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GET 11 LINE ABS and a SMALLER WAIST in 14 Days | Home Workout Program


Today’s home workout is a 5-minute 11 line abs, flat stomach and small waist workout. It may only be five minutes long, but trust me it’s gonna burn! Before we get started. Don’t forget, as of today there is 50% off of my entire website! Yes, my cookbook and my 8 week lean guide are 50% off. Let’s do this. Starting off with both legs up. Come into a bicycle. On the third, hold for a second. 30 seconds on each exercise. 10 exercises. Let’s burn. Left leg will come into a crunch. Reach across, and to the foot. Reaching across the body and then reaching to your foot. Really nice high and rotate. Good work. Dropping both legs over to the left. The left arm comes out to the side.

We’re going to crunch the body up and lower. Keep breathing. We’ve got this! Change onto the other side. Dropping your legs over to the right. Right arm out to the side. Crunch. Hands into a diamond shape. They now come underneath your back. Support the back, lift your legs up nice and high. Lower down, as we cross our legs. Keeping the core tight, and back up again. You’ve got this! Good. Bending the knees. As we reverse crunch, angle the body.

Then straighten the legs out. Good morning Teddy! Roll back to your biting point. We are going to rotate side to side. Really nice and low. Keep your core tight. If you want to make it harder, you can grab a weight. Rotate side to side. Teddy is my weight! Good. Straightening the legs out. I’m going to keep holding onto Teddy. If you have a weight, keep it close to your chest. Feel your abs engage. Hover the right leg. Kicking it up, and pumping. Come up, and take a breather. Roll back down. Left leg.

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Lilly Sabri

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