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FULL BODY PILATES & FAT BURN 🔥 Lose Fat & Tighten | 15 min Workout


This is your 15 minute, Burn Fat, Tighten and Sculpt workout. It’s a combination ofPilates and low impact HIIT. So no jumping,knee-friendly, back-friendly. You are going to love it. You are going to be dripping with sweat and we’re going to get themost incredible results. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below,.

And don’t forget to subscribe, you guys. We upload a minimum of two newworkouts every single week, so hit that thumbs up button, hit subscribe and the bell icon to be notified every single time a new workout goes live. Now if you are really looking to transform and get the most incredibleresults in your body and your mind,.

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This is so much more challenging. They are longer. You get a personalized meal plan as well, and so much more. Guys, all the details are down below. Okay, let’s get working out. (countdown timer beeping) Okay, so we’re going tostart off by taking our legs, nice and wide,.

Coming down into thatbeautiful ballet position and we’re just going to pulse. We have 25 seconds on. Five seconds rest, 15 minutes. We can do this. Core, nice and tight, breathe. Relax your shoulders. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing.

From there, you can holdhere if you want to, otherwise come up. All right, back down again. Your arms are out in front of you. From here, raise one foot open and back in again. Keep your core nice and tight. Breathe. Amazing work.

(countdown timer beeping) Okay, come up for a break if you need it. Otherwise, I want you to stay here and we’re going to pulse. Let’s go. You are high up on this one toe. Amazing work. Making sure that kneeis over the middle toe. Breathe.

Focus. Nearly there. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work. Come up for a little break. Then we’re going back in again. Okay, down. Open as you raise that heel and back in again.

Amazing. This is going to burn. This entire workout is going to burn, but we are in it together. We are not giving up. Relax your shoulders. Breathe. Amazing. Remember that last exercise here.

Is with that foot elevated, heel elevated. Good, pulsing. Breathe. We can do this. 15 seconds left. Aye yai yai, it burns. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work. Coming up from there.

We’re going to be going back in. Okay, back down again. This time we’re raisingthe heels and lowering. Amazing. Come on, really workinginto the legs here. Keep that core nice and tight. Breathe. You are elegant, you are smooth. This is not hurting.

Tell yourself that. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Woo. Back down again. This time we’re high up on those toes and we’re going to pulse. Good work over halfway here, come on. You can do it.

Try and come a little bit lower. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Okay, from there, your feetare shoulder distance apart. We’re going into a nice low squat. Push that leg out to the side and back. Keep bending this knee withyour knee over your middle toe. Good work. (countdown timer beeping).

Amazing. We are going straightonto that other side. Let’s go. Come a little bit lower if you can, that’s going to make it harder. Turn on those glutes as well. (countdown timer beeping) Okay, we’re going to startgetting that heart rate up a little bit.

Feet shoulder distance apart, down, push the leg out. Low impact does not mean easy. Good work. Go at the pace that works for you. Do not give up. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Coming to the side of your mat now,.

I want a slight bend in your knees and you’re just goingto take yourself across to the other side of the mat. Keeping your core nice and tight and controlling the movement. Breathe. You can do this guys. (countdown timer beeping) Incredible.

Sideways on now, we’re going with a split lunge. Take that leg back, drop the knee down, then pop it up to the sky. Good work. You’re going to slightly bend forward as you take that leg up to the sky. (countdown timer beeping).

Okay, going straight onto that other side. Take the leg back. Let’s go. Focus. Pull that core in, nice and tight. Breathe. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Front of your mat.

Reverse lunges, as you shootthe arms up to the sky. Let’s go. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Exactly the same movement. Reverse lunge, as you come up, pump it up. Let’s go. Pump up and forward. (countdown timer beeping).

Amazing work. Back into the center. We now have a fist distancein between your knees. You are going to comedown, arms up to 90 degrees raise onto the heels and back. Good work, guys. You are absolutely killing it. You have one exercise left in standing. We come down in the same way.

Let’s go. Raise onto the toes, one heeldown, followed by the other. Try and keep that fist distance, whoa, in between the knees and trust me, I lose balanceas well, that’s normal. Just try and regainyour balance and focus. Good work. Nearly there, little bit lower. (countdown timer beeping).

Incredible. Oh my gosh. Down onto all fours. Spread those fingertips and raise. We’re starting off just with a hold. We’re onto core in arms now. Now what you want to do is really focus on belly button back uptowards the spine, breathe. Nearly there.

(countdown timer beeping) Okay, have a moment. We’re going to be going back in, okay? All right, lift up. Drop the hips to the left, shoulder tap left, and then we go onto the right side. Good. You want to be in a box shape here.

90 degrees. You’re nearly there. (countdown timer beeping) Good work. To the back of your mat, we’re going for somecontrolled bears crawls. Spread the fingertips. Opposite hand to foot moves forward and we go back.

Amazing. Come on, you are way overhalfway through this workout. You’re actually two thirds of the way. Keep going. (countdown timer beeping) And breathe. Back onto all fours. This time we’re working intothe waist with some rotation. Lift up for me.

Right knee, left hand, straighten, bend, back. This isn’t about speed. This is about getting your form right. Then speed it up if you can. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Okay, next up into a full plank. From here, tuck that tailbone under.

Tap one, knee down, followed by the other. Amazing. If this is too much just go back into that fourpoint hold again, okay? (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Down onto your back now. Roll all the way down. Controlled Pilates.

Straight into a roll up. I’m really isolating those abs here. I am dripping with sweat, you guys. (countdown timer beeping) Okay, staying up. We’re now going tospread those butt cheeks. Yep. Roll back to where youfeel your core kicking in and rotate across.

Breathe. I promised you full body, that is what you are getting here. We are burning fat. We’re getting that heart rate up. We are getting healthier. We are sculpting and tightening. Amazing work. Place those hands down.

Dig the heels in. Now lift that butt up. This is your back plank position. This may be enough. If you want to make it harder, knee drive. Hips high, come on, hips up. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work. Bend the knees,.

Lift those hips up to the sky. Another back plank. Okay, from here, if you feel able, straighten one leg out, followed by the other. Keep looking up. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work. From here, I want you to comestraight up into standing.

One side of your mat into a nice low side lunge, drive it up. Amazing. Getting some nice movement here. Super wide lunge. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Onto the other side. Nearly there guys.

Let’s go. Remember, you’re going to have one side which is much more stable than the other, and that’s okay. Should be able to get two more in. (countdown timer beeping) Incredible. Coming into the center of your mat. We’re coming into anice low squat position.

We are holding. Woo. You should be feeling that burn guys. Wow. Make sure that your feet are no wider than shoulderdistance apart, okay? Breathe. Focus. (countdown timer beeping).

Okay, drive up, straightback into a squat. Squat walk outs, down we come. Walk the feet out and back in. Amazing work. Last exercise. Come on now. Core tight, butt engaged. Lead with the other foot. Pretend you have something on your head,.

Do not let it spill. (countdown timer beeping) Oh my gosh. Wow. That was amazing. Guys, don’t forget to subscribe. If you’re wanting more workouts like that, I upload a minimum of twice a week. You don’t want to miss them.

Hit that bell icon and alsodrop a comment down below Let me know how you’re getting on and support one another. We’re a community. We’re getting through this together. We are getting healthier. We’re getting fitter and happier. I love you guys, well done.

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