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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I have an awesome awesome arm workout for you that I know you’re going to love and if you love arm workouts make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you’re new to my channel Hello I’m Tracy and I put out new videos every single week so make sure that you subscribe so that you never miss a video so today we are diving into your arms this is part of my fit and fabulous fall fitness challenge guess what it’s totally free so if you want to get workouts delivered directly to your inbox every single day for 14 days.

Make sure to click on this link down below and join this challenge you were just going to love it so much fun you’re going to get so much support and it’s like having me as your personal trainer for a full two weeks for the price of zero dollars let’s get started and work those arms so all you’re going to need for this workout today are some two pound weights that’s what i’m using you can keep it light you can do one two or three pound weights because we’re doing so many repetitions i definitely recommend you stay a little bit on the lighter side with the weights ok so let’s begin with your hands right above your shoulders here and just press.

Those arms straight up so as you do this you want to really pull in your abdominals to because you know me by now that I always liked using your core in absolutely every exercise that you’re doing here it’s just press those arms straight up over your head here drawing the belly alright let’s stay here and bring the arms out to the side and straight up and out to the side and straight up you’re going to feel this in your back to the good thing here out good keep on going here her two more excellent from here go forward with the weight open now this has to be really controlled you don’t want to be flailing those weights all over the place you wanted super super.

Controlled here ok two more excellent let’s bring those arms down and give your shoulders a little bit of a break here. Now lift the arms up it’s really important you know I hear a lot with comments like my shoulders back because of the way that we’re working your arms with so many repetitions what I always try to do is give you a difference between your shoulder and your biceps your triceps and make sense otherwise you end up getting like a large arm and what we are trying to do is sculpt more lean tight and toned muscles smaller kind of like the dancers arms.

Let’s stay here and I want you to press and press kind of like you’re punching now keep your pelvis still. I was speaking to someone the other day and she said she was really having a hard time keeping her pelvis still when I do some of those rotations give yourself time first thing I would say no it does take time to get used to moving like this. the other thing you can do in this exercise is sit in a chair so that then your gravity is keeping your pelvis still, so that’s just another way to modify ok because when you keep the pelvis still you’re able to really feel those obliques. okay good now bring your hands in and go out and this is for your biceps getting the deltoids, those are your shoulders.

Okay you’re like me and you’re feeling a little sore you’re also going to be feeling it in your back bring your hands up and just alternating up and down here again this is for your shoulders you’re gonna feel it in your back even around your serratus here that’s the muscle it’s kind of hard to describe where it is but you know when you get a little bra biscuit, that little bra buldge, that extra stuff around your bra strap that’s where this muscles gonna hit as well and in addition to your shoulders all the things two more ok good, last one here going to go in and out in again controlled movements here it is not about like swinging his arms around that’s the way you hurt your shoulders no way you want to really want to keep it controlled here stay here and just press down with arms this is not easy.

Try to keep the neck easy and the shoulders down your back I feel burning you should too two more and now just go into ballerina arms, you’re just gonna extend extend reaching ok so I’m giving you a little bit of standing abs and we’re definitely getting the arms the shoulders everything is working here good one so even though you know sweater season might be around the corner we want to keep you feeling fit and fabulous this Fall and this is a great way to do that and awesome you did great i really hope that you felt that in your arms I know I sure did.

Make sure if you haven’t joined our fit and fabulous fall fitness challenge click on this link down below and join us because it’s free and it is two weeks is like having needs your personal trainer for two weeks for the cost of zero dollars so join us all right i’ll see you next time. Bye…
Tracy Campoli

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