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FAT LOSS in 14 Days (full body) | 7 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a seven minute full body fat burn. Yes, seven minutes doesn’t sound very long, but trust me, you’re going to be sweaty! This is going to burn. Please don’t forget, that when it comes to burning fat, we need to make sure we are in calorie deficit. What you are eating is very important. That is why tomorrow, I am uploading a What I Eat In A Day video. This is a very highly requested video. Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 5:30 p.m UK time, BST. You’re going to get to see what I eat in a normal day.

Just a heads up… It’s a lot! I like my food. No equipment needed. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. You can get epic results like these ladies. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories. Let’s do this. It’s time to get sweaty. No jumping and knee friendly modifications will be in the corner here. Starting off with a jump squat, then jump across. I want you to push. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Let’s go. Come on,15 seconds.

Next, we are doing four jump jacks, into four punch jacks. We’ve got this. Breathe. Come on. Halfway. Ten seconds. Good work. Shuffle jump lunge. On the third one, we drop down. Halfway. 10 seconds. Incredible work. Come down on your mat. We are going to burn the abs. Remember, this is a full body workout. Come into a full sit up, then back down again.

Let’s go. Nearly there squad. Keep pushing, come on. Amazing work. Come all the way down. We are going with bicycles. Elbow to opposite knee. On the seventh one, we hold. 15 seconds. Planks now. We are doing Commandos. Come down onto your forearms, then back up again. Then shoulder tap. We’ve got this squad. Let’s go. Core tight. Breathe. Eye gaze down.

Try and lead with the other arm. 20 seconds. Come up into standing to finish up. Jump in and out squats. Jumping in and out. Keeping the butt low. Let’s go. Come low. Weight back through your heels. Chest open. Come on. You smashed it fam! Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. We are on our way to a million subscribers!.

Which blows my mind every time I think about it. It it doesn’t feel real. I just want to say thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means. I’ll see you tomorrow for what I eat in a day. Bye squad.
Lilly Sabri

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