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FULL BODY FAT BURN vs WEIGHTS | 20 minute Home Workout


We are live welcome to your summer hot girl summer shrek are you guys ready i am so freaking excited about this so before we get started we are coming into summer here where i am i know wherever you are around the world it might not be summer right now but you are hot all year round.

Yes you are freaking hot all year round you look phenomenal my goal of this week is to make you realize how strong how powerful and how beautiful you are just as you are and these workouts are to make you feel amazing to make you glow from the inside out yes we’re going to sweat but we’re going to call it a.

Glow and have you smiling and that is my pure goal of this week so you guys ready i’m hoping to see a massive yes from all of you right now also type in wherever you are from around the world this is going to be a 20 minute workout don’t forget this is.

Just one workout of the day this may be enough for you that’s totally fine but obviously if you want to add in to the rest of the guide that we’ve got check out day one on the playlist tab of my youtube channel okay that’s how you gotta do so this is full body however i’m hoping you’re not feeling.

That teddy right now i’ve had pre-workout so i’m ready to go we are focusing a lot on core for this core and fat then okay because i know that you want a lot of abs and core at the moment and before we get started this beauty right here is going in the gym shark.

Sale that is why i’ve worn it today i’ve also just come on my period today so i wanted a nice supportive bra for cardio which is what this one does i’m obsessed with the whole adapt collection okay but all you need to know is monday the 7th monday the 7th of june that’s just seven days away at 7 00 p.m.

Bst uk time to chuck that into google to find out whatever time it is wherever you are in the world there is up to 50 off selected lines selective ranges selected products okay so up to 50 off selected bits and bobs so make sure you check it out.

If you do want to shop the link is in my bio right guys we’re going to get started we’re going to get sweaty i hope you are as excited as i am if you’ve got it i want you to grab we’ll go with a pop it backwards today the adjustable band and we’re going to start off with that band just above the knees yo.

Dj alex spin that beat and i want you to tighten it pretty tight okay we’re gonna turn on those butt muscles this is just a little warmer come all the way down for me we’re gonna warm up caffeine with some butterfly bridges kill your spider squeeze the butt.

Okay down up open closer today 14 17 is three.

we’re still in our little activation series i want you to come into a micro men’s pool then take the weight back through the heels step and in.

You are choosing so i want you to take a moment to let me know what lower body exercises you want to come up there and one amazing now hold in a squat hold there take the knees wide breathe hold four hole three post two sixty push out then we’re done.

Sixteen fifteen fourteen you guys alex is going to be reading out what you want okay so we are following our normal weights versus cardio format exercise number one is one minute exercise number two is one minute with weights exercise three is 30 seconds of pure graft cardio then we get 30 seconds of rest okay i’m.

Just waiting to hear okay so we’ve got squats bulgurian split squats side booty and 3d deadlift side work series inner thighs lots of inner thighs oh my gosh okay right okay why don’t we start off with the deadlift now so.

We’re gonna start off with hammy’s into booty keep the band drawn if you want to exercise one we’re coming into a dead from there we’re gonna take the arms up and over the head come back into a lunge okay that’s exercise number one exercise number two one weight jumping in out squat for one.

Minute that’s hard if it’s too much step okay exercise three i told you it’s gonna be hard we’re gonna move a program 30 seconds get yourself ready guys we can do this okay 15 seconds we go in from here all right.

10 seconds you guys pick up those weights let’s get that music open in six in five four three two let’s go one minute you are capable 10 seconds.

let’s go okay keep it moving me you are capable i know you’ve got this come on.

everyone else jump in beginners follow me okay come on come on you guys.

Right baby i will show you how you can catch my fire.

For the next song can we have a little bit faster i’m gonna bring it all the way up yes you guys 30 seconds left you guys let’s go let’s go.

15. go yeah oh yes okay you guys type in any exercises you want upper body cord lower body legged upper okay starting off with flies you can be standing.

Or kneeling slight bend okay we come out 45 degrees we come forward let’s go we you guys oh my gosh 5kg really.

yes you guys three two one oh foreign 30 seconds.

Change the odds moving yes you guys come on give me everything give me everything 15. 10 9 8 seven six five four three.

Two one good work you guys back into court alex were there any requests okay after that’s going to be a plank legs are out we come up we punch the sky and we come back down let’s go.

Okay beginners even if you only get here i don’t mind just keep that body moving advanced take a look up to the screen the weight is behind your head if you can reach and back down oh.

oh five four three two.

and we ride come on come on.

you’re here don’t give up keep that course tight 15 seconds i know who you are.

And i know what you are capable of okay come on all right you guys i feel like i need a little burst two left okay we are gonna go with sideways seriously then we’re up all right you guys pop the band on.

If you want to put the weight on your outer booty we come forward we pop we arch back let’s go yes 20 seconds left.

Let’s go forward yes straight up guys you’re a beginner step step yes you guys 1 15 let’s go let’s go.

All right you guys i’m to pause the timer on it can we okay of course this is your last circuit your last one okay now i want you to think about what your goal is what you want to achieve this week whether it’s physical whether it’s mental whatever it is i don’t mind but i want you to give me.

Everything you have got in this last two and a half minutes of work okay because i know you’ve got it i know you have all right first up is going to be a split squat okay we’re going without the leverage without the step so it’s a static lunge technically we’re.

Going to add something in okay so we’re coming down from there we step in we pulse puff then we go straight back again okay 30 seconds each side you can do this okay you guys only 15 seconds i know you’ve got this.

After that we have a minute of curtsy lunges after that i’m not gonna lie to you we’ve got bear peas okay come on you can do it you can do it follow me let’s go when we’re halfway through this minute.

three two yes you guys.

Let’s go yes beginners simple no weights okay 20 seconds left breathe you guys last second everything you got come on i know you’re capable sit close whack that booty push up from here drive up.

Okay drive up from that booty push up through the heel 15. 12 11 10. then we okay 45 seconds of birthing 45 seconds of your life then you are done okay you’ve done bad things with me before.

You know what you can achieve you know what your body’s capable of okay today is a new day it doesn’t matter how many you get all that matters is that you give me everything i’m gonna give you another 15 seconds worth of breath get yourself ready beginners follow me.

Intermediate advanced you know what you’re doing okay alex going in nine 45 seconds eight seven six remember intermediate advanced you’re here because you’re here two laps as many as you can as fast as you can you’re coming up to halfway like i know.

You’ve got this in the back come on okay you’re halfway double come on i need to get one more oh my gosh that was amazing.

Breathe have a moment can i just say you are blooming amazing like seriously you’re incredible i know you’re lying on your mat right now and you’re probably sweating like crazy i’m panting like crazy but know that you gave me everything okay and this workout isn’t going anywhere.

You can try it again if you want with only 20 minutes but it’s crazy what you can achieve in 20 minutes day one day one of hot girl summer complete if that’s all you’re doing if you want to do the rest of the workouts check out the playlist okay.

Don’t forget gym shark sale 7th of june 7 pm bst that’s london uk time chuck it into google to see where it is wherever you are in the world and if you are shopping and you don’t mind i would massively support massively support appreciate your support by using my link it’s.

Always in my bio so you literally just click on it and wherever you are in the world it will route you to your country’s website website her website website and you’re not making sense tara how did everyone find it oh they loved it today.

Oh my gosh you guys absolutely killed it so we have another we have a live nearly every day this week so tomorrow is a new finisher wednesday is another live here thursday is a live on instagram on my lean with lily instagram that’s the 100 sorry 500 trying to get offline.

Lean live on instagram oh it’s another new on thursday friday lean with lily 500 abs challenge that’s gonna be absolutely brutal and guys we’re gonna soon start ahead of the app launch we’re gonna start asking you for your favorite songs and we wanna i’m not gonna tell you why.

Just yet because it’s super super super exciting but we need your favorite songs and what else we need is your favorite songs per category so like your favorite songs doesn’t have to be our ones that we use here can be chart music but your favorite songs for a pilates workout for a.

Weights versus cardio for a box for a pure hit for a bar whatever it is we need your favorite song so just for now just start thinking about it and i’m going to be asking you and telling you why on instagram and in the facebook group i’m probably here right i would have thought so guys you.

Freaking smashed it i’m gonna have to go and i’ll tell you why right there is all set up because we’re actually doing um like a photo shoot for food today which alex is happy about he gets to eat it all so i’ve written up 9 10 11 12 plus my sisters.

That’s 14 new recipes today um so they’ve like four of them have already been cooked so i need to do a huge cook-off then we need to do all the photos we are approaching like hundreds of recipes it will i think it might even be in the hundreds which is crazy for the lean app launch.

And you get personalized meal plans and there’s everything on there there’s vegan vegetarian pescetarian meat everything so yeah we’re cooking today so i gotta go i gotta go cook guys you smashed it i’m just gonna quickly tune in and say hi to a few of you.

20 minutes just goes like that doesn’t it it’s crazy how are you feeling dj alex in the house you enjoyed it do you want to tell everyone what you’re thinking about yeah i want to get some dj names so i’m going to show them actually show them so alex used to dj it was like a hobby right yeah and and.

This is what alex is like he gets like i don’t want to use the word obsessive but you do a bit probably like if he gets into something out there you go i want to like get this i don’t know if you can see that like that and actually do that behind the scenes all right gonna be so much fun.

No i do think because remember when i’ve run events in london and stuff in the past like having a live dj set the vibe is insane like it’s literally unbelievable so i do think it would be really cool i’m just i just know what you’re like and i hope it’s not going to be like yeah i want to do this and then like.

Two weeks later it’s in the box not being used but i do think it’ll be super fun i love how it’s like is there an end there um right my booty still hurts from the 1000 reps anyone who didn’t do the 1000 reps that’s nandika and it’s saved yes the 1000 abs and booty is.

Saved to my instagram of lily and it was so hard like my underbar you know where it lifts that bit there the the literally it’s ridiculous like it’s on fire still two days later and the lean app everyone’s asking questions about that just very exciting so the lean app is launching on the 10th.

But we’ll be coming on wednesday’s live i think we’ll probably do like a mini q a at the end of that not confirmed but we’ve only got 10 days when do the lean bands come back in stock they we don’t have it confirmed but i’m hopeful that they might be back in stock when.

The lean app launches and yeah yeah i didn’t know if it was confirmed it is confirmed okay they’re going to be back in stock when the lean app launches so it’s only 10 days away and um there’s not like there are a fair few but there’s not like indefinite amounts you know what tends.

To happen with it like you guys sell it out like crazy and so we’ll probably give early access to people on the app first of all so that you can get it make sure you get it to the theme of lily familia and then we’ll open it up on the website as well to general public.

That sounded really like general public um oh what a levels did you do to go to physiotherapy from uh i can’t see your name son yeah what i’m really sorry if i completely ruined your name there and so i did maths biology chemistry and physical education.

So i’m a bit of a science geek i love my science and hate english fyi really bad at it but love science and maths um do you have to pay for the app from clara yes it will be a subscription it’s very very very affordable though we haven’t got the prices 100 confirmed.

Will we be able to reveal that on wednesday potentially the prices hopefully hopefully on wednesday if not soon after there will be a monthly subscription option and an annual so you can pay for the year in advance then you have it for the year and the amount that it of stuff that it.

Launches with at the beginning it will only go up and up and up because we’re going to be releasing more stuff every single month probably recipes every two weeks maybe extra challenges like there’s just indefinite amounts of stuff that’ll be going on that app and the price is like ridiculously.

Affordable i’m really really happy with what we’re hoping to do we’re just trying to make sure that it will work um right as in the price is okay not the app the app definitely works it’s phenomenal right guys i’m gonna love you i’m gonna leave you and i’m gonna see you on wednesday for another live teddy.

My little skinny one i’m sorry it’s just i know everyone will want to see you here he is my little boy had a haircut and we think he looks like a little rat boy there he is all right oh hello all right bye everyone we love you hi bye squad teddy are you okay.
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