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FULL BODY WEIGHTS and CARDIO | 30 minute Home Workout


I just had to go what day is it happy friday you guys and i feel like this lockdown challenge has kind of made me lose all sense of days which is probably a good thing is because i’m not gonna lie i’m absolutely loving this i’m loving like the mix of the different styles of workouts.

Particularly the cardio box um so anyway today is gonna be phenomenal i’m so excited this is my favorite type of workout it’s the cardio versus weights will also weights versus cardio because it’s a tiny little bit of cardio um but before we get started if you wouldn’t mind smashing the thumbs up button also.

Hit and subscribe if you haven’t already by smashing the thumbs up button it helps me reach more people like you and and type in if you can what has been your favorite style of workout was it yesterday’s pilates was it the pure cardio weights versus cardio or the cardio box and so today we’re.

Actually doing a lot of upper body you guys because we have neglected upper body i’m so excited to do arms back a little bit of chest all of that nice stuff and then we’re going to be working into the hips and the butt as well not too much core today so you’re going to need a heavier set of.

Weights i’ve got 5 kg and then a lighter set of weights if you don’t have the light heavier lighting please don’t worry just work with what you’ve got and then you’re going to need your lean adjustable band i went with the black purely because it matches this cute ombre there you go that’s the thought process.

That goes into it so guys we’re going to start off just by coming down bending slightly through the knees and then just letting our body hang swaying side to side slightly did anyone write in what their favorite type of black girl has been i’m actually.

and then just swaying side to side oh my gosh you guys seem to really like the cardio box yeah awesome so you guys this is going to be a little bit easier to follow if you do have the lean long bands please have them close by but i know a lot of you they sold out in.

10 minutes so i know a lot of you didn’t manage to get your hands on them so i’m going to be using them a little bit but giving variations and then when they’re restocked pretty soon we’re going to be going in with those bands so you’ve got to you’ve got to grab those bands if you can so just side to side feeling a nice.

Stretch for the body i’m actually i’m excited about upper body alex are you joining i’ll be doing my own he’s got his neck set out you guys yeah yeah just not mine try and keep up and then bringing the feet in a little bit wider or closer i should say shoulder distance.

Apart double twist one two and then in the other direction do that and one and then feet come nice and wide again slightly pivoted outwards we’re gonna windmill side to side oh.

slow this down you guys okay two more upper body as a whole amazing work we’re just gonna now just open the legs out good okay you guys so we’re doing three minute circuits like before.

One minute exercise number one it’s controlled okay it’s not about speed one minute exercise number two exercise three is 30 seconds of pure cardio then you get 30 seconds of rest so within eight circuits you have a choice right now to lock in the type of cardio you’re gonna do.

I’m showing you four variations okay so it’s really important that you listen to this you’ve got four variations and you’re allowed to choose what cardio you do during your 30 seconds so i’m being very generous but at the same time you guys have got to push it for me okay.

Super important i’ve got to say you need a chair as well variation number one so simple it’s just a toe tap if you’ve got something like a weight in front of you amazing that is the easiest of the four it’s a nice way of just getting the heart rate or keeping the heart rate up after the.

Weights variation number two is going to be a step up without the weights this is about speed you guys okay so just keeping it moving 30 seconds is variation two variation three is going to be a jump jack into a plank jack.

You can wear the band if you want to you jump back like so come down plank jack one two one two okay last one is going to be a modified birth piece okay so what you’re going to do is do a full back key into a stand then a frogger.

Full berkey steps then a frogger okay i hope that makes sense you guys okay first circuit is going to be a nice upper body circuit you’re going to need your heavier weights okay knees are wide feet are wide slightly pivoted outwards.

Take that body weight down and then lean the chest forward here place the hand if you need to grow down change sides so it’s squeezing those shoulder blades together okay exercise number two there’s going to be a curl slight bend in the knees into a fly so it’s one two.

Three four okay you guys then you choose your cardio i hope that makes sense are we ready three two one let’s go you guys really squeezing those okay thank you guys.

come on push it four three two okay grab your other weight let’s go slight bend curl two five.

guys you have 10 seconds until your cardio pick what you want to do it’s up to you in three and two and one let’s go 30 seconds begin a step if you need to okay but don’t stop 20 seconds.

Come on get that hurry up 50. amazing you guys into lower body now then we do a combo of lower and upper hold one or two weights one or two step up drive and change onto the other side number one number two is the exact exercise we did.

In the warm up we’re going to our deadlift into our squat okay follow me going in five going in four two one let’s go hate yourself.

Okay come on four three two and one okay is oh.

10 seconds you have your cardio again you guys choose what you want to do three two one beginners i’ll stick with you you are here if you can do those thirty you’ve got this come on.

20 seconds you guys 20 seconds come on okay keep the chair for the first exercise we have our split squat so the leg is up the weights are in your hands you come.

Down up you’re then going to move that chair grab your weight raise and back okay follow me you guys you got this okay grab a hold of one two weights whatever works for you we’ve stopped.

keep going keep going that’s where it needs to be come on okay okay you guys let’s go.

If you can overhead 20 seconds you guys okay even if you go without the weights honestly i don’t mind alex that let’s kill her hey nice kick your cardio three two hour let’s go.

come on come on you 10 seconds down on your knees or i’m standing.

It’s up to you guys okay first step front raise into a lateral raise we’re here then out to the side second up yeah i have got tricep dip on the chair okay two one find that b let’s go um.

Up 20 seconds okay if you don’t have a chair you can do this on the floor fingertips facing forward in four three triceps down two up two everybody’s.

Discover the after this it’s your cardio four three we’re going with my favorite our pelvic.

Floor okay you can do this on the floor if you don’t have a chair sliding down onto the shoulder blades dig those heels in up up lower okay grab a hold of your weight if you want to make it harder i’ll show.

You exercise two when we get there in five in four in three two one let’s go squeeze lower squishy.

You’re killing it lucky lucky hold hold good work you guys drop those weights down if you need to stay high in three into pump up let’s go.

Okay three two one let’s go come on guys 30 seconds come on nice and fast dig deep my bath is cramping come on i’m watching you guys ten nine eight seven six.

Five three two and one back into the other body you guys like the weights okay first up you already know this is one of my favorites my bath oh my gosh grow straighten okay from there we’re gonna try a modified plank.

Just follow me okay basically you’re using the chair you’re attempting to pop your feet on the chair and your hands down you can’t do that just go with a normal plank in four in three and two on my legs let’s go squeeze those shoulder blades.

Good work you guys 30 seconds left just getting ready for the next exercise because my legs will definitely need to be tight for that let’s go straight good 10 seconds okay six five four three two.

And one okay you guys no waist in it through that hit me seven six five four three two 15 seconds come on you guys ten nine eight.

One three two one yes squads oh my gosh okay your arms i can’t believe nice way oh my god okay oh nice and simple ah nice and simple we have okay bicep curl press in lower all right pick your weights.

find that b one two press two okay i actually didn’t even have pre-workout today you guys i’m clearly in a good mood but i have got a bloody knee to shake after this oh.

My god a lot of you’ve been asking about that so we’ll chat about it and again for recovery 10 seconds good done okay this is where it gets nasty up up lower.

Good if you need to walk away for a few reps they go back in okay alex are you really doing that show them to the side of the camera i’d love them to see this is what you can do with one fancy line alex has just done a full workout with long back now 45 to 3 up up lower now punching up.

Let’s go okay pause the timer guys we are going into our last circuit and this is going to be by far the hardest okay so please have a sip of water if you need it all right.

Cool get nasty oh that was a good burn okay 30 seconds each exercise all right okay 30 seconds three minutes there’s no 15 seconds in between this like the other day so that means we have six exercises back to back okay it’s a combo.

There is definitely going to be mainly cardio there okay so i’m going to start you off i’m going to show you with them all now but don’t worry i’ll remind you as you go along i’m going to start you guys off nasty with a burpee okay so your burpee is going to be a full burpee if you want it to be.

If you want it to be modified of course you can so as a reminder what is a full bar for you guys your chest is touching the floor i want you to count your reps come in and jump up you can do a half back knee and up or a half bare piece and stand it’s up to you okay next up is going to be reverse lunges.

You can hold the weights if you want to this is fast reverse landed okay next up i’m sorry there’s going to be a jumping out squat that’s your number three again holding the weights if you want to guys i’m just going to keep you with those three because otherwise it gets a bit much for.

You to remember okay particularly when you’re in pain we are going in 15 seconds okay starting off with those burpees you guys pick the level that suits you i’m going in ten seconds three minutes homer just one circuit six exercises 30 seconds each beginners follow me.

Let’s go okay beginners that’s you guys come on push it you have 20 seconds left 20 freaking seconds okay come on 15 speed up double it double it double it double it come on you guys it’s ten nine eight seven six five four reverse punches.

Let’s go it’s oh you must hate me those reverse lunges you still have 30 seconds left because your gal got it wrong okay keep pushing 15 after this you’re done 10 come on you guys come on six five jumping out squats in three.

In two weights if you want to let’s go beginners step but step fast okay this takes you halfway come on keep it moving i want you blowing blowing come on you guys come on eight seven six do they come into one three you’re going to row.

Let’s go right lower good work you guys push it all the way 20 seconds three two one next guys 15 10 nine eight seven.

Six five four three two three three you have a dirty second left at work alex is then you are officially done with this workout okay i want literally everything you’re going in 10 seconds get that music going.

Eight seven get ready guys 13 30 seconds six five count your reps four three two one let’s go four three how are you guys how was that is it weird that i really love that i.

Love weights versus cardio i don’t know i might be alone in that but i love it coming all the way down you guys we’re just gonna do a few stretches together and then don’t forget you have your finisher okay so hook the left hand come over the right knee if you do have any quick questions chuck.

Them through how are you getting on with the guide honestly i know it’s hard like i know a lot of you have been very sore please by the way make sure you’re taking breaks when you need them it is a guide you don’t have to be doing it like that every single day and also have behind the battle leg.

Please make sure you’re eating right okay so lots of protein for recovery enough carbs for energy obviously your fruits and veggies for protein changing fat a lot of you have been asking what i’m doing to supplement because you know that i don’t eat meat.

I do it fish but not meat i have a plant-based whey by optimum nutrition i actually alternate between that either the plant-based way or the gold standard or the lean to be honest all of their products are incredible i have the vanilla flavor i actually.

Honestly for me hamstrings oh the vanilla flavor is the best because you can mix it because i love making smoothie bowls and stuff so sometimes i’ll have it with acai so then i have like the anti-inflammatory for my skin and berries flaxseed to be honest it ends up being like a little bit of a.

Rainbow um so that’s why i love the vanilla but alex you’re a chocolate oh yeah always chocolate okay changing size how you feeling i’m gonna quickly log in okay and then please don’t forget you guys you have your finisher actually while i’m on that.

Um you do have um in the playlist section i don’t know if you don’t guys know this but for those of you who are struggling to find the workouts in the playlist section so at the top of my youtube there will be like videos um community i think playlist click on playlist.

And it will say something like 14 day lockdown challenge dash one that’s day one fourteen day lockdown calendar two that’s day two and it has all the workouts in there that you should be doing for that day if there’s ever any missing just let me know in the facebook group but they should all be there.

Oh all right oh my gosh so many comments feel amazing thank you so much from claudia oh you guys hi lori hi bear chad hi ebony you’re lucky i’m still talking to you burpee’s tucked up ebony i know you’d love it come on um but i loved that i actually thought.

That was amazing all the cardio at the end is killer i like finishing off on cardio and what about core so i don’t know if today’s finisher is caught off the top of my head alex it is yes so your core is 11 lineup so that’s your abs i didn’t want to do course today because we did so much.

Yesterday and it’s actually really important that you’re giving your tap your muscles time to recover just when i’ve still got 600 of you in here this outfit one of my absolute favorites well the ombre and the ombre top is in the sale tonight black friday gym shark sale starts tonight.

At 7 00 pm gmt it’s at 7 pm uk uh wherever you are in the world you can actually write it i’m sure you’ve already googled it who’s getting involved with the sale by the way because i feel like we could likely break the internet um but yeah if you are getting involved with the sale please be there i would.

Say at like 6 55 be ready alex and i did it last year and it got real like it was crazy um but honestly the sale is phenomenal like the discount is up to 50 i’ve done a full video on it and if there are any questions pop it in my facebook groups i’ll be answering them all today.

And also just to let you know they are launching a few new bits today as well should you want some of the new outfits um they are beautiful i purposely haven’t shown you them just because i know most of you will want to be snagging some sales and but i’ll be posting those outfits in my.

Facebook group tonight should you want to have a little peep at that as well okay all right guys that ombre isn’t it gorgeous so this is the heat red ombre the burgundy’s also beautiful to be honest all of them are if you want like a classic i’d go for the black and black white ombre it’s absolutely.

Gorgeous okay all right guys oh my gosh oh is it diwali diwali did you say it diwali don’t you want diwali um amazing happy holidays you guys um i’ve been eating way too much sweets and i really needed this that is awesome well i’m glad you’re enjoying it.

Um yes ombre it is on gymshark i need a shower so bad christina i love it um what do you think about meal replacements like shakes it’s a hard time having breakfast but don’t know if it’s healthy uh i i don’t like the idea of replacing a meal with a drink at all i really don’t like.

The idea of that however i do think if you’re like for breakfast for example if you want to have a smoothie bowl or a thick smoothie for breakfast that’s absolutely fine as long as you’re getting enough like nutrition in there you’re getting enough calories to keep you going and also you’re enjoying it.

Like for me i would have um one scoop of optimum nutrition whey or plant-based protein i would have one cup of either oat milk or coconut milk i’ll then have a frozen banana in there so that’s a full banana and i’ll then sometimes have like some frozen berries as well depending on.

What flavor i want so i’ll have like um raspberries blueberries or strawberries frozen because then that makes it really nice and like you know frozen-y um or i was gonna say acai i also have frozen acai sometimes as well which gives it almost like a slight chocolatey flavor i love acai and it’s obviously like it’s.

A superfood it’s got all those health benefits in there and then on the top i’ll have like some um some nuts and sesame seeds uh chia seeds flax seeds and sometimes some berries so yeah and even like coconut flakes and stuff like that so i hope that answers that i.

Went very into it but yeah that gives you an idea um all right you guys i already ordered my new outfit from gymshark you guys are on it um so yeah the sale starts tonight it’s in a few hours um it’s in like five hours seven p.m gmt uk.

Time my link um we’ll put him right now have you got the youtube one snacker yeah awesome alex is putting the link in right now i don’t know can you cut and paste that from there oh just click on it straight away before you leave then we’ll put i’ll put it back in again literally as i say goodbye and then if you click on it.

It should register that you’ve used that link but to be safe what i do is go into here i’m gonna show you is it in this video snacker in the description box yeah so this is obviously the video i don’t know how we got four downward farms that makes me sad and if you wouldn’t mind smashing that.

Thumbs up guys um and then what am i doing here see that little jam diary there you click on there and someone here is my sniffing where does it say link there you click on it whichever one you want let’s go crime that looks the first crime wait.

Where do i normally go i go safari oh my gosh and here she goes let’s go again take two you guys safari can you see safari and then a lot of you have been asking will it register if you’re not in the uk so what it will do is it will come up and it will say where.

Are you so in the united states rest of the world or sometimes say uk most of the world because it picks up where you are with your phone so you click on where you are and then that’s registered my link and that’s it and i’m going to show you one more thing if you want a review.

A full-on youtube review for no moment though i am still here you go to this is what i was talking about earlier this is my profile along here home videos playlists playlists was what i was talking about you guys so i’ll just show you that quickly now if you go to playlist sorry for the.

Sniffles 14 day lockdown this is day 10 because it says dash 10 you click in there and it has both videos for today but also if you want to see a full review go to videos at the top videos and then swipe down to this here and that is the full review and again click down and this gives you direct.

Links you guys click the diamond arrow to all of the outfits so if you want to shop adapt if you want to shop flex right or whatever it is you click straight on that it takes you straight to it so that may save you a little bit of time because yeah things will get a little bit crazy are you shopping.

Tonight oh by the way i’m going to be fighting you on check out so i’m getting some stuff for my brother-in-law for christmas and so i hope he’s not watching this right now okay guys i am exhausted alex how was your workout it was really tough actually oh my god.

Some of those moves you were doing what was the i’m gonna try that while you guys are here what was the actual step one it was this looked brutal oh god this is going to hurt oh no don’t use your thumb because it goes quite.

Strong i was just putting it on like yeah and then just doing triceps oh my gosh do you know why because we just did triceps oh alex what the hell my triceps have gone can you see that shape shake why am i keeping going what an idiot that hurts that is amazing so we’ve got.

The long match and i’m also thinking about you guys because we’re going to be like there’s a big announcement coming and this is just an idea and alex will go mad at me for saying this out loud but i would love it i would absolutely love to have a long band series it doesn’t have to be much but.

Like some finishes that just involve the long bands so like a finisher for lower body purely with the long bands a finisher for upper body and for core what do you think would you want that because it’s not long now until these are back in stock and there’s so much i want to show you with.

These and i haven’t been going crazy with them just because i know so many people didn’t get them and i feel really bad because it like it was under 10 minutes that they sold out in but anyway i’m blabbering on and i love you guys loads um please don’t forget about the buddy system as well you guys i know we’ve got quite a.

Few of the buddies in here today who are in buddy groups and also the buddy ninjas and thank you for helping me out girls so we basically have a buddy system in the facebook group you have to be in the facebook group and we put you into groups of five people from the same country as you if possible.

Or at least speak in the same native language and it’s an opportunity to come together to create friendships and also support each other particularly if you’re on lockdown but to support each other basically through my intense workouts but just to help you live a healthy happy lifestyle and to be honest.

Some of the friendships that have been made have been phenomenal already so yeah it’s very exciting and we’re going to be creating some challenges and the reason why i’m telling you this is because the body system isn’t open all the time it’s open for 24 hours and that started this morning.

Is ending tomorrow morning so if you want to be involved please make sure you join the facebook group that is also in the in the description box and my arms are absolutely effed right now okay guys i love you i need to walk and stretch bye gymshark click oh gym tracking click.

On it in three and two and one click there click there click there love you guys oh my gosh that three two one was sounding like we’re gonna do more bath pieces

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