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FULL BODY TONE UP (pilates & weights) | 30 min Workout (LS Challenge)


You guys are we live we’re live the reason why i always start with we’re live is because before i come on camera i’m like what’s up you guys and then alex is like no so i have to rail it back in and then go again so welcome to day four of the.

Ls squared ls times ls challenge how you feeling so i’ve been keeping up to date with your instagram stories and the common theme is that everyone is literally dying especially lower body and my sister’s been doing it and she said literally her lower body has been on fire so.

How you feeling let me know also type in and let us know where you are around the world and before we get started i believe we have over a thousand people right now when i was looking and there’s only like 300 likes so if you wouldn’t mind smashing that thumbs up button.

Because it really helps us to reach more people oh hello tim thank you for joining us thank you very much for bringing the cute fact up linda are you there i didn’t actually message you before this this um workouts i’m hoping you’re there today you’ll be really glad to hear that.

We’re not taking it down a notch because trust me you are still going to burn but we’re doing pilates so it’s a very different type of burn what you’re going to need a set of weights so i’ve got 2kg here but literally whatever you can get your hands on.

And then you’re going to need two of your bands if you’ve got them you’re gonna need your hip band and an adjustable band okay up to you what strength you go 30 minutes on the clock straight through as i told you it’s gonna burn but in a fantastic way and then.

We have a q a at the end so we’ve got linda herself joining for the q a you sent in your most frequent questions well that was the way that we tried there was like over 700 questions that came through but we picked the most frequent ones and we’re answering them at the end of.

This workout so make sure you stay around because linda has recorded her answers and i’ll be answering them as well hey good morning linda i know it’s very early where you are okay we’re gonna get started in 15 seconds guys this is slower pace but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

And it’s going to be a vibe we’re going to have fun with it okay so we’ll start off all the way down and lying i just want you to start off by imprinting the spines flattening the back into the mat feeling those core muscles engage okay keeping that lower back flat we’re gonna.

Walk the feet out one two three four trying to keep the lower back flat then in one two three four and this is just like an activation exercise walking those feet out don’t let that lower back arch okay so what’s going to want to happen is this you’re going to want to arch.

When the feet get further away but keep that lower back flat breathe you guys and we’re gonna do two more of those your right leg is up at 90 degrees your arms are up and over your head you’re going to straighten the leg out as you draw.

In you reach towards the ankles breath out crunch and there’s going to be a lot of abs today guys sections wise we have 10 minutes of core 10 minutes of booty then 10 minutes of a mash-up okay we’re gonna go with four more of those breathe three more good work two breath out.

Breath in last one now you’re going to stay in that crunch position straighten the leg out lift the arms reach the foot and back down good and our lucky number is 16 that’s four five six anyone good at singing seven eight a request as well nine ten from dj alex.

More you guys amazing we’re going on to the other side straighten that leg out bring the arms up and over the head we crunch as we straighten it amazing straighten that leg out while my hamstrings are tight reach and lower.

Halfway you guys three two and one lower that leg down that is your warm up complete okay that’s all you get from one man find that feet one two one two that’s what we’re gonna work.

Let’s go and again two more rounds let’s go but don’t stop i want to annihilate your core six five four four three two hands underneath your back cross.

Lower five six seven up get lower oh three more two three slow it down and breathe you guys really pull those stomach muscles in.

Come on you can do it your core should already be on fire you’re halfway through this section okay after this we get a break three left come on last one.

Single leg tap down now we’re gonna finish it off okay two three four five six seven half player eight seven don’t give up six five four three you hours if that core isn’t awake you.

Are literally super human okay we’re going into the waist now as part of your core some of you will find that you’re naturally stronger into your obliques some of you will be weaker it’s absolutely fine everyone’s different okay.

So we’re gonna finish off with lower abs so we’re starting off with the feet in nice and close high on the toes coming up into a crunch we’re gonna reach okay after this exercise we’re introducing the weights in four in three in two reach let’s go.

Breathe you guys three seven six three four three grab a hold of one weight you guys i want the left leg bend the right leg straight the arm comes up as we come up we punch across the body and back down to make it harder you hover the right.

Leg harder still you hover both let’s go beginners you’re here okay and you reach as far as you can that’s four halfway eight beginners down like this okay eight left come on pitch three left you guys three left.

Two and one now hold arms out in front hover the right leg flex the foot in four in three in two crunches so one two three four left lower bending the right leg hover down or hop away.

Use that hand on the floor if you need to and just go as high as you can okay that’s four you guys hold that left leg out and hold the weight out in front of you in full crunch lift lower okay three two one let’s go.

You’ve got this okay do not give up seven last one lift and lower drop those legs apart you guys you are so getting there okay we’re sticking with abs just for two more exercises then we’re going into glute hamstrings.

I’m sorry okay three four three three three two grab your other weights roll back legs open touch their steps now if you don’t like that position you can straighten the legs out or you can bend like this but this helps with your hip flexors.

Come on come nice and low you guys i really want you to push through this i know it hurts okay three exercises for cordless you’re getting there in four in three now you’re really not gonna like me punch up let’s go come on nice and low nice and low guys work that cool.

Beginners come a bit higher but don’t do nothing okay hey seven six four three two and one down pull sit up then toe reaches okay arms up and over the head reach punch lower halfway punch then the whole way down let’s go.

Half way halfway four more you guys do you want that music turned up if you’re doing it alone drop down one weight if you want to lift your legs up to the sky flex your feet this is horrible toe reaches.

Let’s go halfway 16 16 15 come on okay pop your adjustable band on you want it of moderate intensity this is actually a little bit loose for me so coming on make it moderate so for me that is about.

There okay you guys coming up now onto your butt bones spreading those butt cheeks you know how much i love this exercise okay we’re just activating those glutes i know they’re already really over worked all right so we’re not going crazy on glutes today.

So feet together push pump and come halfway in only let’s wait for that new that new song to drop breathe your core should be filling up we got this three two let’s go one half slowly one touch slowly in now if you really want to make this hard you guys.

And you have to lean back i want you to double up one just below the knees one just above okay as wide as you can you’re nearly there eight seven why got six.

four three two and one down you guys center left really squeeze those bottoms guys keep the knees wide.

three wow maybe your hamstrings keep that core tight all the way to the end.

Eight seven six five four three two and one great work take those bands off now we are going into a really controlled bridge with hamstrings so you already know that my hamstring bridges are absolutely brutal we’re gonna make it a little bit.

Different okay so peel yourself up into a bridge position i want your feet flat shoulder distance apart squeezing those back muscles rip the right knee into the chest okay straighten if you can sew it down up lower.

We control it the slower it is but do not stop okay do not stop eight left seven six four let’s go lower.

three don’t give up come on i know it hurts foot okay rest in there wipe those boots and have string eight seven five.

three what is going on with the ground on my foot okay breathe it out though breathe it out.

We’re gonna go in eight seven okay fingertips facing forward six now i want those heels digging in if you count five lift up if four we come up we draw a circle okay in two and four three two let’s go one two three four.

three left let’s go is.

A left of the way you’re killing it guys seven halfway eight doing that breathe five four three two four you guys i’m so sorry i know this is.

Gonna hurt side work you have an option of going with the weight going with the band or if you want to you can go with both it’s entirely up to you okay i would recommend going with your hip band rather than your adjustable purple rose.

Extra strong or strong and black it’s up to you okay we’re coming down we’re coming all the way down we lift the feet up we’re going to come up then we’re going to flick from the ball and socket of the hip joint down and close so it’s open flick.

Okay this is a gradual pull now let’s go one two three four you’re killing it if you can lift the arm up make it harder.

last one you guys okay coming up you guys pop the weight on the outer leg okay up lower halfway keep going do you need to know honestly it’s fine.

It’s fine good now turn that home down you guys turn it slightly down you’re gonna draw it towards the chest then you’re gonna push back okay so it’s in back in back good work if you want to keep the weight on the leg or armor.

Beginners drop it down here okay oh my gosh my booty last one now hold it there and up up up you guys really high for me feel that out of the booty i’m gonna do it back.

Your leg is back in exception eight seven thank you now hold it hold it there hold eight go bring it so forward up you guys bring it forward it’s full in three.

And two weeks eleven oh come forward eight six four three i lied now hold ten nine hold eight further forward six five bring it four and four.

Three two and one oh what was that oh lily sabrina why okay just attempt to log roll we gotta even you out you guys oh my gosh teddy why do i do this to myself and everyone else okay oh it hurts to lie on it it really hurts to lie on it.

Okay we’re starting off with our little flick our pretty little flick coming all the way down you guys open flick and close okay in that plan position make it harder with the weight here all the way here let’s go.

It’s so funny because it starts off okay then out of nowhere it literally comes always have your hands down here okay for a little bit of support three two last one you guys straighten that leg out it’s full in three two.

uh this side feels so much worse than the last night you know you know what i need to start doing i need to start doing this side first up that’s actually a really good point for you guys so if you have a weaker side you tend to.

Always do that side second so now just hold it so what i encourage you to do from here on out is start with your weaker side it’s really going to make a difference okay so this one will drive in push back right in just back.

Okay let’s go is this your favorite song by the way you guys i feel like it’s most people’s favorite songs.

your glue is activated does your butt muscle feel squeezed squeeze i just may have to work but you know what i mean think about those muscles squeeze those muscles that is how we are gonna.

Spilled and sculpt into the fat a little bit higher you guys squeeze and hold now in time for the drop we’re going to bring it forward three toe down let’s go up lower ah three come on.

let’s go 10 11 12 13 40 six higher five four okay onto your back you guys we have a q a before we have the q a we have one minute.

Of core and that’s to prep you for the q a and the q a involves our beautiful linda okay so i want you to grab your weights really close by i want you to also pop your adjustable band on on a high resistance it’s one minute of work that is all in involves boat hold then.

We are done oh my gosh my bath that is ridiculous okay we’re starting in 15 seconds boat hold russian twist we’re gonna chuck a few different things in there okay why not going in eight seconds we are starting off with a boat hold like so beginners legs are down.

Intermediate advanced your legs are up two one let’s go and we’re just holding now if you struggle with the weights pop the hands down behind you push out do not give up it’s one minute of work four three russian twists.

let’s up as you can guys and push out against that band in fourth in three and two six five four three two we run it out to finish with a punch ten nine eight.

Seven six five four three two four lap hold those next string ten nine eight seven arms up six five just gonna have a little moment it’s mainly my bar i have to say it is mainly my bar oh my gosh this has been a really heavy lower body.

Sesh not set guide like how why what i don’t even know like oh my gosh the burn is real how are you guys feeling by the way please let me know okay i have to also say i think this has been my favorite guide like it is way up there i have to say and i’m gonna really.

Miss it when it’s finished that’s day four done we’ve only got three days left and one of them is a rest day so guys i’m so proud of you we’re going to go into a little q a now with linda and just while we’re getting ready for that hook your left ankle over your right knee.

And then hug in linda how are you feeling i know she’s in the comments and another thing linda and i have been working on is how we can do um a live workout together because i i’m pretty certain you can’t split screen on youtube we may try and find a way.

And but the other option might have to be instagram so hooking over and hugging oh so i know the first question with linda was she says i’m not opening it it’s how i’m like are you guys okay are you okay and then i don’t really if you say no i’m just like okay great sorry that’s really cool.

Um so first question i think was what’s your favorite and least favorite workout yeah is that right yeah okay i’ll just be here over to linda so this question asks what’s your favorite kind of workout and what’s your least favorite kind of workout personally i’m just not a fan of like repetitive workouts.

Because i just get so bored and i just don’t want to do it so you will basically never catch me running ever it’s just not my thing my favorite type of workouts is anything high intensity that’s why i love lily’s workouts like the burpees it’s like a love-hate relationship i also.

Love training lower body it just makes me sweat so aggressively and i love that so that’s why i do lily’s workouts they’re very intense lots of variation lots of screaming and lots of sweating oh it even hurts doing this oh my gosh and i love how linda looks so beautiful you just look so immaculate and i’m like.

Um so i mean my answer what’s my favorite what’s unlisted i don’t really have i hate doing the same thing over and over which i know is similar to linda and i literally i hate it there’s a few things that i like need from a workout i need to be encouraged if i’m not encouraged i’m not doing it and that’s.

Why like all of the workouts that i kind of teach you guys are like a class type of vibe so i like it feeling like you have a class in your living room or wherever you’re doing it and that’s why i motivate and i shout so much because that’s kind of the.

Style i like i also have to know how much longer there is if you were to say to me you are doing three minutes of this exercise like weights versus cardio and you didn’t tell me when i was halfway i would just wouldn’t i stop alex i’d be like i’m out like i get really annoyed so.

That’s why i kind of give you the timings whereas alex you hate being told don’t you it’s not your let me just get on with it and so yeah that’s that’s my thing do i have a favorite type of workout no not really i like mixing it up the types of training i do are hip which is my fat burn i do my weights uh resistance.

Training which i do with you guys sometimes my fat burn hit is like the boxing as well which i’m loving at the moment and pilates and then my three types of training and if i don’t mix it up throughout the week i get really like really bored and i get really tired and like i like mixing up.

Yeah next question what inspired you to start a platform in order to spread positivity and what is your favorite thing about doing what you do you should go with linda first this question asks what inspired you to start a platform in order to spread positivity and what is your favorite thing.

About doing what you do i probably didn’t start for the same reasons lily started my goal was to never really as bad as it sounds motivate and inspire people because i didn’t think that i could i just thought it was a great way to voice my opinions and my thoughts out loud for myself after a while and.

Seeing people’s comments and how people actually resonated and related to what i was saying that’s when i realized maybe i could actually make an impact with my story so my favorite thing about what i do is honestly just connecting with you guys even if it’s just reading your messages and comments seeing and hearing that.

Something that i say or do can make your day just a little bit better is the best feeling in the entire world so for me sorry he looks so cute can we just take a second oh he looks like a burrito i love you so much um so i told you guys this actually.

Briefly on the q a that i did with linda on instagram on monday but my story of youtube’s like a little bit of a weird one i guess so alex and i met didn’t we at a women-only fitness festival and it was the largest women-only fitness festival in all of europe yes alex was there um.

There for a reason fulfilled it i’m joking um so basically i was presenting so i was teaching some classes i was doing some talks and alex and i met there and no lie like no light it would have been the like the third sentence yeah it was literally a third sentence it was yeah.

It was and he’d seen me talk and like present and he was like are you on youtube and i was like no no like only instagram i don’t have time for instagram and twitter because this is like four years ago and he was like you need to be on youtube like your personality belongs on youtube and.

At the time i pretty much completely dismissed it didn’t i because i was like i don’t even know how to like log on to youtube i wasn’t a consumer at all lo and behold four years down the line yeah youtube’s our biggest platform now and i i love it i love the community we’ve managed to create i love the fact that.

It feels like i’m able to connect with you girls like for me that is absolutely everything and i’m my background i’m a physiotherapist i used to teach classes when i was living in london and you know at a max the most amount of people i could fit into a class was like 20 because it was this small little hall.

And now like the thoughts of you know over a thousand people joining in live to do a class with me that’s pretty insane like for me it’s all about energy and exercise isn’t just about like burning a certain amount of calories it’s about like an energy exchange and.

Feeling like phenomenal and accomplished and especially when you can do that together i think that’s amazing so even though you know you’re all around the world i’m looking into a camera right now i have no idea where you are around the world i’m sure you could tell me but like the thought that i am having a positive.

Impact on your life through what i love exercise fitness health like how lucky am i like it feels like i just have the best job in the world and i love it and i love the messages that i get it’s that two-way communication where you’re like you’ve helped me through this and it might not necessarily be.

Directly about fitness it could be mental health and that just for me that is everything and the thought of getting older older older and not being able to do this like really scares me so let’s hope i’m going to be around until like my 70s like hey let’s i just love it it gives me so much joy.

And and the thought that i’m reaching more than those 20 people in the class that i used to teach in london and i’m reaching people from like the smallest little cities and towns around the world and villages like that for me is like wow that is so fulfilling and finding linda.

Through a vlog about my workouts was like oh my gosh there’s this amazing girl all the way in canada who’s doing my workouts who’s saying that like my workouts are helping her and impacting her life in a positive way that for me is like okay i.

I’m fulfilled i’m done i’m happy so yeah that was very long one sorry question three how did linda find lillian how did oh sorry linda will answer it far more articulately i’m sure this question reads how did lily find linda and how did linda find lily i found lily.

Obviously on youtube and at the time i was in a workout rut quarantine just started i was so bored of doing the exact same workouts every single day and i was losing motivation and i was losing my mind until one day lily’s workout video popped up on my recommendation feed i think the first video i ever did was actually a 20.

Minute butt sculpting video and it burned so bad lily was just so energetic and fun and i was just hooked automatically everyone just keeps catching me cuddling teddy um so yeah i don’t i don’t need to answer that one that’s basically the way.

Um and i know the next question kind of leads on to what i was gonna say anyway so the next question is what were our first impressions right yeah oh my gosh it sounds like blind dating okay i’ll let linda lead the way with this one and that leads to the next question what.

Was your first impression of each other honestly the first thing i thought when i clicked the video was whoa she’s so pretty i wish i had blue eyes and then at the same time i was like i love her energy and just like her whole personality and all the vibes that she gives off first 30 seconds.

In i was like wow i feel motivated to work out again and that’s literally lily she’s not afraid to be herself she has such a contagious energy and she makes working out fun about 11 pm at night which by the way i’ve gotten out of this habit because it’s a bad habit.

We said well i searched through and i’ll hashtag no i won’t not hashtag i will search lily savory or lily’s challenge on youtube to see what reviews are out there like basically watch your guys videos because i know like the amount of effort that goes into.

Making a vlog the time the energy like all of it even like it’s scary to put yourself out there sometimes so we always check and like we try to comment on as many as possible and watch as many as possible no lie we’re sat in bed and alex was like oh my gosh you need to watch this vlog.

And i was like oh yeah i will i’m like a bit tired though because i know you need to watch it now we watched it and honestly you should go back and read the comment because the comment was so like exactly how i was feeling at that very moment in time i was like this girl is.

Phenomenal of course she is so unbelievable and i think the second sentence was she’s going to blow up i was like she is going to blow up like she is going to be a million and i said it’s linda the other day and she’s watching right now and i strongly believe this like i want to put.

A time scale on it and i know everyone will probably like don’t do it because i don’t want it like but you will be a million very soon i like i don’t doubt it for a single second in my mind like you’re just so inspirational and the best part is you have no idea how inspirational you are you have no.

Idea how much you’re changing people’s lives and i’m saying this like i’m talking to on the phone right now because it’s so true um and i can relate to how you’re feeling because you did that review on like uh all of the biggest youtube fitness youtubers and the fact that you featured me in.

There is like i’m having a dream like i’m pinching myself you were featuring me with girls that i have had like on this pedal store for about five years right alex can confirm and those women are so inspirational to me so the fact that i was like.

In a video with those girls and you’d put me in a video with those girls was like oh my gosh are you joking but what you don’t realize is you’re there linda like you are so there and the fact that you are so real and so unaware makes you even more appealing like you.

Are changing women’s lives around the world not even on a daily basis on a second by second basis so um yeah that kind of sums up how i feel about you how i feel about your content and i can’t wait to meet and we have to do a world tour and we have to go to canada and you have to.

Come to dubai and we’re just going to make it happen so yeah done we called it what’s happened and you know when you just have such a warm feeling like i just had such a warm feeling because unless you are a content creator and doing it to the extent that both of.

Us are doing it and alex as well and turning out the content at the quality level you are but also at the rate you are i don’t think people truly understand like the work that goes into it and people do understand that unless they actually feel it and go through it themselves like.

You can never fully relate because it is relentless and the fact that and i love it and that’s why i do it but the fact that you’re studying at the same time like honestly hats off to you val like seriously it’s so inspiring because creating content at a higher quality at the rate that you know you kind of.

Have to create to make it in youtube because you need consistency like there’s i don’t want to say this other but a lot of youtubers will burn out and that’s probably why because it is hard work but if you love it you do it and if you get something back from it whether that’s just like.

The not relief but the release of putting yourself out to the world and putting your message out to the world and thinking that you’re helping people and then getting something back from people it’s like oh it’s so nice it’s yeah i you are gonna go so far we don’t doubt.

It for a second so that’s that and that’s why we watch everyone’s videos yeah we watch honestly like we searches we watch like i have so much respect for every single one of you who takes the time to do a review on our challenge because not only are you doing the challenge which number.

One by the way is bloody hard like i do not do easy challenges and you know when we do have more of a like deload week where it’s a little bit easier it’s still i still challenge you so number one you’re doing the challenge number two you’re getting your camera out and filming the whole thing and number three.

You’re then putting it out to the world editing it which is scary right and and time consuming and hard and honestly i have so much respect for every single creator on this planet and thank you for all of you who are taking the time to review my challenges from this studio all the way in dubai.

Where we’re a team of two humans and a puppy like we’re so we’re so grateful and so yeah like please know that you you are seen and heard and thank you so much and you know if anything that should be inspiring to any kind of aspiring content creators.

Because you know linda did her first i would i’d love to look at the stats but the first review that you did of my workout video uh workout challenge i think you’re about like alex said 30k and now fast forward you’re like way over 400k you’re on your way to half a million.

And so basically don’t give up guys like do not give up it’s it’s crazy what you can achieve if you have the passion for it and the drive yeah what’s the next question question question five favorite healthy snacks and food okay i already know what linters are.

The next question is your favorite healthy snacks and your favorite food this changes all the time but right now i’m obsessed with mashing up avocado putting some cherry tomatoes some salt and then eating it with like sweet potato chips so good or classic greek yogurt bowl some berries.

Some granola literally have that every day or one of lily’s little banana bread muffin thingies so good and my favorite food of all time probably sushi or pasta or pizza or ice cream yeah i like a lot of food i’m a walking car basically that’s what every pretty much all my.

Friends say about me they’re like you are a walking car and i’m like so on a level with what linda just said like pasta mainly i’m more of a pasta girl than a pizza girl however i do prom i’d say i have pizza like once a fortnight alex probably wants a fortnight once every.

Couple of weeks but pastor i have like four times a week three or four times a week like i’m just i’m so obsessed with pasta and i love like mixing up because i’m mediterranean guys like my dad’s cypriot so i’ve been brought up on mediterranean food i also love.

Fish and all my salads and greens and all of that but i love pasta i’m so obsessed with pasta and other favorite snacks banana bread so it’s the oaty and banana bites that’s in this guide but banana bread i absolutely love as well i love my smoothies i love my fresh juices and i love my fish what else is like the.

Picky type of stuff i had literally just said my god i didn’t even say pancakes that’s what we said i was just genuinely like alex are you sure she didn’t say it i was like maybe she doesn’t count that as a snack maybe you count as like a breakfast but surely come on girl.

Like we’ve been we’ve been brainstorming like i don’t want to talk about it but you’re your brand um and pancakes had a heavy part to do with it so yeah pancakes um i’m so excited future goals what was that well even wasn’t that i don’t know what happened that was excited lily.

Um what was i just saying pancakes goals future goals before that everyone’s fallen out but she didn’t say i’m not angry i’m just disappointed and i’ve lost my trail of thought so let’s go on to the next question question six how do you stay motivated to work out every day and do you even do your workout even.

When you feel like the next question is how do you stay motivated to work on every day do you work out even when you don’t feel like it i’m obsessed with the feeling of working out feeling strong and just challenging my body honestly it’s the highlight of my day.

Sweating is my favorite thing to do obviously it wasn’t always like this i wasn’t always excited to work out but i had to find the right workouts that i loved and that’s different for everyone i had to stop comparing myself to others how they worked out their progress i had to shift my mindset from any physical goals or weight.

Related goals and i just had to focus on wanting to be stronger working out for my health and being kinder to my body so i just had to shift the focus to me focus on my strength and focus on enjoying the process of moving my body but yeah some days my body is just saying no i’m either.

So sore i can’t move my legs or i’m just so overwhelmed with life that i can’t fit a workout in it and that’s completely fine to skip a day skip a few days let your body rest i believe taking breaks is just like taking care of your body and it’s very very necessary in answer to the first part of the.

Question no i think it was do you always feel like working out no um and i think i would not think i hope i’m very very honest with you guys with that like you’ll certainly see on my instagram stories and even if i’ve got a live schedule on a particular day where i’m really not feeling that great.

I’ll be honest with you and the main difference for me is i i hate to let you down ever like it literally it hurts to let you down and last week i really wasn’t feeling very well and i had the cardio box and in hindsight i probably should have cancelled it because i really wasn’t.

Feeling well and it’s fine like straight after i just got in the bath chilled and got straight into bed and it was like 7pm but um honestly like listen i’m a physio and everything is about listening to your body and nine times out of ten i actually i do want to work out because.

I love it like i love the feeling it gives me i love that feeling of like you’ve achieved this do you know what i mean like i love the burn like i love feeling that like endorphin release it just makes me so so happy and even on days when i’m really not feeling it i’ll just adapt what i’m doing and that’s why i.

Always say like these are guides and i use the word guide because you can chop and change it’s a guide as to what works for your body and everyone’s completely different you may wake up one morning and you’re on your time of the month and you’re like you know what i’m in a lot of pain and i can’t work.

Out today i’m going to have a rest day or i’m going to work out but instead of doing like a heavy cardio session i’m going to go with a lighter pilates like it’s all about listening to your body and for me um obviously it’s quite different for me because i do have commitments where i have to show up for.

You girls and but i would say like 90 of the time i do feel like working out because i love it like i absolutely love the feeling of challenging my body and my mind like i love i love it yeah did that answer that question i think so i think that was.

Everything number seven since you work out most days do you wash your hair every day that’s such a good question next question is since we work out every day do we wash our hair every day this is something i’m wondering too personally i don’t and that may be a little gross but i just can’t wash my.

Hair every day like i just feel like it gets really oily so i washed every two or three days so basically i let the sweat just like soak in i know i’m really gross so yeah i’m really curious to know my best friend is dry shampoo that’s like literally what i’m gonna say.

No i wash my hair probably three times a week um just because honestly like i’m working out every day and especially my my cardio workouts like i could ring my hair out at the end so um after cardio and things like i tend to want to wash my hair if it feels like really like um but yeah i probably wash.

It like two no two or three times a week yeah sorry if that’s not right why do you use dry shampoo oh dry shampoo is like a savior what was that i know you got my mom onto this as well it’s basically like talc but in a in a spray form so if i’m going out which is very rare.

Nowadays like we don’t really go out do we anymore and if we do go out it’s like to a really casual like coffee shop or whatever and i i really i’m all about the natural vibes like i’ll just go with it with my messy hair or whatnot but if i’m like going out out and of course i won’t just dry shampoo.

And fix i’ll actually wash and blow dry my hair but um yeah nine times out of ten i’ll just go in the roots do a little bit brush it through there you go done trip of the day and a little bit of serum on the ends as well questioning how many months and years.

Did it take to achieve your dream point that’s an interesting one months or years did it take this question asks how many months or years did it take for you to achieve your dream body everyone’s dream body is different we all have different goals and we all want different things and there’s absolutely.

Nothing wrong with wanting to change how you look but we have to remember we have to love our bodies no matter where we are on our fitness or life or health journeys because our bodies are incredible and i say this all the time but you have to appreciate your body and what it does for you.

No matter what it looks like or what other people’s look like so how i got here is i had to change my mindset instead of being like i could be leaner i should have this i could have that instead of focusing on what i wanted to change i focus on what i already had and i kept working out and working on.

Myself but i changed how i looked at my body and i began to appreciate my body every step of the way but personally that mindset took years for me to build some people it’s easier some people it’s harder but yeah it’s all about the mindset so i honestly i don’t really like believe in dream body.

Anymore like i did i used to when i was younger and i think probably that was like down to magazines and stuff like seeing certain body shapes and i was like oh you know like i was probably aspiring to things that just weren’t realistic if i’m totally honest and now i’m like.

In a position where i’m working with what my body can do and the natural shape that my body has and learning to love it from that side of things if you know what i mean like trust me i don’t every single morning wake up thinking oh yeah like in the mirror you know like that is just not the case.

Um but i’ve definitely learned to love my body for what it is more so and for me exercise isn’t to achieve a physical goal it is sometimes like say for example like at the moment i’m really really trying to work on my shoulders because i don’t enjoy training shoulders at all so i am trying to lift heavier with my shoulders.

Because if you can build your shoulders it will help to create the illusion of an hourglass frame but honestly at the moment like my goals are around my rehab for my knee getting stronger feeling fast feeling energized like all of those things like for me are so satisfying.

Particularly when i’m doing a cardio session i love being able to make it through a cardio session to feel like explosive strength when i’m doing birthies to feel like i can keep going like that for me is like ugh it just feels so freaking rewarding and and i think a lot of that’s probably.

Back to the fact i was an athlete and it was about how strong i could be how fast i could be um so yeah dream body for me isn’t something that like goes through my head at all to be honest and i know that’s probably that probably sounds a bit strange but yeah it’s that’s not what drives me at all.

So yeah that’s that one what was that is there one is it better to work out during the day or night this question asks is it better to work out in the day or the night honestly i don’t know if there’s like a proven time that’s actually better i honestly think it’s just whatever.

Works for you whatever works for your schedule for me personally i love working out in the morning it just makes me feel so much more energized and happy throughout the day and a lot less grumpy there is no wrong or right time of day to work out so if you speak to.

Any specialist in the field in terms of like the question that normally gets asked is from like a fat burn or a fat loss point of view is there a certain time of day you should be working out like calories burn our calories burn calories consumed are calories consumed it doesn’t matter what time of day it is.

And honestly it’s about being intuitive with your body so listening to your body listening to your mind seeing what your body wants what works for your body when you feel most energized when you feel you get most from your workout so i’ll give you an example like i 100 i’m a morning workout person.

Like i love working out in the morning however i’m not like linda i can’t do the super early morning and i think it’s something that you probably train your body to do i think you just get used to it and your body kind of learns to function at that time of day um but for me like i’ve done a few.

Classes in the past where i’ve had to get up at like 5 30 6 o’clock and then the class starts at say 6 37 and my performance level is like down here like i’m still asleep i have a nightmare like you’re getting nothing from me and then at the end i’m like oh.

Like why did i do that but for some other people that works absolutely perfectly for me my ideal time is like 10 a.m when i have my coffee when i’ve had my like smoothie i feel energized i feel great for some people they prefer to work out earlier for me right now.

I’m doing my workouts with you live at 4pm dubai time purely because that’s the only time that can kind of capture as much of our audience around the world as possible i’m so sorry for everyone who’s watching this in hindsight who’s like i’m asleep at that time and this is the best i can kind of do.

The ideal time for everyone is actually 9 30 p.m dubai time and we tried it don’t we snacks so we were doing it for about a month i was doing 9 30 p.m live this is what it takes for youtube um and it just killed me like i was getting to sleep at like 3.

A.m because i was so buzzing afterwards so honestly like listen to your body it’s so important that you listen to your body and you do what works for you and what works around your timings of your day as well work and all of that but yeah there’s no wrong or right time last question 10. i already know what it is what are your future goals.

This question asks what are your future goals well in the near future i just really really want to get exams done and over with but in the long term i think i just want to keep doing what i’m doing growing learning challenging creating connecting with all of you.

And maybe some merch one day i also want to graduate university the next three years and one of my biggest goals is to visit lily alex and teddy in dubai do a lilly sabri workout and eat a lot of food yes some very big goals come on alex come on you say no tell daddy to come here tell daddy to.

Come so i’m trying to get alex in frame for this one because like all of our goals are obviously like team goals one two three um but yeah i i’m just gonna touch on what linda said rather than kind of touch on mine because i feel like it’s more relevant and then we can.

Like in the future speak about our goals because there’s a lot going on at the moment um with lean and all of that which is exciting but i don’t know if linda still tuned in i’m not sure if she was able to but if you are still there and i said that we would have a chat.

Probably next week but i would love to do a part two obviously so we’re on day four right now there’s only seven days to this guide i would love to do a part two so another ls times ls challenge and however i would like to potentially help linda to fulfill some of her goals.

That she just mentioned will you not do that on camera please to fulfill some of her goals uh next year is that am i giving enough there yeah yes what does it relate to then well obviously it could involve her coming to dubai so we could actually fulfill two of the.

Goals dubai is a separate one but she could come to dubai to facilitate the other one taking place okay that’s probably that’s all i want to give away because i need to actually speak to linda and see if it’s something she wants to do before making this not announcement yes.

Suggestion she’s here do you want to know what our idea is there’s a bit of a lag so we’re gonna have 20 seconds yeah yeah we should definitely speak to linda about this before but linda we’re thinking about um doing something joint with you.

That involves lean this is giving it away a little bit more so our company lean and linda sung as a company um to fulfill some of your merch dreams there you go and i’m like this is so because we’re waiting on the lag to catch up but that’s kind of starting to give it.

Away yeah confused eyes now she’s sharp okay that means she wants to know more are you sure it’s not crying i don’t know i can’t tell can’t tell with the emojis okay and so how would you guys let’s throw it out to you guys how would you feel first of all about a part two.

An ll times ls part two that is the first question now we’ve just had confirmation from linda then say for example because we were looking at our time frame for next year with like all the products we’re bringing out and all of that and which there’s some amazing surprises in there but we were saying okay if we.

Were to do a part two because this has been like really successful i’m super super happy with it could we make this collaboration even bigger even better and include um some form of products that come out that are to do with with linda and i but yeah definitely getting linda.

Some of her products together so yeah that is our thought process i’m really trying not to give too much away but we’ve had a lot of ideas no yeah absolutely okay so we we are thinking and obviously linda and i need to brainstorm but we’re thinking of doing.

A linda sun collection of products that you would you guys would basically effectively help her design we’d design it together but you guys would be involved as well obviously all of linda’s audience would be involved like you were with our products and initially we were.

Thinking bringing out a limited edition linda sun band so it would involve one of these which would have the type of print that linda wants going on on it obviously it’s entirely up to linda there will be modifications within it if we were wanting to make the strength of it different obviously it’s.

The three bands in one but we could go up or down with that then we were thinking about a long band collection that represents linda so we’re thinking pancakes but we don’t want to say it we were even thinking like um a limited edition bag that it goes with which could have pancakes like.

A cute little design all over it we were even toying around with having like the puppies like animations of puppies but that’s just crazy ideas of it and there’s other products within it but i don’t want to give everything away but it would basically be like a limited edition.

Package a limited edition lindasan package which would involve the bands it would potentially involve two of the new products that we’re bringing out early next year as well which i don’t want to completely give away but it will be a full package that you’re able to purchase as a bundle and it will be limited edition so it’ll.

Literally be like you’ve got to be there to get it and if you’re not there to get it it won’t be restocked but we may do other stuff in the future but yeah that’s what we’re thinking of i would it would be our first ever collaboration where we’re bringing on like another creator which i think is really really really exciting um and.

Yeah like i just can’t believe how far the brand has come in the last year to be able to do this but yeah that you would be our first ever collaboration obviously it’s up to you how you would want to do it what designs like we play around together but we were thinking of like different size pancakes all over it or like milo and.

Teddy or milo or i don’t know and then choosing your own motivational quote but i i had visions of making this like really quite funky and really quite cool like so it’s really different it’s really limited edition.

And then we were playing around with the socks as well so the socks idea with pancakes on them so yeah this is this is where we’re going there is so much and we’d have to lock it in quite soon if we were going to do it because obviously manufacturing and all of that takes a long time but uh the timeline we were looking at was.

For the actually towards that conversation with you this is with you linda yeah and everyone else is listening i love this is how real it is when it comes to lean like we take you guys on the journey with us um but linda are you interested we were looking at um.

April time uh to do the next guide like early april late march earlier and then working out if we could get like everything ready for them but yeah these are just the thoughts right call now get around a call yeah we can’t what’s up called i can call call yeah okay linda we’re coming through linda get ready for resume have you got.

A um you can create it on there okay alex keep talking or do you want to do it um yeah you create a new meeting i’m gonna slide it across this is what lives are all about and so what other products would you guys like be.

Interested in if it was i guess yeah like i i’m personally thinking fun like kind of like animation-y do you know what i mean but this is just this is just my thoughts and then picking one of linda’s like quotes go-to quotes which could be included on here and then all of it would be uh lean.

Times lim linda sun rather than lily’s or would it be lily sudbury this is what we have to decide but yeah i think lee yeah so this is this is basically your range linda through lean so everything is yours you decide what it is and lean is basically facilitating it to happen she said yes.

Oh my god like the more i think about it i feel like i’m being really calm but inside i’m like you know when you get a bit jittery that’s how i feel oh my gosh what other products or should we leave some as as quiet yeah that should be some we have to give some mystery rather than.

Just giving everything away but can you imagine like oh my gosh can you imagine your whole own collection so like having this this would be designed by you this would be designed by you and underneath it will be linda sun bailey be so freaking cool and then you’d have all different.

Designs on the bands and stuff would you girls be interested in that by the way like is everyone getting excited i can’t see anything everyone’s excited okay awesome teddy are you excited you’re very chilled i’ve got major crap by the way i’m just trying to stretch out my foot oh my gosh.

How what is even going on are you calling linda yeah what’s happening to her she’s got it now she’s got it okay i need to see what everyone’s saying as well oh my gosh my legs are so small okay let me become a better place admit okay.

Here she is wow i’m just trying to turn you up a little bit bluetooth off is off okay oh i can’t hear you linda your audio’s off or is it mine oh.

i’m like i’m like this is the first time i’m hearing this in the comments like alex is like just like probing me he’s like go further and i’m like how far how far do i go oh my gosh oh my gosh i don’t even i don’t even and we’re also trying to speak to um our.

Distribution center in the states so that we can maybe try and get um the bands distributed from the states and from europe as well which would mean we could reach more people around the world so we may have to do we keep joking about this i’m talking to you guys but we may have to do a um a business trip to miami.

What a shame we’re like oh that would be such a chore how cool is it i’m just talking into the camera and seeing all the background stuff that’s crazy you can see everyone talk because you’re seeing behind the scenes yeah so it looks beautiful in.

This direction then this is where the mess is typical behind the scenes syd are you are you in yes definitely let’s just start planning now i’m so down okay that’s the most exciting thing i’ve ever heard in my entire life oh my heart the second most exciting thing.

Was doing this collab with you and the most exciting thing is what’s coming up next two oh i’m so excited okay that’s that’s a yes because i was a bit nervous i was like i was like this before though no i’m not really feeling it lil i would have been like okay.

No please just have your moment i love it um so we’ll what we’ll do i’m gonna make it so that everyone can see you what we’ll do can we see is we will finish off this guide we’re cooking together tomorrow right yes pancake challenge competition time okay we’re doing.

It or is it just like we cook and talk no let’s make it a competition why not i mean we know i’m gonna lose and then and then we’ll get everyone to post their stories on instagram and show what it looks like and stuff and then yeah once this week’s over we’ll get planning merch yes perfect that’s crazy so many big.

Things to come exactly okay all righty i’ll see you for pancakes tomorrow this is so funny i’m like seeing myself i’m so happy my hand is relatively still i have got the shapes she said this to me the other day i’m gonna be so close to the camera right now hi.

So linda was basically like oh you’re so good at just talking like off the cuff into camera i was like linda come on now like you are the best air no literally i don’t know how you do it you just like are so like smooth with your words i have to like really think about it first before filming unless i start filming i just.

Stutter so i have to like pre-record everything and then i have like 20 hours of footage you’re amazing the lives is the best way of doing it because lives you just like you have to so you’re just like okay i made a mistake oops move on.

That’s literally it yeah oh my gosh this is so exciting thank you so much for this opportunity i’m like freaking out oh my god i’m so excited all right guys we’ll we’ll end the live now anyway we love you and we’ll see you tomorrow for pancake cooking and then we’ll.

Continue this conversation bye squad awesome okay what was
Lilly Sabri

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