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Get 11 LINE ABS in 40 Days πŸ’ͺ 8 min Summer Shred Workout No. 4


Today’s workout is an intense abs and burn belly fat eight-minute workout. No equipment needed. This is part of your 40 day summer shred workout challenge and you’re gonna love it! It is going to burn. Let’s get down on the mat. We’re starting off with our fingertips by our temples. Imprinting the spine, so that the lower back is nice and flat. Crunch the knee in towards the forehead and then straighten it out. Change legs. Good work! From here, our arms are down the side of our body Reach across and lower.

Place the inner thighs together. Feet touching. Drop the legs apart. Try to do a full sit-up, then lower back down. The left knee is bent the right leg is straight. Crunch all the way up into sitting and back down. Change sides. Make sure you’re coming all the way across the body. To hit into the obliques. The muscles on the side of the body. Staying up in sitting now. High on those butt bones. Spreading the butt cheeks. Russian twists. Keep the core nice and tight.

Good work. Lie all the way down for me. Keeping the knees bent. Do a set of hundreds. Nice and high in the crunch. Eye gaze forward. Hands now going a diamond shape underneath the small of the back. Reverse crunch, then tap your toes down. legs are up nice and straight we’re going to lower them down and flutter kick if it’s a little bit too tough just lift those legs up a little bit higher but don’t give up guys come on all the way through ten seconds did work the feet are flat supporting the head now with the right hand left arm out to the side and come into a side crunch then reach.

I’m repeating on the other side oblique crunch they’ve reached that ankle amazing work straight on up into sitting we’re now going with a boat hold so I need to roll back fort where you can really really feel that core relax the shoulders should be feeling those stomach muscles lift one leg up followed by the other and we’re going to hold you can use the hands behind you that’s fine you need the feet down that’s fine but do not give up from there lower the feet down again come back to where you can really feel your core relax those shoulders we’re gonna pump forward rotate rotate then forward again keep those knees shoulder distance apart.

We are gonna finish up with another photo spread those butt cheeks roll back to where you really feel the cool kicking in bring the legs up and hold we can do it Oh bonus exercise down the line we have a staff torito’s let those be up and reach for this house that way done all the way through come on oh I’d love to ask you guys a little favor in return for all of these free workouts all I want you to do is hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already it really supports my channel my goal is 100,000 subscribers we’re halfway there and I would love your help getting there guys.

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