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hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel so today we have got a workout that is going to burn that booty so if you’re new here hello i’m tracy i put up brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already i.

Would love it if you click on that subscribe button and for everyone make sure that you click on the bell icon so that you always know whenever i have a brand new video that goes live so this is one of my little sneak peek workouts just a little snippet of one of our full length workouts that.

You’ll find inside of total body transformation this is called on the mat and it’s a thigh and ab burner but this portion that i’m giving you inside of this full length workout is a little booty portion so for this you don’t need any equipment you don’t.

Need any weights you don’t need ankle weights or anything like that but you will want to grab a mat so grab a mat or a thick towel or if all else fails just hop on to your mattress and let’s get ready to burn that booty let’s do it girl all right back up onto hands and knees now remember if you need to modify this for.

Your wrist you could come up onto your knuckles like so that would be absolutely fine okay what you’re going to do is extend the leg out that’s closer to me just lift it and lower it and lift it and lower and three very good four keep going.

Five and six seven oh yes and eight good nine ten you know we have to do a second set up and two that’s it three keep going here and four keep that belly pulled up and in five and six keep your hips square seven and this is eight good two more.

Nine and excellent so now i want you to flex through your foot and externally rotate but check out those hips we don’t want them rocking and rolling you wanna keep them square to the ground and lift it so now we’re working those lateral rotators around your booty three and this is four oh yes good.

Five and six seven good eight nine excellent do it again come on and ten and nine very good eight stay with me seven you’ve got this six and five good four more abs are tight three two okay good bring both knees down we’re not off the hook here.

The knee closest to me you’re gonna just lift it and lower it lift it that’s it keep your abdominals pulled in and four good that’s it five and six stay with me here seven beautiful eight nine so now we’re gonna add on to this.

I want you to lift the knee and kick it up bring it down kick it oh yes and three you’re gonna feel that and four i know and five good that’s it six stay with me here seven we’re in it together eight good nine and ten okay good so now.

Extend the leg out behind you turn it out flex your foot squeeze it in reach it squeeze it and three oh yes and four and five abs up and in six yes yes seven you got it eight good just two more nine last one okay good little wiggle side to side here now.

Let’s do that on the other side so we’re going to extend that leg straight back here just lift it and lower and lift you got it three keep it really square here that’s it five abs up and in always and this is seven good stay with me eight.

And nine and excellent second set and lift and two good stay with me three and four beautiful good five this is six awesome work seven and eight good nine excellent rotate to turn out remember those hips are still square really check your form lift it and lift and.

Three and four good five stay with me and six seven and eight nine you’ve got it we’re gonna do that again stay with it ten and nine and eight yes yes almost there six good stay with me here four more beautiful three two and excellent okay so back on all.

Fours here the knee is gonna go out to the side so just a little hydrant and lift it good three and four abs up and in right five shoulders down six don’t lose your neck here seven and eight good nine we’re gonna add that extension with the leg kick it.

And really kick it and three oh yes and four i’m really feeling both hips how about you five and six stay with me here seven and eight good two more nine and excellent okay good so reach that leg out turn it out keep the hips square to.

Begin squeeze it in so we’re shortening that side of the waist and four good stay with it five and six seven feeling that eight oh yes me too nine and awesome okay oh mamma mia right girl i wasn’t lying right i told you you’re gonna feel that burn right i mean.

It really burns so that like i said is just a sneak peak of what you will find inside of the full length version of this workout and about 200 other full length workouts that you’ll find inside of total body transformation so i will leave the link for tbt down below.

And if you haven’t already i really want to encourage you to grab my home gym essentials guide you know honestly life has changed a lot right now and a lot of gyms are closed and a lot of people have been coming to me saying look i’m done with the gym i don’t want to go back anymore but you want to really add.

A great challenge to your workouts at home so there are a couple really easy and inexpensive pieces of equipment that you can add to your home workouts to really up the challenge so make sure to click on the link down below this video or up in the.

Corner here and grab my home gym essentials because i know you’re just gonna love it so that’s what i’ve got for you today definitely let me know if you like this video by giving it a thumbs up and leave me a comment let me know if you felt the burn all right that’s what i’ve got for you today i will see you.

Next week bye
Tracy Campoli

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