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FULL BODY Fat Loss (get results + no jumping) | 10 minute Workout


This is your 10 minute full body fat loss home workout. I want you to do this for 14 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. No jumping, no equipment. It is just you and that incredible fat burn. You can get amazing workout results like these ladies, right here. Don’t forget to tag me on TikTok. By the way, I am now on TikTok, so I’m seeing you all. Tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured right here. Honestly, your results are blowing my mind. You girls are absolutely amazing.

I’m so proud of you. Please don’t forget to get results, It is way more than just workout. We’re looking at consistency. We are looking at making sure that our nutrition is on point. If you’re looking to burn fat, you want to be in calorie deficit. All of that information is available on the LEAN App for you. If you’re someone who’s struggling to eat healthy snacks and you feel like you’re eating candy and sweets all the time. Less healthy decisions, that’s fine. But if you want to mix it up and try to replace those less healthy snacks with healthier snacks, which are high protein. We’ve got the LEAN protein bars for you. These are my healthy LEAN protein bars.

They launched four months ago and they are absolutely you girls are loving them. Honestly, they are our best seller. You are going crazy for them and I have some incredible news. The chocolate peanut butter and white chocolate raspberry flavors are now available in the US as well. So you can shop them on the US website on Trust me, you will love them. I want to quickly show you inside. I mean, oh my gosh. So that means all my US girls, my Canadian girls, anyone who is close to the US.

You’re going to save money on shipping and it’s going to arrive to you so much faster. Just a little bit and I’ll have the rest after. Oh my gosh. Let’s start off with your left foot back. Lunge forward. Good work, finding that beat. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Amazing work. Let’s get that heart rate up.

We’re already halfway. Nearly there you guys! Five seconds, come on. Keep pushing! (timer beeping) Incredible work. Facing towards me, you push that leg out as you punch, nice and fast. One, two, one, two.

Going in five. Two, one, let’s go. Good. And if you can, go faster than that beat. I want that heart rate up. Incredible! 30 seconds left. No jumping does not mean no sweat. (timer beeping).

Okay, onto that lunge on the other side. Teddy, what’s this? So it’s one, two, one, two. Three, two, let’s go. Lunge, back. Good, core nice and tight. Breathe, you got this. Good, power off through this standing leg through that heel.

Don’t give up, guys, don’t give up. Come on. (timer beeping) Amazing. Okay, reaching for the floor, as you come up, drive up onto those toes. 10 seconds, breathe. Four, okay down we come. Drive up onto those toes.

Good work! Bending through those knees and those hips. Speed it up if you can. (timer beeping) One more! Yes, to the side of your mat, if your puppy allows it. Good boy. Okay, nice and low.

We step, as we get to the end we cross across. Okay. Let’s go. Good work, keep it moving. If you can, keep it nice and fast. Good work, breathe you guys. Come a bit lower, if you can. 10 seconds! (timer beeping).

Amazing work. Okay, reverse lunges. Just literally alternating sides. From there, step the feet out into a squat. We can do it. Come on, you guys! You are getting there. This is full body. I really want you guys burning.

If you can, speed it up. Come on now, 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Amazing. Woo! Oh my gosh. That beat’s going to drop, isn’t it? Okay you guys, jumping jacks. Instead of jumping, we are stepping.

Let’s go! Come on. I want speed. I want you burning, come on. You might feel like Teddy right now but you are not going to give up. Come on. Good, speed it up. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

Four, three, two and one. Woo! Crazy how much you can get in without that jumping. Reach for the toes, the knees, the toes, drive up. Okay, let’s go. Good work, you guys! Come on, speed it up now, speed it up. Let’s go. Two more, two more.

(timer beeping) Woo! Down onto the mat. Wow, breathe you guys. Eight bicycles into two full sit ups. We’ll start off with the sit ups. All right. Let’s go. One.

And sit ups. Full body, you guys. Move to abs now. Come on you guys, don’t give up. Give me everything you have got. 10 seconds! (timer beeping) Give me eight more bicycles, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one.

Woo! Last exercise. Into a plank. We step the feet in, we hold. Then from there we come back and then four mountain climbers. Let’s go. Four, three, two, one. Step in and back.

Come on you guys, give me everything, last exercise! Try and speed it up now. Try and speed it up. Nearly there! One more round! Five. (timer beeping) Yay! We made it.

That is crazy what you can achieve in 10 minutes without jumping. Woo! I got to go and film now a 30 minute workout for the app. Full body fat burn. So wish me luck. Guys, love you so much, you killed it. (upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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