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What’s up guys how are we have welcome to day number three of the summer straight how are you getting on I’ve been looking through the comments and apparently I’m working you very hard I think a lot of you are burning right now please let me know let me know where you’re tuning in from a hot Teddy Kimi yes.

And I said yeah how are you finding it hey hi so for once he isn’t asleep right now he normally naps at this time don’t you yes I do but today’s workout is very different today we are doing Pilates now don’t be fooled a lot of people like our Pilates just means we’re lying on the map no I.

Am gonna work you we’re gonna be focusing on the entire body but mainly into the waist really tightening into the stomach we’re gonna be working the shoulders the booty and down into long lean legs as well and a bit of arms set everything basically equipment wise all you need reverse is a resistance pant if you’ve got one if you’ve got the.

Adjustable please grab this just because we are going to be loosening and tightening it throughout and also a set of weights if you don’t have weights just grab water bottles whatever you can get your hands on honestly like it will burn without any equipment at all they go to scale okay so very different it’s slower paced but that doesn’t mean.

You’re not gonna burn your muscles in a way you never have before a lot of the future will recognize because I incorporate a lot of Pilates into some of that ab work we do that outer thigh work we do but yet in confirm so we’re doing 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes working different body parts we start off with ABS okay so.

We’re gonna go in 15 seconds Teddy I’m gonna need you to move baby oh no okay so your legs are together scuse me Ted a slight bend in you these are they straighten them up that’s another some strength nice and upright through the spine I want you to peel back in a c-shape the way you really feel your stomach muscles kicking in and.

I’m going to be coaching you through the entire thing so the music will be a bit lower today putting the stomach muscles in relax those shoulders hold good right now breath it brings out relax the shoulders three guys now.

like clapping come on it Oh Oh.

hi now however either guys your course should be woken up that would like to warm up to your core okay I want you to now grab.

Your weights because we’re going to be knowing and on the shoulders with the core a lot of this you will recognize we’re coming up into double leg tabletop so both legs are up one at a time at 90 degrees I want the lower back flap on the core really nice and tight we’re gonna have a single leg stretch stretching the leg up.

During it back in let’s go Oh mm tabletop again the log back slap no.

Interrupting and the core is tight as we tap the foot down okay we keep the weight tonight we’re gonna.

Pop those arms up and down keep looking for a beginning let’s down okay going in full down okay step up do you come there’s so many times with me this is actually a Pilates move okay so we up and SS tables up again the core is tight no overarching the arms up as we drop back the right.

Leg the left arm drops back and we keep that lower back flat in four three two let’s go yeah yeah how is that cool feeling nice now I told you it’d be so much slower paced but that does not mean that it’s not gonna burn okay our next section is full of.

Booty ten minutes pure butts and outer thighs and then the last section is going to be legs and upper body with a touch of cool okay so you’re gonna need your band a lot for this bear in mind we get zero breaks throughout this okay so we are literally going to keep that pain on the bus hello how are you is painted in a.

Positive way you know on me so we’ve got the adjustable van guys I want you to pop it really quite tight I want you to challenge yourself with this really tight net and it’s going just above the knees if you don’t have a band please don’t worry but equally please get your adjustable orders because they are so nearly sold.

Out this color is already sold out okay so loading the weight onto your pelvis I want you to dig your heels in for me and lift your toes okay you’re gonna laugh so much but my mom’s calling okay guys we are going in 15 seconds we’re gonna dig those heels in we are gonna lift the toes okay load the weight onto the pelvis tips so funny okay come up nice.

And hard keep that promise hi Vicky cage down tailbone tucked to take a moment to look at the screen what I mean by that is I don’t want you like this which I cool sexy Instagram I want you like this I can tell when tax but please rotate down and hold for three.

Yeah grazie what fur that’s blue it he comes around yeah yeah.

Oh we are outside really breathe guys ready pitch halfway eight eight two three four I really hope I don’t have to sing to you.

We’re having a music love five two three four four squeeze the buck three Oh why all the way together and then lower down.


by then I’ll scan your mugs against the clamshell.

they won’t come back to pick him back up again.

Oh to my knees what standing if you want to grab a hold of your mate with starting off with shoulders and heart how you feeling by the way let me know how that bar feeling okay we’re going to be doing maintenance rather than tense so you can just pass in a minute my mouth that’s easier we’ll stop two minutes okay.

all right so fifteen second countdown you can start any of you want to okay we’re starting off with our shoulder press one two three four we’ve done it before core nice and tight no overarching ribcage down chest open not much to think about three two it’s gonna hurt.

Okay okay.

I have one last exercise bingo wings we are going with 16 tricep dips then we’re done in four in three.

straight we’re gonna drool some hot ox okay often stopping over make it hotter put up it away from the outside term down heal up three.

three bullets hyah.

you should be okay to a minute we’re home making it up as we go along that you are completely done I hope you enjoyed it very very different to what you used to do to me.

By often to private Facebook group what you guys wanted and this happened really double any other vote you guys went crazy for plastic I never got a second guys putting a 1 you can go home okay so for those of you kind of really filling a pool right now you can’t just keep your legs down otherwise go double leg up or just whose recipe to one grow back.

So let’s start off with in time relax the shoulders okay collarbone open chest open lift the legs if you can 109 Oh dice it for today what I love about philosophies you like through a crazy burn people used to come to my classes.

In the lunchroom I like I love it because I felt a crazy bad but I’m not like crazy sweaty so you can go off and do all the things afterwards so I really hope you enjoyed the band I guess that was like a small taste up just 30 minutes of love a flatus full body is like guys also I just need to let you know Jim Chuck something quick the damn.

Truck sale starts tomorrow I know I touched them this on Mondays bye also in yesterday’s video for those of you who haven’t been involved in in your truck sale before by the way this outfit is in it it goes crazy we were in it last year and we were like ready waiting hi I’m not gonna lie what a lot like them but it is so reduced so it’s up to.

50% off on and on all unselected Jill sharp lines this is one of the outfits that’s included in it I’m actually on my Instagram stories tonight going to be showing you my favorite outfits my favorite pics from the gym shop sale so it will help you choose what you want to get if you want to get something but honestly there’s fun normal outfits that.

Are in there and some of them to match some of them Accords and but yeah I thought this was a really really cute outfit this sports brought by the way I don’t have the biggest of boobs if I feel like it just shapes you in the most amazing way and it’s also incredible into your waist as well so I can’t even remember what this one’s.

Called out what these are called but they’re in the description box and with the unique links we’re going to be putting that in in the next couple of minutes I’ve got them and I love this and these feel I wish you could feel them they feel like heaven I wore these in black on mondays live as well and they actually held up really really well.

For cardio being totally honest for me these leggings are better for my Pilates and the camo which you see me wear a lot which a couple of the colors in the camo are in the sale they’re amazing for Cardiacs they literally suck you in and hold you in place and I’m going to quickly check if anyone’s asking any questions I’m gonna jump on also guys.

There is another workout to go with this don’t forget there is a finisher and ha the back is right there and and the best way of finding the finish ugh I know a lot of you again diffuse is just to go into the playlist can we turn the music down bub sorry and you can go to the playlists and basically thanks to Alex the playlist exists and you can just.

Click on it and it takes you straight to the workout you should be doing after this so just literally click on playlist there is a day it will say day 3 summer shred challenge and it’s all there I can’t cool is that is anyone still here how do I do the live chat oh is this not working for me guys we’re just trying to find you and get your chat up unless.

Tarik you have within their book sorry and I just want to know if any of you have any questions whoa about the Jim shock sale before it goes live tomorrow and love this amazing more plus in the future my safe perhaps blackouts cause on fire I told you guys I told you yeah you can do the finisher after or before like it really doesn’t matter we.

Call it a finisher because most people do it afterwards but it doesn’t matter if you do it before or after and guys let me know if any of you have any questions about the JibJab sale or about anything to be honest more palacios which Jim shark outfits will be on sale and there’s a lot a lot I’m gonna be in my Instagram stories showing you some of.

The gym shark outfits that are on sale some of my favorite pics all of the outfits that you’ve seen me wear this week are in the gym shot sale so this is in the gym track sale these are in the gyms I sell these in black or in the job shop sale mondays outfit from the live is in the sale yesterday’s outfit from the tiny waist.

Workout and sale tomorrow’s outfit and so and it starts at 7 p.m. UK time tomorrow and it’s for 24 hours only so yeah you kind of got to be in it winner and but yeah and a lot of people asked about sizing I wear a size small in gym shark and I’m a UK size 8 and I would say it’s pretty much true to size.

To be honest I’m just always a small and see if that kind of gives you an idea I think what it’s like gosh there’s quite a lot coming up I do ah okay and I have someone’s asking about chest workouts if you just literally search Lily Safra chest workouts and I’ve got quite a few there so that will help you with that but and.

Just literally use the little function okay thank you that’s so kind thank you so much you’re such a babe that’s the big like honestly last year if I’m like totally honest what happened was then we have both laptops up for Alex and I at the time that during the gym shop sales started and one of them was working I think it was yours Alex something was.

Happening so we ended up doing it on mine because by the time I chosen what I wanted and was like I put my stuff in the basket cool secured Alex went on an old pistol fold-out it sells out so quickly guys that’s what I’m trying to show you so make sure you check out my Instagram stories to get an idea I’m also going to show you some of the.

Outfits now I’ll just grab them to give you an idea of what’s there and will they deliver around the world yes it’s worldwide delivery I think I’m pretty sad Jim sharks sports bra sizing I wear a small and in terms of like cup size I’m a thirty all on the Left wardrobe you should see my water yeah I actually I.

Have way too much it’s actually ridiculous I’m like not all of it show me I get all the stuff on the left to a certain power up to the bright green or bright people all the black up to the black I tried to color cord and you know clueless film clueless it’s kind of like that yeah all of that and this is just like.

Literally the smallest amount guys of what’s in the sale but this just kind of gives you an idea so yesterday can I use this no can I see yesterday’s outfit was these leggings okay cool yeah I can’t see about a minute but I think I am yesterday’s outfit with these leggings right here and I couple these so basically everything guys is up to 50%.

Off so I’ll talk to you about why I love these it’s because they are so figure-hugging they pull you in on the waist like crazy and they also just make your butt look phenomenal so these are to be honest one of my faves I’ve got them in a lot of colors but you kind of know me like I love bright colors so I again the link.

To these is in yesterday’s video so just go to the description box I wear a size small in everything and I tackled them we’ve the studio sports bra we change their that is the studio sports bra in black and I thought it looked pretty cute with the black to be honest black or white it would look really nice with and again this look at the back look how.

Cute the back is I think that is so cute it’s like kind of and like ribbon materials it’s got that feminine touch it’s got a double crossover at the front it’s great on the boobs I’m not gonna lie and it’s also got really good support it’s got removable pads so that is amazing this is turned into a clone.

That’s one of my faves and the studio studio sports bra is honesty one in my face if you want to see it in action that outfit is yesterday’s outfit yesterday’s YouTube outfit and this is tomorrow’s outfit ultra seamless again phenomenal shape on the leggings they’re a little bit thicker actually and I think that’s why they’re so like.

Figure-hugging whereas these ones I’m wearing now are really thin the these are really dick yeah you can see really thick really supportive and Alexandra one of our girls in the Facebook group wears this quite a lot so if you want to see it on her it’s frickin unreal she’s a babe and and this is I think they call.

This the teal but again you’ll see it all in the description box this goes live tomorrow’s workout and it has the matching sports bra this is a winner can you see that look at how strappy and cute that is like for me it’s like super sporty because it’s like cute sexy but sporty at the same time this actually goes like that so it’s kind of over to.

The one side but again it will be on my Instagram stories and then this cute crop that goes where there Gus is the back so everything is up to 50% off I don’t know the specifics but the specifics will be in the description box also this same same different color I love this I bought this myself in the sale.

No I didn’t I bought this full price actually last year because I loved it so much and this is the matching leggings again I had some one these yeah but super super thick very high waisted pull you in at the waist thicker material so you do get a bit hotter and which matters for me when I’m outside because Dubai is ridiculously hot but yeah.

They’re just they’re such beautiful leggings and okay you already know how I feel about this mmm these give you shape ha but you don’t even know existed I just loved the camo everything about the camo you will notice Alex gets annoyed because he’s like stopped wearing the same thing over and over again but I’ve got this in green black and this winter.

Berry and it has where’s the back yeah the back I should actually show you so the back has a cute little Roush can you see that you see it turret on the butt cute little ruched there which is just amazing for shaping your bar it kind of gives you that like beautiful heart-shaped booty the waist very thick waistband so again.

Hourglass and phenomenal for cardio these are to be honest these the flex and I think there could the animal are my favorite for cardio because they just suck you in and hold you in and yet they’re amazing sports bra sorry crop top has these holes in the back which is super super cute full-length super flattering and.

You can pop whatever sports bar underneath to be honest legacy I’ve just remembered it’s called legacy so I’m wearing the legacy now I you know what I love I love this and I’m learning this like about women’s bodies off our bodies obviously if you have this waistband here it is so flattering into the waist and there do you know.

What it’s a really simple sporty bra like it really holds you in place it’s kind of it has got that sporty look to it and yet it’s still feminine so yeah the black are up for me these are kind of staples because you can chuck them with anything and the black legacy I don’t know what this color is cooled but another legacy these leggings are.

Exactly the same as the ones that I’m wearing yeah you see sorry the screen is over there and I have really bad eyesight and you have like this cute yeah you can see can you see that pattern down there which i think is so different I love it you can see they’re thin they’re quite thin material they feel.

Like freakin a cloud I don’t know what cloud feels like but they feel like velvet they are so soft oh my gosh and I wore them for cardio on Monday they were good for cardio they were definitely good however I feel more comfortable in the camo for cardio even the ultra seamless I’m pretty certain it’s called because the.

Waistband sticker the waistband on here is thinner so I was having to kind of pull it up a bit more whereas with these it never drops ever ever see ya beautiful leggings as I said I picked up my faves this one I haven’t tried on yet so I’d love to tell you what it looks like on but I just got to look really cute on the website cross over at the.

Back and then look at that can you see that how cute I think you’re noticing like I love a sporty look that’s kind of a little bit sexy and feminine like coupling those two together I’m like yeah that is the one okay oh yeah this is one of my favorite tops I am I wore it in my facebook live the other day and I literally randomly.

Picked this but this cropped not cropped up this vest top is so nice I think so anyway it’s a look at the shape like it’s so flattering because it kind of goes out in out do you know what I mean and this is perfect for me here in Dubai because I am always wearing sports stuff and obviously like I can’t be going out in a.

Crop top everywhere so just chucking this on on top is like super flattering and jumper again super cute you’re getting an idea of my style girls cute feminine little bit sexy so one shoulder and then a panel at the back so try it on why not show it on okay so I think this is just really really cute how many how many times can one girl use.

The word cute I love that short I’m sure there probably is I didn’t pick any of the shorts but I’ll get back to you on that I’m not a hundred percent sure how cute was that let me show you the back nice right oh and I haven’t tried this on yeah but another vest I thought it looked flattering so let’s see if it is.

Flattering I’m quite good now at choosing Ramar website what I think is gonna suit me like I have things that I know will kind of work for my body and definitely things the world works for my body and that’s why I think it’s important to show you them on oh yeah this is gonna be yeah that’s nice again kind of figure hugging here sorry I keep.

Looking over there because that’s where I can see the screen but yeah to be honest and if I would potentially hello Teddy I would potentially size down so this is a small and I could maybe go for an extra small in this but that’s the only thing where I would maybe go extra small everything else fits perfectly okay that.

Ended up being the most random little hole but I did not plan at all so there we go and I’m going to be showing it all on my Instagram stories this evening and of course if you would have mind guys can you see me yes you can if you wouldn’t mind excuse me and shopping through my link I would like hugely hugely hugely appreciated the link is in.

My description box of every single YouTube video and and also if you are following me on Instagram oh baby on story is literally all you’ve got to do is just swipe up bear in mind the sale doesn’t go live until 7 p.m. UK time BST tomorrow so when you swipe up at the moment be full price but as soon as it hits.

7:00 p.m. tomorrow it will be the discounted price hope that makes sense and and yeah the swipe ups on my stories are linked to me so it’s the same as using my link or if you’re just using my link from the description box like you have no idea how much I appreciate it so thank you thanks Nikki oh my god so many of you have stayed around Orson and Kate.

I’m gonna find out about shorts for you which Kate was that what was Kate’s surname okay Kate I will put on my stories if they’re shorts I’ll just write a little bit underneath one of the stories that I do is to keep your eyes peeled that’s probably the best way to do it and any other questions this is so funny because I can see what the outfit.

Looks like on now who’s active Lily just Adam train with you sometimes what Adam in in Dubai and get do you mean Adam I can’t remember Adam surname but Adam in Dubai if it’s Adam optimum nutrition athlete Adam I haven’t trade of him no but he is a friend but we’ve never trained together unfortunately I’m sure it’ll probably be.

Brutal and I want to buy everything do it I am I bought so much last year that I even got sent a handwritten note because when you buy quite a lot I don’t think this happens every year but because I bought a lot I got like a note from Jim shark like like I can’t remember what it said but it was something like thank you thank you and.

Yeah well done with your success in the city although something and also oh god that means I spend a lot of others how big did the brass go up I’m actually not sure Alex would you quickly look online just Jim sharp Jim Chuck women and when I last looked on the site they do have short oh they 100% they have loads of shorts in Jim shark I just.

Don’t know if they’re going to be in the sale my favorite shorts are the gibberish our flex shows they’re like oh unreal they’re so good for shape and can’t find day to just go into my playlist so literally my other phone my phone says you’re just going to play at the top of my okay sizing on Jim shark is xs-2x l.

So I hope that that helps Jenni why but my phone is freezing so basically if you go to my youtube channel at the top they will say Lily sorry whatever it will say videos playlists and every tip tip click on playlists it will have actually it works it way up sort will have summer shred 14 day challenge day 1 so I’m about 14,000 a 2 and a 3 just click on.

Day 2 and it has them in there for you ok its hopefully know why my phone is freezing clearly using it too much guys keep the questions coming in I’m here too also got a go and film some men it’s around videos now I have weirdly long legs I wonder if you have longer legs than me because I am the latest human ever and I haven’t found a problem so.

There’s certain brands that I’m not gonna say the names of cuz that’s just bad but there’s certain atheleisure where– brands where it just frustrates the hell out of me because the leggings are just social of me and because they’re sure what happens is they dig in because they’re supposed to be lower down at your ankle they’re actually on.

My calf and they dig into my car and it’s like really uncomfortable and the gym shark I have to say they’re actually good on me I think they would be longer obviously they’ll be better on like an average height human because I am I am tall I’m like 5 foot 11 and so don’t know what that is in centimeters but it’s very tall and but.

Yeah Jim Jacques I haven’t there’s not been one pair of leggings where I’m like oh that’s so annoying they need to be longer there’s a few shorts the things that don’t work for me overly well when Jim shark is the cycling shorts because the cycling shorts are supposed to go down and you say to your knee here but for me they kind of come here and it.

Just it doesn’t work all that well for me because I’m I’m long and but leggings are perfect and the other shorts like the normal thought so the Flex that are shorter so like here work really well so yeah I hope that answers your question yes I’ve been wearing Jim shark for four years maybe five before before we met and we don’t even know how long ago we.

Mex we’re like the worst humans ever we don’t even have an anniversary and for five years I would say but wearing a lot probably the last year yeah and I think Jim shark outfits have got better and better and better as they’ve got a lot of like 100% in terms of quality design shape what’s it called where they like.

Durability so so good now anything else you can see Tara are they go Emma do you know how long the legging length will be most of them are full length for rather than seven eight it will say in the description but they’re full length rather than yeah seven eighths or however they say it okay cool I think we’re good I just want to quickly show.

You guys Tara I just want to show them where are you logged into mine no I just want to quickly show you Lily Sudbury where the playlist is because I know a lot of people are getting confused so if you go on to my profile is that close enough your chairs there yeah so my profiles there and you literally just click on playlists and.

Can you see here it says 14 days some stretch allenge day 3 so you want a day to remember who it was asking but then can it have the two videos and that’s it alright guys I shall see you on Instagram tonight don’t forget to come over for a little mini haul I love you so much yeah and don’t forget to tag me in your.

Stories well done you smashed it yeah season okay
Lilly Sabri

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