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GET A FLAT STOMACH and LOSE FAT in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide


Today’s home workout is going to be targeting those sexy 11 line abs and flat stomach. We are going to be working into a flat toned tummy in just 15 minutes. No equipment needed. If you have a water bottle, grab it though. Right, let’s do this! We are gonna burn our abs. Start by crunching in towards the chest. Then straighten the leg out. Change side. 45 seconds on each exercise. 15 seconds recovery. Good work! From there, we will do a side crunch to target the obliques. Followed by a twist rotation. Side crunch… if my puppy wasn’t in the way!.

Straight onto the other side. Really working into the muscles on the side of the body. Into the waist. We’ve got this! Breathe. Making sure you’re really rotating the body as you crunch across. To hit those obliques. Breathe. Come one, you can do it. Crunch the body up. Straighten the legs out. Flutter kick. Come up into a reverse crunch. Flutter kick. Let’s go. Good work! Should be feel your core. Both legs over to the left. Left arm is out to the side. We are going to crunch in. Then crunch the leg up. Let’s go.

Straight onto the other side. Take your legs over. The right arm is out to the side. As we crunch up, we go to the center. Then we crunch in, as we go across. Let’s go! Come on! Keep digging deep. You’re nearly there. I know it burns! Come straight up into sitting. Wow! My core is on fire. If you have a water bottle close by, I want you to grab it. We are going to roll back to our biting point. Pull your core in nice and tight. As you rotate to the left, the right leg lifts up. You’re going to hip joint, to hip joint. Rotating through the waist.

The water bottle comes up, over your head. Your knees are bent. Roll all the way up, and as you do rotate to the side. Keep it controlled. Particularly on the way down. Controlling the movement. The burn is real! Water bottle stays in your hands. Reach the legs up to the sky. Reach to your feet. Drop one leg down, and back up. Change to the other side. Legs up. Let’s go! Slow and controlled. Keep your core really nice and tight. Feet are touching. Knees are apart. Place the water bottles in the hands. Come on up to the center. And back. All the way, if you can.

Roll back, hold. From there, you’re going to open and close the legs, as you hold. Under 10 seconds left. Another set of side reaches. This time, in between, crunch the knee towards the chest. Side reach. Knee to chest. Touch the elbow to the knee. Straight onto the other side. Your core should be burning. If it’s not, don’t worry! It’s going to get harder as we go along. Holding your head. Nice and high in the crunch. Really crunching towards the chest, and up. Meet your elbow to knee. Straight up into sitting. We are going to do a single leg lift.

Into a Russian twist. Legs nice and long across the mat. Roll back and feel your core. Go as low as you feel you can go. That’s how you’re going to work your core. Lead with the other arm now. Don’t give up. Just two exercises left after this. Boat hold. Second-to-last exercise. Then we are going to do a counted repetition exercise. If you want your water bottle you can. Spread your butt cheeks. Roll back to your biting point. Where you can really feel your core kicking in. Just hold, relax those shoulders.

Breathe. Let your core do the work. Legs up, or if you’re a beginner just keep them here. Or keep your hands behind you. It’s up to you. Do not stop. If anyone is feeling really strong, try and straighten your legs. Beginners you can be here, that’s absolutely fine. Do not give up! Come on. Ten seconds, let’s go. Last exercise is a counted repetition exercise. We’re going to be doing as many sit-ups as we can. The hands are over the head. You have to touch in between your legs. Then come back down. Count your repetitions. Let’s go. Live workout with me! High-energy the music is going to be pumping. We’re going to be working the booty.
Lilly Sabri

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