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What’s up guys welcome back to another live workout i’m excited about this one do you want to know why it’s because it’s only 30 minutes and don’t get me wrong i’ve been loving the longer form workouts they have been insane and intense and sweaty and burning um but yeah a shorter workout today i.

Think is the vibe i’m on we’re approaching the end of the 14-day strong-and-glow guide how have you found it by the way um personally this has been one of my favorite ever lima lily guys so i’d love to know what you guys thought in terms of this workout this is a full.

Body sculpt okay it is going to be 30 minutes from start to finish including the warm up there’s no cool down i want you guys to go off and do your own cool down of which there are so many on my channel and and basically the format is pilates versus weights okay so we start off with our three-minute warm-up.

We then have 10 minutes of pure pilates with a 10-minute countdown that’s going to burn those muscles where you’re like ow i did not know they were there then we’re going into weights they’re going to be three minute circuits okay three minute countdowns and it’s amrap so it’s how many.

Reps can you complete in that three minutes with two different exercises superseted back to back so it’s a little bit different to normal don’t worry just follow me beginners i will always give you modifications and i just want to take a second to say i am so proud of you guys like this has been a.

Tough guide but i feel like the energy you have brought to every single workout has kept me going and i know the energy and the vibe you’re giving off to each other has been so supportive and encouraging and amazing so i will keep talking as we do our warm-up.

We’re starting in 15 seconds for that warm up guys we’re going to start off nice and low okay putting your hands together pushing your elbows out against your knees going in three seconds and just swaying side to side and we’ll get a nice little vibe going equipment wise guys you’re going to need.

A chair or a step whatever you’ve got access to some weights i’ve got two weights okay well two different levels of weights 5kg 3kg or 2kg and also your lean adjustable baths keep going i’m just gonna tie my hair up.

okay rotate and back up batman drop your chin down towards your chest hop onto tension out the body.

so a lot of this work today is down on the mat okay in the weight section we come up quite a bit four three two and one now into your waist and spine side to side with a little pump at the end range.

Core tight you guys okay have your chair close by you are gonna need it okay so we’re gonna work through every single muscle group today there is gonna be quite a bit of focus on the upper body so you haven’t done a.

Huge amount throughout this guy also if you wouldn’t like that just taking a second to smash the thumbs up button hit and subscribe as you know by using hitting that button which takes a little second it helps us reach more people our community is at nearly 2 million which.

Is beyond words right 15 seconds i want you to pop the land on okay right we’re starting off with a back plank into a push out as we do this nice and tight i don’t want your butt touching the floor okay so we’re here fingertips facing forward two.

Three four five six hit those hammies make it harder by moving the feet further away okay thank you ella that is so kind of you thank you so much incredible thank you.

Three two flatten down okay push amazing two last one down.

i’m is move along now somebody got it.

is is squeeze.

okay is come tighten that band up i want it really.

Tight you’ve got a little bit more now for carbs and booty then we’re on to some upper body then caught okay moving the chair away okay oh no she forgot to turn off her wi-fi okay all right there we come i want the feet really wide high on the toes okay.

That band should be tight you guys peeling away up into a great hole between is is is higher.

okay we are now going for some arms to activate to warm them up to get that upper body ready for what is gonna be a burn okay coming up for me guys i want you to grab your hip band if you’ve got it okay really simple your hands are like so.

You’re pumping out against that band if you don’t have the band just hold weight puff okay find that b we’ve got this four four three down.

50 pounds up seven two okay that is your pilates section finished how is everyone getting on alex i thought that was personally quite nice but i feel like whenever i say that.

People are like okay so we only have five circuits they’re three minutes each okay we’re actually starting off with upper body while we’ve got that upper body fired okay then we’re going to be moving so i want you to have your lighter weights.

Close by then we’re going to be moving back into lower body five seconds three minutes each and wrap so it’s how many you can complete okay our magic number is ten we’re starting off with ten tricep dips okay i want them low guys i really want you.

Focusing on depth for this so coming nice and low up pump okay ten of those we’re then going to go into ten bent overrides okay but with a tricep extension here ten of those okay it’s three.

Minutes continuous uh start in 15 seconds this is the highest burden okay 10 seconds until we go breathe it out you got this you still got this oh is it on three two it’s not on one ten nine guys if you don’t have a chair just go.

Without okay is behind you i just want to really work my whole body guys one minute oh.

Okay come on you got this six seven eight two more then we finish off that three minutes tonight alex is it going straight into your next three minutes out of the system.

Okay next three minutes has started then guys okay we’re gonna bring one leg up into our split squat okay from here weights are in your hands we come down low push up through the heel ten on each side once we’ve done ten of.

Those we bring the weights down shoulders press okay ten we got there you can foreign wow hey guys.

me oh four minutes yes seconds left.

15 let’s seconds guys alex could you pause the timer please so i can correct mine had the wrong timer going okay guys we have so got this all right we’re sticking with booty alex is that okay or what are you up to tell me where you’re.

Up to and i’ll follow you two minutes no worries okay alex will let us know when we have 30 seconds left guys because i don’t have it on my screen okay we’re gonna rush and twist straighten lower brush and twist straighten lower from there single leg stretch.

With an arm ten of each alexa keep the legs straight forward oh is.

okay we have the chair for that next circuit guys okay all of it is up on that chair all right hop your band on and grab your weight i told you your booty was gonna hurt okay.

I want you if you’ve got them to double that one above your knees one below your knees and alex at the hinter we’re gonna be stopping after this three minutes okay or if you don’t want to alex i’ll just add one more time for the girls okay coming up squeezing that butt.

Because otherwise we don’t get a full three minutes down up over this close all right 10. hey is.

One minute guys okay okay but ignore the screen for me this is your last cell kit all right.

And we are making it absolutely nasty one band only makes 30 seconds on each exercise and we’re going in ten seconds our first exercise is step me tip one two one two hold away if you want let’s go thirty seconds exercise five exercises.

Grab your lighter weights okay biceps you guys okay grab your head away.

me then we’re done 10 seconds.

okay that should be your five seconds i’m so sorry alex’s timer was different to mine but we’ve made it all right guys we have a q a now i just want you to quickly hook your left foot over your right knee hop behind the back of the thighs and.

Please bear in mind this is just one of your workouts okay we are putting together the playlist which has your finisher all right nutrition q a we’re about to reveal some secrets i’m just kidding there’s no secret my my diet is very plain and simple i love food.

Okay hook the right ankle my gosh over the left knee breathe how you guys feeling oh my god just have a moment honestly like you should be so proud of yourselves honestly i’m so proud of you we’ve.

Nearly made it through this guide and i’m feeling bloom and strong i don’t know about you i don’t know if i’m glowing i’m sweating okay oh i’m just actually going to quickly stretch out your quads purely because mine are feeling it so i’m sure yours are as well but when you’re coming down into a side line.

Hook behind the ankle bring this front knee towards your chest at 90 degrees you can’t reach the ankle use your band okay just pop your hip band like so this is a really nice way of stretching okay and squeeze the booty as you squeeze the booty you’ll feel that stretch in the front.

Throat front of the thigh guys also as a reminder we have an extra live tomorrow it’s on instagram check out my instagram stories i’m also posting tonight a gymshark giveaway but we have two bonus lives this week tomorrow is 30 minutes pure pilates the.

Following day is a 30 minute stretch tomorrow is on anna mcnulty another gymshark athletes page and then the following day is online okay changing sides have we got maria ready yeah foods to glow how appropriate is that so we basically guys we’re just gonna do.

This other side we have a friend of mine who is incredible she’s a nutritionist she specializes in holistic nutrition and basically a lot of her work is around how to get that inner glow showing on the outside through what we eat also the lifestyle that we live so squeezing that butt and honestly why.

She is amazing i first met her she was doing a public talk here in dubai at an event just getting into those inner thighs now and i was blown away she is so knowledgeable but not in like an intimidating way where you’re like sorry what did you just say um so yeah i’m really excited for this we posted on.

Instagram to see what your questions were we had i think it may have been over 700 questions so as you can imagine that was difficult to whittle down but we took the most common ones and we’ve answered the most common ones and hopefully they’ll touch on what you you want to hear i’ll get the comments.

Out so i can see what you’re saying as well and i’ll give my small input and from my experience as well so what was it what helps you go live foods to help you glow which will count for hair care as well as skincare all right let’s go every time i really are in the.

Studio hi i’m maria marlow a holistic nutritionist and integrative nutrition health coach since we are in the midst of the strong and glow guide i’m gonna kick it off with a question about glowing skin this is my specialty and what i love talking about how to clear your skin from within.

So the top five foods for glowing skin number one dark leafy greens dark leafy greens include things like kale collard greens swiss chard arugula and essentially anything that’s dark leafy and green i like to call these nature’s multivitamins they’re also a great source of fiber.

With which aids in digestion and good digestion is key to good skin next up we have our orange veggies and fruit the orange is an indicator of beta-carotene and our body converts beta-carotene into vitamin a vitamin a is a critical nutrient for clear skin.

And in fact many times people with acne are deficient in vitamin a and simply adding that vitamin a back in can help reduce the acne next up we have cruciferous vegetables this is some purple cabbage cruciferous vegetables there’s so many different kinds it also includes things like radishes.

Broccoli cauliflower brussels sprouts kale there’s really a very long list of cruciferous veggies they what they all have in common is that they contain sulfur compounds which help our body to detox and when our body is detox and our liver is working really well.

And our body our digestion is working really well that’s going to result in clear glowing skin next up i don’t have it but wild salmon wild salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which are highly anti-inflammatory so if you have any sort of inflammatory.

Skin condition whether that’s acne psoriasis eczema consuming more omega-3 rich foods can help bring down some of that redness and the bumps if you want a plant-based source of omega-3s i highly recommend flax seeds you can also get from chia seeds or hemp seeds and.

Other nuts and seeds but i love flaxseed these are the whole flax seeds in order to get the maximum benefit be sure to grind your flaxseed before you eat it so i’m actually seeing all of your comments come through now i mean one thing that i am happy about is that’s kind of my diet anyway.

Um but yeah there’s certainly some things i’m missing there from my point of view like as you guys know i am massive into eating to not only like give you fuel but also nourish your soul and that’s something i say a lot like for me food is is life like if i had to choose what i prefer.

Between food and exercise i’m guessing most of you would choose exercise but honestly like alex i would say food is sweating yeah if i could i would eat whilst working out that is how much i love food um so yeah like i think for me food is way more than just calories in and calories out it’s like the pure.

Enjoyment of that and i’ve learned from an anti-inflammatory perspective especially when i ruptured my acl and mcl that like an anti-inflammatory diet is absolutely key to healing your body from the inside out and that’s not only going to give you energy and make you feel like you can conquer the world and.

Amazing it’s also going to help you get that internal glow to show externally which we all have in us and so yeah i am really interested on the next question actually this is this orange i can’t work out last time i look like a bumblebee and this time i can’t work out.

If i look like a charlie in the chocolate factory and palumpa or if we like it a grapefruit okay we’ve gone from a bubble bee to a grapefruit so is our grapefruit’s good for you that is the question but anyway the actual question is how do you make um veggies more.

Enjoyable which is i’m going to give my take on this after because i am dealing with a man who hates vegetables typically right and we managed to convert him i converted you into a walking vegetable ish anyway maria how do you make veggies more enjoyable next up a question from sid the science.

Kid who asks how can we make plain veggies good but still healthy i have a million tips for you but i’ll give you just three number one use spices spices are incredibly medicinal and beneficial for our health they also add a ton of flavor to.

Whatever you’re cooking so if you want to do a simple roasted veggie dish you can just pile on all different spices like turmeric garlic powder paprika cayenne anything that you want number two pair your veggies with healthy dips so for example you can cut up some raw.

Carrots celery or broccoli and pair that with a hummus or guacamole and number three make your veggies more interesting and fun by getting a spiralizer which is a really inexpensive kitchen gadget that turns your veggies into a spaghetti noodle shape.

And then you can add a tomato sauce or really any sauce that you want and it just makes eating your vegetables a little bit more fun i just heard hummus i heard hummus and i heard guacamole teddy you need to be in this because you like the mess don’t you my little home is fanatic teddy loves hummus i hope doggies are.

Allowed to eat hummus because he loves it doesn’t it look isn’t he a little burrito hey um so yeah basically my take is i think typically people think that healthy food is like really bland and boring and alex will definitely vouch for that so when we first met you were a student and whenever your family were around.

Your mom is an incredible cook his mum would always cook amazing food and then he’d freeze it so it would last but you ate a lot of packet noodles yeah all the time i mean that’s what students do that’s no that is not what we want to do you open me up to a whole new way of eating yeah.

And now i eat everything you eat yeah so basically when people are like oh what does alex eat and i’m like whatever he put i put in front of him basically like there’s not really any of my i was about to say healthy but it is healthy any of my healthy food that you don’t like.

So you may maybe realize that you can enjoy eating healthy and then it can be you should just and save it come on no he’s not coming um but yeah i think that’s it i think for me exactly what maria just said like get those bloom and spices and flavors involved like everything for me is about enjoying it.

Of course i’m thinking about the nutritional value 100 but i want i want to enjoy that texture i want to enjoy that taste that flavor and so in my opinion absolutely everything can be made delicious if you don’t like it in its raw form and you have the two options there you can bake them.

You can stir fry them whatever it might be or you could have them raw with a really yummy dip as well so um yeah there’s so much you can do obviously i have tons of recipes and i will keep showing you all of those uh when the app launches i’m so excited that’s all i’m going to.

Say but what was the next question by the way how can we reduce bloating ah interesting i’m excited for this one okay help marie one of the most common questions was about bloating so i’m going to share with you four t’s that will help bring down bloating and the moment.

But i just want to preface this with if you’re chronically bloated on a regular basis it’s not normal and it’s just a sign that you’re not able to digest whatever it is that you’re eating so i would recommend that you keep a food diary and that you work with a nutritionist or.

A functional medicine doctor to help you pinpoint the underlying root cause of your chronic bloating now when you are bloated the simplest thing is you can pick up some tea some licorice tea you can also get ginger tea or peppermint tea.

Or there are digestive blends that usually have a little bit of each in them so those would all be a good choice if you’re home i prefer fresh teas because they’re going to be a little bit more potent so i think they tend to work faster and so you can use fresh mint some sliced.

Ginger or fennel seeds and if you’re using fennel seeds i just use this little tea ball it’s about a dollar on amazon pour about a teaspoon in here and then put this in your in your cup you could also chew on fennel seeds and you can also add fennel seeds.

To foods that you’re cooking so any of these will help with bloating so there’s a slight lag on it and i’m listening to maria as you are and but i’m smiling is my favorite teas i actually i’m i’m not a fan of green tea which i know loads of people are and i also don’t like matcha which is really annoying.

But i do love peppermint tea peppermint and licorice are literally my two favorite and there are a few combined ones and also fresh mint tea i tend to have with fresh agave i never know how to say agave syrup or honey obviously depending on if you’re vegan or not.

And but yeah teas for me and who was i with oh my friend danae was over last week a few days ago and i’d made dinner and literally the second i put down my fork i was like do you want a tea and she was like really and i was like no no not like an english breakfast tea like after every single meal without fail i.

Have a fresh mint or a peppermint normally in peppermint yeah yeah every dinner i’d say every dinner because it just helps like the way i describe it is it soothes my stomach like it just it feels like a hug it literally feels.

Like it’s doing that to me and it just like helps soothe it and so yeah that i’m really intrigued that i’m well interested that maria said that because that’s what i naturally do and i’m i’m very intuitive i kind of i know what my body wants i’m very good at listening to what it needs.

But typically i’d say eight meals out of ten i have at dinners i have a peppermint tea afterwards so that’s really interesting um i am still reading all your comments what was the next question how to deal with emotional eating okay and actually just while we’re there.

Obviously it’s way more than just food and when it comes to bloating there’s so many different things which maria had longer would talk about that but that’s what she’s talking about chronic bloating bloating that’s there all the time it’s uncomfortable it’s painful and please.

Please see a specialist about that yeah so okay i forgot what the question was how do you deal with emotional eating this was a pretty common question so the answer you may or may not want to hear is that you have to deal with the emotion and what do i mean by that figure out.

What emotion is prompting you to emotionally eat is it anger is it sadness fear overwhelm loneliness what is it what is the specific feeling you’re feeling once you know that you can then try to remedy it so for example a lot of us are feeling.

Lonely right now because of lockdowns and quarantines and so how do you overcome that despite the circumstances that we’re all in well you could call a friend zoom a friend you can ask a friend to do a lily workout with you even if they live.

Somewhere you know across the world what i started doing with my mom who lives 8 000 miles away we do a walk and talk so she it’s her morning and it’s my evening and we’ll just go for a walk and talk on the phone of course if you have three minutes so there’s many ways to get around each.

Of these emotions uh but you have to identify the emotion first so then you know how to remedy it oh maria thank you um yeah quite a few people actually have started doing sorry just to touch on this uh zoom calls with friends and family where they’re doing my workouts together.

And i think there’s something honestly like what i feel we have created with this community is so special and and i think the lives have played a major part in that but also like the facebook group looking at the comments underneath each youtube video and like it it.

It’s amazing um not only are you encouraging yourself by commenting you’re also encouraging other people and then the support that’s thrown back and forward so in terms of yeah locating where that emotion stems from like maria was just saying i i think that that’s hard right and.

That’s a journey that you have to go on and you have to kind of unpeel your own layers um which can hurt initially like it can really hurt to work out where that emotion sits and has come from deep down inside but once you have you can actually start dealing with it.

And i know for me during uni like when i was really stressed and also on a personal as well as like work side of things and i i food for me is something i absolutely love but i stopped enjoying it as much and it was becoming an inconvenience and i probably wasn’t eating as much as what i.

Typically would so like emotions affect everyone in different ways some people like to speak about it some people don’t but i think what you need to know is this community is here for you we will encourage you we will help to inspire and support one another and if any of you are struggling on a on.

A level that you know you know you need a professional to advise you please please please make sure you’re getting that professional advice and on that i’m seeing a few messages in here where people are asking for like specific advice how many calories should i be.

Eating on this weight like i’ve said this before guys like we are not qualified to be advising on that so please please make sure you don’t like girls if you’re needing professional help i always refer to this like if you have an injury and you’re in front of me i am a.

Physiotherapist i will help you with that injury but i am not someone who specializes in the amount of calories you should specifically be having for your body type if you want to gain weight lose weight or whatnot so please make sure that we’re holding back on that and we’re just.

Spreading positive vibes and a positive relationship with food which is what this community is all about and okay right sorry what was the next one late night snacking oh i love a late night snack my favorite at the moment actually is peanut butter on top of um banana.

So good okay so yeah the next question is from moog the hoog how do you prevent late night snacking if you get hungry after dinner if you get hungry after dinner or really after any meal it’s a sign that you probably didn’t have a well-balanced meal it could also be a sign that your meal.

Was high glycemic or that you didn’t eat enough so mostly it’s going to be that it’s not a well-balanced meal or high glycemic so in that case what i would suggest is that you ensure that all of your meals are well balanced and that’s going to include about 50 of your plate should be vegetables.

About a quarter of your plate could be some sort of protein that’s three to four ounces of meat or about a cup of a vegetarian protein such as beans or lentils you also want a healthy fat like olive oil nuts or seeds avocado even and that other quarter of your plate could be.

About half a cup of grains or it could be more vegetables so if you want a full breakdown of what i like to call the ideal plate ratio that will keep you really fueled satisfied nourished also give you the nutrients that you need you can just google ideal plate ratio and my name for the full breakdown.

The chat um is turning and a few of you are picking up on it right i’m just going to put this out there girls i have no idea what i weigh i can’t even remember actually i can remember the last time i weighed myself i weighed myself.

After my knee injury and the reason why i weighed myself was because i was losing so much muscle and i was upset so i was weighing myself like once a month because this injury lasted a year right alex and i was so upset because all my hard work all of that strength that i.

Had gained all of that muscle that i had gained which in turn had made me gain weight which i was really proud of had gone because of an injury and what my point is is it’s way more than the number on a scale please please please stop fixating on it please i hate.

Numbers for that reason i don’t count calories i’ve never tracked calories i’m an intuitive eater i’m a massive fan of intuitive eating and the freedom it gives you to love your body to nourish your body to enjoy the journey and so please please please stop fixating on it you are more than that.

You are worth more than that you are amazing you should be so proud of yourself for tuning in to every single workout and being a boss woman all right for literally conquering what what is not an easy workout like my workouts are far from easy.

For releasing those endorphins for sweating for feeling like you have achieved something which you have right so please stop fixating on the things that really really really don’t matter and if you want something as a as a goal think about your energy levels think about how.

Confident you feel think about how great you look in an outfit but stop looking at the scales because they really don’t matter it’s all about your head your mind being happy okay because when your mind’s happy your body will stop being so stressed you’ll feel amazing you’ll have a skip in your step and rightly so.

Because honestly you’re working so hard and it is not about the numbers on a scale like please and and i’m saying all of this because i’m seeing all of it in the chat and our community is is is more than that it’s about inspiring one another it’s about feeling.

Confident from the inside out and of course yes if you want to growing your muscle growing a booty whatever it is you can have physical goals but try not to let your weight determine that because it’s not worth it i’m i’m heavy i’ve no idea what i weigh but i’m proud of the fact that i’m.

Heavy because that means i’ve got muscle and i’m strong and i’m a unit okay anyway what’s the next question healthy pestering tips oh i can help with that okay but maria first the next question is from hannah luian any suggestion for those new to eating a pescetarian diet yes if you’re eating a pescetarian diet.

That means that you’re relying on seafood as your animal or your soul animal protein source so two things to keep in mind one you do want to eat protein at every single meal but you don’t want to eat seafood at every single meal you really want to only have seafood.

About two to three maybe four times a week and then those other meals those are going to be plant-based protein such as beans lentils organic tofu etc and number two you want to be familiar with the types of seafood that are low mercury and the types that are high mercury and.

This is the reason you don’t want to over consume seafood because all seafood to some extent is contaminated with mercury pcbs and other contaminants which when consumed in excess are not healthy so you can look this up online this is in my book so i’ll just read you a couple.

These are least mercury fish anchovies catfish clams crabs flounder haddock cake herring mackerel oyster perch place pollock sardines scallop soul squid trout white fish and white king and ideally wild wild seafood that tends to be lower.

In mercury and the smaller fish that are about the size of a dinner plate are less okay so i didn’t get a chance to properly listen to you there maria i’m going to be coming back and listening because i’ve been pinning my favorite comments and one numeric marker how many burpees can you.

Do in in 60 seconds which actually if you want like a thing to measure your progress that is one for me like i’ll give you an example a skipping is a new like thing that i’m really into right tissa and i’m i’m basically my goal is to do a thousand skips every time i skip not in.

A row i do it in sets of 100 and this is just giving giving you an example i feel like a boxer i literally imagine myself as muhammad ali if i said the right person like is he the float like butterflies like when i’m doing it i have like my r b i’ve got like drake in the background.

And i’m like oh yeah and if i saw myself in a mirror i probably look absolutely dreadful but in that moment i am a boss right and my point is i feel powerful i feel athletic i feel lean i feel strong i feel motivated and for.

Me that is that’s everything right i feel confident and that’s because i’m doing something physical that is making me feel on top of the world i’m not going to step on a scale and feel like that right so use a different objective marker if you.

Want a number for something get a number in how high can you jump how many can you complete how fast can you go that that’s what we want girls okay because that is you being a boss right and i know that you put yourself through my workouts which is sometimes an.

Hour long and you keep going and that’s something you should be proud of you shouldn’t let a number on a scale dictate how you feel all right let it be how powerful you are how confident you feel of course how you look like great amazing but don’t let the.

Scales dictate that and i feel so passionate about that and that’s why i keep saying it because i’m still seeing the comments come up and it hurts um right lily’s going sorry baby full rocky mo it’s so fun though and i’ve now got to a stage where i’m doing 200 skips in a go i actually did 250 yesterday.

Because i got to 750 and i was so tired and my calves were like no so i just kept going anyway and pescatarian tips uh follow my recipes because and again like my mom’s a very good example of this actually mom doesn’t like fish she doesn’t she always says oh i don’t like fishy fish.

And if you know what i mean so i tend to add a lot of flavors a lot of spices which will also give you extra health benefits and for me baking fish or on the barbecue is amazing for a couple of reasons number one you can prep it you can put it in a part so you can add your spices i always go with extra virgin olive oil.

Again because of the health benefits and and then you put it in the oven and that’s it like you literally just let it cook on its own and you know if it’s in a parcel when you keep it going a little bit of that that sauce will stay there and you can pour it on top of the rice which is like or if you cook it for 20 minutes and you.

Open it for the last five minutes just so a little bit of that heat can get in it will crisp and there’s my uh seafood mediterranean pasta which is amazing my cajun salmon my cajun prawns my teriyaki salmon there’s so much okay what’s the next question i’m really hungry now okay.

The next question is from raya arakji how do i stop boredom eating we eat when we’re bored because we’re in need of a distraction not because we’re actually hungry so when you’re bored three things that you can do one go brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste.

That will prevent you from wanting to eat anything two chew on some natural gum again your mouth will be busy and you’ll have a minty flavor probably in your mouth so you’re not going to want to eat and three you can make yourself a tea i like making tea and i want to do something because it gives me.

Something to do and also there’s a whole ritual around it so you have to boil your water choose your tea and then you have to sip it slowly so it gives you something to do to take your mind off wanting to just rummage through your kitchen.

On top of that just to touch it i don’t know why i just came to my head but food prep and so i know like boredom or when you’re hungry and you just need something there and then which is often me like sometimes i like question my like love my sugar levels and stuff because i i need.

Food regularly don’t i alex yeah and if i’m like dropping in energy and i feel like my sugar levels are low like i need something and i need it now whereas alex will wait he’ll be like no we’ll get to the restaurant we’ll wait and then we’ll eat even if he’s hungry he’ll wait whereas i’ll grab.

Something and eat it in the car on the way to the restaurant little and often yeah although my dinners are pretty big so i don’t know about that little and often throughout the day lunch then little and often again then a big dinner and but yeah my point is meal prep not food.

Prep specific like sizes that’s up to you if you want to you can but for me i’m meal prep and what i mean by that is i cook like i have a family of ten um and then like even when i’m doing rice i’ll do like a lot of rice right then you can save it you can freeze it you pop it in the.

Fridge like when i’m doing my curries i make a whole box full he is fast asleep and so last night as an example i’ve made a seafood pasta or tuna pasta and and then i also had so i had leftovers of that what was the other thing i had left i had the salad oh and leftovers of.

The teriyaki salmon so it’s just it makes it so easy to make those easier health choices when it’s there readily available to you and so the last question is actually about periods and i’ve been getting a lot of dms recently uh from from young girls from from all.

Girls and but mainly young girls saying that i’m thanking me and for helping you get your period back so this is something i can’t comment on at all obviously i’m not qualified in this and but i am aware that a lot of you are messaging me saying thank you you’ve.

Helped me get my period back which obviously no thank you and but yeah this is i’m gonna hand this over to maria because obviously she she knows about this more than me the next question is from raya arakji how do i stop boarding the next there were quite a few questions about.

How to get your period back after there were quite a few questions about how to get your period back after you’ve lost it so the most common causes of losing your period include not eating enough calories not eating enough carbs too much stress or too much working out so.

If you’ve lost your period ask yourself which of these or combination of these factors may be contributing and then make sure you’re consuming enough calories for an adult woman the ideal amount of calories is 2 000 never ever go below 1400 calories it’s just not sustainable for an adult woman make sure you’re eating healthy carbs.

Like vegetables whole grains beans lentils complex carbohydrates uh make sure that you’re managing your stress and also make sure that you’re taking your rest periods as serious as you do your workouts give your body a break sometime.

And uh losing your period is just your body giving you a signal that it’s time to slow down it’s time to rest and it’s time to nourish your body a little bit so basically it goes back to what maria was saying and has said in previous lives of me and thank you so much for joining again maria.

And a balanced diet and sometimes i think we try to over complicate things right but by the way i am freezing sorry i didn’t turn the air oh do you mind bubba and whenever i’m working out i’m like really hot and then anyway um a balanced diet enjoying the journey enjoying your food food is life food is.

Goals and and please no more talk of these majorly dropping calories because it’s just not good for you it’s not healthy it’s not enjoyable and it’s not what we’re all about so and i really really really hope that’s helped in our private facebook group we now have a rule where we’re not we’re.

Not talking about calories we’re not talking about major um cutting and restricting of calories because it’s just not what we represent and we want you to enjoy the journey and of course everything that we’re doing the healthy delicious foods that we’re eating and and the workouts are helping you to.

Achieve your goals i hope well i know because i’m seeing the transformation photos and testimonials and which is amazing but yeah please know i am always here for you this community is always always always here for you we’re not going anywhere and and regardless of what your goals are.

I’m proud of you i’m proud of you for showing up we still have nearly a thousand of you sitting and listening to this so i really really really hope it’s helped and i know you’re not alone you’re not on this journey alone we’re all in it together and ultimately there’s no end to this journey right.

Like you will always be on a health and fitness and lifestyle journey and it’s there to be enjoyed because if you fixate on things as soon as you hit that goal you’ll just want another one right which is absolutely fine but please learn to enjoy it and i’ll give another example as i said my friend stayed over a couple of days ago and and.

I said to her as she came through the door i was like welcome to the retreat um and it was just because everything we try to do and the way we try to live life is to enjoy health and fitness without becoming fixated on it so alex and i we’re not obsessive in the way we work out we’re not obsessive in.

The way we eat healthy foods because we enjoy it and and if we want to have unhealthy foods we will have them but now i would say eight to nine times out of ten for me maybe eight and i want healthy food because i love the way it makes me feel and my friend even said that she was like.

This is one of my favorite houses ever and she was like i love the house but more than that it’s the energy it’s that wellness and health energy in the morning i love having my juice i love having my smoothie bowls i love fresh fruits and vegetables and that’s something that takes time and it’s learning to cook and enjoy.

Cooking and i know that’s not for everyone but making it as easy as possible for yourself to live a healthy and happy lifestyle and trying not to become fixated on numbers yeah i hope that helps guys and we’re drawing to a close now on the.

Guide i just want to say i’m so proud of you there are the two bonus workouts and tomorrow is on and at anna e mcnulty’s page and that is an hour later than normal so that is at 2pm gmt and that’s 30 minutes pilates i’m teaching it and then on friday is on at lily sabri.

That’s on my page we’ll type it in for you now and and that is 30 minutes of stretch taught by anna who is unbelievable she’s a contortionist like i am gonna look like a like a board aren’t i alex like i’m like i’m doing well and she’s over there and so i’ll write it down for you now but thursday.

2 p.m yeah are you writing it or am i yeah oh sorry 2 p.m gmt so you can take a screenshot of this guys and then friday is 2 p.m gmt at lilly sabri and that’s a stretch and this one is pilates sorry i am i promise pilates okay um mcnulty done um so yeah they’re over the.

Next couple of days we’ve got two bonus workouts um and yeah i hope you’re feeling strong i hope you feel like you’re glowing i can tell you are the energy of this guide has been insane it to the extent where i’m thinking of doing a um strong and glow vol 2. would you like a.

Volume 2. i think there was a real shift in this guide in that it was all about how powerful you can feel how much of a boss woman you are and the vibes the music was just insane like i’ve really loved it so i’d love to know if you have as well and i over the next two weeks i’m going.

To be majorly focusing on the app because we are starting to draw closer and with that launch day and we are majorly upping the game of the app which is very exciting but yeah i’ll touch on that closer to the time but yeah that app is is gonna be phenomenal all.

Right guys i love you so much um gymshark giveaway today on instagram so make sure you follow me on there check it out at lilysavery and i love you very much and and should we say goodbye with teddy very much and say goodbye to everyone come on my little burrito bye boy we love you.

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