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hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today i’m giving you once again another little sneak peek workout of what you’ll find inside my fitness membership and community total body transformation this is a hit workout the full length.

Workout is 20 minutes and ooh it’s cardio it’s toning it works all your bits and we do use three pound weights for this workout if you’ve got three pound weights go ahead and grab them right now but if you don’t you can use cans some water bottles even a wine bottle which.

Fun fact weighs three pounds so there are absolutely no excuses and i know you’re absolutely gonna love this little portion of that full-length workout that you’ll find inside tbt so let’s get started coming to a second position here we’re going to do a lawn mower pull pull it pull and twist okay.

Really get that rotation going pull in your abdominals super duper tight here that’s it good squeeze the belly you got it squeeze that overhead bit it’s challenging right i’m using three pound weights even if you’re using two or none or one you’re gonna feel this okay.

Good it’s a full body twist really think of ringing out your waist that’s it got a couple more seconds like this we can do this together let’s go a little deeper in that plie last one and perfect breathe cross your weight so you don’t drop them okay so next up.

We’re gonna go into a butt kicker which is one of my favorite things i love the old booty kick it’s a fun thing ready here we go so low impact low impact see i’m not hopping or go for a run here just kick those heels into your booty kick them kick them kick.

Them yes yes yes really pick up those feet so it’s like as soon as your foot hits the ground you pick it right back up whether you’re doing higher or lower impact i don’t care but i do care that you’re giving it your all okay good breathing we are sweating.

We are smiling challenging ourselves this is how we get better this is how we get stronger this is how we transform go go go go yes yes yes okay good take a little breather songs are free okay good you’ve heard me say that before it’s so corny i know but.

We gotta laugh right all right let’s pick up your weight into your second position let’s go for it pull it good and pull it keep going here draw in the belly let your eyes sort of go where that arm is going as well okay so we see where we’re working what we’re working.

With right breathe breathe breathe squeeze that belly is really pulled up and she is pulled in okay good stay with me here gorgeous transformers yes good feeling and the love feeling all that transformation i mean it feels like this isn’t so hard.

Right but it’s like you should be sweating you should okay good take that down here next up we’re going to go into our special double jump rope okay so just breathe here here we go so if you’re doing low impact just do this bounce bounce bounce balance bounce.

Bounce higher impact hop it out let’s do it good again your speed is your speed i’m gonna pick mine up a little bit this is just a 20 minute blast so let’s make a count let’s make it worth it good good breathing here you’re doing so great i.

Am loving what i’m feeling loving what i’m seeing because you know i can see right because i can keep going don’t quit now we’re just past that halfway point together we can do this okay keep your chest up the lungs open okay good step it out here all right next up you.

Guessed it we’re gonna pick up your friends the weights okay so keep her moving keep or grooving all right this one’s a great one we’re going to get the chest the back the obliques so you’re going to do a fly then a pull that elbow back twist.

When you’re doing that pull back you are not rotating your pelvis okay i’ll show you wrong see how it twisted my body uh-uh i want to see both of your hip bones pointed forward you know it’s like if i put little stickers on the your pelvic bones there i should be able.

To see them okay up don’t let this go into your neck you keep that neck long shoulders are down your back we’re not working for shira muscles here or i don’t know whatever you want to say like the rock beautiful muscles right not the look i’m going for.

Long and lean right up last one okay good wasn’t that so fun and that’s really the key you know your workouts are supposed to be fun if it’s not fun then why would you do it now here’s the thing i know that there are a lot of you that have been following me for.

Years here on youtube and first of all thank you so much i love having you as part of my youtube family and some of you just wait so long to make that jump inside of total body transformation because maybe you don’t understand the difference between what’s here on youtube and what you’ll find inside.

The tribe you know here’s the deal inside of the tribe you’re going to get the full length workouts it is not what you see here on youtube i’m giving you a tiny little piece of the full full workout so if you like what you’re doing here you’re absolutely going to love what you’ll find inside of total body.

Transformation the other thing is that you’re basically getting me as your personal trainer at a serious fraction of the cost of what it would cost to hire me as a personal trainer because every single month i write out a brand new done for you workout calendar now.

Here’s why that’s important you’ll never again waste time scrolling online trying to find out what workout to do in the best order to get the best results you’ve got me a seasoned trainer with over 20 years of experience that knows the look and the feeling that you’re going for so you’re going to get.

That right away each and every month it’s a brand new workout you get new workouts every single month and the best part is our community and the reason why that’s important is let’s face it motivation is fleeting right there are many days that we all don’t.

Feel like working out but imagine how good you’ll feel when you are surrounded by the most supportive the most encouraging and the most uplifting women on the planet that are also sweating and smiling right next to you we’re a global community and it’s all love and that’s.

What makes the members of total body transformation get the results so quickly and keep them year after year so if you want to check it out click on the link down below it’s down here in the description box we’d love to welcome you we do open the doors only a few times during the year so the doors are closed don’t worry.

Don’t stress out put your name on that exclusive vip wait list because you’ll get some amazing goodies while you’re away so i can’t wait to see you inside and i’ll see you next time you
Tracy Campoli

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