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FULL BODY FAT LOSS in 14 Days NO JUMPING | Free Home Workout Guide


Today’s home workout is a sweaty fat loss workout. Low-impact, no jumping and apartment friendly. It is just 12 minutes long, but I can guarantee you are gonna sweat. Let’s do this. Starting off with the feet shoulder distance apart. Touching down and then raising up. Nice and fast with this exercise. Full body fat burn. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds recovery. Let’s go. Good work. 15 seconds recovery. We now have curtsy lunges. Step the leg over, touch the knee down, and then into the center. Let’s burn!.

Down onto the mat. We not have a set of bicycles. I’ve got my puppies toy here! Come down, legs are up at 90 degrees. Touching the elbow to the opposite knee. If you struggle here at all, just put your feet down. And do this. Nice and fast. Come on! Full body fat burn. We are working every single part of the body. Let’s go! 15 seconds recovery. Straight into a plank. We are doing commandos into shoulder taps. Come down onto the forearms, back up, then tap the shoulders. Follow me, we will start with the shoulder taps.

Keep that core really nice and tight. Total body fat burn. Keep pushing. Straight back up into standing. I have my little puppy creeping over for your entertainment. Step one leg back. We are doing a lunge. Static lunge. Oh thank you Teddy! Dropping down and then lifting up. Really squeezing that booty at the top. He’s here for your entertainment! Squeeze that butt. Drop back through the front heel.

Change on to the other side now. Wow… shake your legs out. No jumping does not mean that it doesn’t burn. Onto the other side. Step your leg back. Squeeze the butt. Let’s go. Really squeeze the booty at the top. Pull your core in and nice and tight. Weight back through the front heel. Back onto your mat. We are doing more core, with booty. Sit up into a hip thrust. Really squeeze that butt at the top.

Nice and fast. Come on! Good work. Come onto your knees now. Facing towards me. We are doing knees into a squat. From here, you will go into a squat position. Come on. We can do this. Squat, then from there, come on up. You should be feeling the burn! Our legs are really wide now. On the mat. We are shifting from one side to the other. With a pulsation. Working your thighs and inner thighs. Let’s go. You should be feel that. Have a quick sip of water, if you need it.

We are staying up in standing. We can do it! From here, take your weight through the right leg. Your left leg steps out to the side. Then back at a 45 degree angle. Nice and fast for me. Let’s go. Changing sides. Try and keep this knee tracked over your middle toe. Let’s go! One more of each! And we are done. Down we come. We have toe reaches now. Our legs are up to the sky. Reaching for the toes. Nice and fast. Legs up. Let’s go.

Come on all the way. You’re nearly halfway. Do not give up. Fifteen seconds. let’s go! Let’s push! Back into a plank. We are nearly there. This is our last exercise. Let’s push it. We have a mountain climber. Into a step jump jack. Plank position. Last exercise. Six, seven… Hi Teddy! Out, in. Message from teddy, if you want to workout with us again, please do hit the subscribe button. Also, hit the like button. I’m uploading every single day. You don’t want to miss out on the uploads.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Sorry for all the pointing. Bye.
Lilly Sabri

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