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It’s tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I have an awesome standing abs workout no crunches no getting down on the floor just you no equipment so you’re going to love this so if you’re new to my channel I’m Tracy and I put out new videos every single week so make sure to subscribe click on this button down below subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a workout this is part of my fit and fabulous fall fitness challenge and if you’re not already a part of it what the heck are you waiting for click on the link down below in the description box and join this challenge because for 14 days just by entering.

Your name and your email i’m going to send you the exact workouts to do to have your most fit and fabulous fall just like having me as your personal trainer for zero dollars so you definitely want to become a part of its really fun super effective and that’s it so let’s get started with this workout ok so let’s get started you just gonna keep your hips still here and just move your ribs side-to-side now you know by putting your hands here that’s just going to send a message to your pelvis, hey guess what don’t move right now if you’re struggling with this what you can do is sit in a chair that way you’ve got gravity helping you.

Yup your family’s gonna think you’re cray if you’re doing this but it works so whatever works we gotta do it let’s do 2x, 2x that’s it good keep going uh-huh good it’s very hot in new york today so get a little sweaty very quickly good so let’s go back to single great keep going fun you should start feeling that drawing in here ok get to put your hands on the back of your head here and you’re just going to do with a little crunch forward okay.

Crunch and crunch that’s it really pull in your belly, my hair is driving me crazy here then crunch keep going crunch pull in and crunch two more and good now again keeping the pelvis still here we go down just to one side and down and don’t really feel the side of the waist working here good that’s it i feel i’m very sore from doing a lot of work let’s do the other side crunch and crunch really squeeze pull in that belly and squeeze squeeze squeeze a few more let’s do two more ok so now you’re going to take your arms here lean backwards so it’s like you’re doing what sort of punch on a diagonal so we’re going to.

Reach and reach and reach really draw in the belly good awesome let’s get on the other side so we reach lean back and reach so what’s happening here is you’re working your waist from all angles and that’s really the best way to get that flat belly so that your core is worked everywhere okay good now we’re alternate back reach reach reach that little kind of jiggle doing in between I don’t know why it just helps me with rhythm so you can do it to where you can just keep it simple keeping my hips still good so now you’re going to reach with the hips so the hips.

Are shifting here that’s going to bring that work a little bit farther down huh so now 2x so 1, 2 other side 1, 2 a good dance moves you can do this do it at the club wow you’re friends with your amazing moves good let’s do two more sets one more excellent ok so now all you’re going to do is turn a little bit to back tuck your butt under and squeeze as you do that what you’re really doing is pulling in the waist here okay really feel its like that belly button goes to the spine that opposition and squeeze squeeze like crazy ok and go two more and actually go.

Back to those ribs a little bit quicker good now we’re going to do 2x, so 1,2 1,2 keep going keep those hips still good let’s go into that little lean ok that little punch you got a feeling, these take a little bit of time to practice and get used to but once you do it’s like wow that’s great ok go and just crunch forward and eventually squeeze and squeeze them about hands feet and keep going and it and just two more nine and excellence so there you have it. you did great so i hope that you really felt your abs working during.

That workout i love standing abs are so much more fun than just doing regular old crunches so like i said if you are not part of our fit and fabulous fall fitness challenge make sure to click on that link down below and join us because it’s a 14 day challenge it’s free and it’s super super fun and I want you to be a part of it i’ll see you there okay
Tracy Campoli

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