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FULL BODY FAT BURN in 7 Days NO JUMPING | 10 min Home Workout


This home workout is a sweaty cardio fat burn workout. No jumping and no equipment. So you’re not going to annoy your neighbors downstairs. I can guarantee, you’re going to be dripping with sweat, by the end of this workout. Please don’t forget to tag me on your Instagram stories. Like these amazing ladies have. The results are phenomenal. Don’t forget this is part of your 7-day Summer Shred workout challenge. You can download it for free, down here. It includes yummy recipes. Or you can do this workout on its own. Let’s do this.

Starting off in a low squat. We’re going to rotate as we come up. Twisting the foot. Really nice and fast. No jumping, but I can guarantee you are going to be sweating. From there, we’re going to be reaching down to the floor, then coming up onto the toes. Then come down and punch. Punch, punch. Great work. We’re coming onto the side of the mat. Come into a side lunge, as we come up, drive across the body. We’ve got this squad. Great work. Changing sides. We’ve got this.

Come into a narrow squat now. From there, step the feet out, in, then up. We have got this. Come on, butt really low. Over halfway, come on, keep pushing. All the way! Now butt lower. 10 seconds. Next up, we are doing a curtsy lunge, into a double pulsations squat. Try to stay low if you can. Chest open. 20 seconds, come on! Straight onto the other side.

20 seconds. Over halfway. Great work. Down onto the mat now. We are working the abs and fat burning. We are doing bicycles. Hold on the seventh. Really crunch across the body. 20 seconds, come on squad! Finishing up with a core burner, then you are done. If you have a water bottle grab it. Last exercise, we are going with a feed through. Last 10 seconds, hold up here. Dripping with sweat, right? I told you! Don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button.

Also click subscribe. I don’t want you to miss out on daily workouts. I am so proud of you, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another one. Bye squad!
Lilly Sabri

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