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This is going to be an amazing dancer inspired floor barre ab workout so you don’t need any weights for this workout but what you do need are some lovely little kitchen towels for this workout ok so enjoy this floor barre dancer ABS workout ok so let’s get started you’ll start with your feet on the little towels here you want to have your feet parallel bring your hands in front of you and just open and close the legs now I know this is gonna feel weird right, cause you’re like what am I doing here but I promise you by staying seated nice and tall here feeling that length in your spine.

You’re really going to be working your core let’s do another set like that open and open keep the kneecaps visualize them going straight up to the ceiling you’re also cleaning your floors which is a good thing now if you have a little animal like a little cat your cat is probably going to try and attack your feet you might want to put your cat another room ok good so now extend your arms out to the side and you’re going to do a little plie and scoop the belly into your spine then lengthen yourself out scoop in the belly and lengthen that’s it and three and lengthen your spine good for and lengthen nice and five pull in those ABS good six and lengthen and keep on.

Going your seven and eight good beautiful two more nine and last one okay good now we’re going to do this with just one leg it’s going to feel a little bit weird here so you want to stay seated nice and tall just open and close open so just this leg is moving this leg is totally stable you’ll feel that your body starts stabilizing and using the core here right so you’re not wiggling all over the place and good nine ok good so now you’re going to do a little pase so you bring that foot towards your knee and as you do i was thinking like a bow and arrow but you’re going to twist sort of look behind you and straighten and pull and straighten.

That’s it and three and four very good nice and five and six keep on going good seven abs are tight eight really lift two more ok good let’s do that on the other side open close open stabilizing will feel that keep that length you’re also cleaning your floors a good thing i had six and seven eight two more nine ok good so let’s do that pase with a twist and center and twist it really glance behind you know hello Manhattan and twist good and five and six and seven and eight excellent good two more nine ok good so now we’re going to do something fun sort of fun not really fun.

We’re going to use these towels on your feet okay so I wanted to go onto the ball of your feet with the towel and bring yourself down onto your knees like this ok so we’re going to start off in a plank position I want you to lengthen the legs out notice the position of my booty it’s not up its not hanging it’s right here pull the knees and reach it out pull it in and out use your abs and notice i’m only going into about 90 degree angle i’m not bringing those knees way and that’s on purpose and six so that it stays in my abs seven and I definitely feel my ABS eight good and nine ok good now let’s pike up hips up and up.

You got it three come on and four five yes six and seven good eight two more nine ok good another challenging one so onto all fours here the towels are underneath your feet get access to all of my best full-length workouts and amazing fitness community and so much more join total body transformation today
Tracy Campoli

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