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FULL BODY PILATES and SCULPT | 30 minute Home Workout


What’s up guys welcome back day number nine day nine um of your 14 day lockdown guys how you feeling how’s it going i have to say today i’m a bit like i’ve hit a wall but in like a really nice way.

I’m feeling the burn i’m really feeling the burn i don’t know about you but like the burn the burn is real um so today we’re doing pilates i’ve seen the chat and you’re all like whether lily says pilates it’s never pilates however today is a lily straw paladin but there’s no cardio i promise we are purely on the.

Mat and the reason why i’m confirming we’re purely on the map i’ve got socks on and the camera is positioned low so we’re not coming off of the mat it’s all on the floor but trust me that does not mean it’s going to be easy it’s going to be brutal in its own way so we’ve got ten minute circuits three ten minute.

Circuits and they run straight through actually going on reps rather than time so just kind of ignore the timer circuit number one is going to be pure booty and leg circuit number two is going to be core with a little bit of upper body and then circuit three is like.

A fusion okay so it’s a little bit of everything i want you to grab an adjustable band and a hip bat okay the long bands are optional and i’ll show you modifications throughout so we’re going to start off just by getting ourselves nice and neutral we’re going to roll down placing the feet but both.

Spread inhale butt cheek spread core nice and tight relax the shoulders take a deep breath in and on the breath out we’re going to lower to a count of eight seven six five slow four three two and one amazing work reaching those arms away from the feet and just swing side to sides quickly.

Just literally getting a little bit of mobility through the spine breathing good work amazing so i want you to grab a hold of your adjustable bands now pop it just above the knees for me and you really want it pretty tight weights are optional today guys but if you are pretty advanced intermediate i.

Want you using them okay so we’re starting off on the on the heels not the toes the toes are lifted we’re going with our butterfly bridge as we come up so up and scoop out and then back down again so with the beat to a count of four so up scoop out and slowly down.

Up scoop out slowly down pull tight this is gonna get harder as we go along now flatten the feet down we’re going to go toes lower you want to make it harder you guys bring the arms up and hold some weights.

Breathe pull the tight butt squeeze good luck eight seven four i’m going three i don’t need to stop two right hey.

Up let’s go 12 11 10. eight six four three two now hold squeeze them up seven six.

Onto your forearm just gently resting i want the feet together you guys make sure that the band is nice and tight okay if you want to you can actually double band so you can pop this one just below the knees or the purple roses to make it even harder feet together double push out slowly back in.

So it’s one two slowly in i’m just going to show you from here so it’s out halfway you guys.

These six five a little bit higher now you guys and the second back pops above the knees okay we’re going for our back plank with push out so coming on to the hands.

Fingertips facing forward heels slightly digging in lift push out and lower down don’t worry about triceps for now okay it’s just into the booty so one two three four let’s go okay close triceps three.

Last one you guys now hold to the legs um like absolutely on fire okay take that underneath back to the hip band off i want this band just above the knees again.

And i want you to loosen it a bit because we’re going with sideways series okay but just under two and a half minutes on the one side and in the last circuit we’re going to even you out so we’re starting off with a clamp feet together knees together as we lift the body up.

We open and we close as we lower find that beat in four through two let’s go you want to make it harder hop that weight as low down the leg as you can straighten the upper leg leg move it back.

Now move it forward as far forward as you can you guys five four three two now circles oh that bad 10 seconds finish it off 4 3 1.

Oh my gosh give your booty a hip wow turn onto your back you guys are going to be evening that if you need to do even if you are out in the final circuit so take that band off you’re just going to stretch that glute out just for a second and then we’re moving into core oh my.

Gosh that burn is ridiculous are you ready for cool this is gonna be pretty it’s gonna be amazing okay all right you guys starting off really nice and simple we’re actually starting off with a set of hundreds i want you to pop your hip bands just.

Below your knees rather than above your knees okay so just below your knees with your hip man have your legs lightweight close by or water bottles we’re gonna push out against the band as we do our hundreds okay so it’s in and out to a count of two so out two in two let’s go.

Me try is okay you guys four three two.

Hold there you guys okay core really nice and tight you’re going to straighten out the right leg move that band just above the knees keep the knees wide against the back beginners come here okay or here keep holding.

Reaching lower the left leg you’re just gonna do this foreign slowly open place.

a little keep pushing if you can lift the legs as well 10 9 8 7 6 five four three two and five one oh oh my.

Gosh you guys can you feel your call or was that just me okay if we want to you can grab your long band i actually recommend going for the extra strong let’s give it a go we’re going for a chest press so you’re going to pop this behind your back okay really nice and strong here we keep the.

Hip band on we’re gonna chest press up but we’re gonna straighten the leg at the same time okay so it’s right in left in let’s go lucky lucky lady no reason.

just above the knees tap okay who you are hey guys.

lucky lucky hey three come on keep pushing two last one okay this is really going to hurt drop those weights down support the head so if you break it and then.

okay 10 seconds hey how’s that called doing you guys alex are we getting any comments through so i feel like this this is a slow deadly series okay.

Oh i’m just going to give that core a little second to breathe because mine certainly needs there and then we are going back to annihilate the rest of the booty okay it’s a little bit of a mashup this last one so we’re gonna have upper body booty and core.

But mainly booty so swing yourself around okay adjustable band or hip band it’s entirely up to you but if you’re using the adjustable band i recommend that it’s pretty loose okay because we’re going with our clams to start so coming on to the forearm.

Okay remember we go with that double push up and close so make sure you use whatever you used before i know i’m not i’m using the hit instead of the adjustable that’s fine so double okay so it’s one two lower.

is starting off in neutral come on you’re still in it squad keep going four three two now take the legs back into extension lift.

Lower left lower this should be working the glute max the big butt muscle rather than the side squeeze that booty you guys again drop these down if you need to okay beginners or take the band off that’s absolutely fine go come on.

let’s go you guys three one alex just looked at me like what are you internet you have no idea mr tara that is ridiculous but we are not gonna.

Stop we’re gonna keep going okay we’ve got a little bit of hamstrings now then we’re going back into glute max on our stomach with some back so digging the heels in for me peel your weight up into a bridge move one foot a little bit closer one further away okay and the one that.

Is further away is the one that has the weight okay this one’s here literally just for a bit of balance you can’t even lift it if you want to it’s up to you okay let’s go lower lift lower lift if you feel strong enough lift that other leg i’ll see you guys eight seven.

Four seven six five four three two down hello down up now hold for eight eight you should you should have felt those.

Hamstrings i’m not gonna lie that that really got me okay and my legs from the other day oh my god okay we’re gonna lower down with a tricep lower nice and controlled you guys and then reach those arms up and over the head for me we’re gonna start off with a little bit of swimming.

Okay so lifting up the legs lifting up the arm opposite arm to leg lift squeeze that booty keep that eye gaze down chin tuck to chest four three now keep the legs up you’re.

Gonna squeeze forward now you can make this harder by using the waist as you want to keep both legs make it harder three two now come higher keep pushing down keep squeezing those shoulder blades.

Come on you guys you’re nearly there sixteen fifteen fourteen wow okay you guys oh my gosh we are finishing up with core i want you to grab your medium long bands if you have it if you don’t have the long band please.

Don’t worry okay you’re gonna pop it around your feet in a double knot okay double legs come up straighten and back in so this is really working with resistance if you don’t have the band just go without this makes it so much harder lift those legs up in three in two and one let’s go.

okay okay if you roll back we hold and straighten if you can this is hard okay if you don’t have your band go without so let’s roll back.

And hold could you time 30 seconds for us hold you guys if you don’t have a long man please don’t worry you’re just going without okay so you’re here and come in.

After this you are done can we lie down just for a second you guys and stretch out our booties because that i told you i didn’t make you do any burpees that was we can call it pilates however there was a major lily twist on that i feel like.

That was very intense pilates but it was at work okay so just hugging behind the back of either the thigh here the hamstring or you can hug around the knee okay so it’s entirely up to you guys whatever works for your body and just want you to feel a nice stretch.

There and breathe and relax and have a moment and then we’re gonna have a little chat and i can also just remind you guys about gymshark’s black friday sale before i do for those of you who are wondering about the long bands that i was using.

The reason why i’m not using the long bands too much at the moment because we’re going to change legs is purely because they sold out in alex 10 minutes i think they sold out in 10 minutes last time and i feel like there are so many people who still want them and i feel it’s unfair to be using them like.

All the time that’s why i’m showing modifications um but our restock is coming soon very soon and it’s going to be announced very soon and there’s a big twist to it so it’s not just a restock it’s not just any restuck there’s something big happening and so keep your eyes peeled for that and that.

Means you can all then get your hands on the long vans and we can work out together with them because honestly they are freaking unbelievable and so intense ah okay coming on up and sitting so um and let’s just please go with hamstrings because that hamstring section i think lasted about.

Two minutes but it was absolutely brutal so just reaching to your toe um so you guys gym shark black friday is tomorrow the 13th of november friday the 13th and it is basically going to be up to 50 off so much incredible stocks so many of the incredible outfits that.

You’ve probably already seen because i feel like i’ve spoken about it a lot and the reason why i keep speaking about it is because i really really really really don’t want you missing out because honestly the bargains are like unreal and you gotta snag them you’ve got to be in it to win it.

And so that happens at 7 pm uk time gmt tomorrow so make sure you’ve got that saved in your diary if you are going to be shopping please please please use my link it means so see it doesn’t go unnoticed like it actually really helps and it means that i can then hopefully keep working with them and showing you.

All of the outfits that come in so do you want to see some of them again do you have any last minute questions about gymshark um about that sale do you have any questions full stop because we’ve got i think like 15 minutes now to chat away so i’m just gonna.

Load you guys up oh my gosh that stretch is well needed how’s that fun feeling tara i think they enjoyed the change of pace today nice it’s been a full-on guide you guys like it’s been a really full-on guide so i think we all needed that like slow down but burn and you know what.

You’re still gonna hurt like it’s still gonna really hurt so please don’t think that you’re not gonna like feel the effects of that it’s still bloody works but it was just a lot slower pace and more of a kind of gradual burner okay right let’s get stuck into the questionnaires.

Okay actually i’ve been asked this a lot are there shorts on sale so i don’t know because the basically to be completely honest i’m sent what is on sale um like a small amount of it to show you guys i’m not sent everything that’s on sale and within that small amount there was not shorts however.

I can’t say 100 but i would be highly highly surprised if there weren’t some shorts on sale but with that you’re just going to have to be ready at 7pm gmt or whatever time that is wherever you are in the world just literally chuck it into google but yeah that um hopefully answers that one okay um.

Alex works hard behind the scenes of course he does he’s there right now he was shouting the timer for you guys um okay all right i’m just gonna basically go through all these questions for you as many as i can anyway oh gosh there is a lot about outfits.

Okay so maybe i’ll just go and grab the outfits quickly um lily that was magic from christina ah christina thank you and tierra would you mind going and grabbing the outfits would you want me to they’re all in that room there um and it starts you’ll know which ones because i think it’s like normal clothes.

Then into gymshark clothes if that makes sense i tried to be organized um oh my gosh okay the ombre collection would you recommend them for pilates stuff rather than cardio ombres for everything the ombre is phenomenal and the ombre is something that i am very very comfortable in for cardio because i.

Personally feel that holds you in place it’s what i call jiggle proof like it’s really really tight same with the flex the flex is amazing for cardio to be honest pretty much all of the outfits that i showed you in my haul my gym shark um youtube haul are pretty much amazing for cardio.

Apart from the thanks baby the fit wasn’t it the fit one oh geez that is heavy yeah so the only one that i wouldn’t use for cardio is fit um which i would only use for pilates and the fit is beautiful but it’s just not i’m trying to see this is the fit.

It’s just not as like compressive in my opinion so that one i wouldn’t wear for cardio but all the rest i would and another thing to say about the ombre is it’s amazing for cardio it holds you in same as the animal same as the camo it is the top is a bit thicker though so it’s a slightly thicker material.

Than where is it than the vital this is the vital right here the vital in my opinion is slightly thinner so it doesn’t get as hot so you probably start off with the long sleeves top on in for cardio and then gradually kind of take it off depending on how sweaty you get.

That’s my opinion on it but i love it for cardio um i can finally buy some gymshark beauties as well oh vera good good good i’m so excited to see all of these on you guys i feel like we’re all going to be wrapping exactly the same outfits we should have like some massive giant.

Zoom so we can all work out together um ombre everyone’s loving the ombre it’s so nice what size bra do you use since you’re a small in gym shark so yeah i wear small in the bra and the leggings the only one in my opinion that comes up a bit bigger is this bra the vital bra isn’t as tight it’s like not as tight.

Around the waist well not the waist like what would that be called the under bra bit and but bra wise i’m 32 so i’m quite small around here 32 like a c cup and i wear a small and it’s absolutely perfect on me i would maybe go extra small in the vital for me but normally a small is fine um.

There’s gym chuck for men yeah alex come on show us go on darling he’s coming in frame you guys oh alex he just live and took his top off to show you rather than coming in frame there it is the gym shot this is one of them yeah actually i really like i do like.

The t-shirt as well yeah and the shorts like those shorts that you’re wearing there are gorgeous so yeah the guys stuff if you’re looking for christmas presents for your other half honestly like they’re really this range is my favorite yeah i don’t know if.

That’s on the sale though but that’s what you’ve i don’t know what guy’s stuff is in the sale but i would honestly i’d have your list ready um like i’m going on to bryce with my brother-in-law for christmas so i’m gonna be ready for the guy’s stuff and just because i think it’s such an.

Amazing present and there’s gonna be huge discounts it’s a really nice christmas present if you know what i mean um i can’t show you the guys stuff because i don’t know if it’s in sale items or not so that’s the only thing you’re asking for guys stuff but um i love any of the the black.

And the kind of it’s like a khaki green on you looks amazing in the men’s stuff it’s really really nice and the jumpers the guys jumpers oh the jumpers are amazing and the shorts and you love the the joggers as well so all of it all of it i actually i really rate the guy’s stuff.

Um okay that’s five months just like i forgot i put vitamin c in there it took me a second i was like i cannot drink pre-work because i often i always have my pre-workout in here and i was like i better not be having that right now after a workout okay speaking of which we’re gonna need protein today because my legs are sore.

Um are the bands back in stock guys watch this space for the bands um there’s basically a very very very big announcement coming so please just keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days yeah yeah so there’s a few that are still in stock but there’s something yeah very big coming.

Up so watch this space basically um ed’s birthday next month didn’t even think about that as a present kate do it honestly like you would love it alex was like do it do it and she’s restocking pretty soon okay should i go down i can’t show you more because it’s all getting washed is it even more than that it’s um.

Every single time i’m also worried that the stuff we’re going to show you of alex’s won’t be going in the sale and i don’t want to give you the wrong information and so what i would do girls obviously like this is the best way to do it this is my opinion be ready at like 6 45 p.m then as soon.

As it hits 7 pm gmt whatever time that is wherever you are in the world get yours in the basket because you already know what you’re you’re going for and underneath the um you know the hole that i did underneath that has links that go straight to.

The actual range so say for example you want the vital you know we want the vital that will take you straight to the vital through my link if you want the ombre there’s one called the ombre link and you click straight on the ombre or if you already know just go in the search bar and type in ombre and then.

All the operators will come up but basically get your stuff in the cart and then be fast with your man stuff like be fast with the guys gifts because what will happen is if you’re not fast enough buying your stuff because you’re looking at their stuff your stuff might go out stock.

So that’s what i mean by be ready huh oh actually i am talking from first-hand experience so basically last year we should have gone with two laptops with such idiots but we went on the one laptop and i was alex has started looking and then i was like oh can i have le and then i spent it would have been no.

More than like 15 minutes alex yeah or 15 of your minutes it was about half an hour half an hour and then it was finally so all my stuff was in there and then alex went back to add his stuffing because i thought the girl’s stuff would sell out first and fastest which maybe it does.

But anyway we got through to check out and all of his stuff was up stopped apart from one pair of shorts and that was the one shot that i was a bit into he wasn’t sure so basically i got like i didn’t get i got about 50.

Of the stuff i wanted you just got to be fast and that’s why i’m like preparing you guys as best as possible it’s not to be like whoa like it’s like woo hype but like this hype is real you’ve got to be ready because things go a bit crazy um so sorry about that bubba.

Um okay okay alex has just put my link there yeah guys so if you wouldn’t mind um copying and pasting that link saving it somewhere so then as soon as it’s time just click on that link it will basically say to you are you europe are you it will ask you to put where you are and i know for me it says.

Are you uk or rest of the world and then you click on it and then that’s my my link registered in the system and they know that i’ve helped bring you to the site um and then you can just shop straight from there so yeah if you wouldn’t mind copying and pasting i know the link that alex has just put there is slightly different to.

The one that you usually use both of them are absolutely fine it’s just that one is tracked from youtube and one is tracked from instagram so if it looks different don’t worry they’re both right um okay yeah people are getting really excited about our lean restuck.

Who was that rudy yeah that’s a huge announcement i’m very excited we don’t have the exact date that we’re announcing yet but it will likely be monday okay yeah um yes prepare prepare prepare ladies from christina claudia i’m gonna have two laptops ready uh i’m turning 14 next week and my.

Adjustable bag van just arrived a week ago and i love it so much it’s killer ah ileana ilana elana ileana elana happy birthday you’re turning 14 next week so happy birthday and i’m so so glad you like your adjustable van they’re the blooming killer for sure so yeah.

Happy birthday um size up or down for adapt seamless bra and leggings uh true to size in my opinion actually they’re pretty true to size uh can you wear the fraction crop top while getting sweaty um this is the fraction by the way for.

Those of you who are wondering i love this this is on sale in four colors i believe um i’ve shown you guys the burgundy and the powder blue but there are another few colors in there as well i think the the black isn’t it and i believe the grey but all of that info is in uh.

My triangle but these yeah you can i mean it depends on for me these are a lot more breathable than say for example the long uh the long sleeve crops because they’re not as tight like under your arms so for working out yeah i probably wouldn’t wear it for cardio just because i don’t.

Know i never have so yeah you could wear it for working out 100 and it’s just more with cardio it might like do that but if you’re okay with that like they’re actually they’re incredibly comfortable and very breathable um how many days should we rest before.

Starting another workout of yours that step listen to your body that’s absolutely key so please listen to your body if your body feels like you’re tired particularly mentally as well because mental mental and physical health are completely linked together so if your brain is telling you.

Like my body needs rest please take it like these are guides for a reason they’re not in set in stone they’re a guide for you to choose if it works for you you need to take extra breaks dude there’s a day when it’s cardio and you are not up for cardio put a pilates in instead like it’s absolutely fine so yeah please.

Listen to your body um what’s your tips on working out during periods this comes up a lot actually and i do work out while i’m on my period and that’s um i guess for a couple of reasons like the main reason is i can’t not like if i have a guide for you guys and i’m supposed to be doing a live.

I’m never gonna leave you hanging like i’m always gonna do the workout and so i never force myself to i must admit like nine times out of ten i feel absolutely fine working out while i’m on my period i do recently i’ve been getting more like cramping when i’m on my period and that’s since i came off like the.

Contraceptive pill and when i had my knee injury i had to come off of it because of blood clots so um when i have like the cramps and stuff i definitely don’t feel like doing anything heavy like cardio but again it’s just listening to your body in my opinion there is nothing wrong with working out when you’re on your period.

Like i was an athlete a professional level athlete and when i had competitions i had to be able to perform regardless of whether i was on my period or not so maybe that’s something that like my body’s just got used to um but listening to your body is like.

Absolutely key if you are in cramps and you’re like really really sore and your energy is very low maybe just going for a walk might be better or just literally lying down horizontally listening to your body and saying you know what it’s absolutely fine i’m having a day off i.

Have days off all the time like you need to listen to your body because if you don’t you’re going to end up burning out and having to have weeks off rather than just a day here or there so i hope that helps that one gosh what was that um no i haven’t actually so that’s from.

Stanislava have you gone through cut and bulk periods to achieve your lean physique i’ve never done bulking or cutting um i’ve never dieted and i only learned recently that there’s like a name for the style of my like lifestyle and eating i’m an intuitive eater and i.

Didn’t really know that i didn’t know that that was a name there was a name for that and but i guess like i’ve learned recently that i am very lucky my relationship with like food and training is very very positive when i feel i need rest i rest when i i’m hungry i eat when i’m not.

Hungry i stop eating and i know that sounds like really black and white and like i’m like oh that’s just what i do and and i’ve had to do a lot of learning around that just because i didn’t realize that a lot of people weren’t like that and a lot of people struggled because i’ve always been that.

Way and so with my family like my brother and sister we thought that was like the norm and then i guess working in my industry i’ve realized there is no such thing as the norm i wouldn’t i will never count calories you guys like it’s just not for me and i remember saying this like years.

Ago if i’m told that i must have this amount of calories or i must cut this out or i must do this i must um bulk then i must cut i will not do it like if someone tells me that i have to do something automatically i’ll be like i’m not doing that no i want to do what makes me happy and and i think like that’s my approach.

That’s the lean approach that’s the lean with lily approach i will always show you guys what i do on a day-to-day basis in the hope that you will kind of not learn from but you’ll see my positive approach and relationship with exercise and food and i just really hope that.

Some of that can be passed on to you because i don’t believe that like for me happiness is absolutely key and i don’t believe that you should be having to go on diets and having to restrict yourself for prolonged periods of time and ultimately feel rubbish and be.

Unhappy i think the key is to learn about balance and learn about living a healthy lifestyle of course you’re not going to be healthy 100 of the time last night i was having a giant box of celebrations like working my way through them but i don’t do that all the time i actually don’t do that.

Crazily often because i would say 80 of the time i eat very healthily 80 of the time i feel like working out the 20 i don’t i just i just don’t and i don’t like beat myself up about it because that’s gonna turn into a spiral of you feeling a little bit rubbish and the last thing we ever want.

Is for you to feel rubbish we want you to be happy and yeah live a healthy happy lifestyle alex i would say if you’re honest not so much your exercise side of things but since me coming into your life yeah would you say you have a healthier outlook on life now oh yeah and why.

Like what where did you put my jumper i was trying to find my unfreezing a healthier approach to life now yeah for sure i’m i’m i’m a lot more conscious about what it is that i’m putting in my body yeah now that i’ve sort of learned about.

What you know what foods um are healthy for me what how i react to certain foods and i guess i went so many years of just eating let’s say milk for example i love milk but until i met lily about a year and a half.

Into the relationship lou was like i don’t think milk is too good for you not not from like a dairy point of view or anything but it was just something about having just regular cow’s milk that was making me flare up that you’re stuck making me bloated i yeah um and it still doesn’t stop me but.

Now i just don’t have like two liters of milk every day i’ll just have it in my coffee in the morning and that’s all so it’s just even like like the eating side of things as well i think like for me there’s there’s like a joy around food right like a joy around eating.

And because of that like don’t get me wrong alex has always loved food haven’t you but you loved i don’t wanna like your mom’s food is amazing but if your mom wasn’t around in the past you would eat takeaways and pack it food all the time like it’d be packet noodles probably.

Like four times and i think it’d be healthy because i put onions in it or like garlic powder and i think it’s like oh i’ve got a vegetable in there and but like now i don’t know if you were ever scared of my food like i can’t comment on that but i think you were like very pleasantly friendly you made it um.

I guess accessible and not intimidating for people like me who aren’t you know fitness nuts whatever we just i started wanting to to make conscious efforts to make my lifestyle a little bit healthier um and you made it seem a lot easier with the foods that you.

Like that you were liking that you were cooking for us because normally when i you know previously when i thought healthy i thought it has to be a piece of lettuce yeah and you have to go out in the field dig for or a carrot then you realize that that’s not that’s just not true.

Yeah it can be so tasty um and flavors that’s so flavorful yeah so that’s i guess what i was trying to get across like i was saying like for me i’ve never counted calories or like been on diets and stuff but i think that’s because of my love of food and actual general love of feeling.

Good like i just i love life like it doesn’t mean i’m happy all the time guys i i am teddy and i am twins we are either in your face or we’re asleep um i’m literally like a toddler and i just i i the thought of overthinking what i’m eating and thinking oh i better not have that bit of bread because it goes.

Against my whatever like no i’m not going to do that you get one life i want this life to be epic and i want to be happy and you know what will i do instead of always having white bread i’ll have multigrain like there’s always ways of making things healthier but still being really.

Really happy anything else simone i would like to see alex work out alongside lily and see him die as well who would make the workout so much more enjoyable look i’ve tried to do the workouts behind the camera a couple times and i lost.

One set if in my one set i mean one minute and that’s it it’s not really good do you know what it is it’s yeah we have a very we train a very different style of fitness so alex will grab like our heaviest set of dumbbells and we’ll be going.

We’ll be going at pace with like like in time with the beat like everything for me is the music of the time with the beat and alex is like 10 seconds in and he’s already done like eight reps and he’s like but that’s how many i’d normally do like we only do eight reps three times and i’m like no we keep going you’re.

Like dying behind the camera so yeah we should maybe we should maybe do like a weight session together um okay thank you much so much she said um lily’s cookbook also has some amazing recipes in it i found mine again last night and adding some of my food to my food plan next week thank you kate.

I’ve seen oh if you made our pasta last week as well which was awesome you guys you have no idea what’s coming to the app by the way the recipes like it made me hungry thinking about it this is what i mean he’s either fast asleep or wants to play a very tired.

Baby um oh lori we love you laurie hello hello laurie’s now on instagram i had to stop swimming when lockdown started tried to work out but nothing kept me motivated but you were amazing and now i exercise every day ah i was a swimmer too.

Not anymore but 55 was my my event um oh the pasta eddie ate the rest for lunch this week we had it all within yeah is this the tuna festival no shawn’s pasta oh the pesto uh how old is teddy it’s about a year and a half you are so.

Cute i think we need a birthday for teddy you guys we’re not good i think it’s about four no idea no it might be four and a half because we met it was like or was it for another five no it’s not five to give up.

Forever no idea i actually have no idea we’re not very good at we don’t we never have anniversaries and stuff like that it’s because our love is every single day yes my love for yours every single day um lily where do you get your yoga mats from.

Watch this space the lean mat is dropped this is a um this is a prototype this isn’t it but this is a prototype awards and this definitely isn’t it but the um so feedback on this functionality of this is so i can’t even begin to tell you how good quality.

This is should i show you i think we’re on the right track should we leave this for another day to speak to them about it or just quickly just quickly like non-slip rubber top so durable non-slip on top as well there’s a grip on it as well as non-slip on the floor like.

That is not going anywhere right rounded edges the size we are hoping is going to be different the pattern is going to be bigger eco easily cleanable very easy to clean thick okay how thick is it um this where i think it’s five i think this is the five.

Yeah this is five or seven no i think this is this is the five millimeters yeah and very easy to clean however the size we want to change in the design we want to change but yeah there’s there’s a lot to come on that but i’m very excited um do you.

Do you wash your mats when they get dirty if yes how no you don’t wash them as in like in a machine or anything you can get that cleaner and you then clean them with yeah so it’s like just with a cloth um uh yeah um can you use it lisa how do people in the.

Us shop on gymshark website um it’s not in american dollars so when you use lily’s link uh it should it should just register where where you are in the world i’ll show you um and then it’ll say do you want to enter the us store or the uk store or the rest of.

World store whatever it might be and you just follow the prompts yeah it’s so easy uh okay right so let me do that again from scratch you guys can you i’m hoping you can see my screen sorry alex so basically my screen’s there i’m going.

To click on gymshark link there and then it takes me to the page and then it basically is going to say where are you see uk or rest of world so america it will actually say us it’s just saying because it’s where it sees us but if it doesn’t say it us just follow wherever you’re from basically and now.

You’re on the rest of worldshop which is dot com rather than dot you cover uk okay easy so yeah then that will be dollars to pay dollar dollar and all right you guys i feel like we’ve answered a lot of questions want to come back in tizza are you getting comfy here.

Um yeah i know it’s nice do you ship to south africa lean our company for the bands yes um jim shark i’m not 100 sure i would have thought so but check the website to be sure lily do you recommend any pre-workout food or drink.

Optimum nutrition for sure for are you talking about for recovery if you’re talking about for recovery so added on and so in terms of oh pre-workout so pre-workout i use optimum nutrition there’s loads of different flavors i personally love pink lemonade you like i like the blue.

Oh you love the blue lemonade there’s a blue i can’t remember i’m pink lemonade yeah whatever the blue flavor is blueberry you like the blueberry yeah there’s a lot of different flavors and i also use creatine and bcaas but then after.

All good after a workout i go after a workout protein so at the moment i’m kind of alternating between the lean protein and optimization lean which is just slightly lower calorie i just prefer the taste and the plant-based as well uh plant-based i i actually really love a lot of the.

Plant-based proteins on the market apparently tastes very very powdery i wouldn’t have tried them but the optimum nutritional one is amazing i love it and that’s also oh no i’m locked out that’s also um in all of my links all of the descriptions to oh.

I’m locked out all of the descriptions to my videos it’s in there i don’t know what kerry mccloy is asking do you have a link for option nutrition yeah in the description the description box and also twenty percent off use lily twenty i believe we got you you’re still in the description box.

so you just click the downward arrow on literally i don’t know why i did an upward arrow the downward arrow on all of our videos steph staley lily do you do your lean man ship worldwide yeah yeah we ship worldwide very nice very good anything else in there my.

Friends absolutely right zancha yes gosh there’s a lot of comments oh my god oh my gosh everyone’s asking about the lean band shipping worldwide do you ever feel lazy to exercise yes like a lot of the time but i know i always.

Feel amazing after doing a workout so yeah and i just listen to my body if there’s days where i’m like no i can’t go that heavy i’ll do a lighter session but i’m always like appreciative and thankful that i’ve like pushed through okay what else do we have here how often do you suggest.

Doing cardio for how long just literally follow my guides and that has the perfect perfect amount of cardio pilates and weights and rest recovery as well and yeah definitely over and out squad i’m exhausted and i’ve got to do a load of uh instagram stories now further.

App work on the app app please please working hard on it the app is um really starting to come together you guys and it’s all i mean i’ve done i’ve done a lot like the filming like my bit is well intruded so i just keep adding more and more and more and but yeah the app is is our biggest.

Project ever like it doesn’t get much bigger than an app apart from a world tour when we do that okay baby shall we say goodbye to everyone i know you’re very comfy so maybe i know i’m gonna pick you up like a burrito there you go you’re like a little burrito a burrito puppy.

Bye guys oh hello we love you and i will see you soon for another live and another workout and please don’t forget to use my link tomorrow if you are shopping i massively appreciate it all right guys i love you bye
Lilly Sabri

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