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FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT πŸ”₯ Sculpt, Tone & Burn Belly Fat | 15 min


Welcome to your 2 week, full body hourglasssculpting Pilates challenge. You have been asking for this. Honestly, it has beenthe most requested thing I have seen in years. I’ve been a Pilatesinstructor for over 10 years and I’ve been doing Pilatesmyself for 15 years. And I know that it can getthe most incredible results, strengthening your core,.

Helping with your posture andall of that beautiful stuff. So this is going to transform your life. It is totally free, 14 days long, minimal equipment needed. And you can download thisfree guide down here. Click on the link, sign up, and then the free PDF willbe sent to your email. We also have a huge giveaway. You could win all ofthese stuff right here.

You don’t want to miss out. Make sure you check downbelow for how to get involved. Around 45 minutes of workouts a day, and we start off todaywith our first workout which is a 50 minute fullbody Pilates killer workout. Let us know how you get onin the comments down below and let’s bloom and do this. Okay, guys.(timer beeping) We’re going to start offby warming up our body.

Our feet to shoulder distance apart, you’re going to take yourchin down to your chest, and then roll your body all the way down. Just letting all the tensioncome out of your body here. Rock those side to side. Take some nice, calm, deepbreaths in through your nose, sigh them out through your mouth. And just start thinkingabout what your goal is.

For this 15-minute Pilates session. It is not going to be easy but it’s going to feel amazing. Now peel up the spine segmentallyone vertebrae at a time. You’re now going to cometo the back of your mat. You’re going to take a deep breath in as you reach your armsup and over your head. From there, you’re going topeel your way down again, all the way towards the mat.

Walk your hands forwardinto a plank position, drop your hips down, from there into downward facing dog and upside down V. Now back into a plank position. Really nice and strong here, pushing the floor away from you, making sure that thosefingertips are spread and you are really nice and grounded,.

Core tight, belly up andback towards the spine. You’re now going to shift your body weight slightly onto your left side. Hover your right leg, peel your right kneetowards your right elbow. Bring that leg back, right knee towards the left elbow. Bring that leg back. One more on each side here,.

Right elbow and back, left and back into that strong plank position. We’re going to repeaton the left side now. Left knee, left elbow and back, right elbow and back. One more each side, breathe and back. You’re going to lower the knees down.

Slowly lower your bodydown towards the mat. From here, I want you toreally think about your core being nice and strong and tight. Here shoot those arms out in front of you. Lift the upper and the lower body. We’re going to go swimmingopposite leg to arm. Amazing work, reallysqueezing the glutes here, pulling your core in nice and tight. We have 10, nine, eight,.

Seven, good work, six, five, four, higher, two and one, lower down for a second. I’m going to come back up again. We’re going to go withthe reverse hundreds. This time, your arms are downby the side of your body. Lift the upper body andthe lower body as you can. Now pump those arms up and down.

Keep looking down. Breath in for five. Breath out for five. Squeeze the booty. Amazing, try to have a little bit higher with that upper body, keep looking down chin to chest. We are approaching halfway now. Breath in, two, three, four, five.

Breath out, two, three,four, five, 40 left. Last 20, come a little bit higher, squeeze those glutes. Last 10, nine, eight,seven, six, five, four, higher, and one, amazing from there, push yourself up. We’re going to come onto our back now and we’re going to work into our core.

From here, I want thoselegs out in front of you. Slight bend in theknees, shoulders relaxed, palms inwards, we’re going toroll back to a count of eight. Take a deep breath in. Hold them like that, slow and controlled, eight, seven, form a C shape, five, halfway, four, one vertebra at a time, three, two, and one.

Okay, arms up and over of your head, take a deep breath in. On the breath out, full Pilates roll up, one vertebrae at a time, reach those arms up to the sky, and then slow and controlled, back down again. Remember, we are slow. We are controlled.

With these movements. This is Pilates. Good work, last one, breath out, and then slow and controlled, back down again. Great work, you are nowgoing to bring your knees in towards your chest as we go for a set of scissors. Pull one knee into the chest,.

The other one shoots out. Pose, one, two, change. Good work, keep looking forward. Keep your lower back flat, your chin tuck to your chest. Good, four more, three, two, and one. Into double leg tabletop, 90 degrees at the knees and the hips.

Peel your way up into a bridge. Shoot those arms up to the sky. Your left leg drops back asyour right arm drops back. Good work, now I want thoselegs at 90 degrees only. The moment they come in tighter, the easier it is. Try and keep your lower back flat. Five, with your neck sore,lower your head down. Otherwise, keep yourchin to your chest, four,.

Three, amazing work, two, and one, knees into your chest. We have some double legstretch coming up now. I’m challenging you, okay? Double leg tabletop again, 90 degrees at the knees and the hips. We’re going to reachup towards the ankles. Straighten the arms and legs out.

We still have eight, seven, breathe, six, three, just two more, two, last one, now hold straight, eight, seven, you may feel a shake, that’s fine, five, four, keep looking forward, three, two, low back flat and one, wow. Whoever says Pilates is easy is lying.

Okay, flatten those feet out now. We’re going to go oversome controlled bridges. So with your arms downby the side of your body, one vertebrae at a time, you’re going to lift thespine up towards the sky. Watch, I’m really peeling my back up one vertebrae at a time. From there, take your armsup and over your head. Then one vertebrae at a time, lower down.

Upper back, mid back, lower back. Then, bring those arms back. Okay, we’re doing fourof those, that’s one. Really squeeze the glutes as you control your body down, three, one today. Good, this time, we’regoing to hold at the top and we’re going to bringyour arms to 90 degrees. Amazing work, from here as you lower down,.

I want you to take your armsdown by the side of your body halfway to that, lower, shoot them back up again. Now you’ll notice that my toes are raised, my heels are digging in. I am squeezing my booty like I’ve never squeezed it before, amazing, really squeezed. You have four left, three,.

Two, amazing, one. Now hold at the top, hold strong. I just want you to pose up to the sky. Tiny little movements, digging those heels in, really squeezing the butt muscles, okay? Amazing work, you have 20, 19, 18, four, three, and two, and one. Hold there, drive up ontothe toes now and lower down.

Just 10 of these, nine, eight, seven, hands down if you need support. Okay, hold high on the toes for me, drop one heel down, followed by the other. Three, two, and one, hold on the toes, lower the arms down, then segmentally, one vertebrae at a time,.

Lower that pelvis down. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, okay, knees into your chest. You guys are killing it. I just want to tell youabout something amazing, the LEAN Transformation Method. This is the exact style oftraining that I do myself to achieve a Pilates body and we actually have 7 days for free.

Right now on the LEAN App. So please don’t miss out. We’re going to transformyour body and your mind. We’re actually starting off on our knees. We’re really going tocontrol this movement to work into our quadscore nice and tight. Tuck the tailbone under. We’re going to drop backas far as you feel you can in a straight line,.

Then back up to neutral again. Now as we drop back, one arm comes up and over and back. Amazing work, 15 seconds left here, two more, amazing work, then we come up into standing. Incredible, that was like alittle warm up for your quads. We’re now up in standing and we’re going to takeour legs nice and wide,.

Toes pivoted outwards. Your knees are going togo over your middle toes, and you’re just going to comedown into a nice low squat. We’re going to start off with a hold here, breathing, feeling that burn in our quads. And in three, in two,arms out in front of you, one, we’re going to pulse. 15 seconds left here. Try come a little lower.

Make sure that those knees are tracking over the middle toes. Three, two, raise your heel just one side. Take that arm out and we’re going to pulse here. Oh wow, you are really going to feel this. Keep pushing, keep pulsing, three, two, change sides, let’s go. Aye, aye, aye, feel that burn!.

Three, two, and one, arms out in front of you. We are not coming up. We’re staying low. This time, we raise on tothe heels and we lower. Amazing, keep your coretight, collarbones open, upper body relaxed, we are elegant, we are poised, we can do this. Good work, try and take your butt.

A little lower for me now. Good, three, two. Okay, now we’re going to hold on the toes and we’re going to pulseit at home on the toes, then we’re done. 25 seconds left, so youshould be feeling here, a little bit booty, pull that core in, woo! 20 seconds, come on.

Breathe, breathe, breathe, five, four, three,(timer beeping) two, oh wow! Guys, that was a tiny little taster. Just 15 minutes, normally my Pilates workout are 30 to 45 minutes long. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you want more of mylonger Pilates workout.

And guides are to 8 weeks long, you can get a hold of them on LEAN App. The link is down below and yeah, I hope to see you on the LEAN App soon. Well done, guys, mwah! You smashed it.

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