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GET A SMALLER WAIST and PERKY BUM in 14 Days | At Home Workout Program


Hi guys welcome back to yet another lies I hope you’re feeling okay after yesterday for those of you who did do yesterday’s workout today is gonna be very different it’s gonna burn but in a totally different way so yesterday was super sweaty you’re probably feeling quite sore in your legs in your butt and today’s workout is an hourglass.

Sculpting Pilates based so don’t be freaked out by being polite as it is gonna burn it it’s gonna hurt we are going to be sculpting we are going to be toning into pretty much every muscle in your body so we’re going to be working mainly into the stomach the lower abs and the weight so we’re going to be pulling you in in your weight then we’re.

Gonna be rounding into that perky butt equipment-wise all you need if you’ve got them is a set of dumbbells if you don’t have dumbbells just grab water bottles the bigger the better and also if you have it a resistance band but again don’t freak out if you don’t have it guys it’s still good about trust me we have four sets of ten minutes okay 45.

Seconds on each one 15 seconds recovery we’re actually gonna get straight stuck in we’re gonna alternate each circuits the circuit number one’s going to be for your core for your waist set that number two is gonna be for your butt and your hamstrings three back to ABS mainly lower abs and then four we’re going in on that outer back okay it’s gonna hurt.

But in a great way I can’t grab ahold of both weights for me if you’ve got them a 10 second countdown is coming 45 seconds on the clock starting in 5 seconds bend the knees bring the arms out in front of you I can’t roll back to your bike too quick pull that core in really nice and tight relax the shoulders slight bend through the elbow.

The Ayase boy has coats coats POTUS breathe cocoa o3o – I’ll [__] with your head Bethenny pop love night-night but let’s take it we’re in sandals and a tonight you beginner in music.

20 second class you’re taking your way in between the [__] we dress up and down I have no way needed for this one you’re now going to take photon out to the side.

Of your up in six come on to the left bar chief straighten out I’m vacuum I can’t believe it oh it’s single legs alright let’s do this if I want amazing but your cousin imitating car Oh.

Oh good but keep those times where they are we have now have a cup of my whether you have cream crumpet to the boxes open.

Close you cool should be feeling that now just taste it in this we have a self bicycle then we learn back to the wings okay on the fifth one you’re gonna be holding.

With me beginners you’re here okay let’s go one two three four five and hold the boat by unhealthy physics Wow yeah give me 9.

Well your core should be awake grab ahold of first wait now we’re gonna do a brush you twit what to eat slides within get a punch okay one two we’re back.

Next guy okay it’s the beacon place the house with the back of the head come on up pull me with it tap down up straighten it alternates life beginners you’re here.

we then come to the left foot center spin to the right let’s go oh how that going party zakat was.

Complete I am a hundred percent feeling that okay that’s it one complete that means our apps are done for now the thing I should probably tell you about this workout is going to get harder as we go along okay so next up is booty if you have the adjustable resistance band please make it pretty tight for me okay I want it just above.

The knees if you don’t have a resistance band honestly it really really doesn’t matter okay coming out up into sitting to start with we’re going to start off with a back plank which is working our butt but it’s also working our shoulders dig the heels in for me you’re going to be lifting up open open close down up okay we’re gonna go in ten seconds.

Are you ready are you ready I’m going to annihilate your glutes right now let’s speed it up let’s go.


oh ho ho squeeze squeeze even higher up to might come up to the toe take the meat pop up stinginess together okay.

this is your 15 seconds hold and Sweetwater country quickly back into a bridge.

don’t let it kill and we’re gonna get ready we’re not 100 percent of its maximum hold and squeeze tight.


hold and squeeze sweetie now.

We are going back into core again have a quick sip of water if you’re one set more of the weights in this circuit guys no resistance Matt kill the net how you feeling – Alex and tell you’ve been doing it behind the camera okay so we have I’m sorry Alex I can’t tell what you’re saying I think in there we’re good okay next up we have another.

Circuit of ten minutes we’re going in ten seconds this is pretty much purely for the obliques the 11 line outs and the lower abs okay it’s gonna be coming down okay left arm out to the side crunch in straighten reach and down you guys know this one you’ve done it would be a lot of times that are incident.

okay sit tight up to you in your rest if you want to you hold in a boat keep pumping I’m going to demo the next one okay.


it’s entirely up to you guys otherwise come all the way down for me.

Hey oh just in time for the music okay we’re now going majorly into the lower abs I won’t need to place both hands into a diamond shape again pass underneath the small of the back.

Beginners you’re barking up here okay I passed it to media come as low as you can flex the feet find the beat it’s gonna be one two three four five six girl in this a walkout I.

for me we have facilities so we have a nice little surprise at the end okay I.

Did tell you this was gonna be the word round I know I know you’re excited to see your mommy like I can’t thank you guys I would you lie on your back we’re gonna warm up the phone again with a bridge okay ten seconds place the weight onto your pelvis going in five seconds on the toes.

Good keep pushing out your wine 20 Lucknow the Hawking leg is going to be strictest I’m as far forward as.

Possible you know this one it’s horrible if you want to wait starting behind the mountain you’re trying to climb together before oh wait the wait what if you wanna make it harder let’s go.

Oh okay oh my gosh we’ve got to even you out now to quickly put the backpack on if you’re using it into that cloud position okay if you want to live otherwise stay down close open close.

Really good time you want to put the side leg don’t take your leg out – yeah place the weight one or two on top of the leg bend the underneath leg Hey.

Well I’m hold it that squeeze it squeeze the back screw the back to one now you drop down quickly take that upper leg out if you want to you don’t have to okay moving that leg as far forward as you can he advised by fast.

quickly pop the buns back all night okay anything they deal there if you want to place the weight to the pelvis and beer away from the [__] oh good job giving night I’m just warmin up these cosy place of movies.

You have a one minute then you are done I really really hope that you are feeling good right now I can one minute we’re home that we’re officially done this time up okay guys we’re going in ten seconds nine eight seven really gonna fill the core right now weights if you can robot I got sound core tight thanks see you guys in a lake in I.

Popped in to me yeah I got the next sequence my daughter out for you naked eye I.

I’m so proud of you just seconds everyone’s fine again but and fighting it fountain you now have a finisher guys and if you thought that was hard this finisher is literally gonna end you I filmed it earlier today and oh my gosh for your legs it’s a burner like an absolute banner it’s already live on my channel so if you haven’t already done.

It head over there finish it right away you’re gonna need your weights for s oh it’s 500 reps I forgot to show you that so it’s 500 reps of legs and butt yeah I don’t know how long it is I think it’s about 15 minutes but it really burns so I challenge you to go and do that right now if you’ve already done it why not do it again.

Is that really cruel that’s the like button and guys I’m so I’m so I’m so so proud of you Wow I loved it this was amazing amazing amazing amazing so very different yesterday and the purpose of this guy’s is to trip train change up the type of training that we’re doing every single day it’s super important that we work different muscles and we.

Work them in different ways so that’s why this was more Pilates based weight space resistance based like tomorrow we come back to a higher intensity again and you’ll see that throughout the guide so we have another I think 8 days left if you are interested in doing something similar to this but a little bit more intense you can do my eight-week lean.

Transformation guide which so many of you guys I recognize your names in here have already done and so just ask them for advice whether they liked it or not but I have to say again epic results and I’ve got 50% off for another like 8 hours maybe 10 hours on my website leave in lilycove so make sure you check it out 50% off it’s like an absolute.

Bargain it’s an Easter treat from me but guys I really really hope you enjoyed it please please please please please tag me in your Instagram stories and if you’re not already of my facebook group is worth getting in there but and oh my gosh we’ve finished yes we finished and you’re amazing Lily that’s Tiana Oh Thank You Deanna sending your love.

Gorgeous and oh and Alex which was written please support by liking this video it really really helps guys it really helps me reach more people like you but we we smashed over a thousand people today let’s see if we can get to 1500 that would be my dream so if you tell one friend each tomorrow we could even hit two.

Thousand which would be insane but let’s see get to 1,500 that would be ago loved it loved it loved it from Colombia I’ve already told you bro damn yeah so 50% off my guide and my cookbook on my website guys not actually if you have any really quick questions I’ve got a few seconds alex is gonna.

Tell me off this like hurry up and any quick questions I got your cookbook I was wondering does it something Oh does it come through the mail in addition to the e-book no it’s just the e-book so you don’t have to worry about right now where most mailing isn’t time and everything is either everything is email so you should get it pretty much.

Straight away so that’s all good thank you have trouble with back pain what I’m doing have any tips imprint the spine always always imprint so flattening the lower back tucking the tailbone under and just slowing the movements down most of the time it’s cuz people are over arching their back so that could be the case for you and quick question 4 p.m.

Today couldn’t 5 the [__] find the 500 reps if there is there it was actually released a I think 12 minutes past four and so I’m really sorry but it’s always released around this video this one’s always set time which is 5:30 p.m. GMT the other one is is kind of a little bit flexible around but it was released around for 12 for 15 to be precise to it.

There now kuna bubai however you say your name curcuma you’re probably going to record this and be like that’s how lily and Alex attempted to say my name so I’m so sorry if we said it incorrectly and but thank you thank you thank you thank you telling your friends literally a word of mouth right now is what we need this is how.

We’re going to get more people involved this is how we’re going to spread the word I promise promise to keep these laptops coming for you every single day across the next eight days so make the most of it guys same place same time I am here for you with a different workout every single day and okay I think we’re good I think we’re good good good.

Barefoot or trainers depends on what so for this you can wear Baffert so this was more practice but for everything else I wear trainers yeah okay dad don’t play my guys spread the word huh oh and tag me on instagram is like giving me life seeing your stories right now anyway guys for a hundred and sixty thousand subs oh right.

Go finish yourselves off five hundred rats booty and legs comment I want to know how you found it underneath that video guys it’s gonna finish you it really really hurt but is the best way possible I love you see you soon 500 seat marks
Lilly Sabri

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