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Hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel so today we’ve got one of your favorites an arm workout those are my most popular videos here on youtube so you’re gonna love this workout so if you’re new here hello i’m tracy i put up brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already make sure to click on.

That subscribe button and for everyone do make sure that you click on that bell icon so that you always know whenever i have a brand new video that goes live so this is one of those sneak peek workouts that i give you here on youtube that are from my full length workouts that you’ll find inside of total body transformation this is from a 15 minute arm workout.

Called tank top tone up i was pregnant when i shot this video so if you are prenatal this is going to be an awesome workout for you too but rest assured honey if you are not pregnant you are going to feel this workout i feel like i overcompensated when i was pregnant that a lot of the members of tbt have told me that the workouts that i made when i was.

Pregnant were actually harder than some of the other ones so you can tell me but anyway for this workout all you’ll need are just two or three pound weights so let’s get started with your tank top tone up workout gonna start off with your weights go ahead and pick up your weights here and we’re gonna just have a slight bend in your knees we’re gonna do.

This press up and press forward good 30 seconds like this uh-huh okay keep on breathing that’s it shoulders down in the back we’re definitely going to feel this that’s it and your speed can be your speed you can go a little slower than me.

If you feel like you need to so now i want you to go single single forward forward up up good so a lot of this is going to be little combinations as you will see and the reason why i’m doing that i want you to really keep your mind in this workout okay that’s um you know how we stay young.

Basically is by making sure that we’re always challenging the brain something we don’t talk about that much but it really does make a difference here up up and good and out and out okay good so now take your arms here bringing them up you’re going to go v to w and v.

To w good excellent shoulders are down the back keeping that chest up here good excellent really working on your form keeping that neck nice and easy that’s it we’ve got it really feeling the beauty of these weights here yes yes yes.

Very good last one so now i want you to go single single good that’s it you can pick up that pace just a little bit now that you know what you’re doing good excellent good really bringing that elbow into your waist here keeping that chest up.

Shoulders are down your back good keep breathing here perfect and excellent okay good so now we’re just gonna.

We flipped it down so good so now i want you just pull it back and just extend single arms tricep squeezes now once you get the hang of this you don’t have to look at me you can kind of look diagonally out and.

Forward just to keep that neck in that neutral position okay i know i say this all the time but that’s because you know if you’re not doing this with good form or any exercise with good form why bother doing it honestly form is everything okay we want quality movements here good really squeezing.

Beautiful okay good so we get to drop those weights down so you did awesome i really hope that you felt that in your arms and imagine that was just a tiny little piece of what you’ll get inside of total body transformation this workout in its entirety is a 15 minute cycle and man you will feel it so i definitely if you haven’t already.

Checked out total body transformation i will leave the link down here below it is such an amazing fitness program you know you get a brand new workout calendar done for you each and every month so i just make it just brainless so super simple and easy for you you’ll get brand new workouts every month full length workouts there’s 15.

20 and 30 minute workouts so you only are required to give about 30 minutes a day to truly transform your body and last but not least you also get the transformer tribe high five tribe which truly is the best fitness community out there so definitely give it a check out we’ve got something special happening right now for those of.

You that want to start your transformation and uh that’s it all right guys you’re awesome thanks so much for working out with me and i cannot wait to welcome you into total body transformation see you next time bye
Tracy Campoli

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