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GET 11 LINE ABS in 20 DAYS πŸ”₯ | 4 minute Workout


What is up beautiful people today’s workout is a 4 minute 11 line abs workout i’m going to prove to you that you can burn your abs in just 4 minutes working into the sexy 11 line abs we have 30 seconds on each exercise, back to back. 8 rounds. that is all. zero equipment needed. let’s get down on the mat. let’s smash this out So we’re going to start off with our legs up. Double leg table top we’re going for bicycles, with a hold on the third one 30 seconds on each exercise.

4 minutes that is all. you have got this crunching in and across. come on you can do it. we are in this together next dead box don’t like tangled up arms around we’re strengthening out the opposite arm to leg it takes us half way guys I know you’re hating me right now I know it’s burning my also know it’s gonna work come on keep pushing all the way we’re over halfway for this one come on you are looking for more Network UPS my weekly transformation guide us now make sure you check out down below in the description box and those workouts range from 30 minutes up to an hour for eight weeks it’s amazing so make sure you.

Check it out other than that please don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button hit the subscribe button because you do not want to miss out on what I have coming up and you will only see it if you’re subscribed guys thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I would start to be your plus-one but guess eula turn left me at the party out of the
Lilly Sabri

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