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Who wants toned abs yes girl everybody and who loves doing crunches a lot of people don’t so definitely keep watching hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel yeah um that was fun right anyway today we are going to be toning.

Those abs getting that flat stomach so you feel strong you have a beautiful cinched in waist and you feel so good and guess what you don’t need anything to do this workout yeah girl we’re not getting down to the floor you don’t need weights you don’t need anything so if you’re new here hello i’m tracy i.

Put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week i swear i’m not hopped up on anything i’m just loving hanging out with you um so if you haven’t already click subscribe make sure to subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a video and.

Everyone and i do mean everyone i’m talking to you girl make sure that you click on that bell icon so you always know whenever i have a brand new video that goes live so this is one of my sneak peek workouts this is just a little piece like a little appetizer of what you’ll find inside of total body transformation.

That is my members only community transformer tribe where you get full length workouts a monthly done for your workout calendar so you never waste time trying to figure out what to do all you do is log in and press play and you get access to the most amazing and supportive community of.

Women all over the world so let’s get into our workout you need nothing so let’s get started with your fast flat stomach now we’re going to go back into that neutral position have a little bit of a bend in your knees here your belly is still pulled in.

Hands go behind your head have your thumbs right behind your ears and it’s like you’re imagining like your your spine is a slinky if you don’t know what a slinky is you’re just creating length here okay so you’re lengthening out that neck and i just want you to come forward squeeze and then back up.

Now it’s a very simple movement here meaning it’s not complicated you’re not doing all kinds of weird things but you are really focused here okay and squeeze pull in the abs as tight as you possibly can same thing here squeeze those booty cheeks too that’s your powerhouse squeeze and up keep going here.

Squeeze and up that’s it one more and squeeze and good now we’re gonna pick up the pace so squeeze so even though we picked up the pace i still want you to keep the integrity of the movement squeeze and that’s it and squeeze and we’ve got it and five excellent good and six beautiful.

Keep going here’s seven whoo and again and eight perfecto two more squeeze and last one okay good so now we’re gonna go side straight up squeeze your booty cheeks squeeze in the belly three keep it going here and four yes straight to the side so i am able to.

See both shoulders here and six that’s it you’ve got it seven stay with me here and eight perfect good two more nine and last one and good other side and squeeze it and squeeze are you drawing in the waist of course you are and we’re also squeezing the cheeks.

That’s it and five i see lots of hearts coming across the screen that’s a beautiful thing and seven good you’ve got it eight excellente two more nine and good so now we’re going to go side to side side to side so now because this is a little bit quicker you can certainly do this slower if you need.

To and then i encourage you pull that belly into your spine and squeeze those booty cheeks too while you’re squeezing the butt you’re not tucking the butt under though you guys get that distinction so i didn’t move anything on the the skeletal level it’s the.

Muscle squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and get all right so now standing upright elbows are wide again that length in your spine here we’ve got a nice long straight leg we’re going to inhale exhale twist and down and twist and down think of really.

Ringing out the waist with intention squeeze and that is such a gorgeous day here in miami i wish you were all in the room with me because let me tell you honey it is like one for the books 80 degrees and sunny meteorologist tracy campoli at your service and squeeze.

Keep going and six i lost my marbles and seven come on stay with me here and eight perfect good two more here nine and excellent good let’s do that on the other side right away squeeze and squeeze pulling in the belly that’s it three beautiful and four that’s it stay with me here.

Five good and six perfect you got it seven mm-hmm and again eight good let’s do it two more nine and last one aren’t those standing abs exercises just so much fun and let me tell you they are incredibly incredibly effective you know inside of total body.

Transformation i have so many moms and a lot of them have diastasis recti or just you know people that just don’t like getting down on the floor to work their abs so it’s incredible to have such a variety of workouts at your fingertips with such.

Ease and also just really organized for you so you always know what to do to get the best results so here’s the thing there’s so much fitness information out there and often we’re getting told the wrong things that potentially can be really really harmful for you so.

If you are done with making any fitness mistakes i found that there are five fitness mistakes that most women make and the worst part is they don’t even know that they’re making them so i definitely want you to go ahead and click on the link down below this video and.

Get my ultimate transformation cheat sheets totally free and it’s going to just really help you to get the best results from your workouts that you can do absolutely anywhere and home workouts are mud shams so definitely get your free cheat sheet you will not regret it and that’s what.

I’ve got for you you are amazing love you so much thank you always for sweating and smiling with me and i’ll see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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