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Hi it’s Tracy, so today I want to do something a little fun a little bit different and that’s just doing some standing abs here so these are some dancer inspired moves, you don’t need any equipment at all you just need yourself. We are really going to work your obliques and make sure your abdominals are tight, toned and ready to go, so let’s just start with forward and back with your ribs. It’s really important when you do this that you keep those abs pulled in so tight, just really moving your torso here you can see I’m going forward and back, you can see that this is super pulled in and back and forward and back, now going side to side.

I’m keeping my hips out of it, ok and you should feel it if you are are doing this properly, these muscles down here, they are going to give you that little V, that’s a good thing good, keep going, that’s it, now let’s make a little circle around and circle..and circle..and circle..and circle reverse, and circle..and circle..good, let’s do that again so going forward and back pulling in tight and forward and back, that’s it and forward and back and forward, good now side to side, side to side really squeeze, if you do this without your mind in it and your not squeezing your not going to see results and I know you want result, right?.

And good, now lets do your circles..and I’m still keeping my hips out of it..and then and circle good…excellent, so put your hands on the back of your head your going to keep your elbows wide, just crunch forward and up, ok… and crunch forward and up, it’s really important that your pulling in and your looking at it right, so make sure that you like what you see my hair is getting in my face here and pull in, that’s it and pull you got it and in and and excellent, keep your elbows wide and just crunch down and up crunch down good, that’s it and squeeze in, pull in, you should feel that deepest layer of muscle.

Your transverse abdominis really pulling in the cool thing about working this way is that with time it’s going to get harder going forward, I know that sounds weird but I always tell my clients that when you wake up these muscles, the deeper layer of muscles so say your transverse abdominis that is going to give you that flatter belly look but when they get stronger, the movements that maybe before seemed like “eh” not so hard will seem harder because your working deeper and faster, so that’s the good news and let’s go to the side..and side..and side.

It’s the good bad news I guess..and side..keep going and side you got it and good..and excellent, ok good so now we are going to take the knee and pull it in..and pull it in as you can see i’m doing a little twist here to get these obliques working, and five, that’s it, we’ll do 8 and six, lift up and 7, pull in the knee and 8 good so now your going to tuck your butt under and go with your ribs side to side like your driving a car this your going to actually feel it giving you more definition on the top and good that’s it, so let’s do that on the other side 8x pull in..and in..really squeeze, feel that side of your waist working.

And 5…good that’s it, 7, excellent..tuck your butt under and just drive the car and 3..good you got it, 5 and 7, ok and arms out to the side and tuck under and squeeze, i’ll turn to the side and squeeze reach and squeeze, you got it and squeeze ok, so stay tucked under here and move your hips side to side, pull in your abs good, it’s a little different than what we were doing before excellent, now lets do that again, so tuck under and out and tuck under and out that’s it and under..good, tuck under..good, tuck under and stay there, hips 3…5…good…and excellent.

So that’s it! So I want you to go thru that cycle and do it I would say at least 3x Definitely incorporate some cardio so you are really burning some fat and getting the best results out of the workout and make sure if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my channel and really exciting, my program 4 weeks to your hottest body ever is beginning on April 21st so I really want you to be a part of it, make sure that you click on the link below it will give you all the details, it is an amazing program that will really get you into your absolute best shape before the summer even begins, ok? and what I love about it the most is that the results last long after the 4 weeks are over.

So click on the link below and as always if you have any questions at all feel free to email me at….Bye!
Tracy Campoli

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