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FULL BODY CARDIO and ABS FAT BURN | 40 minute Home Workout


The day welcome back to yet another life workup a poorly Teddy who’s actually a lot better today I know a lot of you are following me on Instagram and oh that hasn’t been very well I’ll be waiting for a burn today’s session is full body fat burn and ask zero equipment needed okay it’s just literally you and your back please down some pre-cut if you’ve.

Got it I just down for mine I’m actually still got half left and yeah we’re going in apparently that’s my face we’re going in I don’t even realize but yeah we are going in and we’re actually gonna warm up quite a bit longer today than normal just because I actually twinged my knee my injured knee last week so I need to make sure that going.

So idler intensity but that does not mean that you are okay so we’re just gonna start off before we start the timer with a few nice deep squats controlled tracking the knee over the middle toe okay so in terms of format guys we’re going to be doing four circuits 45 seconds on 15 seconds off first circuit is full body fat burn.

Second circuit is cool back to full body fat there and then a mash up okay few more of those pull the core in tight you’ve got me for three days guys lives okay we got this last one okay now hold and we’re just gonna pop here good making sure that the knees are over the middle toe good chest open three two and one.

Good take it the legs back some way now we’re going to quit side to side we got a few more things we’re gonna stop it’s time I’m gonna go to bed okay amazing we’re gonna smell that tiger guys a fast drop it’s fake skipping on.

The spot I want that core tight throughout okay 15 second cut countdown okay so fast off is Lucci just skipping on the spot to get the heart rate up we are going in eight seconds are you ready for a burn hope you are three two one let’s go good just getting that heart rate up high.

next up is a shutter lunge okay so it’s basically dropping on the third one to drop upon the bed you’ve done it with me before beginners just get back again but what does a.

Little bit that he comes around but I’m sorry gonna blow your rooms Oh.

or just okay to you.

hi me just like you say if you can.

hi feelin killer right okay jump punch it into jump Jack eight of each really fast this is not easy.

you can jump them if you are advanced boy its immediate you should be jumping watch a sports beat again this time when.

I clap you top jump won’t be give it you swap meet when I clap that’s proof without the easiest okay we’re not going in going to select know how you’ll feel like super ho to be.

Honest okay we can back it – it’s your app because you slow it down then we speed it up again then a lot of stuff here is just freaking horrible hey we forgot to say that quickly come out of the live chat press the thumbs up because of the moment we don’t even have a third of the likes it helped us reach more people they come.

Straight back you have no idea how much I appreciate that guys okay we are going hit select button in 10 seconds come down we’re reaching for the tone really simple if you’re beginner reach for the knees.

good lift lower breathe you can’t go home for selected love you are here okay.

on the last exercise on this one right here.

I can’t repeat on the other side guys we’ve got really tight behind.

300 six.


Oh really guys I have to tell you that this one half their planet you are not lucky.

In the next two rounds that came I want you [__] up next opens it has to [__] ah suck to complete as I said that was the easier of the two circuits so it’s kind of like this is your your climb that you’re doing right now okay it’s been like like this and then we go whoop.

Like that because I want to finish you up now I hopefully got you hooked and then I was still there you haven’t dropped off guys thank you please quickly go hit that like button it really really really supports my channel it also means to become reaching more people the goal is 1500 people were sold into that and how.

You feeling out of 10 quickly let me go we’re going back into cardio fat bird now so your core should be packed a bit yeah now we’re going to burn calories or that’s burning calories okay guys were starting off with the Burpee okay we all know who now whatever he is I’m going to tell you up front I’m gonna be honest.

You have three more rounds of therapies we’ve done one already okay the goal is to beat it each round getting extra keep your boy 15 seconds I don’t want you to complete as many burpees as you can okay literally go it beginners copy me as soon as the timer starts now in 10 seconds but marketing to media I hope.

You’re jumping in and jumping up beginners we jumped at the 8 we’re under the Eighth Circuit mountain climber.

Follow me two ATP’s I think the big step if you want to jump out up one of my favorites for burning spot it’s one okay so step if you want to beginners in out up one two up let’s go.

one two or the third we come down okay one two down hex x-men you are absolutely fine.

Oh John Bullock shuffle back breathe you’ve got okay quote hi guys jump or step for beginners death otherwise jump oh yes Jacque punch jump jack putting four in full keeping that heart rate hike we got this past three seconds for I’m full.

good you finish off with the birth here we have a fast beat ba-cock jump otherwise what beginners really fast.

oh my gosh histories I pay these in top pace yourself I’m going to show you a few different levels if you can but cool kicks Ruth is here masks are beginning.

yeah okay back up into standing you should be feeling let’s sweat going on okay you have eight tiny marches or runs after the eight you do a back piece let’s go beginners March everyone else.

Oh now the mat going up quick super water you have your next round of burpees okay.

We’re gonna pull the timer just for a second okay as many as you can you have two rounds about this left that’s it okay begin try to do one more than your last round intermedia farts I’m giving you a nice big rest to more than your last round it’s 45 seconds.

Okay 45 seconds of your life that is it Alex are you ready to the timer we’re going in two seconds two one go.

okay as you know I approached with my a CFO MinC our eye twitch last week so I’m there under the love of the suits me I want you going at your level 100% unless you have everything last round fat burn and apps then we are done I’m going to tell you already excess like 10 of 10 in the minute.

There’s a minute burpees but let’s get that first okay knowing exercises before that ass fat then guys you can go 15 seconds feeling okay guy in 15 seconds guys will say let me know do you like 9-10 7-10 every night at 10:00 really feeling amazing go to five seconds frog position open the legs apart pull the core in tight okay we’re going to come.

Back to our biting point we’re gonna pump it hands behind your viewer beginner this is amazing for turning off the hip flexors I know a lot of you guys picked a quite few laps with wait wait.


Three seconds robot code yeah if you must like we’re testing your head I hate breezes okay I think everyone else is dying okay.

No Frank hold it so got the dirt right toke over the next play.



London without second exercise begin it just reverse one step back it’s down one two down.

everything whatever.

we can look we can either given you a really hefty break here because I’m kind we have one minute Pappy definitely okay one minute basically quickly type it now hold yourself accountable I want you to tell me what you’ve got for your last 45 and at 3:00 on Twitter so if.

You’ve got ten last time type in 13 now so type in when you go if you’re 45 seconds plus 3 and that is your goal for this one minute I likes to do cab yours okay so you’ve got to get 24 okay 24 guys whatever it is 20 right now I want to see also how many likes we got thank you guys okay 15 second countdown one minute on.

The clock I’m here with you to shout at you the whole way okay this is your goal your target number come through 28 7 8 7 8 seconds 3 2 you’re about to down here let’s go.

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah just breathe just breathe guys how are you feeling how’s that oh wowzers oh my god okay quickly let me know out of ten how that felt okay just give me a number not for your bad things right what about 10 10 out of 10 then also write how many birthdays you got and let.

Me know if you hit your target I’m so freaking proud of you for putting that in today that was horrible okay I am going to do two minutes now of a cool burn did you a boat called burn and then you’re going if you want over to the finish and we have a finish at the same not do one swimmer legs okay go 30 seconds the reason why I’m doing this.

With you is because I want to have a quick chat with you well we finished off okay for two minutes your heart rate should still be high but coming down guys we’re going in 15 seconds grab a water bottle if you’ve got one okay roll back to your bison queen okay and we’re gonna start with Russian twist let’s say twisting side to.

Side so we’re just finishing up your core here some of you were just in my facebook chat there are about 100 of you if you’re not already in my private Facebook the link is in the description guys please please join is the most incredible group and we just had an epic announcement ten seconds.

We have becoming something really really big guys okay we’re not really it’s a single leg stretch hold the arms up stretching in 30 seconds 3 nice we are.

oh yeah oh wow just when you thought it couldn’t get worse guys you’re freaking smashed it oh my gosh I’m so proud of you Teddy’s coming in in case you didn’t hear I just basically told you guys that we are launching an app I am so excited about this I just wanted to kind of like get your opinion.

On it in the Facebook group and I see there are around a hundred of you in there and the feedback so far has been amazing and I kind of gave you a brief idea of what it means hi teddy it’s gonna be very different to most of the fitness apps that are out there at the moment we are sticking to what we’re good at we’re sticking to what lean is.

Known for which is real-time workouts just like this and the live workouts okay so full that follow all our workouts with me I sweat with you and the beauty of this app is you get new content new guides every month it’s going to be drip released throughout the month but if any of you have done my eight-week lean transformation guys.

Think of that but every single month I like can’t believe it and it’s super affordable guys we’ve made it as affordable as physically possible for you guys and we’re estimating I’ve given you a range but it’s going to be 10 to 15 pounds or 10 – yeah 15 pounds which is like 13 to 18 dollars so hardly anything per month and I haven’t even.

Told you yet it includes nutrition well so this is like a 360 approach to your health and fitness everything is at home minimal equipment all of the stuff we do here of course I’m still going to upload to YouTube guys but it’s going to be short – workouts on YouTube just because it totally honest I can’t physically do.

Okay I am loving all this filming because this is the most lean I’ve felt in a while we get results we literally get results as you know I hope you enjoyed that guy’s widowed wives Monday Tuesday Wednesday every week I’m hoping there’s some questioning I’m throwing about the app or anything and let me quickly bring it up alex is the guy who.

Am Reese de-what you who started it off last time okay as of tomorrow we’re gonna start raising money the truth is already doing we got quite a bit for last was like a hundred two hundred on this without even asking you guys are incredible and we’re going to be donating that to the NHS and which I’m super excited.

About tomorrow we will start it properly I’ll tell you about it a little bit more tomorrow is booty and hamstrings tomorrow is going to be more of a building session building lean muscle you are gonna need weights tomorrow dumbbells if you’ve got them if you haven’t please don’t worry grab like big water bottles bags of rice whatever you.

Can get your hands on you’re gonna need a chair and if or a sofa and if you’ve got it a resistance band if you don’t don’t worry trust me it’s still freaking burns oh my gosh you guys already been amazing okay if you wanna donate now of course you can everything is going to the NHS guys and thank you so much let me know quickly if you have any you need.

Not thank you you guys are amazing please do not think this is going in my pocket is going to the NHS everything that you guys are doing anything like honestly I’m so thankful coming from someone who used to work in the NHS my mom is a nurse in the NHS like thank you thank you you already know how they are and when will that be available.

And yeah hopefully near the three-week birthday but yeah we’ve got two more lights this week tomorrow on the next day today we did 1300 Alex nearly yeah okay guys tell your friends tomorrow I want to get to 1500 if you all tell a friend each will actually be if you tell a friend each that would be freaking.

Amazing I want to start reaching more people with these lives because they are so much fun a guide a month but that’s not just one workout that’s like true pretty much the equivalent like a workout every day nearly like it’s gonna be full-on it’s gonna be freakin amazing I’m so excited about it so what like yeah the.

Guys will be targeted there’ll be a lot of shaping guys there’ll be fat loss guys there’ll be muscle building guides there’s gonna be different things so then it’s for everyone it’s also affordable for everyone which i think is like something I’ve been really really focused on making sure that the price point is right and it includes nutrition.

Like my yummy meals as well and so before we sold the eight-week lean guide and the cookbook that this has everything in one which i think is amazing and it have the tracking in it you can track the number of reps you’ve done that type of thing and the every single month we’re going to be asking for feedback everyday and updating it.

And changing it which i think is yeah really really cool we’re gonna be doing early birds with prices but also going to be doing through trials yeah i’m there’s like so much work as one that is why I’m so tired all the time but in a great way Lucy Thank You Lucy Bear coot thank you so much that’s so kind of you.

For the donation Oh tonight finish your video Emily do that it burns I think it’s eight minutes off the top of my head horrible but amazing horrible NHS for those of you asking use the National Health Service and so it’s in the UK where my mom works at the moment and.

Where I used to work so yeah the donations are very much needed and appreciated yeah just what they’re doing right now is incredible do we have anyone here right now who works in any health services who’s doing this if you are I’ll shout me because I want to literally thank you for all of us and the weasel how are you in your mummy.

I hope you’re good I have a question for Lily could you tell us what when you need to breathe in and out door and have blackouts because me and my mom were trying to do the exercises best way possible I’m gonna give you a really really quick demonstration and this is based on potty training and boxing it’s very similar so I always say think of.

Boxing and even if you haven’t boxed and you’ve watched boxing you will know that when someone boxes professional boxes they Bri that so you’d never catch them good as they box it’s always yes it was breathe out it’s exactly the same with your ab exercises as you’re doing the straining part or as you’re doing the intense part you want to be breathing.

Out so it’s opposite to how how many do Keys describe things so if you’re a yogi trying to get that and for for this we didn’t forget that for yoga but say for example you are doing a crunch you would always do the contract the at muscles breath in lower breath in lower okay there’s something like hundreds where you’re moving the arms a lot we’re doing.

Lots of fast repetitions I tend to say slow controlled breathing so I’m going to breath in two three four five back down two three four five sorry hoping you cut that tie reaches or anything across the body exactly the same make sense I really hope that makes sense I going to physio zone whenever you guys ask this I end up being friends.

Again you don’t need to tell time thank you so much you guys are so generous you know if everyone in this workout was to donate a pound or a dollar we’d have a thousand pounds or dollars Furley NHS and a pound is sewed like some generous everything it’s so generous you guys are amazing and thank you we didn’t even ask again.

It’s Reis donating so thank you so much for ICI started that and if you do want to donate there’s a a little dollar sign on the bottom right of your screen and yeah this will be going straight to the NHS I’m going to be writing about it on my Instagram so I forgot yet again dreadful but yeah I’ll be writing about it on my Instagram so check that out and.

I’ll be updating you guys on how much we raise but yeah if you were have it if you have it to spare a dollar or a pound if you could donate that and it will go straight to the NHS on a cm everyone will be so thankful but yeah that and that 15 pounds per month or further for all for up ah so yeah no you don’t pay to download the app it’s subscription.

It’s a membership so you’ll be paying a subscription fee every single month and getting all that content so whereas the eight-week guide was 64 pounds or 69 pounds I can’t remember this is a lot more affordable it’s a lot cheaper which was the whole goal with this to make it super super affordable for you guys yes it would be a subscription which will.

Work out per workout at like thirsty pencil workout so like what’s that in American sent yeah like $0.50 a workout or 47 per worker yeah everyone liked the video from Rhys which you’re amazing yeah if you wouldn’t mind guys just go out of the live chat smash the thumbs up button and then come back to the live chat that helps me reach more.

People and that will hopefully help us hit the goal tomorrow for 1,500 people and please please please tell a friend like I’d love to keep these lines going I’d love to get more numbers so we can keep them going every single week like getting more people would be amazing oh I don’t know who this is moose chaos 9:07.

$2 oh thank you so much you guys are amazing I don’t know your first name but thank you thank you thank you thank you and I don’t want ever see you that’s Norwegian krone Norwegian krone 159 yeah don’t know what that equates to but whatever it is thank you that is from Devon yeah davia devyani devyani goose tat I really hope I said that right you.

Are amazing they can thank you thank you and from 650 dollars from Devon you three pounds from situps thank you guys you are so generous oh my god five pounds from Carolina crib crib Zack Chris ACK you might be able to pronounce that better than me Carolina thank you thank you thank you thank you five pounds you were amazing guys it’s.

Like honesty if you can donate a pound like if you can donate a dollar it’s so amazing you are incredible and I promise to keep these free workouts coming you’re feeling so much better you may be tentative really sick lesson guys keep asking the questions I’m sticking around for a little bit longer.

Yeah so what do I eat myself honestly how occur to our amazing and everything pretty much they eat like on a daily basis mine all the meals are in my cookbook in my anti-inflammatory cookbook by Abidjan night is a Mediterranean food so it’s all the food I was brought up on but I kind of like put adaptations to make it as healthy as.

Possible and as an immune boosting and anti-inflammatory so that cookbook is on my websites for 38 recipes in there breakfast lunch dinner pescetarian vegetarian and vegan so that’s what the foods I eat if I’m totally honest most of the meals of Beadon but there is some pescetarian that you can change into vegan or.

Vegetarian as well and that’s on my website it’s ten pounds so like twelve dollars or something for that cookbook and teddy is very cute you are so cute hey okay any other questions about the app lets go Deena thank you so much oh my gosh you guys are amazing Deena Castro two pounds ninety-nine you are amazing brooke Adams Wow thank you.

So much and you put a little emoji as well Deena put this my hero emoji who cuts her amazing you are so generous thank you thank you thank you thank you and Oh Beatrice you are incredible thank you fifteen years old please please please keep telling your friends that means the world you have no idea how much it means thank you so much let’s.

See how many people we can get tomorrow have a question is the price for the app monthly or just on Petrus knows it’s a month membership so you pay every single month you get new recipes every single months you get the new and guides every single month II live counts every single month everything is monthly yeah so it’s like.

An app subscription basically just checking if any did you see any other questions come through about these the app face what’s that will still keep the videos coming on YouTube a hundred percent 100 percent they’ll just be short to work out because obviously I can’t do like full 40 minutes to hour-long workouts on YouTube as well as.

On the app yeah I won’t be able to stood by but they’ll still keep coming they’re just gonna be the shorter workouts and the link to the private Facebook group isn’t working from allene but if you go on Facebook and type in lean with little search lean with Lily double my guides yeah that will take you to it and you just request to join them then I’ll.

Accept Kim kimberleigh thank you so much for your donation oh my gosh you guys are amazing very very yes and they’ll bury it will keep you on your toes it will keep you entertained but basically there’s going to be loads of different content you can keep going back to it of course you can.

But it’s gonna have new content coming every single month so yeah it’s gonna be very different muscle groups different goals whether it’s building muscle and that’s gonna go with the nutrition as well the nutrition side of things or like fat loss or shaping into an hourglass or where can your arms whatever it might be it’s gonna vary.

Every single month new content coming every single month and there’s gonna be the live website as well hope that makes sense and Lucia Brian do you know they’ll be here a lot cheaper if you paid early and they’ll be quarterly yearly and monthly obviously they’ll be discounted depending on if you want to buy the yearly there’s gonna.

Be like a seven-day trial with it as well which is totally free and I already know you’re gonna love it I really really hope that I love it so much work has gone into this guys and and it’s going to be incredible the best way of describing it is like netflix for fitness so it’s gonna be like netflix you you work for it like Netflix it’s.

Like having series of workouts as such and but then they link to the nutrition as well and you can obviously pay for the year if you want or you can pay monthly and drop in and out whatever works for you yeah that was a really good question actually doesn’t let me donate and the weekly guides yes yes we don’t know if the weekly guides will.

Continue as they are right now once the app goes live if I’m totally honest the weekly guides will be continuing a hundred percent up until the app goes live but once it’s live is highly likely that we’re then just going to be uploading on YouTube like we used to every single day just because to do the weekly guides and to do the app content.

Is yes there’s only one of me guys there’s gonna be quite hard and I think I would probably be a skeleton of myself if I was to do that no one wants that and see ya YouTube huh oh my gosh the free content 100% every single day just shorts or workouts basically YouTube is gonna be what it used to be before the 14-day isolation and all of that the.

Dailies and they’ll be sort of like mini guides in there but the full-on guides and the nutrition will be hosted on the app so both are amazing both they’re absolutely amazed if you want a more full package approach if you want to if you know what your goals are and you really mean your serious business you can come over to.

The app and it’s a really really nice affordable price it includes the nutrition as well basically this isn’t going anywhere I promise to keep daily content coming few buyers like I frickin love you and I’m so appreciative of you guys joining my workout so you have no idea so yeah this will always keep coming this is my priority this is my.

Project baby and oh my god 13 years Dave around this is amazing and thanks video in these workouts look forward to them every day best part of my day that’s from Vera very amazing thank you thank you thank you and your incredible all of you to an attending of course as to you as well Alex you should have seen him it was.

Powering it behind the camera today love your workouts understandable from Michelle I think that was probably about me being able to film it everything well I’m so excited for the app believe it the last song for the bear piece con la boca by loony more questions coming through will there.

Still be live training search party after quarantine 100% on the app I do not doing the lives I literally I love them no no it’s just late that’s the only thing but I do love them absolutely love them can you please repeat the name of the Facebook group of course lean with Lily guides guys check it out right now.

Come on over leave with any guys he’s also got a top I was looking like that and trying to get my sister and my mom to join from said Fred yes please do tomorrow Algol 1500 we have 521 of you still here if all of you tell one friend to tune in tomorrow we set our target at 1500 and that would make me very happy I’m sure.

It would it would abused up so and is Teddy gonna be on the app today we’re drinkin no that’s not going anywhere guys we’re so nearly at 400 K well we’re not we’re at 350 K but when we hit 400,000 subscribers I’m doing my biggest ever giveaway which i think is pretty cool and that’s to say thank you to you guys I just had clearance today the gym.

Shark this very outfit right here the brand gym shark are getting involved at the 400 K giveaway which means one of you could be winning a really nice gift voucher from deal Chuck and some other netic stuff which i think is amazing so that giveaway is going to be announced on my Instagram and my community page on you.

So make sure you keep checking the community page it will be going live very very soon and then when we hit 400k that’s when the winner will be announced which is really exciting and actually kind of jealous of Lily Alexes oh yeah why did you have to say that he is never gonna live that one down so we were filming with our friends and Allison if.

You love this story Supercop one day and yeah she just wonder she just won the shorty in YouTube game so it’s kind of like winning a BAFTA of YouTube and then she just want that anyway we were filming with her for YouTube and then in the comments we were scrolling through the comments and one of them said Alex kind.

Of looks like an Asian Leonardo DiCaprio that was about a year ago and I would say he still brings up every agent Leonardo DiCaprio careful baby oh my gosh she’s never gonna live that one never gonna stop that ah – Jim shark how exciting dead legs with the resistance band to be back again we are currently like in contact with.

Our suppliers every single day about the resistance bands basically we can get the manufactured but we can’t get them across the country across the world which is the nightmare and that’s all because of COBIT so i don’t have an answer for you and but yeah I mean I would love for them to be ready when the app is ready but we just don’t know.

Honestly we just don’t know but I promise promise promise to keep you guys updated and just came back from the finisher with dead legs with that said guys we’re gonna round it up please please please and oh you’re the best you too bye you guys are amazed I still can’t believe three hundred and fifty thousand three I’m gonna give you.

A staff we did this for three years uploading nearly every day for the last year of that and we got 240 thousand subscribers in the last two months we have grown three hundred and ten thousand subscribers like actually just quickly let me know of the 500 of you are still here when did you roughly start following me.

Very roughly how long ago when did you subscribe to this channel are you new are you an original crew this is really interesting and why doesn’t Alex train with you he does occasionally I’m gonna give you a fact about Alex he doesn’t enjoy the gym do you hate it he hates it there anything that involves danger he loves or abort.

So like skateboarding snowboarding surfing anything that involves aboard he loves to like adrenaline and danger and abort but the gym he hates so yeah we’re kind of okay 1.5 months ago a month ago three weeks ago a month two months Wow a year and a half ago Natasha you’ve been around for a long time November December 2019 that’s Deborah.

Three weeks ago two weeks ago New Age then to January so before kovat that’s Michelle well before we were here Oh Rhys when you’re at 280 K that would have been like a few weeks ago gosh I’m getting I’m getting those tingles I can’t believe I actually I’m actually getting tingles insane right discovered you in mid-march a month ago.

September 2019 that’s Beatrice I’ve recognized your name Beatrice cha-cha family’s always and you always comment as well so thank you soon it’s quarantine from Alice then subscribe for a year and a half I think that’s Kimberly and you just donated as well thank you so much something like that about a month ago that’s Laurie had.

No idea YouTube had this stuff came across you’re trying to cut my jaw drop to meditate Laurie you are always commenting and always supporting like guys even if I don’t always reply I just want you to know I see everything and I try to reply to absolutely all of you and I don’t need to ever ever think that I’m ignoring or not seeing things.

Because I don’t want to be that person I appreciate you all so much like so so much the last three months of keep looking at Alex but they’ve been the biggest whirlwind of my online career like haven’t they and sometimes with forgetting to celebrate so we have one song okay Sarah Sarah those of you who follow me on Instagram.

You know that’s our celebration song so every time we hit a landmark so 350 K was yesterday and we forgot to celebrate it and so I played this on today the three of us dance together we’re going to do the same when we hit 400 K and that’s going to give would be yeah I just want you to know I love you and I’m so appreciative quality.

Crew from the TV five weeks ago may Allah no patent no forgot your nasal really beautiful I followed about five weeks ago when I was doing no way guys so I’m gonna tell you my goal right now and Joe is amazing by the way we follow each other and Instagram what he is doing right now is phenomenal and my brother’s a PE teacher so like I know.

All about it it was kind of amazing to have that online PE teacher my goal if any of you are money is out there is to have your kids doing PE with Joe and then my mummies and daddies but my mummys coming over I’m working out with me that’s my goal I should tell Joey that slightly different stats I think Joe sitting on.

Like three hundred thousand tuning into his lives but I know you can get that I really know we can get there and yes that is amazing Lucy I can’t believe that came up it’s a suggestion that’s incredible that’s the goal right been here for two years oh my gosh Sarah of course oh my gosh says Sarah met me I did a giveaway in.

Hyde Park in London two years ago when I used to live in London and I was doing a clear out of all of my gym stuff most of which I’d like never worn or I’d worn a couple of times shoots and stuff so as I had to do what I do not eat all this gym stuff so I did this massive giveaway in Hyde Park where the girls came along we’ve got to meet each other we did a.

Little workout and everyone got a few items of clothing so Sarah that isn’t main ah that is so amazing a year ago you helped me losing 14 kg Wow Emma that is amazing guys on that note please keep sharing your transformations in the Facebook group and on Instagram.

Lean with Lily and Lewis that protect me and them because I love sharing them you have no idea how much I’m motivating other people because you’ll know when you first found me whether it’s two weeks ago three weeks ago three years ago starting the journey is is really really tough and daunting and sometimes you just need someone else to be like.

I’ve been there I’m on this journey with you this is what I’ve achieved and that is enough for them to be like you know you have that crazy anxiety and then you see someone else they’ve done it or they’re doing it and you’re like okay I’m not alone I’m doing this with that person please keep tagging me keep sharing it because you’re not helping.

Just me you’re helping so many other people and you don’t even know you are okay this is a lovely chat probably there’s so many of you ok grow I should probably go yeah leave guide and the gondola see ya the cookbook and the eight-week leave transformation guide I’m keeping at 50% off guys there’s a couple of reasons why the main reason is.

Because the app is coming and so it’s not quite here yet so if you’re wanting to literally immerse yourself into the most incredible guide where you have me every single day 30 minutes to an hour every single day is a structured guidance where involves hip fat burning involves resistance training with light weights at home involves Pilates and.

Active recovery every single day for eight weeks that’s now 50% off so you can get up for 32 pounds and you can also get it with my cookbook for 35 or 36 36 pounds it’s just an extra four pounds so 36 pounds like 38 dollars at a guess that’s on my website I’m going to type in for you now it’s not gonna be yeah that’s not going to be.

A part of the app it’s a new new content on the app don’t worry we won’t be paying for us new content on the app but if you want to do something before the app comes out and they want a really nice structured guide that gets results I’ve just seen tomorrow’s in here she’s doing the guide at the moment or just finished and so many of you have done.

The guide already and the results have been phenomenal and so yeah if you want to speak to anyone about what the guides like what their experience was just come in the private Facebook group never want to tell you there but yeah 50% Leamas Lilly calm I’m honoring that until the app goes live 50% off lead with Lilly calm they go I’ve typed it.

Not the best techie am i okay guys look through my fitness pal started ha Debra just had to look through my fitness pass started on October the 13th oh wow so you’ve been here quite a little Debra that’s amazing and I’ve been hooked ever since I love you guys so much I really do and our Viera has had three brothers.

Which support me which is so amazing you guys such a family I love you guys and I found we’re just staying around and chat don’t have facebook that’s fun don’t worry about it I’ll put everything in the where everything is already on the community page of YouTube anyway the discounts on there okay I think we’re good Alex anything else.

He is out for dinner guys you have no idea he scared the life out of me yesterday he was so sick who’s vomiting for two days then he had some blood bless him when he went to the toilet scared the life out of me and then we had to take him for x-rays and ultrasounds you’ve been so brave okay guys you love you so much we’ll see.

You tomorrow see Oh big scratch we’ll see you spark the booty whoa okay I’ll hold the camera okay love you guys oh yeah let’s try them behind the scenes that’s where I’m basically editing then that’s our weekly structure that’s my walk-in oh yeah walking war drink with all of the outfits is build in they’re not very.

Evening and need to mean now yeah straight
Lilly Sabri

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