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FULL PILATES BODY WORKOUT πŸ”₯ Total Body Fat Burn | 15 min Workout


This is your 15 minute fullbody pilates sculpt and tone. This is going to burn likenothing you have done before. But before we get started, youare so close to being ready for our 6 week transformation bootcamp, the Feel Good Fit Factory. Now, we have had 30 luckyladies around the world try and test out week 1 of this 6 week Transformation Guide. And this is what they had to say about it.

I just finished day 1 of this Guide and it is absolutely amazing. My abs are on fire. My arms are on fire. My legs are on fire. Just finished day two of theFeel Good Fit Factory Guide. And oh my gosh! Wow! That’s just all I can say is, wow! Day 2 of the Guide, itwas intense and the burn.

It was a very good workout. I really, really enjoyed it. This 6 week challenge starts this Monday, the 5th of September. Please do not miss out and as an exclusive littleYouTube treat for you guys, we have 3 months for the price of 1. That’s just Β£9.99 for 3 months. It is crazy affordable, you guys,.

And we are giving away 1 week for free for all of you guys on YouTube. Check out the Descriptionbox, hit that link. It doesn’t last forever. So make sure you action that right now. All right, guys, I’ll see you on Monday for day 1. All righty, familia, let’s do this. 15 minutes, we’re startingoff with our legs.

Nice and wide, toes pivoted outwards. We’re coming down into alow squat and back up again. This starts off feeling okay, but trust me one minute in your legsare going to be on fire. You want to try and makesure that those knees are over the middle toes. Keep that core supertight, relax the shoulders. (timer beeping).

Amazing work. We’re now going to lift oneheel up, followed by the other and then double. And try and pretend youhave your favorite dinner on your head and youdon’t want it to spill. Good. Now, hold up on the toes forme and pulse for 10 seconds. Nice and low with that booty. (timer beeping).

Good work. Your legs should be feeling awake. Give them a little hit. We’re now going with a fist distance in between the knees, okay? Making sure that those kneesare over the middle toes. We come down, raiseonto the toes and lower. We want poise, want elegance. Nice and strong.

Good work. I am going to burn your body. Just 10 seconds left. (timer beeping) One more. Okay, now hold on the toes. It hurts. It really hurts. Good work. Hold high. Oh my gosh!.

All right now pulsate. 15 seconds. We can do this. My legs. 10. Relax those shoulders. Breathe. Three, two, one.(timer beeping) Oh my gosh! Come on down onto the mat. We’re now going to work intothe back of the thighs, okay?.

All the way down for me. Peel your way up into a bridge. Dig the heels in. Walk the feet out and in. Working those hamstrings now. Good. This is full body, you guys. Now lead with the other leg. Nearly there.(timer beeping) Okay, hold up in a bridge.

Drive one knee into thechest and back down. Alternate sides. Good. Keep those hipsnice and high for me. Don’t give up. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Bring those heels in together now. Feet touching. Knees apart.

We’re transitioning into the booty, okay? We’re going to drive thepelvis up to the sky, down, up, squeeze. Down, up, squeeze. Amazing. Good, really turn onthose glutes at the top. Squeeze the booty. (timer beeping) Okay, now hold at the top.

Squeeze those glute musclesand tiny little pulses. Good, if you want to make it harder, take those arms up to the sky. Come on, even higher. (timer beeping) Great work. Come down from there. We’re sticking with hamstrings and glutes. We’re going to peel ourway up into a bridge.

Hover the body onto the right side, the weight onto the right side. From there, lift the left leg up. Drive up. Lower, up. (timer beeping) Okay, straight changeonto that other side. Come on, no giving up. We can do this.

(timer beeping) Amazing. Coming onto your side now. We’re going to take that upperleg over the underneath one. From here, lift, pump lower. Let’s go. Inner thighs. (timer beeping) Hold it up super high, tiny little pulses. Come on, even higher guys.

All the way. (timer beeping) Okay, sticking on this same side. We’re going to work intothe outer thighs now. I want a slight bendin the underneath leg. That upper leg comes asfar forward as you can. And you’re just going to lift and lower. Turn that toe down and heal up. Try and get a gap under your waist.

(timer beeping) Okay, from here, no dropping that leg. You’re going to draw some circles. Oh my gosh. Come on. If you have that lean bandabove your knees, I salute you. This is killer. Okay, changing direction. Further forward, come on.

Three, two. Well down guys. We’re going to change onto the other side. Swing those legs around andwe have the inner thighs. (timer beeping) (timer beeping) Okay, hold it up super high,fast little pumps all the way. Come on, guys. Feel that inner thigh burn. Higher, come on, higher.

Don’t give up, gimme everything you got. Nearly there.(timer beeping) Amazing. Oh my gosh! Working into that upper leg. Remember, we’re bringing itas far forward as we can. Okay.(timer beeping) Come on, dig deep. Dig deep.

Nearly there. (timer beeping) Okay, we have our circles. No giving up. Okay, changing direction. I want it further forward. Come on. Oh, that burn. (timer beeping).

Amazing. We are coming into core now. So want you up on allfours to start off with. Breathe, you guys, breathe. Tuck the toes under. And just start off with a lift. Your knees are a few inches from the mat. Hold there. Come on, you can do it. (timer beeping).

Okay, no breaks. Take the knee towards the elbow. This is working your coreand your arms, you guys. Okay, now come across. Elevate to opposite knee. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Okay, your last threeminutes are down on the mat working your core.

All the way down and startingoff with a set of 100s. Okay, breath. Pull that core in nice and tight. Focus. look forward for me guys. If you want to, straighten the legs out. Can I just take a second to say, these cicadas are going crazy right now. What the heck? Is like they’re singing.

(timer beeping) (trainer chuckles) Okay straight into our bicycles. Guys, I’m going to kill your core. Come on. Nearly there. Come on, keep fishing.(timer beeping) Okay, take a moment. Just a few core exercises left.

We’re starting off withtoe reaches on this one. So legs up to the sky. I’m reaching for the close. Let’s go. If this is too much, just gowith a normal crunch, okay? Breath out as you come up,breath in as you lower. But do not, do not give up. You can do it. Breathe, you guys.

Nearly there. (timer beeping) Amazing. Place those hands in a diamond shape. We’re going to reverse crunch. Then touch the toes down. Really push those hips to the sky. Oh my gosh, it burns. (timer beeping).

Amazing work. Take a moment. Then we’re going to placethose hands back under again. And this time we’re goingto cross over lower. (timer beeping)Okay. Legs up. Let’s go. Cross over as we lower and back up again. Okay, we’re nearly there guys.

Now please do not forget. We have our six week bootcampstarting on Monday the fifth. Six weeks to transformyour body and your mind. Honestly, the results weare going to get are crazy. It starts on Monday the fifth. Okay, we’re going to hover those legs now. And trust me it is going to burn. You’re going to feel amazing. Transform your body and your mind.

It’s on the LEAN app. All right guys, tinylittle lifts and lowers. Starting on Monday andexclusive to YouTube, you get a week for free to try it out. You also get three monthsfor the price of one. This is exclusive to YouTube, okay? Hold it, why not? Let’s hold it. Let’s hold it.

Three, two, one. Oh my God! I told you it was going to be killer. I hope you enjoyed that burn. Do not forget, thisMonday 5th of September, our 6 week transformation bootcamp starts, the Feel Good Fit Factory. And if you miss the officialstart date, please don’t worry. You can start at any time.

We have 10s of 1000s ofwomen all around the world doing this challenge withyou to get in the best shape and mindset of your life. All right, you don’t want to miss it. Hit that link in the description box and get your first week for free.

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