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FLAT STOMACH & Intense Abs (get results) | 8 minute Workout


This is your 8 minute flat stomach and intense abs home workout. I can guarantee that you are going to feel the most incredible burn in your abs. To get results don’t forget you want to be combining this with longer-form fat burn workouts, weights training. And of course, good nutrition. Now 2022, this is your year to take control of your health and happiness. You’ve already shown up, I am so proud of you. This is a flat stomach and intense abs 8 minute workout, no equipment needed. Let us know how you get on, in the comments down below. If you want a chance to be featured right here, don’t forget to tag me on TikTok and Instagram.

Just look at those results. Honestly, you girls are getting amazing results. For longer workouts and structured workout programs guides every single week. You can come on over to the LEAN App for free, check it out. Then if you want to upgrade to premium, that will unlock hundreds of workouts for you. They are longer workouts. It’s going to help you get the best workout results. All the details are down in the description box. Let’s get ready to feel the burn. Why am I nervous? This is going to burn.

All right, let’s do this. I’m just going to move my puppy, you’re going to lie down on the floor. And then from there, come up into an oblique twist. Find that beat. Enjoy the music. We are doing 45 seconds each exercise. Then a 15 second, hold. We’ve got this. Good, try and keep that pace up.

Pull that core in nice and tight. Rotate at the top, to hit into the waist. You’ve got this. We now have our 15 second hold. I want you to hold the right elbow to the left knee. Good, hold nice and tight, hold. One. Changing sides. Hold and squeeze, hold and squeeze. Amazing place those hands underneath the lower back in a diamond shape, legs up. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and up. Halfway.

Core in nice and tight, come on, breath. (phone beeping) and hold them 15 seconds, hold strong. If you need to lower the headdown, but do not give up. (phone beeping) Flex those feet. flex the feet, up, down. If it’s too much, lift those legs up a little bit higher, but do not stop.

15 seconds. Oh my gosh that burn is real. (phone beeping) Okay, bring those kneesinto the chest flip second, then we go back out andwe hold 15 seconds, hold. (phone beeping) Oh, wow okay hands into a diamond shape. We come all the way up into a roll up touching between the feet and back down.

Let’s go. Dig deep, come on. (phone beeping) Okay take it back, relax those shoulders, pull that core in and tight and hold. Enjoy that beat. (phone beeping) Okay, place those hands down,if you feel you need them. Otherwise help them andhold over the right leg.

Lift, pump. Good, changing legs, let’s go. One, two, three, fourflex up far, breathe. Place those hands behindyou, if you need them, but do not give up. (phone beeping) Oh, your hold is going to be a boat. Roll back to your biting point, pull that core in tight, lift those legs.

(phone beeping) Help hands. (phone beeping) Okay, we’re first crunches. Come down, hands againin that diamond shape, reverse crunchy up, punchto the sky, take it out. Near there you guys justa few exercises left. This was four core keep thatrepeat down and breathe. Don’t let that little backleave the mat you guys.

(phone beeping) Okay, you know what’s coming? 15 seconds, hold. Repeat down, breathe. Oh, this songs are keeping me going. Five. (phone beeping) Oh, wow, bicycles. Hold on number five.

And four, in three legs up. Two, hold it on five. One, two, three, four, five and hold. Near there you guys. Don’t give up you guys. (phone beeping) Okay, hold there. Hold it, when we’rehalfway, we change sides. One, change sides.

Woo-hoo, rush and twist to finish up with. (phone beeping) Come on up you guys. Woo-hoo by core. Okay, it’s twist, twist,twist your halfway. We take those legs up, okay? Three, two, one, lift the legs. And if you can straightenthem, only if you want to. 10 seconds.

(phone beeping) Yes, you guy, you made it. Oh, I forgot how hardmy core workouts are. They are going to get you the most incredible results, honestly. Let me know how you gotin the comments down below and just be so proud of yourself. You smashed it. If you want longer workouts.

And to get the most amazing results, come on over to the LEAN App. You can try it out for free. And then yeah, if you like it, you can get involved withthe LEAN App Familia. (smacks lips) Love youso much guys, well done.

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