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FAT BURN SKIP-ATHON & ABS (intense & sweaty) | 15 minute Workout


What’s up familia welcome to your 15 minute full body fat burn shred and abs you are going to be skipping today jump roping if that’s the right way to say if you don’t have a skipping rope or a jump rope please don’t worry i am going to give you modifications and i promise you are still going to be freaking sweating like it is going to be crazy in just 15.

Minutes 45 seconds on 15 seconds of 15 exercises so during those 15 seconds i really want you to breathe get your heart rate down a little bit if you can and then we go back in again as hard as you can for 45 seconds having that close by you’re not going to need it at the beginning we’re going to run through the basics of skipping because i know a lot.

Of you may not have done it for a very long time even if you don’t have the rope that’s absolutely fine you just follow the exact same thing but without the rope okay i’ve actually got my whitney’s on today from gymshark just because i find they’re very cardio proof you know when you’re jumping around i feel like they really support me so.

You’re going to take your arms into the side of your body and then from there you’re literally just drawing some small circles trying to overthink it but you’re drawing some small circles with your hands it’s relaxed the shoulders are relaxed the core is nice and tight okay so elbows in loose not locked okay loose and then.

From there you’re just swinging those hands around 45 seconds on 15 seconds off you’re gonna go with a very light jump if you don’t have the rope just a light jump through the toes your calves are really going to feel it you should already be warmed up if you’re not pause the video have a little warm up okay other variations i’ll show you through.

Up we’re going to be doing some different combos if you don’t have excuse me mr teddy that rope just pretend 15 seconds until we get started okay all right guys let’s have some blooming fun with this first one really nice and simple just a normal skin okay just to get us warmed up three.

Two one let’s why go me one two one two one three he’s 10 seconds.

Yes you guys breathe if you want to you can keep going through that rest period otherwise have a little breather okay next step shuttle feet here okay one forward one back is he okay tell me if i.

Don’t worry okay everyone does i’m not a professional skipper 20. oh all right to the side four.

Then across four okay follow me four and across one two three four across yes halfway how about you guys.

10 seconds i think i can’t really see yes six do you know what i’ve learned it is so hard especially with cardio to talk sometimes i wish i was a youtuber who didn’t talk during the workout.

Oh eight high knees eight normal skips all right let’s go eight seven six five four three normally you are killing it okay.

Normal sprint normal sprint normal skip when i say sprint as fast as you can then i’ll say normal go back normal let’s say okay.

Come on 10 shuffles 10 normal shuffle to repeat but this one then 10 normal you can do it.

You can do it either start with a combo halfway come on truffle same again the ten high knees.

Jump across 10 high knees all right you.

have some maps okay i know you’ve got this okay i’ve got to move them out all right hold on to that mat that back i should say oh my god.

Rotate crazy and.

Hold it up okay from there you’re gonna tuck to the feet then straighten out tuck to the feet and straighten if the head sore drop it down but keep that lower back flattening out okay.

i’m so freaking proud of you honestly please please take it at your own level okay all i can say is no matter how you are feeling today if you are feeling absolute sh i start like me and you’ve shown up i’m just so proud of you honestly you are killing it and you should be so proud of yourselves okay.

Take those legs up we’re gonna reach to the toes drive in straighten back up so reach to the toes drive out and back up let’s go me.

me oh my gosh guys you are absolutely smashing it bring yourself up into sitting now just five exercises left okay plant the feet down roll back rotate side to side now you have the.

Option to make this harder if you want to by hovering both nuts straighten them okay beginners you are here and you are killing it guys.

Twenty-five we are going to pause the timer okay i’m just going to take a little bit of love from you and back at you so i’m taking your love i’m giving you my love right if you have.

Shown up today especially if you’re doing halloween and you’ve already done that 45 minutes to an hour worth of workouts i freaking salute you you have four minutes left right i know it hurts but i want you to now turn it up and for this last four minutes i want everything you physically have in that bag of yours okay we’re gonna move that mat out to.

The side because we’re going back to cardio okay first up is gonna be a nice little bag okay what we’re gonna do we’re gonna jump back jump out pick up the rope overhead then.

On the next one we come all the way down and jump okay we are going in ten ish seconds all right guys we got this follow me begin to step in you want to keep pushing 45 seconds in three house festivals.

okay come.

okay we are doing eight to the side all right so you’re literally doing this seven six five four three two one open jump for eight eight seven six five.

oh come on.

into a frogger okay no whatever that head is called cannot get my words out today come back jump up then program let’s go.

please don’t give up on me okay just step it beginners next step wow yes.

That rope you have a sprint a highly sprint for 45 seconds all the way to the end all the way then we’re done okay.

25 come on six guys i’m so proud of us if you have done.

Halloween like me that was killer all right breathe we’re going to do a few stretches together i’m also going to show you a new gym shark launch that’s coming on thursday just basically to celebrate what we just went through step the right.

Foot back lean into it let’s get some nice music going so you don’t just hear my breathing lead into it guys pull that core in tight good should be filling this down.

The back of the side into the car you killed it you killed it okay changing sides now please do a longer stretch than this to stop you from absolutely burning tomorrow.

Lean into that stretch you guys if you want you can use a wall okay hold it knees together squeeze that core.

And breathe amazing you guys breathe and changing legs for me good into that quad stretch touch those knees together.

Squeeze that booty yes you guys 10 9 8 7 6 4 5 3 2.

Come on down one we are going with our hammies straighten that leg out twist that body towards that leg and then drop down so you guys as you’re stretching your hamstring this is the brand new power collection don’t worry about coming to twice today okay this is the power collection which is.

Launching gym shop on thursday come on down like this okay there’s three colors oh the other color dropped i’ll bring it into you in a second so we have like the khaki green that blush pink and then there’s also a gray black as well i don’t have the full collection you guys but i am going to show you a little.

Bit of what we’ve got it launches on thursday normal time for gymshark thank you 7 pm bst changing size here i have the leggings and the joggers okay the leggings are super cute the reason why i didn’t wear them today for me they’re not for cardio these i think are more for weightlifting okay so this is them.

Here i’m going to show you i think i’m in frame tell me if i’m not there’s a scrunch bum at the back which is super super cute it’s actually a really light and stretchy material it’s also kind of shiny if you know i mean the pattern is so cute really thick waistband as i said i find them a lot better for like a.

Resistance training a pilates i filmed in them for pilates and but for cardio for me they’re not supportive enough one other thing i would say for those of my girls who are more petite you are probably gonna love these okay but those are my girls who are more tall it depends on what you like i’m obviously nearly six foot i’m very very.

Tall for me the three-quarter length ends up like here because i’m so long so that’s why i really like the whitney’s because they come down really nice and long on me if you are more petite these are probably gonna look absolutely phenomenal on you and they’re so good on the butt as well for the joggers this is the black color by the way for the.

Joggers they have like a low crutch so it’s kind of like that cool look if you know what i mean and then they have this cute little bit here on the side again i think these would be amazing or more petite girls so these are gonna look incredible on my sister-in-law she’s like five foot two she she’ll look so.

Cute in these they’re kind of slouchy like this for me again for my taller girls i don’t know for me they just didn’t work because they’re kind of to here but for my more petite girls i have a feeling these are gonna look awesome so colors patterns unreal absolutely love it i actually love this i filmed in the.

Leggings version of these already all right guys i love you so much i really hope you enjoyed it i’m sweating like crazy how are you feeling i hope you’re good i hope you enjoyed that if you do want more skipping workouts that are actually quite a bit more intense than that we have a 21.

Minute one on my youtube channel it’s actually from the app so just search lily sabri skipping or jump rope and it should come up and that’s the 21 minute one from the 21 by 21 guide on the app and i think that’s it for skipping right or do we have another now we have another live as well.

All right i love you so much you smashed it honestly if you’re feeling a little bit like low like me low energy just not your best and you made it through that i’m so proud of you honestly like i had a good cry this morning i just wasn’t feeling great all myself i always.

Feel so much better after a workout and i hope it’s the same for you as well honestly i love you so much you smashed it well done you should be so proud of yourselves and i’ll see you every single wednesday for a live every single monday for an upload in the last week we have uploaded five maybe six new workouts so we are still.

Here on youtube do not worry i love you guys so much bye
Lilly Sabri

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