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FULL BODY FAT BURN | 30 minute Lockdown Home Workout


We are what’s up guys welcome to what is going to be a very sweaty session we’ll just get a little bit of music on just to get the vibe going how are you how are you feeling i know yesterday was day one and today is going to be pretty brutal guys and i feel really bad saying that.

Because yesterday was ladder hit and today is another hit session but the good news is it’s going to be 30 seconds it’s going to be intense we are going in but the first part is pretty much pure cardio hit and that’s going to be about just short of 20 minutes okay then the last 10 minutes is weights okay.

So it’s literally just gonna run straight through hopefully you won’t like have a chance to think about how painful it is because i’ll just be shouting at you and we will go way tuning in from a rain arranged i read around the world let me know and let’s just basically warm up our bodies.

We’re going to start off with a nice wide squat toes pivoted outwards coming down low and we’re just going to shimmy side to side just literally warming up breathing if you haven’t yet guys please do like this video hit subscribe alex how we doing for likes versus views okay guys pause right now and hit like.

For me it basically helps us reach more people just like you so just swaying side to side good work and then taking the legs even wider and we’re just going to come into a side lunge swaying the body keeping the core nice and tight chest open.

Are you excited i’m actually so buzzing for this so you know it’s gonna be nasty yes baby good let’s go for eight more seven six five and one amazing now taking those legs and we’re just gonna go with an overhead squat coming really nice and low for me.

Core tight squeeze the butt at the top so guys 45 15 45 seconds on 15 seconds recovery we’re doing eight exercises then we take a break then we go with another eight small break then we’re going to move weights so have some weights close by.

And grab your lean resistance band if you’ve got it four more last one amazing work now standing you’re today are you.

Good oh my gosh amazing so are you in lockdown guys if you’re in lockdown i’m sorry number one and number two don’t worry i’ve got you two weeks have you downloaded the guide teddy you’re gonna have to go with your.

Daddy baby seven six five four three two one okay 45 seconds on 15 seconds recovery i’m going to show you low version modification so you can follow me for the lower version or you can go heavier if you want to make it harder if you.

Want to be jumping and really sweating please grab your hip band the purple rose is even harder okay we’re starting off nice and simple we’re gonna go with a jump jack for four and then a jump punch for four and in your recovery i’m going to show you the next exercise if you want to make it harder.

Pop the band around your ankles okay guys we’re going in 10 seconds so it’s going to get nasty all right 10 seconds ready it’s gonna hurt it’s gonna hurt we’ll get some nice fast music on for you guys don’t worry two one let’s go one two three four.

So just get in the zone guys i want you to really sweaty by the end of this okay guys really for you you’re coming down into a plank you guys you’re gonna do four.

Quack jacks from there jump the feet in four jump jacks okay band on or off it’s up to you one let’s go 30 seconds come on guys above the knees we’re going with our jump in our squats you guys.

Okay just above the knees nice and simple one two and out beginners follow me one two step step come on guys is exercise three of eight.

wednesdays ten seconds come on guys next up take the band off three two take the band off guys you have an option of jump squats or burpees i want you to count your repetitions beginners squatting up otherwise jump.

Squat otherwise a burpee come on guys count your reps beginners slow it down squeeze that booty at the top keep the core tight this is as many as you can do come on guys push it as fast as you can as many as you can okay you’re.

Approaching halfway come on guys halfway double it come on double those rests one push it push it okay come on guys come on three two one done well done guys okay one of my.

Absolute favorites we are going with our curtsies stepping or jumping bend from the hip okay two one beginners step in like so otherwise you know come on guys push your push and push it way over halfway approaching halfway come on.

halfway come on 10 seconds come on by 10 freaking seconds smash it we have fast feet i know you love this one when i clap you even go with a half.

Birthday and up oh you go with the jumper squat two one let’s go begin to squat on me faster faster come on 25 halfway.

come on we have bicycles okay on the fifth i want you to hold so it’s fast but five from the fifth you hold use the band if you want to let’s go one two three four five posts.

that home straight 10 seconds amazing okay we have eight mountain climbers into a frogger so eight running from there jumper feet in.

And back out beginners copy me let’s go eight seven six as fast as you can if you can you are running it guys four three two and one by staining your stomach and pausing the timer this is our last exercise.

Of this circuit you have two options okay you can either do a full burpee or you can do a frogger and i want you to count your reps okay beginners i recommend stepping up okay and back with boxed intermediate i want a okay we’re going in ten seconds.

Count your reps guys okay try and beat that last one okay come on four three beginners i’ll start you up let’s i’m freaking watching you come on i want as many reps as females possible do you have 20 seconds left guys want to speed up speed it up.

15 10 seconds whoa you get a break we’re coming down onto the mat have a breather this next circuit is more cool with fat then okay this time it’s only eight minutes you guys rather than nine.

Breathe how you feeling i’m not gonna lie it’s about to get harder okay so every time you are doing your timed burpees or whatever it might be i want you to try and beat the last time you have two more rounds of burpees or froggers so you can’t say i haven’t told you okay.

Guys starting at 15 or 10 i should say flying on your back we’re starting off with scissors okay so we tap down and we straighten then onto the other side core tight four three two okay all the way.

Then we reach to the toe drop that arm out to the side if you want to changing it halfway we got this two one let’s go is okay three parts shuffle and hold.

One two on the third we hold one two three one two three guys we have five minutes of pure cardio now step it if you have to one let’s go slight pause okay 25 seconds come on we’re over halfway i know it hurts come on guys next up.

You guys okay we’re counting our reps again beginners follow me we’re going in six seconds everything you got come on guys we freaking got this okay one let’s go beginners i know who you are you know who you are.

And you should be going for more than 15 reps can anyone get over 20 you’re approaching halfway you are halfway double that couch i want to leave more come on come on done go down guys okay in out up this is where it gets nasty.

Pop your bands above your knees if you want to jump out jump up in out up beginners find me we’re gonna step okay let’s go come on nice and fast hi teddy teddy ready 30 seconds guys come on push it push it come on we’re nearly there.

I want you to first 20 seconds come on come on push it 15 think of the results 10 seconds you are so nearly there do not give up now eight high knees into eight in out jump squats i know you hate me so we have eight running then eight.

Here now step or jump let’s go eight seven six five four three two one beginners march it but do not stop okay i don’t care what level you’re at what i care is whether you push or not okay push it push it.

Beginners marching everyone else you are running 15 seconds one more round come on one more round when i clap you squat or you tuck jump so when i clap if you can you’re up i’ve always been squat let’s go fast feet beginning okay come on come on just do more.

Exercises make those teeth fast beginners come on come on everything everything come on guys halfway come on keep going 15. wow.

Six four three three a break you guys okay we are going into our last exercise you guessed it you’re doing bertie’s you get an extended break i want you to breathe hello i want everything you’ve got okay if you don’t want to do batteries.

You can go for squats okay guys eight seconds come on come on i’ll start clock two one let’s go double it by 10 9 8.

Have your waist close by have a breezer okay guys i’m changing up the timer how you getting on let me know okay we have weights now we have four sets sorry three circuits at three minutes each one minute for exercise one one minute for exercise two.

And then the third minute sorry one minute exercise one one minute exercise two third half of a minute is cardio then 30 seconds recovery okay squad three minutes on the timer we’re starting off with abs then we go lower body then we get a combination oh.

How you doing there alex how’s everyone feeling everyone is dying fantastic okay grab your wings we’re starting off with a russian twist i’m gonna show you as we go along okay russian twist to start off with 10 seconds until we go okay guys beginners legs down intermediate.

Advanced legs up let’s go here no wait if you want okay this is really hard okay we’ll make it a bit easier but push out against that back do not stop 30 seconds beginners.

Tap punch three two one down hi teddy three two one uh we have thirty seconds let’s go.

That bird is real come on guys twenty seconds left really push against that band okay 12 seconds speed it up nearly there then you get a breather five.

Four three two one i swear i’m going to squish him at some point okay keep the band on i want you to take one weight in each hand and we’re going for a reverse lunge we’re going in five four three two.

Keep it controlled let’s go good work guys 45 seconds left come on you can do it 25 seconds come on the weights onto the pelvis move that band close to the knees we have a butterfly bridge in four three.

Two let’s go up two down really squeeze up your legs every time five four three two one stop it up put back down nice and fast step them if you have to.

Knees one 20 seconds guys 20 seconds then you get a break then it’s our last round eight seven six five four how you feeling oh my gosh okay have a moment for our next weight.

Circuit we’re going to be doing curtsy lunges followed by a modified berkey with the weights okay so for your curtsies just going to pause the second alex so demo properly for your cats use the weights into the chest i’m going to step the leg behind and.

Forward no weight is also an option okay then for your backy you’re gonna have both weights i’m gonna jump in up press and back down again make sure you’re bending through the knees okay going in ten seconds i’ll show you once don’t worry.

Okay going in six five four three two let’s go actually go for both weights guys okay come on 45 seconds beginners no wait my friend just stepping behind like this but don’t stop okay or one way into the chest you have 25 seconds guys you can so.

Do this come on 20. 15 seconds 10 seconds then down on the mat five okay exactly the same thing.

30 seconds okay 30 seconds then you get a small break a small break come on guys okay pause for a break okay the time is still going when you have 30 seconds left you are doing an exercise of your choice so that’s in 15 seconds i recommend birthdays if you can okay.

Otherwise squats jump in out squats intermediate jump in out beginners i’ll stick with you going in three going in two one beginners stepping them okay come on nice and fast intermediate here last exercise 20 seconds beginners come on come on.

Okay eight seven six five four three two and done yes baby did you want to play i am so proud of you guys come on down have a moment how are you feeling how was that i actually loved that combo ted did you like it me that’s his name.

He liked it okay we’re just going to do a few stretches i would love to know how you found that hook the left ankle over the right knee squad hug behind the back of the side we’re going to do a few stretches we have another line tomorrow tomorrow with weights versus cardio so there’s more weights.

Tomorrow guys way more weights tomorrow you’re going to need your adjustable band which is so much tougher for your resistance training and heavy weights okay yes baby sorry baby open the legs apart and breathe okay let me tune in now.

Because we need to do a few answering of questions oh my gosh that’s a great i literally love that okay straightening one leg out now excuse me excuse me okay i’m reaching for the toes just waiting to log in to see what questions are.

Coming through so yeah tomorrow guys same place same time i would say tomorrow is my favorite kind of workout the weights versus cardio we’re really going to be burning into the muscles tomorrow okay fat burning sculpting okay journal q.

A yeah all right guys changing leg excuse me baby excuse me oh my gosh here’s an absolute rascal today aren’t you his hair’s growing back finally you’ll be on the ground yeah we’ll stay here love you smashed it first time joining a live workout the square.

I can’t see anything because of the sweat when is the huge restock guys our plans are gonna be restocking hello at the end of november we have all of the bands restocking including the lean long vans so these babies are coming back as well oh these babies so these are going to be.

Coming back late november no it’s not for you we haven’t revealed the date yet and but we will be revealing the date very soon so get ready it is going to be a huge restock however i have a feeling that it’s probably going to be similar to last time so i would.

Highly recommend being ready and saving the day and you’ll find out why pretty soon it’s going to be epic it’s going to be something very very very big so that’s all i’m going to say for now um okay it seems like oh it was someone’s birthday but i missed whose birthday.

But i saw everyone saying happy birthday so happy birthday to whoever’s birthday is um all right guys let’s see if there’s any um questions we’re gonna have a little chat about yes bubba about journaling um just to quickly if you could just give me a yes.

If you’ve downloaded the 14 day guide if you’ve downloaded it just literally shout yes at me i’d absolutely love to know if you have and because that is what we’re gonna be referring to now ted’s you’re gonna have to go if you’re gonna continue if we got any treats for him to make him.

Go quiet all right guys outfit is peng including the top you had on before ah guys so i have a little exciting thing for you to hear so tonight there is a um clothing haul going on my channel and it’s been it’s going up just after 7 p.m.

Uk time and i if you like the outfit i’m wearing i strongly recommend that you watch that clothing haul and that is all i can say but it’s it’s gonna be big like it’s worth you watching that clothing haul because it is gonna be very very big okay you little rascal.

This is what we have to deal with he’s in that mood isn’t he he’s in that animal gremlin mood oh my gosh you literally gremlin come on go with your daddy’s one we need to get him a bone okay guys you you are the long band’s coming back any time soon so yes the long band you’ve got to.

Be ready for that announcement for late november and we’ll be telling you the date very soon and all the details very soon okay thanks i’m so tired loved it it’s my birthday too isabel happy birthday isabelle from teddy and i oh my gosh what is the finisher the finisher is on.

Your guide so and make sure you check out the guide i don’t yes yes yes yes okay i’m getting all the yeses so you’ve all got the guide if you haven’t got the guide okay alex we’re gonna have to do something with him if you just grab any kind of teddy please come here.

You are driving me a little bit crazy yeah you are oh my gosh okay guys just bear with me one second i’m gonna rap and run and get him a treat because alex is doing the back end stuff i’ll be one second guys major chords.

running down the stairs was a nightmare my legs were so jelly okay up we come have we come 12 that’s 12 good boy okay all right squad i’m all yours now that will keep him keep him quiet okay i’m so sorry about that right let’s go all the way to the bottom.

Yes dj alex is it a lean collection what’s your skincare routine you’re glowing oh guys that’s so interesting you say that so i’ve just changed skincare i say just i changed skincare about four weeks ago um to a new brand i’m actually going to be doing some.

Stuff on it on instagram so if you’re not following me on instagram make sure you are because i want to like show you all the products properly and i’m basically using this new skin buffer which i say new i’ve been using it i first started using it when i saw another blogger using it who i loved.

Don’t i about two years ago and i ordered it and i was like oh my god her skin’s amazing so i’m going to try it then i stopped using it now i’ve restarted using it about a month ago with a new skincare routine and it’s 100 natural it’s actually amazing like there’s no additives to it.

It smells so good because it’s all natural ingredients but anyway make sure you’re on my uh instagram because i’m going to be talking about that i think we’ve scheduled it in for next week so yeah yeah be ready for that um okay do a video about your skin please oh you guys you’re.

Amazing um okay right that hurt running down the stairs have you been to chile no i want to come to chile i’m desperate to come to chile but um we actually want to explore a lot of south america like it’s an absolute goal of mine to travel around south america.

And central america to be honest all of them are we want to do a lean world tour and so we’ll see what happens but that’s what was so amazing about the buddy system that we set up because we got to see who’s from where around the world so for the buddy system we’ve had 2.

500 of you sign up which is obviously amazing and we’ve linked you into groups of five depending on where you are around the world and and the response has just been phenomenal so if you want to get involved in that like the whole reason about setting it up and i don’t think there’s anyone else really.

Doing it and i can understand why there’s no one else doing it because it is so much work like i could not have done that without the eight volunteers that i had in the facebook group like you girls actually made that possible otherwise we would not have a buddy system right now.

Because they spent hours upon hours upon hours making it happen so what we did was we got everyone to write in with where they’re from around the world if they wanted to be buddied up with someone and then we separated them all into the country that they were from and then we.

Tried to pair them up where possible with four other girls minimum if possible four other girls from that same country and the whole idea is to check in with each other from a mental health point of view checking that you’re doing the workouts and also just develop friendships like.

I think there’s something very very special about coming together through fitness and health and particularly like we’re not going to feel great every single day like it’s just not normal and if you have that group of buddies around you who are maybe feeling great on a day where.

You’re feeling not so good they’re there to support you and lift you up and celebrate with you when you’re doing great and on the days when you’re not doing so well be like there to help you so i’m really proud of it we’re gonna i’m actually jumping on a call with the lean buddy ninjas tonight and the eight.

Girls i don’t know i did that the eight girls that have been helping me and we’re gonna basically brainstorm what we can do with the lean buddy system like can we set challenges should we do like zoom calls per country how cool would that be.

I don’t know we’re just kind of getting ideas and then eventually what i would love is to do a lean tour so where we travel the world and i don’t know let’s say like 10 major cities around the world and we travel and then you girls get an opportunity of actually meeting each other in person.

We do a big event we do some classes like a little fitness and festival some classes yummy food amazing music exercise and just meeting each other and having fun and all of that hey hey baby okay cool so um if you want to be bye baby alex is going uh girls say thank you.

He’s going to finish up the edit for tonight it’s just oh it’s been so hard so much work but so worth it this um you should see the state of the place behind you it’s an absolute mess so i’m showing you i think it’s about 50 anyway right yeah i want i want to go everywhere everyone’s saying india can tenure in africa oh.

I’d love to do more of africa because we climbed kilimanjaro i was in tanzania um two years ago i think it was and i promised myself that i would explore africa as a whole more where have i been i’ve been we’ve done a lot of southeast asia.

Because alex is from southeast asia we’ve been to australia so we’ve kind of been more southeast asia way we live obviously in the middle east now obviously europe because i’m from the uk america i haven’t done enough of america i haven’t been to latin america or south america america gosh i can’t give a wise.

Out ever so i really want to go there um north america central america central no north america never been to canada i want to go to canada uh la i’ve spent a lot of time in la i don’t know how this went on to cities and stuff and new york um and san fran i loved san fran.

I just i really want to explore more i really want to go to texas that would be i just want to go everywhere so what do you think a lean tour shall we do it um okay journaling let’s talk about journaling so um i love how this is a little bit later than what it was supposed to be i’m.

Sorry so you would have seen that there is a journal in your um guide that you printed out so i want to talk a little bit about journaling i want to see if you have any questions about it basically for me journaling has like absolutely changed my life like changed my life and i think there’s quite a few.

Reasons why i started journaling it would be about six months ago now when we went into our first lockdown and lockdown here was very full-on it was a lot more full-on than a lot of my friends back in the uk and my mom and my sister and i remember speaking to them and they were like.

You’re not even leaving the house for supermarkets like we did not leave the house and we could have for supermarkets but we just like it was you had to apply to get a ticket to leave the house and that’s because things can be ordered in here really easily but for me it was a challenging time.

Because i was away from my friends and family because i’m some of my friends are here but my close close friends in the uk and we were obviously it was it was like close immediate family that i’m living with but i just felt really lonely and i think it was a big time of reflection.

A lot was going on for us in terms of work and everything was taking off but i’m still finding that i felt like quite sad i felt sad overwhelmed lonely and i’m struggling to sleep and it was actually alex’s brother who said to me why don’t you try journaling just so you can get your.

Thoughts down on paper because i don’t know about you like sometimes when i feel like i have a million things going on in my head like anxiety kicks in and i feel like i can’t control my thoughts so something will come into my head and then that will spiral and spiral and spiral and.

End up feeling like it’s like the worst thing ever but if i actually like get it down on paper and i’m able to break it down it’s not that massive and it’s you can deal with it so i was scared of journaling do you guys journal let me know a lot of you i think already.

Journal just shout yes if you journal um but for me i was scared of it because number one i’m not very good at writing like i absolutely hate writing and i always think of journaling as like dear diary and all pretty and the handwriting being all neat and swirly and all of that and my journal if you were to see it as.

An absolute mess so i struggled first of all to find a journal that i liked because a lot of the fitness journals that i find are very much based on like how many calories did you burn today how much water did you drink like it’s very numeric.

And it was something that i like that’s not the way i work i don’t count my calories i don’t i don’t like having to measure things and stuff like that i need to be able to like flow with my thoughts so i managed to find one which is not fitness related and that’s something else.

Like i think in the future i’d love to bring out my own journal like an actual physical book that’s to do with wellness and fitness and food and motivational quotes and happiness because i haven’t found one in the market that fits that so i ended up going with a habit tracker.

And a just a normal journal which had a few like like little triggers in it as to what you would you would write so things like what are you grateful for today and i ended up realizing that for me the habit tracker is is the best thing that could ever happen to me so.

You’ll see that we’ve given you a habit tracker and we’ve given you i believe five or six lines i recommend per two weeks to be honest per month but let’s say two weeks because this is a two-week trial only picking a maximum of three new habits it can be two but three maximum okay so you can pick.

These right now even if you’ve got it printed out we can do it together for that these want to be positive lifestyle changes that you want to make so i’ll give you an example for alex and i it was to get up before 8 00 a.m every day because we’ve been going to sleep at like 3 a.m because we’re working through the night at the moment.

Which means we haven’t been waking up till like nine sometimes 10 o’clock we want to try and change that we want to be up earlier the sun’s setting earlier we want to seize the day so one thing was waking up before 8am every day and we’re going to give you an example of how we’ve done that so we know that on the days we go to sleep.

At like four o’clock three o’clock it’s going to be a real struggle and when you’re doing your habit tracking all you literally do is the day that you manage to achieve that habit you put a line through that box or you color that box in it’s like a tally right never miss if possible and there’s.

Research on this try not to miss more than two days in a row so it’s okay if one day you wake up at 8 30 the next day you wake up at 10 but then you gotta the next day wake up at eight because if you miss your habit for more than two days in a row that habit is going to be far far far.

Harder to maintain and to make that positive lifestyle change and to achieve that goal so let’s use an example let’s say your example is to um achieve let’s say let’s go numeric because let’s make this a little bit fun let’s say your example is to achieve.

Over and this is hard 20 burpees in 45 seconds right let’s just say that’s an example for you to be able to achieve that within a month you’ve got to be practicing burpees right otherwise you’re not going to be able to achieve the goal of doing.

40 45 seconds when the birth is 30 20 reps sorry so what you want to do is make sure you are practicing burpees every single day it doesn’t have to be 45 seconds it doesn’t even have to be burpees it can be that you’re practicing strength which will help with your burpees it can.

Be that you’re practicing cardio which will help your burpees so what we’re saying is you want to be working out every single day you can have two days off in a row but never more than two days off so effectively you’re following the guide so your your goal might be to work out like literally work out more than 30.

Minutes a day so that can be your habit number one and you literally tick it off it’s okay to have two days off in a row to be honest it’s okay to have three but try and avoid it make sure that you’re ticking it off with no more than two days off at a time another one might be to drink x amount of water every single day more than two.

Liters you just write that in and it’s a good way of tallying that so maybe you guys what new habits have you developed so for me i’ve done journaling so i’m journaling every day i’m waking up before 8am every day and i’m walking teddy every day because for me walking teddy and believe it or not there’s some days when we.

Don’t which is absolutely dreadful because we’ve been working so hard and we just play with him in the garden but for me walking teddy for an hour every day is my mindfulness like it literally allows me to just breathe and when i’m relaxed and when i’m just.

Enjoying and when i’m physically just at a low pace list training slow controlled walking i have my best ideas i have my best ideas when i’m chilled and walking teddy when i’m lying in the garden doing my meditation which i shouldn’t be having ideas because i should be present but i’m all my brain’s always on.

And when i’m showering because i’m most relaxed particularly when i’m washing my hair and i’ll get out the shower and i’ll be like oh my god i’ve just had this idea and i have this little book which i’ll show you which is called the 3am journal and i keep it next to my bed because it’s basically designed like in.

The front cover it says you have your best ideas when you’re when you least expect it which is so true so it’s i keep it next to my bed and sometimes i’ll be up till like three o’clock in the morning and i’ll write might scribble my ideas down in that book so for me journaling has been.

Amazing that’s how i use the habit tracker okay yes i wish i’d wake up before eight every day um will you be releasing a yoga mat yes we are releasing two yoga mats actually guys uh meditation drink two liters of water and do something something to school something for school.

I guess and guys what other yeah this is a really good one have at least eight hours sleep a night that’s a really important one and actually i’d say most of you should be having that in your habit tracker.

Lori in the past i’ve had someone read my journal now i’m still afraid to journal because of that oh lori that’s so rubbish see that’s the thing like for me oh my gosh it’s so personal and i would never like their stuff about alex in my.

Journal their stuff about my family and my journal their stuff like so much stuff about my mental health um like it’s all about my thoughts and feelings and sometimes it’s like really silly things that i’m thinking i say silly but it’s just my thoughts right like because i.

Was used to speaking to my mom on the phone yesterday and i was like remember when i was younger and i used to say i just have a feeling and she was like lily you’ve always been really intuitive like when i get my feelings like even this sounds really silly but sometimes when i’m like i think that person’s.

Annoyed at me or angry with me or whatever you know like friends and stuff i think i’ve done something to upset them or whatnot nine times out of ten if it’s a positive or a feeling of mine positive or negative it tends to be right the issue with me is because i’m a.

People pleaser and i always want to make people happy that feeling or thought then consumes me and i get really upset and quite low about it so if i write it down on paper it helps me to deal with it with my thoughts and then i can deal with it physically so laurie.

Do not stop writing it down like i don’t know about you for when you were journaling if it helped from a mental health point of view like speaking about personal stuff in your diary but or in your journal but if it helped you the way it has me please don’t stop just find a way of.

Locking it away like there has to be a way of locking it away like i have my drawers here and i trust alex so i know he’d never read it so i do have mine out and about but when i have like people like people staying or whatnot i put them in my office drawers.

And but maybe i should be locking it away i don’t know there will be ways of like locking it away or another way is to put it on you can do it digitally as well i just love writing like i love just so it’s a mess like i scribble it all out are you licking my square nice i love you.

And but please i know it’s really hard because when your trust is broken it’s really really hard to like develop that trust again even if the person that read it isn’t around anymore or you know whatever it might be it’s oh you you um it’s tough it’s really tough but please.

Don’t let it stop you if you found it helped you um what’s your zodiac sign as in my star sign zodiac sign is a start time right i’m um cancer so i’m the crab my birthday is on the 4th of july and i um i literally tick every single trait that a cancerian has.

We did some reading up on it recently like around my birthday around july and i was reading it and i was like oh my gosh everything was just me everything was me even down to the point like i’m a water baby if i’m close to the ocean and i’m near water i’m just so happy like water just makes me so happy even.

If it’s the sound of trickling water like i’m in my happy place um but yeah everything about a cancerian and the cancer and traits is me down to a t like i’m super sensitive i’m really really like i put other people before myself 100 like i get hurt because i give people.

Everything and when i like if i feel like i’ve let someone down like it literally is like a stab through my heart like a lot of my weaknesses are around like trusting people too easily and yeah all of that stuff and my sister is.

Um scorpio so she’s polar opposite to me in so many ways and we really balance each other out like where she feels like i when i was younger i was like a pushover i was bullied a little bit at school and she like was the fierce one who like was like no.

You’ve got to stand up for yourself so anyway that’s just going into that but yeah i find that all really interesting and maybe that’s got to do with the journaling side of things do you suggest journaling every day no you don’t have to however i try and make it part of your routine.

So my routine now is wake up whatever time i wake up try to make it as part of my habit tracking before eight i go downstairs to my little pergola i keep pointing out there which is my outdoor area i roll out my mat i keep my mat downstairs right next to it i roll it out.

I put on alex’s mom’s meditation um which is more like it’s a lot of affirmations rather than meditation it sets me up for the day it clears my mind and i loosen my body so i do quite a lot of stretches and and then i actually loads of people journal in the morning i used to i was journaling in the.

Morning when i was doing my breath work back in in march onwards but now i journal in the evening it’s entirely up to you like there’s no wrong or right calm down baby but yeah i would try to do every day and i do 15 minutes so i used to even set my timer so i’d be.

Like hey siri set a timer for 15 minutes please don’t sorry um but now i just let let it flow and i’ll give you an example i and i know like it’s always quite personal but for me i always start off with how i’m feeling so it’s up to you how you write it i.

Don’t start off with a hey diary i’ll often start off um so let’s use today as an example and i’m feeling very good today but i am feeling exhausted so i’d probably be like um today i’m feeling a little bit exhausted and slightly overworked but not overwhelmed i feel in control i just feel like with.

What’s happening with lockdown right now that i feel we’re trying to put so much effort into what we’re doing right now that i need to make sure that i’m still making time for myself however the feedback and energy that i’m getting from you girls is recharging me because i know i’m.

Helping you and the fact i’m helping you recharges me so that’s probably how i’d start off a little bit and so it’s a lot of it is about my thoughts and feelings today is a really really good day but there’s days where it’s not so good and sometimes when i just write it down it’s like.

I feel so much better so that’s my normal page i’ll start off with my thoughts and feelings in the bottom right corner and this is just me i have a little messy section for when things come into my head i’ll just quickly write them down so thoughts and feelings up there and then suddenly something will pop into my.

Head like oh i need to do this for the app and i’ll be like i don’t want to lose that feeling i don’t want to forget about it so i’m just going to write down here app check video or something and then i remember it because when my thoughts are coming in they’re.

Usually quite out of sync and all over the place so i know if i write my main bit here and then the things to come back to down here that’s just like my little bullet point list that i can come back to so i always start off with thoughts and feelings um okay gosh there’s a lot a lot of.

Questions she is so happy all the time i’m not i’m not i don’t always like also my mom i’m just just coming off my period so i’m quite emotional at the moment i’m also quite like water retention-y i’ve been feeling a bit like slow so that was a bit of a struggle.

Today and i’d also write that i’d write about how i’m feeling about the workout that i did um but yeah i’m not always i i’m like a toddler you guys i’m excitable and happy and then i’m really sleepy keep me happy by giving me a lot of food a lot of sleep.

And a lot of love and that’s all i need and to be honest i think that’s what everyone needs and if i’m giving that energy to you i’m happy because if it’s making you happy it’s making me happy and thank you very much for answering my question no worries please restock the bands uh in indian.

National rupees so we basically we restock it in great british pounds but when you’re paying you can pay in most currencies so yeah i hope that helps depending on where you’re from um i want to improve my mental health because i cried myself to sleep for the last week oh ellie.

So try journaling a hundred percent i think that will help um and on top of that talk to people speak about it it’s so important try not to hold it in so i’m someone i basically and i don’t want to go into everything because there’s so much that’s gone on but like family wise we’ve like really had our.

Struggles and i ended up having therapy so the struggle started when i was like maybe 17 18 and then i had like a good period of maybe it would have been six years five six years where i didn’t talk about it like i literally did not talk about it.

So the struggles first started happening when i was like 17 18. then i got into uni i went off to uni i effectively ran away um i didn’t run away but in terms of mental health-wise i ran away so we’re from london and i went up to manchester to uni and i was like i just can’t deal.

With it so i closed things off and that’s kind of my personality like i box things in because i’m scared of being vulnerable um or i used to be i’ve really improved and then i remember one of my best friends from school so from like age 11 and who i kind of lost contact with a little bit.

Contacted me and she was like two years later or a year later and she was like i’ve just seen this why did you not tell me and i was like i didn’t tell you because it was family stuff because i was scared of being vulnerable and telling the people who who really cared about me because i didn’t want to.

Cry and i didn’t want to be upset and i didn’t want to show that side of me and she was like what the hell like this is when you need me the most and you didn’t allow me to help you even just listen to you like you didn’t allow me as a friend to do what a friend needs to do and.

A lot of that was i don’t think it was pride it’s because i was scared about talking about it so it doesn’t mean i wasn’t crying but i was crying behind closed doors you know what i mean i wasn’t asking for help and then like six years later long story short and i’m sure there’s going to be so many comments.

Six years later i um realized long story short that i was effectively in men attracting a very certain type of partner so i’d had a few uh boyfriends and it got to a point where things had got like a bit nasty and i was like oh my god like why does this.

Keep happening like it can’t be a coincidence so i had started speaking to a close friend at that time and she said have you considered therapy and in the uk sometimes therapy can be quite frown not frowned upon that’s the wrong way of putting it but like misunderstood.

Um whereas a lot of my friends in australia are like it’s quite normal i’m not sure about where you girls are from but certainly in the uk it was around the time where it was like not many people went to therapy and they were like oh why is something wrong why do you need to go to therapy and i saw this incredible therapist and it.

Took like years but he like broke down my barriers he gave me outlets he gave me like management plans effectively um for the way i process things and then the way i acted on them and i’m now so much better like i’m so much more open.

I attracted a guy like alex and i say attractive but i do believe in that i think where you’re at mentally yourself determines the type of people that you’re allowing into your life um and alex obviously is the most phenomenal person on the planet and i doubt he’s watching this now but he’s.

Just amazing and we’re so so well suited and i love him to pieces and like i know that without doing that work on myself for myself um i wouldn’t be with someone like alex right well i wouldn’t be with alex right now so um yeah i think talking about it is so important whether.

It’s to friends or to a professional and and that’s why we’ve set up the buddy system because sometimes actually in my opinion and i know laurie i’m not sure if you’re still in here now i know it’s really really early in the morning but i know we’ve spoken a little bit um when you took a little bit of time.

Off from social and stuff but i personally think sometimes speaking to someone that doesn’t know you that well is very helpful and this sounds really weird but sometimes in my opinion you’re speaking to someone without judgment because that person doesn’t know your background they haven’t known you for.

10 years 20 years 30 years so they don’t know everything about you they don’t know everything about your family so they have no expectations and sometimes that person just listening without judgement for me is amazing and that’s why i think the body system is going to be so powerful because you’re with people who have a.

Connection and that connection is that you’re both trying to live or the group of you are trying to live a healthy healthy happy lifestyle you have the joint common um goal let’s say of of being healthy and happy you’re connected through my workouts and through lean and.

Everything we’re doing here and also you’re getting to know each other it’s a support system it’s a way of speaking to that person and learning a little bit about them giving them what you want to but holding a little bit back for you and that’s exactly what i’ve just done i’ve told you a little bit about my background.

I’m sorry i don’t want to tell you everything it’s way too personal to our family so i’m keeping that bit for me you know but it’s such a beautiful way of developing a friendship and exchanging energy in my opinion so yeah i ended up speaking a lot there but um i’m a little confused how the buddy.

System works i’m guessing you haven’t joined them yet so basically with the buddy system okay let me check yes so with the buddy system what you need to do is you need to be in my private facebook group so once you’re in my private facebook group last week or was it early no it was last.

Week i think or earlier this week i did five posts and the five posts were for different subcontinents and all countries and basically all you had to do was comment underneath let’s say you’re from um europe you had to comment the city and the country that you’re from.

There we then had our ninjas so our eight lean ninja amazing volunteers and the ninjas the girls are incredible thank you girls if you’re watching and they um separated it out into different countries that they were looking after or different um cities that they were looking after.

And they put everyone on a spreadsheet so let’s use france as an example all of the girls from france were put into a list and then they were put into groups of five and they were then buddied up together we then released the spreadsheet and the girls were given the opportunity to reach out to each other.

You can either communicate in any way you want like through facebook messenger through whatsapp even exchange phone numbers whatever it might be zoom calls and we’re now going to be basically giving you guys like some guidelines of what we think you could do to make the connection deeper.

And whether it’s challenges we’re having a brainstorm session tonight but for now it’s just a chance to chat to get to know each other to check in with each other if when covert ends you’re quite close to each other geographically you can meet up.

You can go for coffee whatever it might be it’s just a way of having friends that have that common goal of being healthy and happy through our workouts and recipes or whatnot so i hope that explains i think it’s an incredible system as i said no one else is doing it so i’m really really excited about it.

And and you know this is just the beginning there’s going to be so much more that comes uh where are you from i am from north london originally so my dad is from cyprus my mom’s from ireland i’m from north london yeah um oh nydia i’m new here hard to stick to.

Working out and do it continuously i hope it gets better just download the guide i’m with you every step of the way literally all you’ve got to do is turn on youtube and i am there um this system really is the best that’s beer right virag was one of our volunteers thank you vera.

She’s been amazing and okay guys i think a lot of you have stayed around which is awesome i think that’s i’m having a little look if there’s any more specific questions um but ah any tips for a good workout schedule i do around four videos a day just download the guide literally.

Download the guide let me get it up and then all you’ve got to do is follow the guide every single day here it is and the the guide is done for you so let me oh i’m going to come on over here and i’m hoping can you guys please tell me you move it there.

Can you see that it’s probably a bit blurry because i don’t have alex here but this is what the guide looks like and then every single day if you have day one day two day three it gives you the workouts to do so today’s day two so it was the third minute cardio and then you’re finishing.

Off with your finisher intense so all you do is you literally click on it there and it takes you to it it takes you to the workout it’s so good so you don’t even have to plan it yourself like everything everything is done for you.

Which i think is pretty awesome okay guys um i’m gonna love you and leave you we have uh so if you wouldn’t mind smashing the thumbs up if you wouldn’t mind subscribing if you haven’t already we have the um clothing haul tonight at several just after seven.

Uk time 705 and if you want to join the buddy system we’re not actually i don’t know when we’ll next be kind of like accepting people because there was a cut off and that’s not to be mean the reason why we did it is because it’s just so much work and i can’t expect the girls.

To always be helping me with that um but i am on a zoom call with them later so we’re going to have a chat and basically see um how we can how we can get you all involved with the buddy system so if you do want to get involved come on over to my private facebook.

Group it’s in the description box so literally just tap down and you’ll see the private facebook group join that group and then we’ll have an update for you tonight on what we’re gonna do moving forward okay i think that’s everything guys i love you very much i.

Will oh by the way some of you are asking about pre-workouts i saw it on instagram so this is the pre-workout that i take in here it’s which one is this this was the apple one it’s actually so nice and it’s um optimum nutrition and that is what makes me absolutely.

Buzz so i take that before my cardio workouts and most of my weight sessions all right squad i love you so much and i will see you tomorrow for another live same place same time tell your friends get involved and let’s get sweaty bye guys love you
Lilly Sabri

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