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FULL BODY WEIGHTS and CARDIO | 30 minute Home Workout


Uh we’re live what’s up guys welcome back to another live oh my gosh my body after monday’s live has been in pieces so how have you been feeling walking down the stairs and getting on and off of the toilet for my legs and my butt.

Has been pretty challenging not gonna lie so today um today is similar so we’re going in again we’re doing weights versus cardio again before we get started if you wouldn’t mind smashing thumbs up button also hit and subscribe if you haven’t already i know there are.

A lot of you who are watching not necessarily right now but you watch and you are not subscribed so please hit subscribe it means way more than you could ever imagine and and basically we are going in tag me in your stories as well you can get featured i don’t know if it’s there but right here.

And youtube features youtube full review videos literally blowing my mind like i can’t even begin to tell you so yeah make sure you’re including lily savory in the title and we may well feature you here we’re doing it in every video so equipment wise what you’re going to need is a set of weights i’ve actually got.

Two a heavier and a lighter and the lean oh gosh lean adjustable band i’m going with the black today just because i feel it matches my outfit better but either it’s absolutely fine if you don’t have that please don’t worry and then the long vans if you have them we are going to be using them.

But if you don’t have them because i know they weren’t they’ve sold out in 10 under 10 minutes they are coming back to watch this space right guys same format as normal we’re doing three minutes on each circuit is one minute exercise one we then work the same body part or a body part that’s very closely.

Linked to muscle that’s very closely linked for exercise number two that’s called a superset one minute each 30 seconds of cardio then 30 seconds of rest and we’re doing eight maybe nine seconds depending on how we get on okay legs nice and wide you may be really tight eyes certainly.

And my body is like literally on fire what are you eating alex show them this is what i have to see while i’m working out alex is eating chopsticks so we’re just swinging side to side teddy’s fast asleep baby how are you guys feeling after monday by.

The way you’re just warming up your body here side side breathing core tight relax those shoulders one and two one now.

is and we’re just gonna sway okay today guys but we’re going with way more.

Upper body the lower body because the last two days have been brutal in this guide okay and you knew that was gonna happen now what i’m gonna do is show you some variations of your options for your cardio section and you guys choose.

Bear in mind you’re only doing eight okay alex sound just slightly down just for this okay so you have your 30 seconds of cardio you get to choose what you want to do during those 30 seconds okay first one will be putting your weight down in front of you.

And just lightly toe tapping on that okay really simple variation number two i would recommend grabbing your strong not extra strong hip band this is variation two it’s jump out up in out up in out up variation number three and just remember these guys because you can choose okay.

Have a little register in your mind variation number three is going to be a plank jack one two jump the feet in and out okay that’s variation number three variation number four is actually going to be a bicycle so it’s a little bit cardio but not so much it’s more core.

You’re down pushing against that band okay hitman door adjustable for that they are your variations we’re going to get started now guys with upper body okay so we’re working into the back to start off with we’re going in 15 seconds you can be standing down on your knees i would recommend.

Standing but it’s up to you first one we’ve done it before we’re going with our row row and down okay three seconds okay let’s go right and lower sorry guys that’s my fault i was connected to the bluetooth.

25 seconds did you call me shoulder blades guys.

four three two now we combine okay one two three you sure.

good there’s nothing like now okay so i want you to take your adjustable band.

And pop that just above the knees make sure it’s tight guys come on now i want you to work okay we’re starting off with our frog pump so we’re here the weight is on our pelvis pump and lower up pump lower number two is gonna be a butterfly down up.

Open close four three two let’s day i go change i don’t even know what to do come on hey these wide hold and swing guys prep.

Yourself you have your 30 seconds of cardio choose what works for you i’m gonna go with bicycles in five before get three two one don’t wanna do this again.

Guys amazing work okay keep the band on we’re going back to back again okay so we’re starting off with the back plank you have two options straight leg is a lot harder we’re gonna hold lift and lower okay if you need to come into this position instead try coming onto the toe i will show you.

We then turn onto our tummies just follow me guys okay beginners i’m going to show you a variation so up we come we squeeze that core we squeeze that booty you’re going to start off with the lips come on.

Guys 10 seconds now and i want you to have your lighter weights close to the side of your body we have reverse hundreds guys okay squeezing the shoulder blades lifting.

The upper body up lift the lower you have to pump lower beginners three two one hmm.

30 seconds break i’m not gonna lie i’m so hot right now oh my gosh how cute is that top though by the way okay guys we are back to and legs now it’s gonna say back of your legs hamstrings we’re going to be going with a deadlift to start off with.

Slight bend in the knees we come down and up and squeeze okay from there moving over the reverse lunge which will be hitting more into the glutes rather than the hamstrings okay grab a hold of your weight let’s go i’m ready for the rematch.

is oh for me.

Right four three two one guys spin it up now i want you to grab your heavier weight if you can take it slow and controlled okay second.

Is a russian twist and then punch up okay guys let’s go me if me.

my toys goodbye is okay for me.

The one you are just six five four three two and one we’re gonna have a very slight break guys and that’s because our next circuit is going to have birth peas okay have a sip pre-workout sorry you know what i mean.

Okay guys actually while i’m on that a lot of you often ask this is optimal nutrition i have pink lemonade that’s my favorite tastes amazing okay long bands entirely up to you we are very lower body so i’d recommend one of these two okay and let’s just put that on first we’re gonna.

Go with that lower body burn one of these two entirely up to you i’m gonna go with the extra strong just because i feel like an epic man and you’re gonna you can’t do this without guys you’re gonna get into it like so feet shoulder distance of heart lower down loop it behind your shoulders.

So it’s not your neck it’s your shoulders okay we’re coming up like so we squeeze down into a squat then into a deadlift squat deadlift okay i really want you to feel that burn guys from there we’re gonna come a little bit wider with the knees and we’re gonna just pulse.

Good like so if you want to make it even harder you guys pop the adjustable band here and use this okay you got that i’m going to show now guys who aren’t using the long bands you can just follow me okay squad we’re going to go in 20.

Seconds then the 30 seconds i should have told you this is better at the end okay 15 seconds until we go if you don’t have that longer band no worries you just deadlift and then you squat okay you gently and you squat okay yourselves ready three two one let’s go.

for those of you who don’t have the long back keep going you’re literally here and pulsating okay goblet squat lock bandage i’m joining you 20 seconds left.

Rub away oh my god those shouldn’t be legal oh my gosh i’m.

Pausing you’ve got your 30 seconds of that piece guys how you feeling about that if you don’t want a burpee you can hold the squat we are going to go in 10 seconds and i want you to count your wraps eight seven six i’ll start you off five four three come on guys two.

One left oh okay slight break again we’re going back to upper body okay grab your lighter weights for me we’re going to start shut off we’re going to start off.

We’re going to speak with a shoulder press nice and simple we’re coming up and lowering okay really simple from there we’re then going to go with a bicep curl cool which one would miss a bicep curl you can go single or double arm you can use the long bands.

If you want to i’m going to show you as we go along okay going in five seconds one let’s go press you one two three four one two three four we’re going 8 40.

three hello okay elbows in tight towards the body curl and lower you may need a micro bend to keep those elbows in nice and tight.

okay i i want five four three keep the band on back to hips okay no.

Break keep that hip band on if you’ve got the energy change to the adjustable it’s more appropriate but it’s up to you guys we have a catsy lunch into a squat.

me come on if you don’t have a wall just hold in a squat but be low for me guys you’re gonna side sway a bit okay.

Hold low beginners you’re just going with a squat keep going guys 40 seconds come on second break you know why 10 seconds when you’re done.

15 second break guys okay breathe you are going with bath peas 45 seconds you go in five seconds count your reps three two one come on guys then you’re done.

30 seconds come on you’re nearly halfway and then i want you to double it okay we are halfway there guys bye is driving me crazy alex we need our mats okay.

Squad how was that oh my gosh let me know how you found it look at this mess is that how it looks for you if that’s how it looks for you make me feel a little bit better by doing a story for me because honestly here’s the mess okay guys.

Breathe we’ll do a few stretches together there is a finisher but i also want to show you through these outfits because they launched tomorrow okay all right do a few stretches okay hooking the left ankle over the right knee and we’re just going to hug him and if.

You can’t reach i recommend the extra strong hip band and pull in okay or you can even hook behind the back of the leg like so just if you’re a little bit less flexible you can hug in like this breathe guys maybe a little bit of music alex.

And then we’re just going to hook that band now behind the back of the foot the ball of the foot bend the knee in towards the chest take a deep breath in and on the breath out just straighten as far as you can and even if it’s only here it doesn’t matter you’ve got three muscles in the back of.

Your leg three hamstring muscles okay the out of the inner might be tighter just acknowledge it breathe calm deep breaths in through the nose slide them out through the mouth slow down that breeding pattern a little bit and then with each breath out just try and go even if it’s a tiny.

Percentage further with each breath out a little bit deeper let the music take you like looking for attention guys.

Me relax the shoulders to oh relax the legs turn the toes in slightly going to take this further if you have.

That problem you need journey to stay here okay just breathe shoulders around and down now slowly down hands by your chest dig the toes in.

We’re just gonna reverse that now guys taking the legs nice and wide dropping the bottom this really makes me want to go to a festival that’s a goal a life goal in case you didn’t know how do i still have energy that is the life goal to tour the world.

And visit your city and meet you how phenomenal would that be with a stage a live dj set it was just the energy would be insane teddy would be running around i don’t know if that would be possible but you know what i mean and i tell you guys we’re done.

Do you want to see did anyone comment on the outfit what did people think by the way i don’t know if you liked it yeah so this is the new range this is actually a color that i wouldn’t normally pick but i’m going to show you it with something i’d match it with now and i.

Think it’s so cute do you want to see more of the outfits because it launches tomorrow so this is kind of your last chance to ask me questions before it launches because apparently last year this range well it’s different to last year but it sold out.

So quickly so i just want to prep you guys basically so if you have any questions about the gym shark launch tomorrow by whitney then please ask them i’ve tried pretty much all of them they’re blim and beautiful she’s done a phenomenal job so yeah questions my way i don’t know why i’m.

Still drinking pre-workout i think i just need water okay in the meantime i’m going to show you what i mean by what it goes with this is such a cute little look is okay.

I love this look together i literally love it i got a slight sweat pack so i’m sorry about that guys but um i just think this looks so cute together look at that this is one of my favorite little cropped hoodies because it’s short but it’s not too short if you know what any it’s just.

It’s so cute it’s got these little finishings on it’s a beautiful day to be alive and this i i know it’s tiny but the little finishings for me are literally what makes something like this so it’s got gold which i think is so freaking cute it has whitney simmons written on it and.

Then a little does it have the logo no it doesn’t just the name and then beautiful day to be alive am i gonna knock that no i don’t think so so really really cute you guys can i stand up for the you can see the bottom of it there but i need to kind of squat.

So what do you want to know what do you want to see let’s bring them all out for you you can have a little look a little oh gosh this should have been oh and the the top i was wearing just now as well at the beginning that is so cute you guys.

I’ll show you at all friends overnight okay let me put that top back on for you just so you can see it again oh do you know what i’ll try another color but cute right tyra if there’s any questions or do you want me to look should i turn my phone off that’ll probably be easier then i can.

Just read read from you guys oh that is a nice hamstring stretch i’m not gonna lie oh i should actually show you the back of this while i’m turning on am i in look at the back of that sports bra you guys so yeah it’s got that really cute like loop finishing on it and again it’s that.

Gold which i just think is so cute like i haven’t seen anything like this before the experience to be with the gym shark athlete um collab i don’t know what this collab is let’s dance with teddy so yeah this is the sports bra which you guys have seen in.

I think three other three lily savory three other colors so you’ve seen like the light blue the dusky pink now the black which is just so versatile and lovely and i think you’ve seen the green as well yes you’ve seen a lot of them but basically i would say if you are in between sizes i would size.

Up because they come quite they come up quite small if i’m totally honest but this is a small yeah and normally i’m like in between an extra small and a small for tops but this kind of fits perfectly i think is there i’m sure yeah there’s removable pads i.

Just had to check but yeah i just i think it’s so flattering it’s cardio proof guys i would put it in a medium i’d probably say a medium support if you’ve got bigger boobs just because there is a little bit of cleavage there whereas you know like the speed the zip up that is more high support i think.

But yeah for for my size boob this is definitely for massage boob this is definitely cardio proof because it’s got the thicker straps as well and yeah just the finishing you guys it’s so cute and i don’t know what the you’re talking about everyone’s saying hello.

I’m like what’s the glass thing um yeah that will be coming oh my gosh guys we don’t have a date yet but i am so excited am i still in frame yeah just about and okay is there anything you want to see on it’s okay to relax lily sit down first you guys are so cute i swear.

Um so i’m gonna show you one of the long tops just because they are so beautiful on so i was wearing this color where’s the one i was just wearing alex i chopped it behind you yeah i was just wearing like that i don’t know where i just put it oh this one here you go.

I actually think this really works this color together with the brown with the like cherry brown this dusky pink i mean i love dusty pink i think it’s such a beautiful like flattering color but i’m going to show you it on so you can see the back um this actually is more true to sizes the.

Sports bras that come up in my opinion a little bit smaller this is yeah i mean this i think the small yeah this small is really good on okay can you guys see that so that’s the front super cute because it’s kind of you’ve got that bit of stomach but not like too much you know and that’s the.

Back which again is so cute and what i like about it is that sexy sporty again you can put it down a bit if you want to so you can see the loop so yeah i think that’s really cute but that’s just my thoughts and the sports no the crop top oh my gosh the crop top so this is the.

Long sleeve crop top that i’m wearing right now the shorter crop top short sleeve alex you just saw me in that and that’s on tomorrow’s video it’s not going to go with this but i just want to show you how beautiful it is and i love that it’s versatile so you can tie it.

In different ways depending on the kind of vibe you’re going for so this is and i know i showed you a lot of these already on monday but i just want to see if anyone has any questions ahead of the sale tomorrow the dusty pink yeah angelina i love the dusky pink i wore that last week in the live that.

The oh wrong way around the live that didn’t go live so i had to do it on instagram you know on at leave with lily my other page and it’s still on there and every time i look at that video i’m like that dusky pink it’s just it’s so flattering like it’s just girly but not.

Not like barbie girly which i guess this one is mobile girly that’s what i’ve looked at it now um oh a few of you are asking about bands so we’ll touch on that as well okay so this is the top this way i probably wouldn’t wear it but i’m going to show you.

How i do wear it because i think this is so cute so you’re literally do this and you just tie it in a cute little knot at the front like that and then you pull down at the side slightly up slightly at the front and that gives you that illusion of an hourglass.

It’s so clever because it pulls into the waist do you see what i mean whereas before i mean lovely and great for exercise but for my body shape that’s not as flattering if i’m totally on it like that’s just for my body shape and everyone’s different.

So if you want that trick again you just tie in the middle and the whole top will want to lift up which is fine it will probably go a bit like that at the beginning which again is cute but if you pull the sides down slightly and lift in the center it your eye will always follow the line.

So that’s that waist trick so it pulls into that waist a little bit see what i mean and then you want to come maybe a bit wider here as well i forgot to finish that bit off so yeah or you can have that pop of color through it’s entirely up to you um another way of doing it which i think is.

Really really cute is exactly the same on the back do you want to see there’s going to be a lag isn’t there so so this will take a little bit more precision okay she’s going over okay wait wait oh the other way of doing it you guys which is a lot easier is grabbing a.

Hairband if i have more time i’ll show you this properly by tying it but grab a hairband and tuck under can you see that so again alex is that proving my point oh you go i’m on camera here i can see myself oh that was a nice ass shot sorry guys okay yes fast forward a bit.

So yeah pull up like that and then pull down at the sides and that gives you an idea of the shape you can create just literally underneath so that’s really cute as well and then the last way which is actually probably my favorite and these are just my ideas guys you.

Don’t have to by any means but over to the side like this which is really cute so again you can go with the hairband or like that which i think is really nice just a nice little way of finishing it off so yeah and.

There’s a i personally think the black looks great with like the fuchsia pink but you can do the black leggings or the um pink leggings which looks really really cute and my if i had to say what is my favorite and i can’t believe i’m saying this it’s probably the blue you guys.

Because i never wear this color but that is so cute like you saw it last week’s mondays video and it’s just so oh and by the way the shorts are so flattering they’re so cute they have that little scrunch bum and they’re pretty much seamless there’s.

No side seams they’re super super flattering and they feel literally like heaven and caitlyn’s asking are any shorts coming out yeah yeah actually every color so all of these colors have and there’s just one type of short actually and here you go i think i’ve got the.

Green as well somewhere and they all come in like matching basically two pieces so yeah they’re the ones that i’ve got here the others because i’ve been wearing them so much or in the wash um but yeah they have them effectively in two pieces this color i think is just so gorgeous.

It’s like that it’s kind of one of the nude palette right so even if you alex pass the long lean bands there um the bag sorry yeah like these are the colors that i’m loving playing around with at the moment you know like the dusky type of colors this.

Like ignore what i’m wearing in the background right here because this the pink does not match but you know like these here you know like those dusky kind of colors i think they are so cute and even with that pop right even with that little pop it’s so nice that these are the type of colors that.

I’m really vibing right now so the green is is gorgeous and yeah i’ll show you the shorts so the shorts have i would say medium to high waist again they’ve got that like seamless side on the edge which i think is amazing really really flattering but the best bit.

In my opinion is this little scratch phone it’s so cute and for those of you who haven’t tried spongebob leggings before or shorts it’s really tiny it’s the smallest little scratch there it’s not like a really in your face one but these will create the most beautiful shapes on your butt.

Like they’re really really flattering and also like this seam coming downwards is pulling into again the waist area around into the hips this finishing here is kind of like a little butterfly to be honest again super super flattering so it’s really like it’s a really clever design i’m not going to like such a clever.

Design is asking really is there a possibility to buy if you’re not from england yeah what gym chat yeah yeah well right girl these are like one global brand let’s see here pretty much anywhere in the world there are a few countries that they don’t ship.

To and as far as i’m aware but just check out the website and if you guys are going to be shopping if you wouldn’t mind shopping through my link honestly it means so much the link is in the in this chat it’s also in the comments but literally under every single youtube video we do because i have a lot of you guys.

Always asking and if you just go to the descript description box i’m going to show you how to do that now but okay are we on my channel just trying to zoom in do you need to put my hand behind it okay so yeah every single video you’ll.

See the title and next to the title is this little arrow to the right you click on that arrow and then the full description comes up and it has links to everything there but if you see here gymshark launch on the 29th you just literally click on that link there and then however you want to do it and that takes you.

I’m going to actually do this with you so you guys know that takes you to their website and because you clicked through my link it basically means that they’ll register and they’ll know that i helped get you there and that like basically really really helps.

Helps me out guys and obviously it’s a commission link but more than that it means that i’m able to keep going with showing all of these beautiful clothes before they go live and which i know about you but i’m really loving it i actually really enjoy this stuff um how’s teddy.

He’s out for the clown all right guys i’m um i’m done now i am so finished in my body so yesterday i filmed for the app obviously monday i was filming for youtube and then the live and today i only filmed one other workout just before this and then this so.

Yeah i think tomorrow i’m having as a rest day i think and if you have any questions from a nutrition point of view guys actually quickly chuck them through now i’m going to answer three nutrition questions if you have them i as i said was having the pre-workout question.

One okay i had the pre-workout and now i’m gonna i’m on to the plant-based protein at the moment i i would say nine times out of ten have the plant-based rather than the way it just agrees with my stomach more actually and so i’m having the vanilla and i tend to have it like mixed with either berries or i go with more of a.

Like coffee flavor has any questions come through about nutrition although there’s a delay there’s a delay i am so sore oh my god yeah really is asking what protein do you take what protein i just can’t see.

So i take at the moment and plant-based optimum nutrition so optimal nutrition they have everything they have um plant-based they have whey protein and they have also a gainer protein so if you’re someone who’s looking to really gain mass and all of them have a high.

Percentage of protein within them 20 grams and is minimum and to be honest they have all different flavors all like weird and wonderful flavors which most people like my sister for example she loves all of the like out there flavors alex you’re a chocolate guy.

I’m just vanilla i’m always vanilla the plant-based however present only comes in the two um flavors and they have the lean protein as well which is lower calories so yeah they have they have a lot of options you guys but i’m i would say i’m pretty much on the plant would you agree alex yeah.

I’m like majorly on a plant-based protein phase right now so yeah i’m loving the vanilla the chocolate’s nice bit of a modest for me i just love that you can mix it the vanilla you can mix it with so many different things so example of what i have on a daily basis.

Will be either oat milk or coconut milk um plant-based protein sometimes i’ll go half-half with the nut milk and water plant one scoop of plant-based protein one tablespoon teaspoon of creatine i’ll have my pre-workout depending on the type of work i’m doing if it’s cardio i pretty.

Much always have pre-workout and bcaas so that yeah kind of sums it up and i’ll have like mixed berries in there sometimes a little bit of honey chia seeds whatever just mix it up and make it yummy and delicious and all the healthiness in one delicious drink.

I think that’s everything all right guys i need to tidy and stretch and shower and film an instagram video just remember to go film an instagram workout actually if you’re not on my instagram come on over and say hi it’s a cool place to be all right guys i.

Love you i’m just gonna lie down for a bit see you soon oh my ass
Lilly Sabri

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