right, let’s go. One, two, center, center. Amazing work guys.

Come on, you’re killing it. You’re halfway already. If you need to have a break, reach those arms up and over,then straight back in again. (timer beeping) Woo. Reach those arms up and over. Reach those legs out. Incredible work guys. Next up,.

We’re going to harness ones.(timer beeping) Those legs are going to go up to the sky, and you are reaching for the toes. Good work. Now, if this is too much at any point, bend those knees and justgo with little crunches. Use your breathing control, breath out as you come up, breath in as you lower.

Really turning those abs on. Amazing. 15 seconds left. That is it. Come on, you can do it. Keep looking forward at the thighs. (timer beeping)Nearly there. Yay. Well done guys.

A single leg stretchcombined with a scissor. So we’re in double leg tabletop. (timer beeping)We straighten out. Then we tap down, alternating sides. Let’s go. Amazing. Try and keep your lowerback flat on the mat. Great work. And if it feels too much at any point,.

One leg down, okay? Keep it going. 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Amazing. Well done guys. Up into sitting. Last up is a twist and reach. Roll back to where youfeel your core working, twist, reach up.(timer beeping).

Okay, let’s go. Last exercise. Keep your core nice and tight. Come on, you can do it, nearly halfway. Halfway. 15 seconds. Come on now, you can do it. Don’t give up, 10. Speed it up a little bit if you can.

Four more reps. (timer beeping)Three more reps. Two, and one. Oh my gosh.

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