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Hi it’s tracy today our workout is going to be a really really challenging cardio workout i love doing workouts like this so what we’re going to do is one minute of really high intensity cardio work and then one minute of some targeted training so that in this 10-minute cycle you’re really really going to burn a lot of fat a lot of calories and then i want.

You to be sure to go through the cycle two more times to make it a full half-hour workout okay so let’s get started by running so running as fast as you can and we’re going to do a minute of this run so this is your warm-up remember you’re going to do this cycle three times through for a whole half hour workout.

Okay you’re going to be with me for the first cycle and then you’re going to do it two more times on your ultimate you don’t need anything but a set of weights light weights here i’m using two pumps today if you have one twos or threes those should be fine just keep them close by but if you have no weights don’t worry that’s okay too.

So make sure you’re breathing here and you want it to be really really high intensity as you’re doing this so be aware of that as well trying to make this as efficient as possible good don’t get lazy five more seconds you can do.

It excellent okay good so grabbing your weight here you’re going to do a little plie and raise your arms out to the side and straight up arms straight up to the side and up okay for one minute so as you’re doing this with your forearm remember to keep your rear end tucked underneath you there is another exercise.

Where we let our rear end stick out but that is not the one we’re going to do today so today i want you to keep your butt underneath you just like a ballerina my palms are facing down here as well good keep on going that’s it.

Really squeeze your glutes on the way up keep those arms nice and straight the palms face straight down chest is lifted and squeeze those abdominals about 10 more seconds like this you can do it excellent good so now we’re going to go into.

Juggernacks one minute keep on going nice soft landing here keep your abs pulled up and in nice and tight i love working out like this because as my friends can attest i’ve got about zero attention spans so these kind of workouts these circuits.

With little short intervals not only will you burn a ton of fat and calories but also you won’t get bored so it’s a good thing my friends go running when i’m like good and that’s it about five more seconds here and excellent so let’s grab your weights.

You’re gonna start in a little first position plie step one leg out the other leg straightens back to center so 30 seconds on one leg here go back into first position out first position then we’ll do 30 seconds on the other leg okay that’s it.

You got it keep your shoulders down your back you’re keeping your chest lifted should really feel this standing leg here doing the work let’s do the other side so the one that’s straightening is doing a lot of work here and good keep your chest up.

That’s it get into that plie in between i catch myself all of a sudden being a lot straighter and i’m like wait a minute it’s supposed to be a pleiade good so let’s go into your jacks crossing your legs so jumping jacks we’re gonna bring arms just out to the side and instead of bringing the legs.

Together here your feet are crossing doing like a crisscross that’s it keep going one minute here good abs are pulled in super duper tight visualize that body that you’re trying to achieve.

You can do it keep the breath going keep those shoulders down your back good about 15 more seconds it’s about at this point i start feeling really good my energy starts lifting i can start feeling the endorphins gotten which is awesome.

Love that okay good so now we are going to do a little zip up and lift up your heels and then down and lift up so here we’re getting your arms but also because we’ve got that heel lifting you’re also getting your calves so some toning in the lower body here as well.

Okay that’s it we’re gonna do 30 seconds here so about six more seconds good excellent okay good so now keep your arms up and when you extend you’ll do a heel lift in and extend out this is that sort of robot dance move this is awesome so here.

We’ve got your abs working because you’re challenging your balance you’ve got your calves being toned have your triceps and your shoulders working so it’s pretty one-stop shopping here okay this is just for you the busy person.

That has no time to work out let me tell you you can’t kick your own booty you have time all right good so now here we’re going to do a little hop side to side and you’re going to reach out reach out and really make this movement pretty big i’m jumping a couple of feet.

Here if you had a yoga mat down you could go from one end to it to the other okay also you know if you live in an apartment building and you’re concerned about your neighbors you always throw a yoga mat down for some extra cushion if you don’t have carpet.

But you should really be landing softly keep going i’m huffing and puffing with you nice and low so we’re toning those legs that’s it breathe through it excellent good it’s always nice when those tony moves come after the cardio right.

I’m with you i agree good few more seconds and grab those weights again you’re going to go into plea and nice low field bring your arms up like a v elbow goes down towards your thigh up to the x other side and up so here.

We’ve got your legs working because you’re standing in that clear you’ve got your obliques working because of this reach down to your side also your transverse abdominis so that’s your your deepest layer of muscle here in your abdominals.

You’ve got your shoulders working because you’ve got the weights so again one stop shopping maximizing your efforts here good that’s it keep on going good.

Five more seconds perfect okay good so one of my faves a twist we’re gonna do a single single two punch a single single punch it up really move your butt good that’s it the more you move your butt the more you’re going to tone your waist.

Here you’ll also get on the saddlebag which i always get emails requested out and if you don’t follow me on facebook make sure that you go to facebook and it’s join my page because i have all kinds of.

Announcements fun stuff recipes so be part of community here it’s fun i always email back and i also ask for a request what kind of workouts do you want so make sure that you become part of it that’s it awesome and last one into our 10th.

Minute here you’re gonna go into a little heel lift with your thumbs going up and lift so i’m keeping my arms straight here just lifting those arms up to the side but a different position here with my hands so now my palms are facing forward.

Good that’s it you’ve got it breathe 30 seconds like this so now stay here and you’re going to heels down pulse up so the arms do not ever go lower than shoulder height so we’re really going to be toning those arms make sure your neck stays easy shoulders down your back will work your.

Abdominals that’s going to get that balance you can even make it more challenging if you didn’t have sneakers on but again that depends on you and your joints if jumping around doesn’t feel good without shoes then obviously just wear sneakers okay and excellent that was it so that was 10.

Minutes i want you to go through that cycle two more times to make it a full half hour workout and when you do make sure to leave your comments below i always respond to your comments as best as i can so make sure you communicate i love hearing from you okay and if you’re not already be sure to jump over to

And join my community okay talk to you soon bye to purchase full length videos be sure to visit
Tracy Campoli

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