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FULL BODY FAT LOSS in 10 Days (cardio) | 15 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a full body fat loss cardio. Yes we are going to be burning fat across the entire body! We’re also going to be sculpting into a lean toned physique. This is just 15 minutes, but I can guarantee, I’m going to make you sweat! If you can, you’re going to do two rounds. Also, do this every day for ten days to get incredible results. Commit to ten days! Right, let’s do this. Resistance band is optional. If you have one, put it just above the knees. Starting off with a jump jack. Then punch across. This is a really good way to warm up the body. And get yourself ready for what is going to be an intense sweaty workout. Good work. Next we have a jump in and out squat. No band needed.

If you want to make a harder, you can put one on. Come low and jump in and out. We’ve got this! Come on, really push. Just 15 minutes and I want you dripping with sweat by the end. Good work. Take off the resistance band. We are now going to get your heart rate up. Side of your mat. Jump, one, two, then on the third, come low into a crunch. We’ve got this! Crunching through your abs. This is a total body fat burn, let’s go! Good. We now have a shuffle lunge. One, two, on the third we drop. come on really push yet the next section is going to be asked we’ve got this.

Come on, under 10 seconds! Down on to the mat. Put your band on if you want it. Put it around your knees. Hundreds and push out against the band. As pump the arms, we straighten the legs. Keep that core nice and tight. Lower back flat and eye gaze forwards. Chin to chest. Now, hold the legs straight, if you can. Amazing, if you have a band, put it around your feet. We are doing an exercise called bicycles, but with the band. Or without the band is fine. If you don’t have a band, speed the exercise up. Otherwise, slow and controlled.

Up into sitting. We are doing a set of speed punches. So this section is all about a core. Coming down nice and low. Punch across, fast for eight. Follow me. Come back, core tight. Let’s go. You are nearly halfway through this workout. Drop both legs over to the left. The left arm is out to the side. We’re going to crunch in, then we’re going to reach for the foot. If you can’t do that, keep doing the crunches. Core tight. Working the waist. Good work. Straight onto the other side side. We’ve got one more core exercise.

Then we’re going back into fat burn. We’ve got this. All of this is burning fat, but some are targeting specific muscles, like the core. Let’s go. Good work. Onto your back. We are doing a frog sit up. Feet are together, knees apart. Come all the way up, lower half way, up then all the way down. We are going to be doing 8 mountain climbers. Followed by 8 oblique mountain climbers. Come forwards for 8, then across for 8. Let’s go. We’re going to be walking in a bear position. Come here, then back. Turn your core on. If you’re struggling, just lift and lower.

You want to keep that core engaged, the whole time. Stomach muscles are really nice and tight. Great work. Next up is a hip dip. Come onto our forearms, do a hip dip then a see-saw. From here, dip down, then come forwards. Back up into standing. Grab a hold of your band. Put it just above the knees. First exercise, which was the jump jack with the punch. Let’s go. Four of each. Really nice and fast with this. Come on! Last two exercises. Yes squad! Quickly take the band off. We have a set of burpees.

I’m going to be telling you when you’re half way. I want you to count your reps. I’ll start you off, let’s go. If you are sweaty, if you enjoyed that, smash the thumbs up button and way more importantly, hit subscribe! I upload every single day, and I don’t want you missing out. So make sure you click that subscribe button. See you tomorrow!
Lilly Sabri

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