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EVERYDAY LOWER ABS FAT BURN (14 day results) | 5 min Workout


This is your everyday 5 minute lower abs at home workout. This is going to burn like never before. And I want you to let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Try it for 14 days. You can get incredible resultslike these ladies just here. Honestly, your progress, yourcommitment, your happiness that I’m seeing come through.

Just, oh, it makes me so happy.I’m so proud of you guys. No equipment needed for this one. And if you are looking toget incredible results, don’t forget you want to bedoing longer form workouts and structured workout guides. You can get a hold of allof that on the Lean app to help you achieve your personal goals. Check this out. So on the Lean app, wehave structured programs.

All the way from 2 weeks in length up to 8 weeks in length. And depending on what your goal is, you can select the guidethat works for you. So that may be fat loss,that may be muscle growth, whatever it is we have everything on there to help you get results, and personalized meal plansand hundreds of recipes. Okay, let’s get going guys.

(timer beeps) Okay, guys, we’restarting off down in line. Your legs are up at 90 degrees. Peel the upper spine up and from there straightenthe leg out and back in. Breath out as you straighten,breath in as you come back in. If your neck is sore, supportyour head with your hands or otherwise, drop the head down. 30 seconds each exercise.

You want to keep that ribcage down, core tight, and lower back flat in the mat. (timer beeps) Amazing. From there, hug theknee in and alternate sides. If your head is up, keep yourchin tucked to your chest and look forward to protect the neck. If your neck is sore,lower your head down. (timer beeps) Amazing; from there back at 90 degrees.

From here, straighten the leg out, lift, lower, and back in. (timer beeps) Amazing. From there, place yourhands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back, okay? Reverse crunch and then tap the toes down. (timer beeps) Amazing.

From there reverse crunch.Straighten the legs out. Keep that rib cage down,keep that core tight. (timer beeps) Amazing. Keep those legsstraight 45 degrees. Flatter them up and down. Good work, guys. If that’s too sore,straighten the legs up higher and flatter here. Do not give up.

(timer beeps) Great work. Straighten those legs out now. We have a full roll up to work all of those abdominal muscles all the way through into the deep core. Breathe, guys, breathe. (timer beeps) Amazing work. Widen those legs out now.

Place your hands into a diamond shape. Come all the way up and back down again. Continuing into those four roll-ups. (timer beeps) Amazing. Bring those legs backup into double-leg table top. We now have a set of hundreds. Pump the arms up anddown, Pilates hundreds. Straighten one leg out,bring it back in again. (timer beeps).

Incredible! Your hands go back nowunderneath the lower back. We’re going to bringthose legs up to the sky, flatter them down and back up again. Keeping the rib cagedown and breathing, guys. (timer beeps) Amazing work! You made it!

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