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FAT LOSS FULL BODY CARDIO in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide


This is your fat loss sweaty cardio home workout. No equipment needed. Let’s do this! First exercise, come across the body into a curtsy lunge. Jumping it if you can. We have three sections, section number one, full body fat burn. Section 2 is 10 minute abs & fat burn. Section 3 is full body fat burn. Good work! One down, five to go. hope you’re feeling warm already. Number two, is a nice wide squat. Pop it and then jump back down again. Breathe, we’ve got this. Come down onto your knees. From there, come up and drive up through your toes.

Start off by going down. Reverse lunges. It’s entirely up to you if you want to jump. Step your foot back. If you can, jump between your reverse lunges. If you need a modification, step your foot back into the reverse lunge. Next exercise is fast feet. When I clap my hands, tap your hands down, then jump. Last exercise in this section. Find a wall. We are doing a wall sit. Come down on the wall. Turn on your quads. Keep your core nice and tight. Don’t over arch your back.

Tuck your tailbone under, and sit against the wall. Next section. Going to work into your flat stomach muscles and burning fat. Hands in a diamond shape. Reverse crunches. Straighten one leg out. Section 2. Do not give up on me! Come on we’ve got this! Let’s make it worth while! Full roll up. Come all the way up and touch the feet. Half way down, and then back all the way. Let’s go. Straight into a side plank. Choose the side plank level that suits you.

On your forearms, full hands, knees or feet. This is slightly harder. If you want to make it easier, drop your leg. Turn your core on, and hold stong. Try to do a full plank if you can. Let’s go! Okay hold there. We’re gonna feed your arm under, and back. From here, come into a full plank. Come down, seesaw. Then back up and commando. Follow me. Start off in this position.

Onto your other side for a side plank. Pick the level that suits you. Hold your arm up, and feed your arm through. All the way through, like you’re trying to pass something to a person behind you. Back into a full plank now. Jump jacks, into mountain climbers. Come onto your forearms, then jump your feet out and in four times. Then do a mountain climber. 2 core exercises left! Double leg table top. Pump the arms up and down.

If you can, straighten your legs. If you can, do crunches as well. Come up into sitting. Last exercise. Have a quick sip of water if you need it. Russian twists. Weights in the hands if you have it. Or use a water bottle. Twisting from hip joint to hip joint. Lift your legs up if you can. Do not cross your legs! Advanced, I want you to try straighten your legs. Beginners, put your legs down, like this. Section 2 complete!.

We are doing fat loss workout now. You can do this. 6 exercises left. Crab walks. Forwards and back. Come low into a squat. Get yourself ready. Walk your feet forwards, then back. Like a sumo. Rotate the body. If you want to make it harder, jump forwards, then sumo walk back. It’s up to you. Curtsy lunge jumps. They burn! let’s do this. If you’re struggling just step. It’s absolutely fine, but do not stop.

I’m watching you! I am doing this with you! Three exercises left! That is all. Jump in out squats, with a pop jump. Follow me. If you’re struggling with this guy’s, I want you to just step the feet. Do not stop! Keep jumping if you can. Chest proud and open. Down to the mat, we’re going into a plank position. Full body. You can do it, you can do it! Jump the feet up again, like before.

And then running. Then shoulder taps. I’m pausing the timer, because this is a counted repetition exercise. 45 seconds of burpees, and count how many you do! Get ready, we’re going in five seconds. Lying all the way down, I’ll start you off. Keep pushing guys! You can do it!
Lilly Sabri

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