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FULL BODY PILATES SCULPT | 30 minute Home Workout


We are live what’s up familia welcome to your 30 minute pilates full body scope now disclaimer at the beginning it’s gonna burn take it at your own level okay i’m actually going to be doing a lot of the beginner stuff today because.

I can’t actually walk at the moment because my lower body and my shoulders but mainly my lower body it’s it’s done it’s finished i’m waddling around because i’ve been filming so much for the app and for youtube so we’re gonna have a vibe we’re gonna have fun.

Just go with it take it at your own level we have one minute each exercise 30 exercises all on the mat and all pilates inspired so i’ve grabbed a heavier weight my adjustable band some lighter weights for upper body you go with what works for you we’re getting started in 15 seconds okay we’re going to start off.

Down on our forearms pulling that core in nice and tight lifting the legs up and we’re gonna do a little cycle with the legs okay let’s go breathing and if this is too much just go single leg straighten up and round pull that core in really nice and tight.

And breathe enjoy that music stay back we are slow we are controlled ten seconds left four three two changing legs if you’re going with that beginner level otherwise both legs are up and you are cycling.

You’re here goodbye incredible keeping both legs up if you can now we tap down up straighten in three good as soon as this leg is down down up straight and breathe.

Four three two ten legs let’s go good advance remember this leg is up at 90 degrees beginners you’re with me keep that core really tight look forward and breathe amazing come on down for me grab your heavier weight or a lighter one it’s up.

To you you’re going to go full roll up punch up to the sky change the hand okay if that’s too much go with a lighter one keep pushing for me you can do this 15 seconds that’s all five four three two and one hold that weight nice and.

Strong now we have an arrow sit up hip to the center down over to the left down and to the right if you can go with a full roll up here do beginners stay here keeping that.

Core really tight and engaged belly button back towards the spine and breathe breath out breath out get back you’re nearly there 15 seconds come on you’re killing it keep pushing amazing work take that heavier weights.

Only if you feel able lift it up to the sky hold it strong you are up in double leg tabletop okay from there you’re gonna straighten tap the foot down and bring it back in again try and keep that lower back in imprint lower back into the mat.

breathe good leg breath out and in good beginners one legs down like so amazing work you guys beginners changing legs i’m really there now you guys.

Good keep that core really tight for me amazing work both legs are up to the sky now you’re going to hold those arms up if you feel you can as you lower the legs down you cross over if that’s too much pop the hand underneath the back for a.

Little bit of support cross and lower good work and back up again don’t let that lower back leave the mat keep it nice and engaged core strong nearly there you guys come on 15 seconds left that’s all.

Really there come on amazing if you have the lean adjustable band i want you to pop it just above your knees now it’s going to get a little bit nasty okay we’re going with a reverse crunch into an open close i want a moderate intensity hand.

Underneath the lower back reverse crotch as you come out straighten fencing open close i should say against that fan good breathe you can do this you can do it i don’t know if i can my body is is beyond done right now oh my gosh.

Lily savory why’d you do this to yourself 15 seconds nearly there come on amazing take both legs up to the sky now you’re going to open close against the bands as you lower down.

This is really quite challenging now good keep pushing out against that band as you lower breathe keep that rib cage down i’m just going to show you what i mean by that keep going okay if this happens you see how my rib cage is up but my lower back is completely arched.

You’re at risk of injuring the back i want that rib cage down and i want that tailbone tucked under imprinting the spine so we’re from here to here good you are killing it you guys just 15 seconds left keep that moving incredible wow wow okay.

Keep those legs up we’re gonna go with speed push outs against that band keep that core really tight for me and just push out nice and fast again no arching cage down four three two now we come to the middle point 45 degrees push out.

Incredible you guys good keep going i’m just adjusting a bit all right breathe five four three two good in now straighten out so let’s go ten seconds replace now come on you can do it you’ve got horsepower.

Oh my gosh how are you going bend those knees the knees are shoulder distance apart push out against that band i don’t want them buckling in keep them wide okay we have a full roll up the feet are away from the butt come all the way up touch to the ankles and back beginners you’re here.

good your knees are going to want to fall in don’t let them push out against that bands 15 seconds left you guys keep those knees wide they’re going to want to do this okay because they don’t want to take the easy.

Option don’t let them push out against a man keep that tension on that posterior oblique chain sounds really really sciencey but basically just push out okay grab a hold of your weight now keep those knees nice and wide and you’re going to rotate you okay alex what’s wrong just rotating side to side.

For me all good dj alexander house so we’re just doing 30 minutes straight but i’m giving them a minute each exercise good keeping those knees wide you’ve got 30 seconds left you guys 30 from now keep pushing out against.

That band 10 seconds amazing work okay we’re going to go with a hold now this is your last core exercise come on really push it you’re going to come back to your biting.

Point either keeping the hands down or hovering them lift the legs up for me i’m going to have the hands down like beginners okay hover everyone else you are here if you can good breathe breathe it out five four push out against that band one now we straighten bent.

Good work 20 seconds left you can do it amazing okay we’re gonna hold the legs straight now ten seconds push out against that band five four three two wider two okay booty i’m actually gonna take the band off but please keep it on if you haven’t been.

Filming for like 24 hours a day like me so keep it on if you can we’re going to start off with side work series now this is going to really hurt we’re coming down onto our side all the way down you’re going to hook the upper leg behind the underneath one and then you’re going to tap that knee down.

And open try and keep that gap underneath the waist if you can control that movement pretend you’ve got your favorite drink on this hip and you don’t want it to spill okay good now only if you want to take that heavy weight.

Pop it on the outer thigh and you’re going to pump lower halfway pump all go without it’s entirely up to you guys this is you against you listen to your body i’m listening to mine today if i hadn’t obviously had this live in it would have.

Been a rest day but you guys come first but i am 100 resting after this 30 seconds left good core really tight for me breathe you’re nearly there good keep thinking about those muscles you’re working this is the glute mead you want to be hitting that outer glute muscle.

It’s deep in there five seconds left amazing work okay i want you to straighten that leg out you’re gonna pump it up you’re then going to come forward and pump it up good work if you’ve got that band on i salute you if you want to make it harder still grab this weight.

And pop it here good work 30 seconds left great work nearly there one more okay now take it back into extension for me squeeze that booty okay squeeze it really really really hard pull that core in nice and tight take that ribcage down.

Keep that gas underneath the waist not much to think about squeeze that back squeeze hold hold strong four three two now you’re going to tap the foot to the floor and bring it up tap it to the floor and bring it up good work breathe breath out breath in lower.

slow on the way down faster you’re right amazing we’re gonna turn onto the other side and even you out now good luck swing yourself around we’re starting off with that hook okay so hooking the upper leg behind the.

Underneath one amazing we’re gonna tap down and lift good try and keep that movement really nice and smooth again ribcage down pour tight gap underneath the way amazing nearly there okay now all the way up lower it halfway.

Down and up remember if you want to make this harder pop that weight right here and the lower down is the closer to the knee it is the harder it is good breathe you guys you’re doing an.

Amazing job keep pushing over halfway through this workout good just 10 seconds left really thinking about those booty muscles my body connection you can do it.

Amazing now straighten that leg out nice and strong you’re going to pump it up you’re going to bring the leg forward pump up swing it back i want to pretend you to pretend that you’ve got a table a low table and you’re literally dusting the surface of that table.

amazing work you guys just 20 seconds left while we’re here what we’re gonna tell you i know a lot of you have been asking on instagram about this gorge outfit so this is launching tomorrow thursday 7pm bst for gymshark.

And it’s called the mercury set gymshark mercury it comes in all different colors and it is so beautiful go back okay i want you to hold it now back in extension okay if you’ve taken the leg back you’re leading with that heel flexing the foot and holding really.

Strong for me squeeze that booty take your hand and give it a good little hip are you squeezing the booty come on you know who you are squeeze squeeze squeeze one okay tap down and push tap down to the floor and lift keep going you guys oh i’m so sore it.

Hurts to lie my gosh 15 seconds amazing keep those movements strong i know you can do this five four three two and one we are coming up onto all fours now to finish off the booty we then have um some upper body now you should have.

Your band on okay i don’t but please don’t take that as you should keep that band on i want you to move the band now around your shins so you’re moving it low down now hover the leg up flex the foot you’re going to come up and then down.

Good work 15 seconds left you guys good keep pushing keep that foot flexed amazing hold it up high squeeze hold pose hold a little bit higher four three two now bring it out to the side down.

And up so you go out to the side first and then back up and down amazing keep going you’ve got this good now take it out to the side and i want you to up.

Pump lower good work good and remember it’s fast on the way up close the way down control that movement down incredible whack guys in five in four in three.

And two hold it up and pump it pump pump pump good luck 15 seconds left good you are killing it guys come on you got this come amazing work oh my gosh drop that butt back give yourself a little shimmy and then.

We’ve got to even you out okay on to that other side we have that donkey kick up and back down again up pump and lower all right let’s do this let’s step foot up pump lower good really squeeze that booty okay.

Think about those butt muscles and squeeze 10 seconds amazing oh wow okay holding it up now to the side flex that foot squeeze eight seven six five four three.

Now remember we come out to the side and we lower down good wow keep going you guys you’ve got this i’m so proud of you come on control that movement four three two reverse come up round and down.

Lower good work keep going i just need to take just a second but i want you to know that you are killing it and i’m so proud of you laura up pump blower i’m with you in spirit lower up pump okay i’m ready lower.

Gear 15 seconds you guys come on just a few exercises left 10 9 keep it going four three higher two and.

Upper body back we’re gonna lower ourselves down onto the mat okay i want your fingertips facing forwards your elbows in close by the side of your body and slow and controlled lower yourself down into lying okay fingertips are by temples we’re gonna rest that forehead onto the mat.

From there keep looking down squeeze the booty lift and lower squeeze that butt please do not come too high with this i want you to protect the back lacking the back muscles here a little bit of booty as well keep squeezing.

nearly there keep looking down avoid the temptation of your neck coming up okay correct form is head down we’re now going to come up straight in squeeze back lower amazing keep squeezing those booty.

Muscles keep that core nice and tight really bad good work okay have a moment we’re now going to come up again squeeze straight and bend out forward and then that makes no sense at all lift those arms out in front of you you’re gonna come up squeeze back.

Straighten bend dive forward good you’re nearly there guys come on keep pushing okay hold them there flip those palms upwards squeeze the booty lift the legs only if you want to look down pump those arms up and down reverse.

Hundreds squeeze that booty okay you want the butt really nice and firm squeeze and pump keep looking down amazing don’t give up you guys don’t give up good keep going all the way if you want.

To you can take those lighter weights and pump them up and down as you’re doing this next exercise is going to be up on your knees 15 seconds left okay incredible you are now going to come up from there.

Up onto your knees okay from your knees we’re gonna punch forward we’re finishing off strong up we come punching forward two one two good way well done guys last exercise keep it strong keep it moving three two and one hold that right arm out in front.

Of you the other arm comes up amazing you guys come on just 20 seconds left that’s all five four three two and one change over let’s go.

Gotta even myself out i’ve still got four wrecks three two and one we did it you guys i am so proud of you seriously i’m gonna show you now what it’s like to try and walk i don’t know if this is a wise idea i.

Know i won’t be all in screen but this oh actually i’m a little bit better than before but that’s me and how cute is this outfit i can’t i can’t i can’t move oh my gosh i’m waddling everywhere.

The stairs is the hardest i keep thinking that my um my legs are gonna buckle and getting down is not easy i just kind of try and track myself down but anyway you guys you absolutely killed it and you should be so proud of yourselves i am so proud of you.

I’m so proud of me i tell you what the hardest thing at the moment is balancing everything it’s really tricky um the app youtube instagram like there’s a lot of filming going on and and as i always say to you guys listen to your body and that’s what i’m gonna do right now i’m gonna listen to.

My body i do have one upper body one that i have to film because there’s a deadline for the act with it so it has to be filmed i’m gonna film that straight away then i’m getting straight into an ice cold bath because i think that’s the only thing that’s gonna help ah you all made it.

Proud of you guys you’re doing great make sure you rest i promise i will i’m like i’m gonna actually have my protein downstairs as soon as i can i’m having two um two servings of the protein at the moment every day just to attempt to get my body recovering god only knows what i’d be like without that.

Please take some rest oh you guys are amazing i really really really hope you enjoyed it and i actually really like the pace of that but obviously i did go with the beginner variations and that’s another thing for you guys like if you need to take it like down a level one day that’s.

Absolutely fine look at me today there is no way i could have done advance today there is no way i could have had that band on the sidewalk soon just doing this and rolling slightly forward the pain here is ridiculous so listen to your body i obviously had to show up today for you guys there was no way i.

Was not showing up but i took it a beginner level because that’s all my body could do and otherwise i would have been injured so please listen to your body please enjoy if you are on the app follow the guides they’re there to help you it is a guide it tells you what to do but at the same time take extra breaks if you need to.

If you’re doing the three million guide that’s six days a week that’s a lot if that’s too much take a break and do it over 10 days that’s absolutely fine guys you are killing it i’m so proud of you gymshark stunning thank you guys so this is launching tomorrow 7 p.m bst the link is in our description.

Box right yes the link to share how was the music today guys did you enjoy dj alex in the house and the two angles i hope you liked it um right guys i’m gonna get off i’m gonna film this upper body workout straight away which is going to be going on youtube i.

Think next week next monday next monday um so i’ll see you for that and just enjoy this guide i hope you’re absolutely loving it we’re updating the playlist for you guys with everything that you need for each day and yeah i love you so much and i can’t wait to do another one with.

You and i can’t wait to not be in so much pain as well i’m not gonna lie right i’m just gonna go down here and i will see you guys soon bye guys well done oh this is the worst
Lilly Sabri

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