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EVERYDAY HOURGLASS SHAPE HIPS (sculpt your side booty) | 8 min Workout


This is your 8 minute hourglass hips outer booty workout. No equipment needed. However, if you want to make it harder, you can use the LEAN adjustable band. Now, we’re going to be working 4 minutes on one side, followed by 4 minutes on the other side. That means that it is going to burn like crazy. These are all Pilates moves.

I want you to do this for 10 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me on TikTok, on Instagram for a chance to be featured. And last thing, this beautiful fit is available on the Gymshark website. They’ve actually just launched, this month, the Vital Collection in brand new colors.

So check out my link in the description box to shop. All right, guys, 8 minutes on the clock. Let’s do this. (timer beeping) Okay. We are starting off with our feet together, our knees together. From there, flex the feet, lift and lower. Don’t forget if you don’t have the band, that is absolutely fine,.

But this is going to make it so much harder. The tighter you make the band, the harder it is. Keep that core nice and tight and breathe. 30 seconds, each exercise. This is going to burn. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, touch the toes together, then touch the knees together as you rotate through the hip.

Good. When you touch those toes, make sure that the knees are nice and wide. Push out against that band. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, flex that foot. And you’re just going to draw some circles. Really make sure they’re nice and smooth if you can. We want circles rather than squares, guys.

Okay, change direction. Next up, we’re coming all the way down into lying. (timer beeping) Good work. Lie that body down, lift the heels up, open, straighten, touch the toes, touch the knees. Come on. Really push out as you open up. Work that outer booty. Oh my gosh. It burns.

(timer beeping) One more. (timer beeping) Okay, from there, straighten the legs out, flex that upper foot, lift and lower. Good, lift that waist up if you can, pull that core in nice and tight, and next up is circles, okay. (timer beeping).

All right. This is where it gets spicy. Bring that leg all the way forward and draw some circles for me. Oh my gosh. Three, two, one, change direction. The further forward that leg is, the harder it is. Come on, don’t cheat yourself. Bring it further forward. (timer beeping).

Oh my gosh. Sticking with that same side, come up now onto all fours, lift and lower into a fire hydrant. Keep that foot flexed. I want some speed here, okay? Pump out those reps. 10 seconds left. Nice and high.

(timer beeping) Okay, we’re going to come up to the top and we are going to pulse it. 30 seconds. Really nice and fast, come on. Let’s get those reps in. Let’s work into that booty. Oh my gosh. Give it a hit if it needs it, then go straight back in.

If you’ve got the band on, wow, you feel the burn too. Higher, come on, higher. (timer beeping) Oh, wow. Okay, straight onto that other side. Whoo. Into that clam. You are moving the upper leg away from the underneath one.

Flex the feet. It is crazy what an eight minute workout can do, honestly. (timer beeping) Okay. Toes into knees. Toes, knees. (timer beeping) Okay, we are drawing those circles now. Flex that foot, come round into a circle shape. Really push out.

If you’ve got the band on, work against it. Come on, beat that band. Okay, change direction. (timer beeping) Oh my gosh. Okay, lifting those legs up now, we’re going to open, straighten, touch the feet, touch the knees. I don’t know if this band has got stronger.

Or if I’m just struggling today, but wow. Come on, nearly there, nearly there. (timer beeping) Amazing. Straighten those legs out. Flex that upper foot and we’re going to pump up. Good, you want high reps here and really squeezing that booty. Come on, up, up, up. Higher. Come on, guys.

(timer beeping) Amazing. Bring that leg forward and circles. Five, four, three, two, change direction. Nearly there. Come on. Think about that booty. (timer beeping) Okay. Straight up into your fire hydrants. All right, from here, lift and lower. Flex that foot.

I know it hurts, guys. Trust me, I am with you. Come on, pump out that rep. 45 seconds left of work. That is it. Whoever said Pilates was easy, was lying. (timer beeping) Okay, from here, high up and pulse. Let’s go. Come on, don’t give up. Even higher. You have 20 seconds left of work. Higher. Come on, think of the results.

10 seconds. Think of those happy hormones releasing. Five, four, three, two, and one. (timer beeping) Oh my gosh. My butt. Wow.
Lilly Sabri

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