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FULL BODY TONE and BURN (pilates) | 30 minute Home Workout


I just felt like i was about to do maybe a russian dance oh yes guys welcome to today’s live also welcome to the most beautiful look at spread oh yeah baby look at that and here’s some of the new little bags as well guys how freaking exciting is this so.

Launch day you’re right there teddy launch date for my new long bands and restock of all of the bands is next week guys it’s official it’s going to be next week not this week and it’s highly likely that it’s going to be mid week the exact date the exact time for the.

Launch of all of my resistance bands is going to be posted here on youtube on the community page also on my instagram also on my private facebook group and seriously you don’t want to miss out last time they sold out in 37 minutes i’m just going to give you another little oh yeah.

Look at that oh yeah oh my gosh okay in case you can’t tell i’m very excited so i’m just going to pop them to the side there we go and i’m also going to show you the new bags i’ll come up close look at that how cute.

What does it say it says the best project you’ll ever work on is yourself and then inside is all of the bands and who chose that quote that was chosen in the facebook group that was voted on by you guys in our private facebook group so anyway that was one way to start a live um.

Yeah guys honestly like don’t miss out i’m so excited they haven’t been in stock for a month now so please make sure you check it out in monday’s video we’re going to be telling you when the restock will be in the week and we’ll prob we’ll upload before that.

Letting you know what day so make sure you check out the community page and i’ll be telling you throughout basically the next couple of days what day it’s going to be on so keep your eyes peeled today’s workout 30 minutes we’re following the same format as the other day just because you loved it so much as monday.

We are doing our three minute circuits we’re basically going to be doing one minute one minute 30 seconds 30 seconds with a slight difference so today you get no rests whatsoever so it’s one minute exercise one one minute exercise two 30 seconds of a weighted exercise then 30 seconds of a.

Hold exercise one and exercise two are pilates this is pilates versus weights grab some weights if you’ve got them i know i didn’t write this on the guide but this is just going to make it harder i’ve got some super light ones today because i’ve been training and filming for my new app.

So i’m just going 1kg but feel free to go a little bit heavier and a pillow and one of your resistance fans one of your adjustable vans if you’ve got them so i’m going to go with black today because it matches all right guys let’s warm up the body i hope you are excited.

We have a two minute warm-up there’s not going to be a timer on for this okay but as soon as that two minutes is over we’re going into our one one one one one if that makes sense all right so feet nice and wide and we’re just going to touch side to side breathing guys loosening up the body.

You’re right there tits no shoes needed for this guys we’re doing classes full body squeeze the box okay.

is okay guys then we repeat okay first exercise for upper body you’re gonna be in standing or kneeling it’s up to you it’s combination so one two three.

Four we’ve done it before next one up twist twist and lower okay no wait it doesn’t matter grab water bottles starting in five seconds three two three minutes on the clock let’s go go without the weights if you wanted to really pull it back.

no breaks in this workout guys thank twist twist lower.

okay 20 seconds amazing work coming into a triceps tip now guys so 30 seconds only we’re coming down up with a push out okay so it’s one two three four.

okay is a hole with you we are holding in that triceps oh good work guys okay first exercise for our core you are gonna need your pillow you’re.

Popping your pillow onto your knees we have a set of dead bugs slow and controlled okay second exercise pop the pillow in between the five tap down and reach tap down and reach let’s go guys oh.

is now wedding decades breathing next up guys is a military plank.

again okay to do.

Okay the band on we’re starting open close okay nice and simple from there you come up on your toes your feet are as wide as they can go and you’re just going to pump out this is really going to burn the beauty we then go sidewalk let’s go.

i’ve got better things to do out no man doesn’t matter so make sure you order it next week because it makes your.

Workouts so much harder guys come on keep pushing 10 seconds rolling onto one upper leg is straight we come forward and we’re going with half moon arcs okay up and over and back let’s go.

Come on you can keep the band on if you want to our first exercise is going to be a rose so it’s with weights we’re coming into a place if we can nice and strong roll lower row and lower beginners you’re here come on guys you got this hover one leg.

Um up don’t be ashamed come on keep going.

Holding nice and strong here for me if you can you’re going to crunch the leg in and lower good everything.

i want the pillow underneath your lower back under your pelvis and coccyx okay we have the option of using weights if you want to we’re starting off with bicycles the pillow makes it harder because it’s uneven okay.

We’re gonna hold on the fifth lift lower all right from there gonna come up reach lift the legs up reach follow me all right guys let’s go oh watch me right.

We got everything we need right here memories oh your legs.

at the end of this one okay i want you to pop your band just above your knee we have a combined lunge okay two lunges grab a hold of your weight if you want to make it harder okay.

So it’s a back lunge into a side lunge let’s go one two let’s go.

30 seconds 15. come on and down we go onto that other side guys lying down good boy okay it’s okay okay half box up.

Huh keep pushing all the way come on drop the band as well okay guys we are back into arms this is officially your burnout part okay going to grab a hold of your weight.

If you want to really simple 45 degree angle pop nice and fast come on guys i think this song has a drop squeeze that bad boy pull that core in tight come on we’re nearly there dig deep.

if you can go with the heavier weight just don’t give keep punching nearly there 10 seconds it’s gonna get worse okay it’s gonna get worse two remember to twist.

We’re twisting for the full 30 seconds slow and control lock those elbows out think of those sexy shoulders 15 seconds guys.

Okay now we go we’re on to our whole guys 10 seconds six five a little bit higher three two and one we are back into core guys this is cool combined with arms we are starting off with our row but.

You’ve got to even out okay the last time i did the right side make sure you’ve got the correct flag guys into a full crack begin as you are here and growing let’s go right and lower.

Guys oh is foreign now guys grab a hold of your weight we’re going to run it out in sitting let’s go.

If you want to do rotate hit that waist 15 seconds then we hold it straighten the legs if you’re a beginner you’re here come on guys this is your second to last circuit make it worthwhile 50 seconds that’s all come.

okay guys last circuit okay i want you to pop your band on if you’ve got it we’re finishing up with a legs burnout okay really really gonna hurt okay down low into a squat.

Push out for four come halfway up and back down let’s go one two three four halfway up and down don’t care yeah all the things oh is.

15 seconds come on let’s go 15 seconds hold low push knees.

that band is dropping right off oh my gosh that was like a gradual burner what even was that teddy’s having a dream he’s like this guys how was that different right pilates with weights i really hope you enjoyed it please don’t forget.

It won’t be on screen yet but in a second there’s a finisher that’s what you got to go and do now alex is loading it also i’ve antique already said i had to leave for like 20 minutes my bed my baby sister was born oh congratulations oh do we have a name let us know.

That was avantika did you say and is it anyone’s birthday i’m sure i saw it’s someone’s birthday in the private facebook group so please let me know i’d love to say happy birthday to you and if you have any questions about the bands quickly chop them through now.

So we’re just waiting to see if any of you have questions see teddy no you want to go back to your bed okay let’s see live chat all right guys happy birthday to someone barbara happy birthday i knew i saw someone’s birthday happy birthday gorge uh it’s my birthday.

Molly as well happy birthday molly oh this is such a good way barbara and molly happy birthday um how much will the new bands cost we don’t have the exact um amount yet but we’ll be announcing that in a couple of days ahead of the launch so don’t worry and also we ship worldwide.

Uh finisher yes there is a finisher it’s in the playlist so make sure you check out the playlist section of my channel and also it’s here so this is what you’ve got to go and do right now to finish off and then please do my cool down okay i’ve got loads of cool down just literally said lily savory cool down or lily sudbury.

Stretch um she killed me that was an amazing workout continuous is hard right it’s like that gradual burn um is there different strengths to the adjustable band no the adjustable is just one strength and that’s purely because it’s three bands in one that’s the point of it being.

Adjustable so you’re saving money on buying strong medium extra strong when it comes to um the thicker bands you only need one of them and it’s got all of the strengths in it so yeah it’s just different colors basically so it’s up to you what color you want.

There’s the aqua and then the black and the adjustable and guys we’re thinking about bundles what types of bundles do you want because we just did all of the photos for them would you want a bundle that includes because i know some of you have already got the band so this doesn’t matter for you but.

The long lean bands alexa the long lean bands and one of the hit like what type of bundles are you guys looking for so this has the long lean bands in there okay so you’re looking at the long bands a hit and an adjustable together do you want to be able to mix match the colors like.

This or are you kind of wanting the whole by the way it’s the long bands in here are you wanting the whole spread is that a bundle you’d want as well that’s the thing that we want to know what types of bundles are you guys looking for because there’s a bundle with all of them absolutely everything i thought you.

Might say that i mean to be honest you’ll save money because if you’re wanting to buy them all anyway it does mean you’ll save a lot of money and uh asks does the band ship to mauritius yeah worldwide guys worldwide so you’re all good.

I’m just actually going to grab the full long lean band so you can actually see what i mean by what is in here okay these are the long lean bands and guys these actually come in a set of three so these are different strengths so the things that you need to know strength wise this is medium this is strong this is.

Extra strong and we’re only selling them they’re in there we’re only selling them as a set of three they come together as a set of three and honestly the reason why is because you’re gonna need all three because you use them for different types of exercises lower body.

Upper body core you’re using different bands for different things so there’s no point in you just having one because for example you’ll use this mainly for legs but actually this one is way more appropriate for core you want less resistance for core upper body it depends how strong you are.

Upper body i go between these two because my upper body isn’t my strongest but hopefully i’ll be progressing to that so yeah these come as a set of three strengths-wise and you can kind of see the material is a lot thicker and tougher but also it’s a tiny bit shorter not.

Much but can you see at the bottom this is your extra strong this is your strong honestly if it was me buying it if i was only gonna buy one this is me being totally honest for the strength i am at i will go with this however if you’re really really really.

Really really strong get this one for me this is actually for most exercises too much i can’t believe i’m admitting to that but having the two is great because when i’m doing bridges for example i would always normally use my adjustable but if i didn’t have my adjustable with me i’d go with this.

But like donkey kicks stuff like that this is too hard i go with this so i hope that makes sense okay so yeah to be honest a full bundle of everything is probably the the best way of doing it um collab info with linda can’t tell you that just yet we were chatting yesterday.

Or was it the day before she has some exams coming up actually and all you need to know is it’s not going to be for a couple of weeks because obviously we’ve got to do all of the videoing and all of that but stay tuned for approximately two to three weeks time for the collab with linda and you don’t want to miss it at all.

What’s the name of the leggings you have on these are new these are part of gymshark they’re still in stock actually and they’re called um they’re the adapt jumpstart gymshark 88pt adapt and they’re their animal in the purple color i can’t remember what the actual color is cool but you’ll see them on the.

Website and please guys you have no idea how much this means to me there are 550 of you still here if you are shopping gymshark if you wouldn’t mind using my link it actually means a lot more than you realize and it you don’t have to do anything actually just click on the link.

And then that means that i is recognized basically it’s my commission link it’s recognized by gymshark that i’m doing a good job and then i can keep getting sent all the gymshark shelf and showing you it before it goes live speaking of which there are more gymshark outfits coming so i’ll be wearing them throughout the week.

Um but yeah these are one of my faves and they’re so good for cardio as well because they’re really like they hold you in like they’re really sucky uni just made up some words but yeah if you wouldn’t mind using my link where is the link alex i just put it in the comments just put.

It in the comments but it’s also in every single description on my youtube videos and send those products from latin america latino america yeah we said worldwide guys these uh bands are sent absolutely everywhere so yeah wherever you are do they ship to south africa yep.

Absolutely worldwide guys appreciate the content love you so much you put into work for us all the time that’s tuscany for real for air faire i really hope i said that right thank you so much that means a lot thank you it’s a lot of work but it’s so worth it and how much will the app be oh guys.

A few of you are saying will the app be free i’m just going to give you a little bit of background information on the app i had some savings alex had some savings we invested pretty much all of our savings into this app which was quite a lot of money um and we’ve also been working on it for over six months working pretty much full.

Time so i would love to give you the app for free guys but we just we can’t do it unfortunately i would love to give everything for free and my time for free forever but um yeah i can’t i’ve got to make a living guys so i’m so sorry the app is not for free but we are making it.

So affordable for you guys and literally we’ve looked at those on the market we’ve gone under most at prices if we’re totally honest haven’t we alex like we’ve really tried to make it as affordable as possible it’s only um we’re looking at it being nine pounds 99 per month.

Which i think is incredible when you think of what a normal gym membership would be and this is like having a personal trainer with you all the time and doing all the workouts with you more than that you have all of your nutrition on there as well all of your meals.

You have your form tips your physio form tips we’re looking to get mindfulness and meditation on there but that won’t be there straight away and basically every two weeks loads more content comes on so think of youtube but so much more think of the um eight week lane guide which costs 64.

Pounds that eight week lean guide the equivalent of that is going to be on the app but way more of them there’s absolutely loads of guides and we’ll just keep adding them adding to them adding to them and you pay every single monthly subscription to stay there as more content recipes workouts are added i.

Hope that makes sense and you can make it cheaper so if you wanted to pay course lease for four months at a time it’s going to be less money and if you want to pay a year upfront that’s going to be even less so yeah but guys we um yeah instead of buying a house we.

Invested all our money into an app for you guys um which if my mom is watching this right now she’ll probably be pulling her hair out but i know it will be worth it and i’m so sorry we can’t give it for free guys i wish i could um okay can’t wait for it so excited about that.

What’s the app name not telling you guys yet but it will be released soon and the app will be released we think next month uh we’ve been working on ourself honestly i spend probably four to five days per week working on the app then i’m filming all the free content for youtube as well.

And then i’m trying to film for instagram what else have we got going on all the recipes for the app we’re working on mats we are obviously doing all the band stuff yeah there’s a lot going on guys and thanks for all your hard work madison thank you gorgeous it means a lot it really really does.

My type bars what’s the difference between the hit and the adjustable bends okay uh let’s show you that’s the best way alex you just keep looking out for questions um all right oh hey my legs oh yeah yo is this a good position or should i come close i’ll come.

Closer just so i’m just gonna show you i know the mic isn’t there i’ll zoom in yeah okay i’m actually gonna show the aqua because the aperture alrighty guys so this is yeah we zoomed in okay adjustable it is a lot thicker first of all sorry it’s a lot thicker.

The hit is thinner the adjustable this is how easy it is to adjust it you literally go like that i’m doing this very slowly but so that you can see and then depending on how tight you want it and you feed through that would make the loop very small and therefore very very difficult and this loose bit.

You can then feed through there to hold it in place okay the adjustable the benefit of the adjustable yep you can still see the can you see my face i think so the benefit of the adjustable is that you’re using it for resistance training so whenever you’re trying to build.

Lean muscle to be honest so um monday’s workout i would always use this but for hip workouts you’re using this it has more stretch it’s thinner meaning that you can use it for different exercises so things like jump jacks jumping squats anything.

That’s not resistance training anything that’s fat burn you can use this one instead so this is designed for your hips your cardio workouts this is designed for your resistance training so in general this is a general rule of thumb the faster movements that you’re doing are.

With this one the more slow and controlled movements you’re doing are with this one hope that makes sense this is like three bands in one so it’s medium strong extra strong depending on how tight or loose you make it this is the one strength so you want to be choosing between the.

Strong and this is the extra strong we actually don’t have a medium for this we only have strong and extra strong so yeah you’re gonna you’re gonna love that then okay that was a lot of information in one there and oh melissa thank you for all you do for.

Us can’t wait to give back to you by buying your app guys you are amazing thank you melissa that means a lot honestly it really does sorry guys i’m trying to change it alex is just changing the height of the camera uh what’s your favorite color of each band madison um.

You match everything to your outfit yeah i don’t have a favorite color like honestly i’ve been choosing my favorite am i still in frame yeah i’ve been choosing my favorite colors like i guess to design them this has always been the lean color which is the aqua however i do absolutely love the color.

Of the purple rose and then the black to be honest was what we brought out as a staple just because it goes with everything so if i was using today i’d probably go with this one over this one because i like the contrast being honest and yeah i tend to match with my outfits being totally.

Honest um do i need both bands can i only get the adjustable i’d strongly recommend getting both as the bundle if you’re gonna get um two i’d strongly recommend that you go with actually it’s up to you but i go with one of these two if you’re.

A beginner i’d go more so with the strong if you’re like super advanced i go with the extra strong and you can mix and match the colors that’s absolutely fine but yeah you’re you’re saving money by buying the two together anyway then buying them separately that would be my advice most people i’d.

Say 80 percent of people that bought the bands probably higher maybe 90 bought the bundle they brought the two together obviously now we have the long bands as well you can go with a full bundle which i think is pretty epic and the only thing i need to let.

You guys know about this is there’s not many of them and the reason why every time we bring out a new product we don’t bring out that many of them just because it’s a new product um and we basically you never know how they’re gonna sell whereas these have gone absolutely crazy in the past.

They sold out all of them in 37 minutes last time these my gut based on your feedback and based on how much i frickin love them thinks they’re probably gonna sell out quite quickly but i might be wrong i might be wrong but all i’m saying is if you want them please.

Be ready because last time i had like oh i can’t even describe to you like so many messages afterwards and you were like i gusted i didn’t get to get it and we’ve got them back in stock as quickly as possible but it has been a month that you’ve had to wait maybe if not longer i keep looking at alex.

Um so yeah just just be ready guys and yeah we’ve ordered as many as we can in a sensible way that’s the best way to describe what you can do oh the long dance okay let’s demo teddy i think i’m gonna need this spacey babies okay uh oh sorry alex you’re gonna have.

To move the camera again yeah you do a cool one all right let’s do core let’s go through um oh my gosh so many of you still hanging around this is cool all right cool i’m going to show you with the medium because this is the one that i would use yes so this is for someone who’s very.

Strong with your core this is the light but with core you want to be going lighter so if you wanted it to be easier with cool you’d use the extra strong then you work your way down to the strong this is the medium so let’s go with a row as an example okay so i absolutely love this okay so you’re.

Going to hook it you like this one don’t you you’re going to hook it around your feet you’re then going to hold like so okay or you can hold like this if you want i prefer like this you’re going to take your arms in one direction my core is on fire excuse me that hurts.

So side to side okay that’s one another great one which i would actually probably go with the strong the extra strong would be too much is a punch so you pop it around the back here you’re gonna feed it through your hands like so i probably should have gone with.

The other one my arms are sore after this workout you roll back okay come up and back down again you can if you want hold and punch oh my god that really hurts that’s another one there are so many guys you can work into upper body by coming like so.

You can work cool and upper body at the same time you can go with back you can also attach this guys which is what i’ve been doing on instagram onto we’ve been attaching it onto the pergola outside but you can attach it around the way you do it uh alex can i borrow your arm pretend.

That you’re a pole just here yeah wherever so pretend you’re a pole you go like this you’d feed okay actually i can then use hank’s leg okay you’d feed through like this then like that okay and depending on the height you need.

There is so much you guys can do with this so i was doing some cool stuff how strong are you feeling yeah okay are you sure so i was doing some cool stuff yeah yeah so funny so you’ve come into a side plank you’re sure i’m really worried about it you sure yeah.

That’s what i was doing one of those cars i can’t even laugh you can all say go higher up your pot okay i was in standing for this but i’m gonna do it down on my knees but this is on my instagram so you can go for back there as well and.

You want your cord to be really nice and tight this is an interesting one um so you come through it okay pretend i’m in standing guys so i’m in standing right can you imagine that i’m standing or i will go so it’ll be higher and are you sure i’m so worried about.

This so you can get your cardio in am i telling you and that is so much harder than you realize might do that like anything any type of um to be honest even on a door if you if you’re feeling safer but.

Depending on how well your door is made um okay when you’re going into legs then alex if you wouldn’t mind moving it higher i bet people are laughing at this are you doing away sir yeah gotta come higher um oh this is so funny.

Okay everyone’s laughing all right here is the highest point i don’t know if i’m being a bit ambitious based on the fact i’ve just worked out i’m sore i’ve been filming guys that app will be the death of me but also it is so amazing so to get in you just come down what i don’t want is for it to be can.

You see how that’s around the neck you want it to be a little bit lower so here kind of around the shoulder super important okay really really good especially if you don’t have weights or combining with weights dead lift up squat there that’s really hard it’s so hard in.

This one yeah but this one is the purple is a lot harder this for me is achievable if you’re going faster obviously it’s harder you want to make sure your form is right okay that’s just one idea again you can attach oh my god i’ve got so many ideas you can attach on and then you can do it.

As a pulley so you know the pulley machines that you get in the gym you attach on and kick back and there so this is the this is the pole i love this one i actually absolutely love that burn you then have your x-man walks what are people saying.

Together okay this is what we used to do at the football time football club all the time what i would recommend with this is to double up so you put one around here and you go but that’s technically called an x-van walk oh my god there’s so much you guys there’s so much if you want to see more.

Fun and innovative stuff go on to my instagram i’m going to be posting more of it over the coming days just to kind of show you what you can do with it oh my god i’m laughing these comments i can’t i think most of you are just staying around to have a laugh at us to be honest.

I’m so excited for these long vans now glad you girls enjoyed my column skills up you should have done one of these or these oh my my head was out of the video it felt like cow and chicken that tv show the kids on must be an australian thing.

A tsunami surely someone here knows challenging does anyone know uh what’s what everyone’s saying what are the costs okay when can we have the costs up for everyone let’s be realistic it is currently wednesday we hope that we’ll have the launch day.

Up by friday all right we’ve got to be realistic we’re not posting now on youtube until monday again so are all of you on my mailing list tomorrow yeah but we don’t we’re not going to know tomorrow what day it is are all of you on my mailing list say yes if you’re on my mailing list because.

You should because you’re receiving the weekly guys if you’re there what we’ll do is we’ll send out an email on friday latest saturday letting you know what day next week they’re going to be launched i’m going to let you in on a secret we’re hopeful.

That it’s wednesday and it will be launched at 7 00 p.m right snacker 7 p.m seven was it 7 p.m we’re going for yeah 7 p.m uk time yeah everyone’s on the team everyone’s on their mailing list everyone’s on the mailing list oh we’re.

Getting loads of yeses okay so you’ll be sent to them but it’ll be on sev will be at 7 00 pm bst uk time 7 pm and probably hopefully we’re working towards wednesday however you’ll receive an email places to know you’ll receive an email you’ll be announced on my instagram pages all of.

My instagram pages lily sabrina with lily’s shop by lean will be announced in my private facebook group and on the community section of youtube so you will know and then you can set your alarm um is it available in india yes available worldwide guys we’re shopping absolutely every.

Shipping absolutely everywhere if you’re not on the mailing list you should go to lilly’s website and sign up it’s great for the free guides and updates kate thank you and kate is one of our lean creators kate your band was sent today so you’re gonna receive it.

Tomorrow okay well you should because you’re in the uk so yeah okay if you want to check out and how kate gets on with the lean long bands make sure you check out shop by lean on instagram because we’re going to be seeing kate on there and some of the other girls.

Who are the lead creators yay to worldwide um oh okay lily’s gymshark link is below all her youtube videos yeah so you all you have to do is just click the down arrow and that’s the description box and the link is in there um kate’s gonna be looking out for the postman like where you at.

Yeah it should be tomorrow because it’s first class uh royal mail um halfway through yes we’re just having a lean creative meeting right now um right everyone’s uh nikita’s loving your column skills you’re like one of the greek um what do you call them.

Like you should just be holding figures statues holding some fruit for me every time i come up i can have a great family stand me and feed me grapes okay guys i think that’s everything shipping yeah i’m clearly high on endorphins um shipping details costs all of that will be on the.

Website i guess this is their last chance to talk to me about the lean bands though live so we should make sure all questions are answered shipping on the website there will be tracked and untracked and i strongly strongly strongly.

Recommend it’s entirely up to you but i strongly recommend going with tract it will be a couple of extra dollars or i don’t know how much extra and but just not much more and honestly because of coded it will make it so much easier for you to know when it’s coming to you track.

Where it is in the world as it’s being flown to you or whatnot that is my strongest advice for those of you who have bought the bands before i’m sure you will agree but yeah that’s that’s what i would go with um cool all right guys oh okay wait so if i ordered the band.

Today i’ll receive tomorrow guys i’m just gonna make this very very clear and i probably shouldn’t have said that the bands are not yet available kate is one of my lean creators so she’s part of my team and she’s being sent the bands a week earlier so that she can basically shoot them and get some videos.

With them and some content with them but for everyone the bands are not yet on sale and that’s because they’re not yet available to go on sale they will be on sale next week they’re going to be on sale likely on wednesday however the official launch date is not yet revealed.

It will be revealed very soon so be ready for that launch date and then depending on where you are in the world and the type of tracking and shipping that you choose will determine how long it will take for them to get to you sorry just wanted to clear that one up and so yeah watch this space.

How do i get on the email list simone all you got to do is go to my website lean with lily senior alex www.lean with lily alex is going to write it in and then all you do is to enter your email address on my website and you’ll be sent the weekly guides.

And all of the information all right guys love you so much i think there it is leave with quickly screenshot that guys or write it down we love you and we will see you i don’t know when soon monday for a live bye bye love you love you love you thank you for joining in.
Lilly Sabri

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